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AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES - nirvanA Initiative

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Title Screen

AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES - nirvanA Initiative

Also known as: AI: Somnium Files nirvanA Initiative (JP)
Developer: Spike Chunsoft[1]
Publisher: Spike Chunsoft[1]
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
Released in JP: June 23, 2022[2]
Released in US: June 24, 2022[1]
Released in EU: July 8, 2022[1]

SourceIcon.png This game has uncompiled source code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
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DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
To do:
  • Pretty much every resource from the original game is intact here, whether or not it was re-used.
  • Unused models, including Marco and alternate forms of Date.
  • Unused cutscenes that were machine-translated.
  • The Windows Store version ships with uncompiled scene scripts.
  • Developer comments in said scripts.
  • A debug mode, similar to the original game's.
  • Assets for promotional material that didn't appear in-game, e.g. shorts and Hidden Bats.
  • Remnants of a cut time-limit mechanic in VR investigations themed around battery consumption.

AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES - nirvanA Initiative is the sequel to 2019's AI: The Somnium Files. Mizuki is back. So are the puns.


Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.
Developer Comments
Unused Dialogue

Hidden Messages

The game features text that is intentionally obscured from players using mojibake encoding. Below is the decoded Japanese text with English translations.

Ryuki's breakdown, used repeatedly throughout the game:

Original Decoded Translation




Tear, fray, achieve Moksha, this is a fictional illusion world

Wake up, my friends, it's time for revolution, open the door to truth





Who am I, where am I, what time is it, who are you

I don't know I don't know I don't know...





Destroy virtual reality to emancipate from the fake world

Help Help Help...

Objectives and dialogue in Ryuki's Somnium:

ID Original Decoded Translation
somnium_guide_004 Remind them of 莠倶サカ縺ョ縺薙→ Remind them of 事件のこと Remind them of the case
somnium_guide_008 迥ッ莠コ繧偵が繧ゅ>蜃コ縺輔○繝ュ 犯人をオもい出させロ Make them remember the culprit
020_006 鮴肴惠、鮴肴惠、縺励▲縺九j縺励※! 龍木、龍木、しっかりして! Ryuki, Ryuki, get a hold of yourself!
020_008 鮴肴惠!! 龍木!! Ryuki!!

Hidden chapter titles and flowchart chapter summaries:

ID Original Decoded Translation
flowchart_title_546 2/11 Ryuki Diverge


破綻百出 Torn seams in great numbers
flowchart_summary_559 繝槭ぃ繝悶Ν縺ォ縺ヲ窶ヲ縺セ縺セ縺御コ代≧窶ヲHB騾」邯壽ョコ莠コ莠倶サカ窶ヲ縺ゅ↑縺溘ワ繧ゅ≧繧上°縺」縺ヲ繧九s縺倥c繝翫う窶ヲ迥ッ莠コ縺ョ縺ヲ縺ゅΛ繧。窶ヲ繧ス繝取ュ」菴薙′隱ー繝翫ヮ繧ォ窶ヲ マァブルにて…ままが云う…HB連続殺人事件…あなたハもうわかってるんじゃナイ…犯人のてあラァ…ソノ正体が誰ナノカ… At Marble, Mama speaks of the HB Serial Killings...Don't you already know the culprit, Tearer's, true identity?
flowchart_summary_579 繝九Ν繝翫Φ繝舌ぃ繧貞相縺偵◆逶エ繧エ窶ヲ鮴肴惠縺ッ蜀阪ン蟷サ隕壹↓隘イ繧上l繝ォ窶ヲ豌励′縺、縺上→窶ヲ繧ソ繝槭ヮ讖溘ヮ繧ヲ縺ッ蛛懈ュ「荳ュ窶ヲ蝓キ蜍呎惻縺ョ荳翫↓縺ッ譎る岑縺ョ蜿ウ蜊願コォ縺梧ィェ縺溘o縺」縺ヲ繧、繧ソ窶ヲ ニルナンバァを告げた直ゴ…龍木は再ビ幻覚に襲われル…気がつくと…タマノ機ノウは停止中…執務机の上には時雨の右半身が横たわってイタ… Right after giving the Nil Number, Ryuki is assailed by hallucinations...When he comes to his senses, Tama's functions have stopped, and the right half of Tokiko's body lies on the desk.
flowchart_summary_580 荳サ螳ー螳、縺ョ螢√r遯√″謚懊¢繧九→窶ヲ荳阪す隴ー縺ェ遨コ髢薙′繝偵Ο縺後▲縺ヲ繧、繧ソ窶ヲ縺昴%縺ォ繧、繧ソ縺ョ縺ッ譎る岑窶ヲ蠖シ螂ウ縺ッ蝠上>縺九¢縺ヲ縺上k窶ヲ縺ェ縺懊≠縺ェ縺溘ワ繝九Ν繝翫Φ繝舌ぃ繧堤衍縺」縺ヲ繧、繧ソ縺ョ縺九→窶ヲ縺昴l縺ッ鮴肴惠縺梧アコ縺励※遏・繧雁セ励k縺ッ縺壹ヮ繝翫う繧ク繝ァ繧ヲ蝣ア窶ヲ譏弱i縺九↑隲也炊遏帷崟窶ヲ縺昴ヮ遏帷崟繧堤、コ縺励◆縺薙→縺ァ窶ヲ螟ァ縺阪↑邯サ縺ウ縺碁愆蜻医@縺溘ヮ逕ー縺ィ譎る岑縺ッ莠代≧窶ヲ縺昴ヮ邨先棡窶ヲ譎る岑縺ッ隗」閼ア繧偵↑縺鈴≠縺偵◆窶ヲ縺吶∋縺ヲ縺ッ縺昴ヮ縺溘a縺ォ陦後o繧後◆縺ョ逕ー窶ヲ繧、繝、窶ヲ縺薙l縺九i陦後o繧後k縺ョ逕ー窶ヲ蜈ュ蟷エ縺ョ豁ウ譛医r縺九¢縺ヲ窶ヲ縺ェ縺ォ繧ゅ°繧ゅぞ繝ウ驛ィ窶ヲ 主宰室の壁を突き抜けると…不シ議な空間がヒロがってイタ…そこにイタのは時雨…彼女は問いかけてくる…なぜあなたハニルナンバァを知ってイタのかと…それは龍木が決して知り得るはずノナイジョウ報…明らかな論理矛盾…そノ矛盾を示したことで…大きな綻びが露呈したノ田と時雨は云う…そノ結果…時雨は解脱をなし遂げた…すべてはそノために行われたの田…イヤ…これから行われるの田…六年の歳月をかけて…なにもかもゼン部… When breaking through the walls of the president's office, a mysterious space stretches out, and Tokiko is there. "Why did you know the Nil Number?" she asks. There is no way Ryuki could learn it, a clear logical contradiction. Tokiko says that by showing that contradiction, a great seam has been exposed. As a result, Tokiko has achieved Moksha. Everything was done for that purpose... No... Everything that will be done over the next six years... Anything and everything...
flowchart_report_710, flowchart_report_711 繝翫う繧ッ繧ケ譌・譛ャ謾ッ驛ィ 荳サ螳ー螳、 ナイクス日本支部 主宰室 Naix Japan President's Office
flowchart_report_712 邯サ縺ウ縺ョ遨エ 綻びの穴 Hole in the seam
evaluation_title_019 閭。陜カ荵句、「邱ィEND 胡蝶之夢編END Butterfly Dream END

Dialogue in Diverge route:

ID Original Decoded Translation
003_001 縺ェ繧薙ム縺ゥ繧ヲ繧ォ縺励ち縺ョ繧ォ


なんダどウカしタのカ 顔色がワるイゾ What's wrong? You look sick.
005_001 ありが縺後→う縺斐*います ありがとうございます Thank you.
005_003 な闕キを驚いて莨翫k閭スです? な荷を驚いて伊る能です? Why are you surprised?
005_004 私は死んだ霈ェけ蜃コ鄒スない縺ョ縺ァすよ 私は死んだ輪け出羽ないのですよ I didn't die...
005_006 あな隹キ真実の世界繝イお見せ蟲カしょう あな谷真実の世界ヲお見せ島しょう Let me show you the real world.
005_007 私の姿を探莉墓焔下豁ウ 私の姿を探仕手下歳 Please look for me.
005_008 私は…この空間蜥スこ陝ケい繝槭☆ 私は…この空間咽こ蟹いマす I am...somewhere in this space.

Other Unused Text


ID Line (EN) Line (JA) Line (ZH-CN) Line (ZH-TW) Notes
bonus_menu_aiba_001 Yay! いえーい! 耶~! 耶~! Unused subtitles for the (used) Aiba voice clips played when purchasing items on the Bonus menu.
bonus_menu_aiba_002 Show me too! 私にも見せて! 也让我看看! 也讓我看看!
bonus_menu_aiba_003 Good choice! いい選択だ! 有眼光! 有眼光!
bonus_menu_aiba_004 Hm hm, hm hmmm♪ ふんふ ふんふ ふ~ん♪ 哼哼~哼哼哼~♪ 哼哼~哼哼哼~♪
bonus_menu_aiba_005 Hurry and check it out! Come on! 早く確認しよう!ほらほら! 快点去看看吧!快点快点! 快點去看看吧!快點快點!
bonus_menu_aiba_006 Woo, woo! わ~いわ~い! 好耶~!好耶~! 好耶~!好耶~!


