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8-bit Panda

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Title Screen

8-bit Panda

Also known as: Panda
Developer: Bruno Oliveira
Publisher: Bruno Oliveira
Platform: TIC-80

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

8-bit Panda is a game where you collect bamboo and kill enemies while going through 17 levels distributed among 6 "isles". The game was released on the TIC-80 website and became the most popular title in its Games category.

Debug Menu

Hold X and press Up (×4), Down (×2). Due to the way the method of accessing the debug menu is coded, pressing Down (×42) also works.

Use Up and Down to cycle through the options listed below, Left and Right to select a level, and A to select the option.

  • Warp to test lvl - sends the player to the final level.
  • Warp to Lx - takes the player to the selected level.
  • End lvl - beats the current level. Attempting to use this on the title screen will return a syntax error in the console's command line.
  • Grant super pwup - same as collecting a diamond bamboo.
  • Fly mode - if set to ON, the player flies rather than walking or jumping. Hold A to fly faster. Can be turned off by pressing B or beating the current level.
  • Invuln mode - if set to ON, makes the player invulnerable to enemies until the level is beaten. As with "End lvl", this returns a syntax error if used on the title screen.
  • Unpack Lx and Pack Lx - store and synchronize level data respectively, using TIC-80 map slots "0,0" through "7,0". However, these cannot be done in-between levels of different map sizes.
  • Clear PMEM - erases the data containing the player's top isle.
  • Win the game - warps the player directly to the ending screen.
  • Lose the game - runs the player out of lives and presents the Game Over screen.
(Source: https://github.com/btco/panda/blob/master/source/panda.lua#L693)