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19 Part One: Boot Camp (Commodore 64)

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Title Screen

19 Part One: Boot Camp

Developer: Cascade Games
Publisher: Cascade Games
Platform: Commodore 64
Released in EU: 1988

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.

The first in what would turn out to be a one-part series.

Programmer's Message

A message from Joe Booth, one of the game's programmers, can be found starting at 0x23B0 in RAM after loading the fourth event (Unarmed Combat). (The spacing/formatting is approximate; there are no line breaks in the text.)

     1ST of july 1988    
hi hackers.....welcome to joe booth's object code...........
here now follows a few hellos and goodbyes 
(it's my last day at cascade yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)
beno the gibber (now' fucker.)
sean the gimmer (go on,give it a tweek.i know you can do it.)
damon the dwarf (it's so pretentious.)
cas the casual (excellently funny.)
sparky the schizophrenic (jonathan actually.)
paul the beaut driver (did ya 'ave'er.)
tony the foreigner (prepare to trundle.)
alex the stud (come here little girly.)
mark the new boy (er, not that i know of,of hand.)
ian the traitor (oooooooh,that's nice.)
andrew the gardener (hello little planty.do you want a sweetie.)
brabbs the toothy (wicked and beaut.)      
hi to all me mates (yorks. for friends not a make of condoms !!!!)      
loadsalov to all my girlies 
(except the ones who beat me up. moyra and sam please take note!!!.)            
a mega ta to 'puss'.(with out him how would i get stoned.)        
out of the ashes 3 teams have arrisen ... 
'tirck or treat' (joe booth + beno)       
'trundle tec' (tone + ad + gaz + john)
'rogue' (cas + damon + paul + sparky)

well thats just about it for this message.see ya next time hackers.
all the best    joe booth

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it's over
(Source: Original TCRF research)