ID Line (EN) Line (JA) Line (ZH-CN) Line (ZH-TW) Notes
medamappe_window_025 Evolved to Boss-ie!
*This reward has already been collected.
In the final game, evolving a duplicate Adult just results in the default notification rather than explicitly informing you about the lack of reward like this.
medamappe_window_026 Evolved to Hitomi-ie!
*This reward has already been collected.
medamappe_window_027 Evolved to Date-ie!
*This reward has already been collected.
medamappe_window_028 Evolved to Moma-ie!
*This reward has already been collected.
medamappe_window_029 Evolved to So-ie!
*This reward has already been collected.
medamappe_window_030 Evolved to Ristsuko-ie!
*This reward has already been collected.
medamappe_window_031 Evolved to Pewter-ie!
*This reward has already been collected.
medamappe_window_032 Evolved to Mama-ie!
*This reward has already been collected.
medamappe_window_501 Aiba-ie went off on a journey after becoming a respectable adult! あいぼっぺは一人前のおとなになり旅立ちました! 瞳绊仔成长为能独当一面的大人,踏上旅程了! 瞳絆仔成長為能獨當一面的大人,踏上旅程了! These messages correspond to one of the lines used when an Adult Eyeballie resets itself, but for the Infant and Child forms that can only be reset manually.
medamappe_window_502 Iris-ie went off on a journey after becoming a respectable adult! いりすっぺは一人前のおとなになり旅立ちました! 伊丽丝仔成长为能独当一面的大人,踏上旅程了! 伊麗絲仔成長為能獨當一面的大人,踏上旅程了!
medamappe_window_503 Mizuki-ie went off on a journey after becoming a respectable adult! みずきっぺは一人前のおとなになり旅立ちました! 瑞希仔成长为能独当一面的大人,踏上旅程了! 瑞希仔成長為能獨當一面的大人,踏上旅程了!
medamappe_window_504 Amame-ie went off on a journey after becoming a respectable adult! あまめっぺは一人前のおとなになり旅立ちました! 亚麻芽仔成长为能独当一面的大人,踏上旅程了! 亞麻芽仔成長為能獨當一面的大人,踏上旅程了!
medamappe_window_505 Ota-ie went off on a journey after becoming a respectable adult! おうたっぺは一人前のおとなになり旅立ちました! 应太仔成长为能独当一面的大人,踏上旅程了! 應太仔成長為能獨當一面的大人,踏上旅程了!
medamappe_notification_001 Aiba-ie is asking a question. あいぼっぺがなにか質問してるよ 瞳绊仔好像有什么问题想问。 瞳絆仔好像有什麼問題想問。 In the final game, Eyeballie notifications don't use text lines like this, only a graphic popup and sound clip.
medamappe_notification_002 Iris-ie is asking a question. いりすっぺがなにか質問してるよ 伊丽丝仔好像有什么问题想问。 伊麗絲仔好像有什麼問題想問。
medamappe_notification_003 Mizuki-ie is asking a question. みずきっぺがなにか質問してるよ 瑞希仔好像有什么问题想问。 瑞希仔好像有什麼問題想問。
medamappe_notification_004 Amame-ie is asking a question. あまめっぺがなにか質問してるよ 亚麻芽仔好像有什么问题想问。 亞麻芽仔好像有什麼問題想問。
medamappe_notification_005 Ota-ie is asking a question. おうたっぺがなにか質問してるよ 应太仔好像有什么问题想问。 應太仔好像有什麼問題想問。
medamappe_notification_006 Boss-ie is asking a question. ぼすっぺがなにか質問してるよ Boss仔好像有什么问题想问。 Boss仔好像有什麼問題想問。
medamappe_notification_007 Hitomi-ie is asking a question. ひとみっぺがなにか質問してるよ 瞳仔好像有什么问题想问。 瞳仔好像有什麼問題想問。
medamappe_notification_008 Date-ie is asking a question. だてっぺがなにか質問してるよ 伊达仔好像有什么问题想问。 伊達仔好像有什麼問題想問。
medamappe_notification_009 Moma-ie is asking a question. もうまっぺがなにか質問してるよ 猛马仔好像有什么问题想问。 猛馬仔好像有什麼問題想問。
medamappe_notification_010 So-ie is asking a question. せじまっぺがなにか質問してるよ 世岛仔好像有什么问题想问。 世島仔好像有什麼問題想問。
medamappe_notification_011 Ritsuko-ie is asking a question. りつこっぺがなにか質問してるよ 律子仔好像有什么问题想问。 律子仔好像有什麼問題想問。
medamappe_notification_012 Pewter-ie is asking a question. ぴゅーたっぺがなにか質問してるよ 飘太仔好像有什么问题想问。 飄太仔好像有什麼問題想問。
medamappe_notification_013 Mama-ie is asking a question. ままっぺがなにか質問してるよ 妈妈桑仔好像有什么问题想问。 媽媽桑仔好像有什麼問題想問。


ID Line (EN) Line (JA) Line (ZH-CN) Line (ZH-TW) Notes
chapter_568 Bats490 Video Bats490動画 Bats490影片 Bats490影片 An unused entry in the script for chapter title overlays (i.e., the kind that also covers route-end and "Case Unsolved" screens). When Bats490 is played in-game, it doesn't get its own overlay like this.


ID Line (EN) Line (JA) Line (ZH-CN) Line (ZH-TW) Notes
map_502 Gigantic ギガンティック号 巨坎迪号 巨坎迪號 Two unused map locations.
map_503 Boss Residence ボスの家 Boss家 Boss家


ID Line (EN) Line (JA) Line (ZH-CN) Line (ZH-TW) Notes
exsight_506 Sonar 音源探知モード 音源侦测模式 音源偵測模式 An unused AI Sight type.


Labels for unique examine hotspots that are never accessible:

Line (EN) Line (JA) Line (ZH-CN) Line (ZH-TW) Notes
Torch Stand 聖火台 圣火台 聖火台 Located at the Stadium.
Sketch Book スケッチブック 素描本 素描本 Located at the Enda Residence.
Mysterious Parts 謎のパーツ類 奇妙的零件 奇妙的零件
Radio ラジオ 收音机 收音機 Located at Marble.

These labels are only ever referenced for internal uses (such as directing camera positions and characters' lines of sight) that are never seen by the player, but they have translations defined anyway:

Line (EN) Line (JA) Line (ZH-CN) Line (ZH-TW) Notes
Chikara's Laptop 法螺鳥のノートPC 法螺鸟的笔记本电脑 法螺鳥的筆記型電腦 From the first Wink Psync with Chikara (in a150_Ry).
WP_Camera 01 WP_カメラ01 摄影机01 攝影機01 Used for directing character vision in several Wink Psyncs.
Corpse 死体 尸体 屍體 From the VR investigations at Dvaita (a75_x10_Ry and b420_x10_R1). Has some overlap with the actual hotspot labels used (which are stored in NodeTable files rather than here), but they aren't entirely identical.
Light Switch 照明の電源スイッチ 照明的电源开关 燈光的電源開關
Contestant Seat 1 解答者席1 答题席1 答題來賓席1
Contestant Seat 2 解答者席2 答题席2 答題來賓席2
Contestant Seat 3 解答者席3 答题席3 答題來賓席3
Host Podium 出題者用の演台 出题者用的讲台 出題者用的講台
Quiz Show Set クイズ番組のセット 问答节目的布景 問答節目的布景
Giant Monitor 巨大モニター 巨大屏幕 巨大螢幕
Monitor 1 モニター1 屏幕1 螢幕1
Monitor 2 モニター2 屏幕2 螢幕2
Camera 1 カメラ1 摄影机1 攝影機1
Camera 2 カメラ2 摄影机2 攝影機2
Camera 3 カメラ3 摄影机3 攝影機3
Electric Kettle 電気ポット 电热水壶 電熱水壺
Amame_Gaze 亜麻芽_視線 亚麻芽 视线 亞麻芽 視線 Another Wink Psync vision controller, this one specific to, you guessed it, Amame.
Desktop 机の上 桌子上 桌子上 From the VR investigation at the Naix office (a275_x10_Ry).
Desk Front 机の正面 桌子的正面 桌子的正面
North-East Statue 北東の像 东北方的雕像 東北方的雕像
North-East Floor 北東の床 东北方的地板 東北方的地板
South-East Statue 南東の像 东南方的雕像 東南方的雕像
South-East Floor 南東の床 东南方的地板 東南方的地板
North-West Statue 北西の像 西北方的雕像 西北方的雕像
South-West Statue 南西の像 西南方的雕像 西南方的雕像
Houseplant 1 観葉植物1 观叶植物1 觀葉植物1
Houseplant 2 観葉植物2 观叶植物2 觀葉植物2
Houseplant 3 観葉植物3 观叶植物3 觀葉植物3
Houseplant 4 観葉植物4 观叶植物4 觀葉植物4
Glass Statue ガラス像 玻璃雕像 玻璃雕像
Wall 1 壁1 墙壁1 牆壁1
Wall 2 壁2 墙壁2 牆壁2
Wall 3 壁3 墙壁3 牆壁3
Wall 4 壁4 墙壁4 牆壁4
Stone Statue 1 石像1 石像1 石像1 From the confrontation with Komeji at the Horadori lab (a345_Ry).
Stone Statue 2 石像2 石像2 石像3
Stone Statue 3 石像1 石像3 石像3
Desk 1 机1 桌子1 桌子1
Desk 2 机2 桌子2 桌子2
Desk 3 机3 桌子3 桌子3
Desk 4 机4 桌子4 桌子4
Desk 5 机5 桌子5 桌子5
Biopod Correct バイオポッド正解 生化舱正确答案 生化艙正確答案
Biopod 1 バイオポッド1 生化舱1 生化艙1
Biopod 2 バイオポッド2 生化舱2 生化艙2
Biopod 3 バイオポッド3 生化舱3 生化艙3
Rope ロープ 绳子 繩子 From the second VR investigation at Dvaita (b420_x10_R1).
Hot Water お湯 热水 熱水
Footprint 足跡 脚印 腳印
East Door 東の扉 东边的门 東邊的門
West Door 西の扉 西边的门 西邊的門
Mannequin 1 マネキン1 塑料模特1 塑膠模特兒1
Mannequin 2 マネキン2 塑料模特2 塑膠模特兒2
Set セット 布景 布景
WP_TL_Camera 01 WP_TL_カメラ01 摄影机01 攝影機01 This line actually doesn't appear anywhere in the source code, but it was presumably meant for a Wink Psync, possibly somewhere in Ryuki Chapter 4 (judging by its list position, between Tokiko's laptop and the Sagan Residence items).
Lien_Gaze ライアン_視線 莱恩 视线 萊恩 視線 This particular "gaze" is specific to Lien's Wink Psync at the Harbor Warehouse District during Ryuki Chapter 5 (in b525_R1).
Researchers 研究員たち 研究员们 研究員們 Despite the name, this is actually in reference to just one researcher (the one conversed with at the Horadori lab during Ryuki Chapter 5, in b558_R1).
Iris_Gaze イリス_視線 伊丽丝 视线 伊麗絲 視線 From Iris's Wink Psync in Ryuki's limo during Ryuki Chapter 5 (in b570_R1).
? はてな 问号 問號 Used for the altar in the Cathedral at the end of the Explosion route (b590_R1) and for the building with the rocket during Mizuki Chapter 3 (c385_M1) before using Night Vision and X-Ray modes on them, respectively. Their label is specifically updated by the code to display as "???" in-game, with the developer comments for the Cathedral scene noting that this conversion was necessary because "???" couldn't be used as a function name.
Mizuki Little Sister (18) みずき妹18 瑞希妹18 瑞希妹18 This phrasing is used to specify references to present-day Mizuki Date (as opposed to past Mizuki Kuranushi) at various points in the source code, but the specific usage that seems to warrant it a spot here is for the hotspot label when examining herself through AI Sight in Boss's office (e.g., in c110_Mz).
Halfway Line ハーフウェイライン 中线 中線 From the VR investigation at the Stadium (c115_x10_Mz).
Small Object 小さな物体 小型物体 小型物體
Warm Area 温度が違う場所 温度不同的地方 溫度不同的地方
Kizuna_Gaze 絆_視線 绊 视线 絆 視線 From Kizuna's Wink Psync at Yoyagi Park during Mizuki Chapter 1 (in c120_Mz).
Blackboard_Behind 黒板_後 黑板 后方 黑板 後方 Used for the blackboard at Sekiba High during Mizuki Chapter 1 (c145_Mz), which is renamed to simply "Blackboard" in-game.
Side Stone Monument (No Corpse) 石碑死体がないほうの側面 没有尸体那一面的石碑 沒有屍體那一面的石碑 From the VR investigation at Yoyagi Park (c210_x10_Mz).
Side Stone Monument (Corpse) 石碑死体があるほうの側面 有尸体那一面的石碑 有屍體那一面的石碑
Old Machine Shed 旧機械室 旧机房 舊機房
Wooden Veranda Chair ウッドベランダの椅子 木板长凳 木板長凳
Fountain Bench 噴水ベンチ 喷水池长凳 噴水池長凳
Bloodstain 血痕 血迹 血跡 From the VR investigation in the Horadori underground room (c310_x10_Mz).
Tooth 牙齿 牙齒
Metal Plate A 鉄板A 铁板A 鐵板A
Metal Plate B 鉄板B 铁板B 鐵板B
Power Switch 電源スイッチ 电源开关 電源開關
Ceiling Power Cables 天井裏の電源ケーブル 天花板后的电线 天花板後的電線
Suspicious Area なんか気になる場所 有点在意的地方 有點在意的地方
Hidden Switch 隠しスイッチ 隐藏开关 隱藏開關
Wall Power Cables 壁の裏の電源ケーブル 墙壁里的电线 牆壁裡的電線
Square Hole 四角い穴 四方形的洞 四方形的洞
Foot Switch フットスイッチ 脚踏开关 腳踏開關
Exhaust Duct 排気ダクト 排气管 排氣管
Vent 通気口 通风口 通風口
Vent 2 通気口2 通风口2 通風口2
Corpse_position 死体_位置 尸体 位置 屍體 位置 From Lien's Wink Psyncs at Aieon during Mizuki Chapter 3 (c330_Mz) and at Yoyagi Park during Mizuki Chapter 4 (d425_M2).
Luminol Reaction A ルミノール反応A 鲁米诺反应A 發光胺反應A From the VR investigation at Misetan (c415_x10_M1).
Luminol Reaction B ルミノール反応B 鲁米诺反应B 發光胺反應B
Stationary Rocking Ride その場で動く遊具 可直接开启的游乐器材 可直接開啟的遊樂器材
Mini Train ミニ列車 小火车 小火車
Airplane Ride 飛行機のアトラクション 飞机游乐设施 飛機遊樂設施
Minoya 屋蓑 屋蓑 屋蓑 Refers to Dokuta Yogano/Yamino, aka "Yakuza B". In his only direct appearance in this game (at Lemniscate during Mizuki Chapter 3, c340_Mz), the dialogue hotspot labels him simply as "Man" rather than by name.

And finally, there are also unseen internal labels for every possible target during Somniums:

Line (EN) Line (JA) Line (ZH-CN) Line (ZH-TW) Notes
Bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-box 長い長い長い長い名前の箱 名字很长很长很长很长的箱子 名字很長很長很長很長的箱子 Targets from the unused "Manual" Somnium.
Box 箱子 箱子
Mystery Area 謎のエリア 神秘地区 神祕地區
Forklift フォークリフト 堆高机 堆高機
Forklift 2 フォークリフト2 堆高机2 堆高機2
Box 1 箱1 箱子1 箱子1
Box 2 箱2 箱子2 箱子2
Box 3_Punch 箱3_殴れ 箱子3 殴打 箱子3 毆打
T01_Hidden Item 1 T01_隠しアイテム1 隐藏道具1 隱藏道具1
T01_Hidden Item 2 T01_隠しアイテム2 隐藏道具2 隱藏道具2
Barrel 木桶 木桶
Box 3_Slam 箱3_叩け 箱子3 敲打 箱子3 敲打
M11_Test M11_テスト M11_测试 M11_測試 A completely unused line, seemingly a placeholder related to Kizuna's Somnium.
M11_Large Picture Book 1 M11_巨大な絵本1 M11_巨大な絵本1 很大的繪本1 Targets from Kizuna's Somnium (M11_somnium).
M11_Large Balloon M11_大きな風船 很大的气球 很大的氣球
M11_PA_Normal Size Picture Book 1_Read M11_PA_普通サイズの絵本1_読んで 普通大小的绘本 念出来 普通大小的繪本 唸出來
M11_Large Picture Book 2 M11_巨大な絵本2 很大的绘本2 很大的繪本2
M11_Jungle Gym M11_ジャングルジム 攀登架 攀登架
M11_Witch's Candle M11_魔女のキャンドル 魔女造型的蜡烛 魔女造型的蠟燭
M11_Seesaw M11_シーソー 跷跷板 蹺蹺板
M11_Sandpit M11_砂場 沙坑 沙坑
M11_Large Cookie M11_大きなクッキー 很大的饼干 很大的餅乾
M11_Normal Size Picture Book2 M11_普通サイズの絵本2 普通大小的绘本2 普通大小的繪本2
M11_Large Picture Book 3 M11_巨大な絵本3 很大的绘本3 很大的繪本3
M11_Large Picture Book 3_After moving M11_巨大な絵本3_移動後 很大的绘本3 移动后 很大的繪本3 移動後
M11_Clock on Slide M11_すべり台の時計 滑梯塔上的时钟 滑梯塔上的時鐘
M11_Time Capsule M11_タイムカプセル 时空胶囊 時空膠囊
M11_Aioen Entrance M11_愛緒園の玄関 爱绪园的玄关 愛緒園的玄關
M11_Normal Size Picture Book 3 M11_普通サイズの絵本3 普通大小的绘本3 普通大小的繪本3
M11_Large Picture Book 4 M11_巨大な絵本4 很大的绘本4 很大的繪本4
M11_Piece of Paper M11_紙切れ 纸片 紙片
M11_Picture of Frog M11_蛙の絵 青蛙的插图 青蛙的圖
M11_Spinning Wheel M11_糸車の車輪 纺车的轮子 紡車的輪子
M11_Swingset M11_ブランコ 秋千 鞦韆
M11_Hidden Eyeballs 1 M11_隠しメダマ1 隐藏眼珠1 隱藏眼珠1
M11_Hidden Eyeballs 2 M11_隠しメダマ2 隐藏眼珠2 隱藏眼珠2
M11_Hidden Eyeballs 3 M11_隠しメダマ3 隐藏眼珠3 隱藏眼珠3
M11_Hidden Eyeballs 4 M11_隠しメダマ4 隐藏眼珠4 隱藏眼珠4
M11_Hidden Eyeballs 5 M11_隠しメダマ5 隐藏眼珠5 隱藏眼珠5
M13_PA_Desk 1_Hide under the desk M13_PA_机1_机の下に隠れて 桌子1 躲在桌子下 桌子1 躲在桌子下 Targets from the Masked Woman's Somnium.
M13_PA_Locker 1_Hide in the locker M13_PA_ロッカー1_ロッカーに隠れて 置物柜1 躲进置物柜 置物櫃1 躲進置物櫃
M13_PA_Partition 1_Hide behind it M13_PA_パーテーション1_この裏に隠れて 隔板1 躲在这后面 隔板1 躲在這後面
M13_PA_Oil Drum_Hide behind it M13_PA_ドラム缶_この裏に隠れて 铁桶 躲在这后面 鐵桶 躲在這後面
M13_Duct M13_ダクト 排气管 排氣管
M13_Respirator M13_人工呼吸器 人工呼吸器 人工呼吸器
M13_Vent M13_通気口 通风口 通風口
M13_PA_Ceiling Pipe_Hide on top of it M13_PA_天井のパイプ_この上に隠れて 天花板的管线 躲在这上面 天花板的管線 躲在這上面
M13_PA_Desk 2_Hide under the the desk M13_PA_机2_机の下に隠れて 桌子2 躲在桌子下 桌子2 躲在桌子下
M13_PA_Partition 2_Hide behind it M13_PA_パーテーション2_この裏に隠れて 隔板2 躲在这后面 隔板2 躲在這後面
M13_PA_Locker 2_Hide in the locker M13_PA_ロッカー2_ロッカーに隠れて 置物柜2 躲进置物柜 置物櫃2 躲進置物櫃
M13_Heart Monitor M13_心電計 心电监护仪 心電儀
M13_Electroencephalograph M13_脳波計 脑波仪 腦波儀
M13_Rabbit 1 M13_ウサギ1 兔子1 兔子1
M13_PC M13_PC 电脑 電腦
M13_PA_Desk 3_Hide under the desk M13_PA_机3_机の下に隠れて 桌子3 躲在桌子下 桌子3 躲在桌子下
M13_PA_Partition 3_Hide behind it M13_PA_パーテーション3_この裏に隠れて 隔板3 躲在这后面 隔板3 躲在這後面
M13_PA_Locker 3A_Hide in the locker M13_PA_ロッカー3A_ロッカーに隠れて 置物柜3 躲进置物柜 置物櫃3 躲進置物櫃
M13_PA_Work Bench_Hide in it M13_PA_作業台_作業台に隠れて 作业台 躲进作业台 作業台 躲進作業台
M13_Rabbit 2 M13_ウサギ2 兔子2 兔子2
M13_PA_Child A_inspect M13_PA_子どもA_調べて 小孩A 调查 小孩子A 調查
M13_PA_Child B_inspect M13_PA_子どもB_調べて 小孩B 调查 小孩子B 調查
M13_PA_Child C_inspect M13_PA_子どもC_調べて 小孩C 调查 小孩子C 調查
M13_PA_Child D_inspect M13_PA_子どもD_調べて 小孩D 调查 小孩子D 調查
M13_PA_Child E_inspect M13_PA_子どもE_調べて 小孩E 调查 小孩子E 調查
M13_PA_File_Pick up M13_PA_ファイル_拾って 档案 捡起来 檔案 撿起來
M13_PA_Locker 3 B_Open M13_PA_ロッカー3B_開けて 置物柜3B 打开 置物櫃3B 打開
M13_Hidden Eyeballs 1 M13_隠しメダマ1 隐藏眼珠1 隱藏眼珠1
M13_Hidden Eyeballs 2 M13_隠しメダマ2 隐藏眼珠2 隱藏眼珠2
M13_Hidden Eyeballs 3 M13_隠しメダマ3 隐藏眼珠3 隱藏眼珠3
M13_Hidden Eyeballs 4 M13_隠しメダマ4 隐藏眼珠4 隱藏眼珠4
M13_Hidden Eyeballs 5 M13_隠しメダマ5 隐藏眼珠5 隱藏眼珠5
M15_Amame M15_亜麻芽 亚麻芽 亞麻芽 Targets from Amame's second Somnium (M15_somnium).
M15_Vokeman M15_Vokeman Vokeman Vokeman
M15_TV M15_テレビ 电视 電視
M15_Deep-sea Fish Photo M15_深海魚の写真 深海鱼的照片 深海魚的照片
M15_Blue Figure M15_青人間 蓝人 藍人
M15_Elephant Trinket M15_ゾウの置物 大象摆饰 大象擺飾
M15_Scattered Magazine M15_バラバラの雑誌 撕碎的杂志 撕碎的雜誌
M15_Naix's Teachings M15_NAIXの教典 NAIX的教典 NAIX的教典
M15_Body Bag M15_納体袋 尸袋 屍袋
M15_Komeji's Outfit M15_米治の衣装 米治的衣服 米治的衣服
M15_QR Code Sign M15_QRコードの看板 二维码的板子 QR碼的板子
M15_Iron Mask Man M15_鉄仮面 铁面具 鐵面具
M15_Headphones M15_ヘッドホン 耳机 耳機
M15_Wrench M15_レンチ 扳手 扳手
M15_Damaged Iron Mask M15_割れた鉄仮面 裂开的铁面具 裂開的鐵面具
M15_Trident M15_トライデント 三叉戟 三叉戟
M15_Hidden Eyeballs 1 M15_隠しメダマ1 隐藏眼珠1 隱藏眼珠1
M15_Hidden Eyeballs 2 M15_隠しメダマ2 隐藏眼珠2 隱藏眼珠2
M15_Hidden Eyeballs 3 M15_隠しメダマ3 隐藏眼珠3 隱藏眼珠3
M15_Hidden Eyeballs 4 M15_隠しメダマ4 隐藏眼珠4 隱藏眼珠4
M15_Hidden Eyeballs 5 M15_隠しメダマ5 隐藏眼珠5 隱藏眼珠5
R14_PA_Vokeman_Choose R14_PA_Vokeman_選べ 快选 快選 Targets from Amame's first Somnium (R14_somnium).
R14_PA_Vokeman_Choose_Wrong R14_PA_Vokeman_選べ_ハズレ 快选 选错 快選 選錯
R14_PA_Elephant Trinket_Choose R14_PA_ゾウの置物_選べ 大象摆饰 快选 大象擺飾 快選
R14_PA_Elephant Trinket_Choose_Wrong R14_PA_ゾウの置物_選べ_ハズレ 大象摆饰 快选 选错 大象擺飾 快選 選錯
R14_PA_Monowheel Robot_Choose R14_PA_一輪ロボ_選べ 单轮机器人 快选 單輪機器人 快選
R14_PA_Monowheel Robot_Choose_Wrong R14_PA_一輪ロボ_選べ_ハズレ 单轮机器人 快选 选错 單輪機器人 快選 選錯
R14_PA_Deep-sea Fish Photo_Choose R14_PA_深海魚の写真_選べ 深海鱼的照片 快选 深海魚的照片 快選
R14_PA_Heaphone_Choose R14_PA_ヘッドホン_選べ 耳机 快选 耳機 快選
R14_PA_Trident_Choose R14_PA_トライデント_選べ 三叉戟 快选 三叉戟 快選
R14_PA_Adorabbit_Choose R14_PA_うさりんぱ_選べ 小兔宝宝 快选 小兔寶寶 快選
R14_PA_Omelet Rice_Choose R14_PA_オムライス_選べ 蛋包饭 快选 蛋包飯 快選
R14_PA_Metal Pipe_Choose R14_PA_鉄パイプ_選べ 铁管 快选 鐵管 快選
R14_PA_Occult Magazine Borrow_Choose R14_PA_オカルト雑誌借り物_選べ 超自然杂志借用 快选 超自然雜誌借用 快選
R14_PA_Contestant Seat1_Think R14_PA_解答席借り物1_考えろ 答题席借用1 思考一下 答題席借用1 快想
R14_PA_Contestant Seat1_Think Harder R14_PA_解答席借り物1_もっと考えろ 答题席借用1 再多想想 答題席借用1 認真想
R14_PA_Contestant Seat2_Think R14_PA_解答席借り物2_考えろ 答题席借用2 思考一下 答題席借用2 快想
R14_PA_Contestant Seat2_Think Harder R14_PA_解答席借り物2_もっと考えろ 答题席借用2 再多想想 答題席借用2 認真想
R14_PA_Contestant Seat3_Think R14_PA_解答席借り物3_考えろ 答题席借用3 思考一下 答題席借用3 快想
R14_PA_Contestant Seat3_Think Harder R14_PA_解答席借り物3_もっと考えろ 答题席借用3 再多想想 答題席借用3 認真想
R14_PA_Contestant Seat Occut 1_Answer R14_PA_解答席オカルト1_解答する 答题席超自然1 回答 答題席超自然1 回答
R14_PA_Contestant Seat Occut 2_Answer R14_PA_解答席オカルト2_解答する 答题席超自然2 回答 答題席超自然2 回答
R14_PA_Contestant Seat Occut 3_Answer R14_PA_解答席オカルト3_解答する 答题席超自然3 回答 答題席超自然3 回答
R14_PA_Kizuna_Choose R14_PA_絆_選べ 绊 快选 絆 快選
R14_PA_Mizuki_Choose R14_PA_みずき_選べ 瑞希 快选 瑞希 快選
R14_PA_Occult Magazine Find Difference_Choose R14_PA_オカルト雑誌間違い探し_選べ 超自然杂志找错 快选 超自然雜誌找錯 快選
R14_PA_Blue Figure_Choose R14_PA_青人間_選べ 蓝人 快选 藍人 快選
R14_PA_Iris_Choose R14_PA_イリス_選べ 伊丽丝 快选 伊麗絲 快選
R14_PA_Shoma_Choose R14_PA_祥磨_選べ 祥磨 快选 祥磨 快選
R14_PA_Buzzer_Choose R14_PA_解答スイッチ_選べ 答题开关 快选 答題開關 快選
R14_PA_QR Code Sign_Choose R14_PA_QRコードの看板_選べ 二维码的板子 快选 QR碼的板子 快選
R14_PA_Monitor A_Inspect R14_PA_モニターA_調べろ 屏幕A 调查 螢幕A 調查
R14_PA_Monitor B_Inspect R14_PA_モニターB_調べろ 屏幕B 调查 螢幕B 調查
R14_PA_Monitor c_Inspect R14_PA_モニターC_調べろ 屏幕C 调查 螢幕C 調查
R14_Hidden Eyeballs 1 R14_隠しメダマ1 隐藏眼珠1 隱藏眼珠1
R14_Hidden Eyeballs 2 R14_隠しメダマ2 隐藏眼珠2 隱藏眼珠2
R14_Hidden Eyeballs 3 R14_隠しメダマ3 隐藏眼珠3 隱藏眼珠3
R14_Hidden Eyeballs 4 R14_隠しメダマ4 隐藏眼珠4 隱藏眼珠4
R14_Hidden Eyeballs 5 R14_隠しメダマ5 隐藏眼珠5 隱藏眼珠5
M0_Interrogation Room_Chair M0_取調室_椅子 侦讯室 椅子 偵訊室 椅子 Targets from Ryuki's Somnium (M0_somnium).
M0_Interrogation Room_Two-way Mirror M0_取調室_マジックミラー 侦讯室 单面镜 偵訊室 單面鏡
M0_Date House_PA_Stew_Inspect M0_伊達宅_PA_シチュー_調べろ 伊达家 炖汤 调查 伊達家 燉湯 調查
M0_R_Brazier M0_R_かがり火 火堆 火堆
M0_R_Torch M0_R_たいまつ 火把 火把
M0_R_Pillar_PA_Ryuki_Talk to him M0_R_柱_PA_龍木_声を掛けて 柱子 龙木 呼唤 柱子 龍木 呼喚
M0_R_Evolver M0_R_Evolver Evolver Evolver
M0_R_Brandy M0_R_ブランデー 白兰地 白蘭地
M0_R_Ryuki A M0_R_龍木A 龙木A 龍木A
M0_R_Ryuki B M0_R_龍木B 龙木B 龍木B
M0_R_Ryuki C M0_R_龍木C 龙木C 龍木C
M0_R_Altar_PA_Police ID_Pick Up M0_R_祭壇_PA_警察のID_拾って 祭坛 警察证件 捡起来 祭壇 警察證件 撿起來
M0_M_False Eye M0_M_義眼 义眼 義眼
M0_M_Bird Cage_PA_Family Photo M0_M_鳥かご_PA_家族写真 鸟笼 全家福照片 鳥籠 全家福照片
M0_R_Pillar1_PA_Ryuki_Talk to him M0_M_柱1_PA_龍木_声を掛けて 柱子1 龙木 呼唤 柱子1 龍木 呼喚
M0_M_Boss's Room_PA_Coffe Maker_Cheer Up M0_M_ボスの部屋_PA_コーヒーメーカー_これで慰めて Boss的房间 咖啡机 用这个安慰 Boss的房間 咖啡機 用這個安慰
M0_M_Boss's Room_PA_Mario_Cheer Up M0_M_ボスの部屋_PA_鞠夫くん_これで慰めて Boss的房间 鞠夫 用这个安慰 Boss的房間 鞠夫 用這個安慰
M0_M_Boss's Room_PA_Jackolantern_Cheer Up M0_M_ボスの部屋_PA_ジャックオランタン_これで慰めて Boss的房间 杰克南瓜灯 用这个安慰 Boss的房間 傑克南瓜燈 用這個安慰
M0_R_Evolver M0_M_Evolver Evolver Evolver
M0_R_Torch M0_M_たいまつ 火把 火把
M0_M_Merry Go Round_PA_Mirror Door M0_M_メリゴ_PA_鏡のドア 镜子门 鏡子門
M0_M_Time Bomb M0_M_時限爆弾 定时炸弹 定時炸彈
M0_M_Shoe M0_M_靴 鞋子 鞋子
M0_M_Metal Pipe M0_M_鉄パイプ 铁管 鐵管
M0_M_Adorabbit_PA_Inspect M0_M_うさりんぱ_PA_調べろ 小兔宝宝 调查 小兔寶寶 調查
M0_R_Pillar2_PA_Ryuki_Talk to him M0_M_柱2_PA_龍木_声を掛けて 柱子2 龙木 呼唤 柱子2 龍木 呼喚
M0_M_Brahman_PA_Intestine Stew_Cheer Up M0_M_ブラフマン_PA_もつ煮_これで慰めて 梵天 炖牛杂 用这个安慰 梵天 燉牛雜 用這個安慰
M0_M_Brahman_PA_Cold Water_Cheer Up M0_M_ブラフマン_PA_お冷_これで慰めて 梵天 冰水 用这个安慰 梵天 冰水 用這個安慰
M0_M_Brahman_PA_Brandy_Cheer Up M0_M_ブラフマン_PA_ブランデー_これで慰めて 梵天 白兰地 用这个安慰 梵天 白蘭地 用這個安慰
M0_M_Brahman_PA_Picture of Ganesha_Cheer Up M0_M_ブラフマン_PA_ガネーシャの絵_これで慰めて 梵天 象头神的画像 用这个安慰 梵天 象頭神的畫像 用這個安慰f
M0_M_Ryuki_Altar_PA_最後 M0_M_龍木_祭壇_PA_最後 龙木 祭坛 最后 龍木 祭壇 最後
M0_Hidden Eyeballs 1 M0_隠しメダマ1 隐藏眼珠1 隱藏眼珠1
M0_Hidden Eyeballs 2 M0_隠しメダマ2 隐藏眼珠2 隱藏眼珠2
M0_Hidden Eyeballs 3 M0_隠しメダマ3 隐藏眼珠3 隱藏眼珠3
M0_Hidden Eyeballs 4 M0_隠しメダマ4 隐藏眼珠4 隱藏眼珠4
M0_Hidden Eyeballs 5 M0_隠しメダマ5 隐藏眼珠5 隱藏眼珠5
M14_PC1 M14_PC1 电脑1 電腦1 Targets from Tearer's Somnium (M14_somnium).
M14_PC1 M14_PC2 电脑2 電腦2
M14_PC1 M14_PC3 电脑3 電腦3
M14_Button A_Black M14_ボタンA_黒 按钮A 黑 按鈕A 黑
M14_Button B_Black M14_ボタンB_黒 按钮B 黑 按鈕B 黑
M14_Button C_Black M14_ボタンC_黒 按钮C 黑 按鈕C 黑
M14_Button D_Black M14_ボタンD_黒 按钮D 黑 按鈕D 黑
M14_Button E_Black M14_ボタンE_黒 按钮E 黑 按鈕E 黑
M14_PA_Mysterious Sphere_Inspect M14_PA_謎の球体1_調べて 神秘球体1 调查 神祕球體1 調查
M14_PA_Letter Board_Red_Inspect M14_PA_文字盤_赤_調べて 对应表 红 调查 字碼表 紅 調查
M14_PA_TminusR_Red_Inspect M14_PA_TminusR_赤_調べて T minus R 红 调查 T minus R 紅 調查
M14_PA_UminusE_Red_Inspect M14_PA_UminusE_赤_調べて U minus E 红 调查 U minus E 紅 調查
M14_PA_NplusA_Red_Inspect M14_PA_NplusA_赤_調べて N plus A 红 调查 N plus A 紅 調查
M14_PA_IminusX_Red_Inspect M14_PA_IminusX_赤_調べて I minus X 红 调查 I minus X 紅 調查
M14_PA_Blue Locker_Red_Inspect M14_PA_青のロッカー_赤_調べて 蓝色置物柜 红 调查 藍色置物櫃 紅 調查
M14_PA_Green Locker_Red_Inspect M14_PA_緑のロッカー_赤_調べて 绿色置物柜 红 调查 綠色置物櫃 紅 調查
M14_PA_Yellow Locker_Red_Inspect M14_PA_黄色のロッカー_赤_調べて 黄色置物柜 红 调查 黃色置物櫃 紅 調查
M14_PA_Door_Red_Inspect M14_PA_ドア_赤_調べて 门 红 调查 門 紅 調查
M14_PA_Mysterious Sphere2_Inspect M14_PA_謎の球体2_調べて 神秘球体2 调查 神祕球體2 調查
M14_PA_Mysterious Object A_Gold_Inspect M14_PA_謎のオブジェA_金_調べて 神秘物体A 金 调查 神祕物體A 金 調查
M14_PA_Mysterious Object B_Gold_Inspect M14_PA_謎のオブジェB_金_調べて 神秘物体B 金 调查 神祕物體B 金 調查
M14_PA_Mysterious Object C_Gold_Inspect M14_PA_謎のオブジェC_金_調べて 神秘物体C 金 调查 神祕物體C 金 調查
M14_PA_Door_Gold_Inspect M14_PA_ドア_金_調べて 门 金 调查 門 金 調查
M14_PA_Mysterious Picture A_Gold_Inspect M14_PA_謎の絵A_金_調べて 神秘的画A 金 调查 神祕的畫A 金 調查
M14_PA_Mysterious Picture B_Gold_Inspect M14_PA_謎の絵B_金_調べて 神秘的画B 金 调查 神祕的畫B 金 調查
M14_PA_Mysterious Picture C_Gold_Inspect M14_PA_謎の絵C_金_調べて 神秘的画C 金 调查 神祕的畫C 金 調查
M14_PA_Mysterious Sphere3_Inspect M14_PA_謎の球体3_調べて 神秘球体3 调查 神祕球體3 調查
M14_PA_Teachings_Black1_Inspect M14_PA_教典_黒1_調べて 教典 黑1 调查 教典 黑1 調查
M14_PA_Teachings_Black1_Think More M14_PA_教典_黒1_もっと考えて 教典 黑1 再多想想 教典 黑1 認真想
M14_PA_Teachings_Black1_Epiphany M14_PA_教典_黒1_完全に理解するまで考えて 教典 黑1 想到彻底理解为止 教典 黑1 想到徹底理解
M14_PA_Teachings_Black2_Inspect M14_PA_教典_黒2_調べて 教典 黑2 调查 教典 黑2 調查
M14_PA_Teachings_Black2_Think More M14_PA_教典_黒2_もっと考えて 教典 黑2 再多想想 教典 黑2 認真想
M14_PA_Teachings_Black2_Epiphany M14_PA_教典_黒2_完全に理解するまで考えて 教典 黑2 想到彻底理解为止 教典 黑2 想到徹底理解
M14_PA_Teachings_Black3_Inspect M14_PA_教典_黒3_調べて 教典 黑3 调查 教典 黑3 調查
M14_PA_Teachings_Black3_Think More M14_PA_教典_黒3_もっと考えて 教典 黑3 再多想想 教典 黑3 認真想
M14_PA_Teachings_Black3_Epiphany M14_PA_教典_黒3_完全に理解するまで考えて 教典 黑3 想到彻底理解为止 教典 黑3 想到徹底理解
M14_PA_Door_Black_Inspect M14_PA_ドア_黒_調べて 门 黑 调查 門 黑 調查
M14_PA_Mysterious Sphere4_Inspect M14_PA_謎の球体4_調べて 神秘球体4 调查 神祕球體4 調查
M14_PA_Mysterious Sphere5_Inspect M14_PA_謎の球体5_調べて 神秘球体5 调查 神祕球體5 調查
M14_PA_Sink_Boat_Inspect M14_PA_洗面台_船_調べる 洗脸台 船 调查 洗臉台 船 調查 Targets from the 3rd Class Cabin bonus Somnium (Bonus999). (The labeling is a remnant of its originally planned location within Tearer's Somnium, as opposed to it being accessed from the Bonus menu in the final game.)
M14_PA_Bed_Boat_Inspect M14_PA_ベッド_船_調べる 床 船 调查 床 船 調查
M14_PA_Mirror_Boat_Inspect M14_PA_鏡_船_調べる 镜子 船 调查 鏡子 船 調查
M14_PA_Pot and Stove_Boat_Inpsect M14_PA_ポットとストーブ_船_調べる 茶壶和暖炉 船 调查 茶壺和暖爐 船 調查
M14_PA_Blue Trunk_Boat_Inpsect M14_PA_青いトランク_船_調べる 蓝色行李箱 船 调查 藍色行李箱 船 調查
M14_PA_Door 5_Boat_Inspect M14_PA_5のドア_船_調べる 5的门 船 调查 5的門 船 調查
M14_PA_Red Trunk_Boat_Inpsect M14_PA_赤いトランク_船_調べる 红色行李箱 船 调查 紅色行李箱 船 調查
M14_PA_Window_Boat_Inspect M14_PA_窓_船_調べる 窗户 船 调查 窗戶 船 調查
M14_Hidden Eyeballs 1 M14_隠しメダマ1 隐藏眼珠1 隱藏眼珠1 The last few targets from Tearer's Somnium.
M14_Hidden Eyeballs 2 M14_隠しメダマ2 隐藏眼珠2 隱藏眼珠2
M14_Hidden Eyeballs 3 M14_隠しメダマ3 隐藏眼珠3 隱藏眼珠3
M14_Hidden Eyeballs 4 M14_隠しメダマ4 隐藏眼珠4 隱藏眼珠4
M14_Hidden Eyeballs 5 M14_隠しメダマ5 隐藏眼珠5 隱藏眼珠5
M24_PA_Picking Tool_Pick up M24_PA_ピッキングツール_拾って 开锁工具 捡起来 開鎖工具 撿起來 Targets from Lien's Somnium (M24_somnium).
M24_SafeA M24_金庫A 保险箱A 保險箱A
M24_Door M24_ドア
M24_Safe B M24_金庫B 保险箱B 保險箱B
M24_PA_Safe B's Memo_Think More M24_PA_金庫Bのメモ_もっと考えて 保险箱B的笔记 再多想想 保險箱B的筆記 認真想
M14_PA_Safe B's Memo_Epiphany M24_PA_金庫Bのメモ_完全に理解するまで考えて 保险箱B的笔记 想到彻底理解为止 保險箱B的筆記 想到徹底理解
M24_PA_Blue Trash Can_Open Lid M24_PA_青いポリバケツ_フタを開けて 蓝色塑胶桶 打开盖子 藍色塑膠桶 打開蓋子
M24_PA_Yellow Trash Can_Open Lid M24_PA_黄色いポリバケツ_フタを開けて 黄色塑胶桶 打开盖子 黃色塑膠桶 打開蓋子
M24_PA_Pink Trash Can_Open Lid M24_PA_ピンクのポリバケツ_フタを開けて 粉红色塑胶桶 打开盖子 粉紅色塑膠桶 打開蓋子
M24_PA_White Trash Can_Open Lid M24_PA_白いポリバケツ_フタを開けて 白色塑胶桶 打开盖子 白色塑膠桶 打開蓋子
M24_Safe C M24_金庫C 保险箱C 保險箱C
M24_Radio Cassette M24_ラジカセ 卡带式收音机 卡帶式收音機
M24_PA_Metal Safe_Open Metal Safe M24_PA_鉄製の金庫_鉄製の金庫を開けて 铁制保险箱 打开铁制保险箱 鐵製保險箱 打開鐵製保險箱
M24_PA_Mask_Wear It On Head M24_PA_マスク_頭にかぶって 面罩 戴在头上 面罩 戴在頭上
M24_PA_Mask_Wear It On Face M24_PA_仮面_顔につけて 面具 戴在脸上 面具 戴在臉上
M24_PA_Eye Patch_Wear It On Face M24_PA_眼帯_顔につけて 眼罩 戴在脸上 眼罩 戴在臉上
M24_PA_Safe E_Authenticate Face M24_PA_金庫E_顔を認証して 保险箱E 执行脸部认证 保險箱E 執行臉部認證
M24_PA_Pure Gold Safe_Open Pure Gold Safe M24_PA_純金の金庫_純金の金庫を開けて 纯金保险箱 打开纯金保险箱 純金保險箱 打開純金保險箱
M24_PA_Wheel Chair_Move Aside M24_PA_車いす_どかして 轮椅 移开 輪椅 移開
M24_Time Capsule M24_タイムカプセル 时空胶囊 時空膠囊
M24_PA_Keyhole In Ceiling_Investigate M24_PA_天井の鍵穴_調べて 天花板的钥匙孔 调查 天花板的鑰匙孔 調查
M24_PA_Paint of Ganesha_Investigate M24_PA_ガネーシャの絵_調べて 象头神的画像 调查 象頭神的畫像 調查
M24_PA_Statue of a Young Girl_Investigate M24_PA_少女の像_調べて 少女像 调查 少女像 調查
M24_Safe D M24_金庫D 保险箱D 保險箱D
M24_Hidden Eyeballs 1 M24_隠しメダマ1 隐藏眼珠1 隱藏眼珠1
M24_Hidden Eyeballs 2 M24_隠しメダマ2 隐藏眼珠2 隱藏眼珠2
M24_Hidden Eyeballs 3 M24_隠しメダマ3 隐藏眼珠3 隱藏眼珠3
M24_Hidden Eyeballs 4 M24_隠しメダマ4 隐藏眼珠4 隱藏眼珠4
M24_Hidden Eyeballs 5 M24_隠しメダマ5 隐藏眼珠5 隱藏眼珠5
R12_PA_Ripped Book 1 Left_Inspect R12_PA_破れた本1左_調べろ 破掉的书1左边 调查 破掉的書1左邊 調查 Targets from Tokiko's Somnium (R12_somnium).
R12_PA_Ripped Teachings 1 Right_Inspect R12_PA_破れた教典1右_調べろ 破掉的教典1右边 调查 破掉的教典1右邊 調查
R12_PA_Teachings 2_Inspect R12_PA_教典2_調べろ 教典2 调查 教典2 調查
R12_PA_Teachings 2_Think More R12_PA_教典2_もっと考えろ 教典2 更认真想 教典2 更認真想
R12_PA_Teachings 2_Epiphany R12_PA_教典2_完全に理解するまで考えろ 教典2 思考到完全理解为止 教典2 思考到完全理解為止
R12_PA_Skull A2_Inspect R12_PA_頭蓋骨A2_調べろ 头盖骨A2 调查 頭蓋骨A2 調查
R12_PA_Skull B2_Inspect R12_PA_頭蓋骨B2_調べろ 头盖骨B2 调查 頭蓋骨B2 調查
R12_PA_Skull C2_Inspect R12_PA_頭蓋骨C2_調べろ 头盖骨C2 调查 頭蓋骨C2 調查
R12_PA_Skull D2_Inspect R12_PA_頭蓋骨D2_調べろ 头盖骨D2 调查 頭蓋骨D2 調查
R12_PA_Skull E2_Inspect R12_PA_頭蓋骨E2_調べろ 头盖骨E2 调查 頭蓋骨E2 調查
R12_PA_Skull F2_Inspect R12_PA_頭蓋骨F2_調べろ 头盖骨F2 调查 頭蓋骨F2 調查
R12_PA_Skull G2_Inspect R12_PA_頭蓋骨G2_調べろ 头盖骨G2 调查 頭蓋骨G2 調查
R12_PA_Skull H2_Inspect R12_PA_頭蓋骨H2_調べろ 头盖骨H2 调查 頭蓋骨H2 調查
R12_PA_Skull I2_Inspect R12_PA_頭蓋骨I2_調べろ 头盖骨I2 调查 頭蓋骨I2 調查
R12_PA_Teachings 3_Inspect R12_PA_教典3_調べろ 教典3 调查 教典3 調查
R12_PA_Teachings 3_Think More R12_PA_教典3_もっと考えろ 教典3 更认真想 教典3 更認真想
R12_PA_Teachings 3_Epiphany R12_PA_教典3_完全に理解するまで考えろ 教典3 思考到完全理解为止 教典3 思考到完全理解為止
R12_PA_Hand Sign A3_Inspect R12_PA_ハンドサインA3_調べろ 手势A3 调查 手勢A3 調查
R12_PA_Hand Sign B3_Inspect R12_PA_ハンドサインB3_調べろ 手势B3 调查 手勢B3 調查
R12_PA_Hand Sign C3_Inspect R12_PA_ハンドサインC3_調べろ 手势C3 调查 手勢C3 調查
R12_PA_Hand Sign D3_Inspect R12_PA_ハンドサインD3_調べろ 手势D3 调查 手勢D3 調查
R12_PA_Hand Sign E3_Inspect R12_PA_ハンドサインE3_調べろ 手势E3 调查 手勢E3 調查
R12_PA_Hand Sign F3_Inspect R12_PA_ハンドサインF3_調べろ 手势F3 调查 手勢F3 調查
R12_PA_Hand Sign G3_Inspect R12_PA_ハンドサインG3_調べろ 手势G3 调查 手勢G3 調查
R12_PA_Hand Sign H3_Inspect R12_PA_ハンドサインH3_調べろ 手势H3 调查 手勢H3 調查
R12_PA_Hand Sign I3_Inspect R12_PA_ハンドサインI3_調べろ 手势I3 调查 手勢I3 調查
R12_PA_Teachings 4_Inspect R12_PA_教典4_調べろ 教典4 调查 教典4 調查
R12_PA_Teachings 4_Think More R12_PA_教典4_もっと考えろ 教典4 更认真想 教典4 更認真想
R12_PA_Teachings 4_Epiphany R12_PA_教典4_完全に理解するまで考えろ 教典4 思考到完全理解为止 教典4 思考到完全理解為止
R12_Red Teachings A4 R12_赤い教典A4 红色教典A4 紅色教典A4
R12_Red Teachings B4 R12_赤い教典B4 红色教典B4 紅色教典B4
R12_Red Teachings C4 R12_赤い教典C4 红色教典C4 紅色教典C4
R12_Red Teachings D4 R12_赤い教典D4 红色教典D4 紅色教典D4
R12_Red Teachings E4 R12_赤い教典E4 红色教典E4 紅色教典E4
R12_Eyeball A4 R12_目玉A4 眼珠A4 眼珠A4
R12_Eyeball B4 R12_目玉B4 眼珠B4 眼珠B4
R12_Eyeball C4 R12_目玉C4 眼珠C4 眼珠C4
R12_Eyeball D4 R12_目玉D4 眼珠D4 眼珠D4
R12_PA_Teachings 5_Inspect R12_PA_教典5_調べろ 教典5 调查 教典5 調查
R12_PA_Golden Teachings 5_Open R12_PA_黄金の教典5_開け 黄金教典5 打开 黃金教典5 打開
R12_Hidden Eyeballs 1 R12_隠しメダマ1 隐藏眼珠1 隱藏眼珠1
R12_Hidden Eyeballs 2 R12_隠しメダマ2 隐藏眼珠2 隱藏眼珠2
R12_Hidden Eyeballs 3 R12_隠しメダマ3 隐藏眼珠3 隱藏眼珠3
R12_Hidden Eyeballs 4 R12_隠しメダマ4 隐藏眼珠4 隱藏眼珠4
R12_Hidden Eyeballs 5 R12_隠しメダマ5 隐藏眼珠5 隱藏眼珠5
R24_M_Komeji's Costume R24_M_米治の衣装 米治的衣服 米治的衣服 Targets from Shoma's Somnium (R24_somnium).
R24_PA_M_Model 1_Inspect R24_PA_M_模型1_調べろ 模型1 调查 模型1 調查
R24_PA_S_Tape_Fix with R24_PA_S_テープ_これで直せ 胶带 用这个修理 膠帶 用這個修理
R24_PA_S_Scissors_Fix with R24_PA_S_はさみ_これで直せ 剪刀 用这个修理 剪刀 用這個修理
R24_PA_S_Glue_Fix with R24_PA_S_のり_これで直せ 浆糊 用这个修理 漿糊 用這個修理
R24_PA_S_Screwdriver_Fix with R24_PA_S_ドライバー_これで直せ 螺丝起子 用这个修理 螺絲起子 用這個修理
R24_PA_S_Picopico Hammer_Fix with R24_PA_S_ピコピコハンマー_これで直せ 玩具槌 用这个修理 玩具槌 用這個修理
R24_M_Television R24_M_テレビ 电视 電視
R24_PA_M_Model_Inspect R24_PA_M_模型2_調べろ 模型2 调查 模型2 調查
R24_S_Suitcase R24_S_スーツケース 行李箱 行李箱
A drawing of Komeji's face...? R24_S_米治の似顔絵 米治的肖像画 米治的肖像畫
R24_PA_M_Notebook_Read R24_PA_M_ノート_読め 笔记 阅读 筆記 閱讀
R24_M_Math_Notebook R24_M_算数のノート 数学笔记 數學筆記
R24_M_Linguistics_Notebook R24_M_国語のノート 国语笔记 國語筆記
R24_M_Science Notebook R24_M_理科のノート 自然笔记 自然筆記
R24_M_Social Studies Notebook R24_M_社会のノート 社会笔记 社會筆記
R24_M_Worn out Notebook R24_M_ぼろぼろのノート 破烂笔记 破爛筆記
R24_M_Dresser R24_M_タンス 柜子 櫃子
R24_M_One-Wheeled Robot R24_M_一輪ロボ 单轮机器人 單輪機器人
R24_M_Refrigerator R24_M_冷蔵庫 冰箱 冰箱
R24_M_Golden Pieces of Paper R24_M_金色の紙片 金色纸片 金色紙片
R24_PA_L__Gold Medal_Pick Up R24_PA_L_金メダル_拾え 金牌 捡起来 金牌 撿起來
R24_L_Toy Robot R24_L_おもちゃのロボ 玩具机器人 玩具機器人
R24_M_Pot R24_M_鍋 汤锅 湯鍋
R24_Hidden Eyeballs 1 R24_隠しメダマ1 隐藏眼珠1 隱藏眼珠1
R24_Hidden Eyeballs 2 R24_隠しメダマ2 隐藏眼珠2 隱藏眼珠2
R24_Hidden Eyeballs 3 R24_隠しメダマ3 隐藏眼珠3 隱藏眼珠3
R24_Hidden Eyeballs 4 R24_隠しメダマ4 隐藏眼珠4 隱藏眼珠4
R24_Hidden Eyeballs 5 R24_隠しメダマ5 隐藏眼珠5 隱藏眼珠5
R11_Robot Arm Control PC R11_ロボットアーム制御PC 控制机械手臂的电脑 控制機械手臂的電腦 Targets from Chikara's Somnium (R11_somnium).
R11_PA_Robot Arm Control PC_Inspect R11_PA_ロボットアーム制御PC_調べろ 控制机械手臂的电脑 调查 控制機械手臂的電腦 調查
R11_PA_Small Room L2 Stone Statue_Activate R11_PA_小部屋L2の石像_起動しろ 小房间L2的石像 启动 小房間L2的石像 啟動
R11_PA_Small Room L2 Pathway_Proceed R11_PA_小部屋L2L1通路_進め 小房间L2L1通道 前进 小房間L2L1通道 前進
R11_PA_Small Room L1 Stone Statue_Activate R11_PA_小部屋L1の石像_起動しろ 小房间L1的石像 启动 小房間L1的石像 啟動
R11_PA_Small Room L1R1 Pathway_Proceed R11_PA_小部屋L1R1通路_進め 小房间L1R1通道 前进 小房間L1R1通道 前進
R11_PA_Small Room R1 Stone Statue_Activate R11_PA_小部屋R1の石像_起動しろ 小房间R1的石像 启动 小房間R1的石像 啟動
R11_PA_Someone's Stone Statue_Activate R11_PA_誰かの石像_起動しろ 某人的石像 启动 某人的石像 啟動
R11_PA_Small Room R2 Stone Statue_Activate R11_PA_小部屋R2の石像_起動しろ 小房间R2的石像 启动 小房間R2的石像 啟動
R11_PA_Stone Statue A_Inspect R11_PA_石像NA_調べろ NA石像 调查 NA石像 調查
R11_PA_Stone Statue Masai Warrior_Inspect R11_PA_石像マサイ族の戦士_調べろ 马赛人战士石像 调查 馬賽人戰士石像 調查
R11_PA_Stone Statue Racer_Inspect R11_PA_石像レーサー_調べろ 赛车手石像 调查 賽車手石像 調查
R11_PA_Stone Statue Fisherman_Inspect R11_PA_石像漁師_調べろ 渔夫石像 调查 漁夫石像 調查
R11_PA_Stone Statue Astronaut__Inspect R11_PA_石像宇宙飛行士_調べろ 太空人石像 调查 太空人石像 調查
R11_PA_Stone Statue Archaeologist_Inspect R11_PA_石像考古学者_調べろ 考古学家石像 调查 考古學家石像 調查
R11_PA_Stone Statue Gambler_Inspect R11_PA_石像ギャンブラー_調べろ 赌徒石像 调查 賭徒石像 調查
R11_PA_Stone Statue Chikara_Inspect R11_PA_石像法螺鳥_調べろ 法螺鸟石像 调查 法螺鳥石像 調查
R11_PA_Stone Statue IX_Inspect R11_PA_石像Ⅸ_調べろ IX石像 调查 IX石像 調查
R11_PA_Stone Statue Debugger_Inspect R11_PA_石像デバッガ_調べろ 除错石像 调查 除錯石像 調查
R11_PA_Stone Statue Shaman_Inspect R11_PA_石像祈祷師_調べろ 其导师石像 调查 其導師石像 調查
R11_PA_Mainroom, Door to L1_Move R11_PA_L1への扉メインルーム_移動しろ 通往L1的门主房间 移动 通往L1的門主房間 移動
R11_PA_Mainroom, Door to L2_Move R11_PA_L2への扉メインルーム_移動しろ 通往L2的门主房间 移动 通往L2的門主房間 移動
R11_PA_Mainroom, Door to L3_Move R11_PA_L3への扉メインルーム_移動しろ 通往L3的门主房间 移动 通往L3的門主房間 移動
R11_PA_Mainroom, Door to R1_Move R11_PA_R1への扉メインルーム_移動しろ 通往R1的门主房间 移动 通往R1的門主房間 移動
R11_PA_Mainroom, Door to R2_Move R11_PA_R2への扉メインルーム_移動しろ 通往R2的门主房间 移动 通往R2的門主房間 移動
R11_PA_Mainroom, Door to R3_Move R11_PA_R3への扉メインルーム_移動しろ 通往R3的门主房间 移动 通往R3的門主房間 移動
R11_PA_Small Room L1, Door to Mainroom_Move R11_PA_メインルームへの扉小部屋L1_移動しろ 通往主房间的门的小房间L1 移动 通往主房間的門的小房間L1 移動
R11_PA_Small Room L2, Door to Mainroom_Move R11_PA_メインルームへの扉小部屋L2_移動しろ 通往主房间的门的小房间L2 移动 通往主房間的門的小房間L2 移動
R11_PA_Small Room L3, Door to Mainroom_Move R11_PA_メインルームへの扉小部屋L3_移動しろ 通往主房间的门的小房间L3 移动 通往主房間的門的小房間L3 移動
R11_PA_Small Room R1, Door to Mainroom_Move R11_PA_メインルームへの扉小部屋R1_移動しろ 通往主房间的门的小房间R1 移动 通往主房間的門的小房間R1 移動
R11_PA_Small Room R2, Door to Mainroom_Move R11_PA_メインルームへの扉小部屋R2_移動しろ 通往主房间的门的小房间R2 移动 通往主房間的門的小房間R2 移動
R11_PA_Small Room R3, Door to Mainroom_Move R11_PA_メインルームへの扉小部屋R3_移動しろ 通往主房间的门的小房间R3 移动 通往主房間的門的小房間R3 移動
R11_PA_Pathway to L3R3_Move R11_PA_L3R3への通路_移動しろ 通往L3R3的通道 移动 通往L3R3的通道 移動
R11_PA_Monitor_Look at Monitor R11_PA_モニター_モニターを見ろ 屏幕 看屏幕 螢幕 看螢幕
R11_Hidden Eyeballs 1 R11_隠しメダマ1 隐藏眼珠1 隱藏眼珠1
R11_Hidden Eyeballs 2 R11_隠しメダマ2 隐藏眼珠2 隱藏眼珠2
R11_Hidden Eyeballs 3 R11_隠しメダマ3 隐藏眼珠3 隱藏眼珠3
R11_Hidden Eyeballs 4 R11_隠しメダマ4 隐藏眼珠4 隱藏眼珠4
R11_Hidden Eyeballs 5 R11_隠しメダマ5 隐藏眼珠5 隱藏眼珠5
R15_Kusemon Point_Kagami R15_クセモンポイント_カガミ 怪咖梦点 镜 怪咖夢點 鏡 Targets from Iris's Somnium (R15_somnium).
R15_Kusemon Point_Mama R15_クセモンポイント_ママ 怪咖梦点 妈妈桑 怪咖夢點 媽媽桑
R15_Kusemon Point_Pewta R15_クセモンポイント_ピュータ 怪咖梦点 飘太 怪咖夢點 飄太
R15_Kusemon Point_Ota R15_クセモンポイント_応太 怪咖梦点 应太 怪咖夢點 應太
R15_Kusemon Point_Moma R15_クセモンポイント_猛馬 怪咖梦点 猛马 怪咖夢點 猛馬
R15_Kusemon Point_Boss R15_クセモンポイント_ボス 怪咖梦点 Boss 怪咖夢點 Boss
R15_Kusemon Point_Date R15_クセモンポイント_伊達 怪咖梦点 伊达 怪咖夢點 伊達
R15_Kusemon Point_Aiba R15_クセモンポイント_アイボゥ 怪咖梦点 瞳绊 怪咖夢點 瞳絆
R15_Kusemon Point_Mizuki R15_クセモンポイント_みずき 怪咖梦点 瑞希 怪咖夢點 瑞希
R15_Kusemon Point_F R15_クセモンポイント_F 怪咖梦点 F 怪咖夢點 F
R15_PA_Topiary_Egg_Black and White Bear)_Pick Up R15_PA_トピアリー_卵_白黒のクマ_拾え 绿雕艺术 蛋 黑白熊熊 捡起来 綠雕藝術 蛋 黑白的熊 撿起來
R15_PA_Topiary_Egg_Wanderer_Pick Up R15_PA_トピアリー_卵_風来人_拾え 绿雕艺术 蛋 风来人 捡起来 綠雕藝術 蛋 風來人 撿起來
R15_PA_1st Sliding Door R15_PA_1つめのふすま 第一道纸门 第一道紙門
R15_PA_2nd Sliding Door R15_PA_2つめのふすま 第二道纸门 第二道紙門
R15_PA_3rd Sliding Door R15_PA_3つめのふすま 第三道纸门 第三道紙門
R15_PA_4th Sliding Door R15_PA_4つめのふすま 第四道纸门 第四道紙門
R15_1st Assassin R15_第1の刺客 第一杀手 第一殺手
R15_Mansion Leader R15_屋敷リーダー 宅主 宅主
R15_True Mansion Leader R15_真の屋敷リーダー 真正的宅主 真正的宅主
R15_PA_West Barricade R15_PA_西のバリケード 西方路障 西方路障
R15_PA_East Barricade R15_PA_東のバリケード 东方路障 東方路障
R15_PA_West Sliding Door R15_PA_西のふすま 西方纸门 西方紙門
R15_PA_North Sliding Door R15_PA_北のふすま 北方纸门 北方紙門
R15_PA_Wrong Topiary 0 R15_PA_はずれのトピアリー0 错误的绿雕艺术0 錯誤的綠雕藝術0
R15_PA_Wrong Topiary 1 R15_PA_はずれのトピアリー1 错误的绿雕艺术1 錯誤的綠雕藝術1
R15_PA_Wrong Topiary 2 R15_PA_はずれのトピアリー2 错误的绿雕艺术2 錯誤的綠雕藝術2
R15_PA_Wrong Topiary 3 R15_PA_はずれのトピアリー3 错误的绿雕艺术3 錯誤的綠雕藝術3
R15_PA_Wrong Topiary 4 R15_PA_はずれのトピアリー4 错误的绿雕艺术4 錯誤的綠雕藝術4
R15_PA_Wrong Topiary 5 R15_PA_はずれのトピアリー5 错误的绿雕艺术5 錯誤的綠雕藝術5
R15_PA_Wrong Topiary 6 R15_PA_はずれのトピアリー6 错误的绿雕艺术6 錯誤的綠雕藝術6
R15_PA_Wrong Topiary 7 R15_PA_はずれのトピアリー7 错误的绿雕艺术7 錯誤的綠雕藝術7
R15_PA_Wrong Topiary 8 R15_PA_はずれのトピアリー8 错误的绿雕艺术8 錯誤的綠雕藝術8
R15_PA_Wrong Topiary 9 R15_PA_はずれのトピアリー9 错误的绿雕艺术9 錯誤的綠雕藝術9
R15_PA_Wrong Topiary 10 R15_PA_はずれのトピアリー10 错误的绿雕艺术10 錯誤的綠雕藝術10
R15_PA_Wrong Topiary 11 R15_PA_はずれのトピアリー11 错误的绿雕艺术11 錯誤的綠雕藝術11
R15_PA_Wrong Topiary 12 R15_PA_はずれのトピアリー12 错误的绿雕艺术12 錯誤的綠雕藝術12
R15_PA_Sliding door that won't open 1 R15_PA_開かないふすま1 打不开的纸门1 打不開的紙門1
R15_PA_Sliding door that won't open 2 R15_PA_開かないふすま2 打不开的纸门2 打不開的紙門2
R11_Hidden Eyeballs 1 R15_隠しメダマ1 隐藏眼珠1 隱藏眼珠1
R11_Hidden Eyeballs 2 R15_隠しメダマ2 隐藏眼珠2 隱藏眼珠2
R11_Hidden Eyeballs 3 R15_隠しメダマ3 隐藏眼珠3 隱藏眼珠3
R11_Hidden Eyeballs 4 R15_隠しメダマ4 隐藏眼珠4 隱藏眼珠4
R11_Hidden Eyeballs 5 R15_隠しメダマ5 隐藏眼珠5 隱藏眼珠5
R13_Small Stage R13_小ステージ 小舞台 小舞台 Targets from Komeji's Somnium (R13_somnium).
R13_Bench in front of Vending machine corner R13_自販機コーナー前ベンチ 自动贩卖机区前的长凳 自動販賣機區前的長凳
R13_Balloons Shops R13_風船売り場 卖气球的摊贩 賣氣球的攤販
R13_Shooting Game R13_射撃ゲーム 射击游戏 射擊遊戲
R13_Spinning Airplane R13_回転する飛行機 旋转的飞机 旋轉的飛機
R13_Suitcase R13_スーツケース 行李箱 行李箱
R13_Mini Train R13_ミニミニ列車 迷你小火车 迷你小火車
R13_Sky Cycle R13_スカイサイクル 空中自行车 空中腳踏車
R13_Ferris Wheel R13_観覧車 摩天轮 摩天輪
R13_PA_Small Stage_Inspect R13_PA_小ステージ_調べろ 小舞台 调查 小舞台 調查
R13_PA_Bench in front of Vending machine corner R13_PA_自販機コーナー前ベンチ_調べろ 自动贩卖机区前的长凳 调查 自動販賣機區前的長凳 調查
R13_PA_Balloons Shop_Inspect R13_PA_風船売り場_調べろ 卖气球的摊贩 调查 賣氣球的攤販 調查
R13_PA_Front of Gate_Talk R13_PA_ゲート前_声をかけて 大门前 出声叫他 大門前 出聲叫他
R13_PA_Front of Gate_Inspect R13_PA_ゲート前_調べろ 大门前 调查 大門前 調查
R13_PA_Shooting Game_Inspect R13_PA_射撃ゲーム_調べろ 射击游戏 调查 射擊遊戲 調查
R13_PA_Spinning Airplane_Inspect R13_PA_回転する飛行機_調べろ 旋转的飞机 调查 旋轉的飛機 調查
R13_PA_Mini Train_Inspect R13_PA_ミニミニ列車_調べろ 迷你小火车 调查 迷你小火車 調查
R13_PA_Sky Cycle_Inspect R13_PA_スカイサイクル_調べろ 空中自行车 调查 空中腳踏車 調查
R13_PA_Ferris Wheel_Inspect R13_PA_観覧車_調べろ 摩天轮 调查 摩天輪 調查
R13_Hidden Eyeballs 1 R13_隠しメダマ1 隐藏眼珠1 隱藏眼珠1
R13_Hidden Eyeballs 2 R13_隠しメダマ2 隐藏眼珠2 隱藏眼珠2
R13_Hidden Eyeballs 3 R13_隠しメダマ3 隐藏眼珠3 隱藏眼珠3
R13_Hidden Eyeballs 4 R13_隠しメダマ4 隐藏眼珠4 隱藏眼珠4
R13_Hidden Eyeballs 5 R13_隠しメダマ5 隐藏眼珠5 隱藏眼珠5
M12_PA_Gen's Cooking Note_Read M12_PA_厳の料理ノート_読め 严的料理笔记 阅读 嚴的料理筆記 閱讀 Targets from Gen's Somnium (M12_somnium).
M12_PA_Gen's Cooking Note M12_PA_厳の料理ノート 严的料理笔记 嚴的料理筆記
M12_Door M12_出入口 出入口 出入口
M2_Table Seat M12_テーブル席 桌位 桌位
M12_Freezer M12_冷凍庫 冷冻柜 冷凍庫
M12_Ganesha's Art M12_ガネーシャの絵 象头神的画像 象頭神的畫像
M12_Hidden Eyeballs 1 M12_隠しメダマ1 隐藏眼珠1 隱藏眼珠1
M12_Gen's Cooking Salad M12_厳の料理サラダ 严的料理(沙拉) 嚴的料理(沙拉)
M12_Gen's Cooking Main Dish M12_厳の料理メインディッシュ 严的料理(主菜) 嚴的料理(主菜)
M12_Gen's Cooking Desert M12_厳の料理デザート 严的料理(甜点) 嚴的料理(甜點)
M15_Amame M12_亜麻芽 亚麻芽 亞麻芽
M12_Gen M12_厳
M12_Hidden Eyeballs 2 M12_隠しメダマ2 隐藏眼珠2 隱藏眼珠2

Unused and Unseen Graphics

Unused AI Sight Images

A "ViewQube" page showing the QR Video, meant for when it's first played during Converge Chapter 0 at Dvaita (a050_Ry). According to the developer comments for that scene, the AI Sight popup would've first shown this page and then transitioned to opening the video from it, but in the final game it's instead coded to just play the video immediately, so this image is never called.

AINI a050 Ry 05 en.png AINI a050 Ry 05.png AINI a050 Ry 05 zh CN.png AINI a050 Ry 05 zh TW.png

An X-ray closeup of Tearer holding a gun, as seen during the Dvaita VR segment in Ryuki Chapter 4 R1 (b420_x20). In the final game, this AI Sight uses a live camera view of the actual model rather than a still image like this.

AINI b420 x20 R1 00.png

Chikara's right half at Sekiba High. The filename indicates that this particular image would've been referenced when investigating the appearance of his left half during Mizuki Chapter 2 (c210_Mz), but that scene instead re-uses the AI Sight image from when the right half is initially discovered on Ryuki's side (a210_x20), which was taken from a slightly different camera angle than the unused version.

Unused Used
AINI c210 Mz 00.png AINI a210 x20 00.png

Gen and Amame talking in a Wink Psync, as referenced in Mizuki Chapter 5 M2 (d520_M2). This is another case of a still image that was replaced with a camera view in the final game, but this time the image is actually referenced in the code... well, in a commented-out line that designates it as "temporary", that is.

AINI d520 M2 00.png

Two placeholder images corresponding to the AI Sight video played when the true timeline order is revealed during Mizuki Chapter 5 M1 (c505_M1), showing the transition from the standard flowchart to the "true" one.

AINI c505 M1 00.pngAINI c505 M1 01.png

The text on each image reads as follows:

【フロー嘘 (本編内解説用) Sheet】

【Fake flowchart (for explanation purpose in main story) Sheet】
※Screenshot of finished flowchart

【フロー本当 (本編内解説用) Sheet】 】

【Real flowchart (for explanation purpose in main story) Sheet】 】
※Screenshot of finished flowchart

A simple box of static, duplicated in the files to fill a total of five placeholder spots. Commented-out lines in the source code reveal these placeholders to be for each step of the animated AI Sight sequence where "Ground Zero" is pinpointed as the Stadium, during Mizuki Chapter 5 M1 (c570_M1).

AINI c570 M1 04.png

A map of Tokyo with the location of the Stadium highlighted, meant for the scene in the Epilogue where Shoma explains the solution to the Nirvana X video (c915_Mz). In the final game, the special animation from the previous reveal of it as "Ground Zero" (c570_M1, as above) is re-used for this instead.

AINI c915 Mz 03.png

Unused 2D Backgrounds

For some reason, despite the developers taking the time to make a new background image for Marble in this game, all scenes where it would be used just re-use the old Marble background from the first game instead. In addition to the change in lighting and camera angle, the unused new version properly shows the extra signage (advertising Mama's new role as a fortune-teller) that's present on the equivalent 3D model for this view, which can be seen during scenes set in Golden Yokocho.

Unused Used
AINI bg2d 28 00.png AINI bg2d 20 00.png

These three unused backgrounds, on the other hand, are merely time- and weather-based variants on used ones: day and night versions of Golden Yokocho in snowy weather as well as the outside of Horadori Institute at sunset. Note that while the Prologue does feature a scene where Golden Yokocho is visited on a snowy night, it doesn't include the kind of scene-transition screen that these backgrounds are used for.

AINI bg2d 27 05.png
AINI bg2d 27 06.png
AINI bg2d 32 01.png

Placeholder Flowchart Icon

A simple placeholder for a flowchart chapter icon, placed sequentially right after those of the 48 used chapters. The Japanese text (仮画像) means "temporary image".

Standard Greyscale Inverted
AINI flowchart 049.png AINI flowchart 049g.png AINI flowchart 049n.png

Unused Eyeballies

These unused Eyeballie icons appear to be meant as Adult versions of Aiba (who only appears as an Eyeballie in Infant form in the final game) and Tama (who isn't represented in the Eyeballie mode at all), judging by their designs and size. Unlike the used Eyeballies, they have no additional animation frames.

AINI dot aibo01 78.png AINI dot aibo01 79.png

Partially Unseen Textures

Due to the camera angles used in the scenes featuring Lien's and Kizuna's time capsule letters, the text written on the letters' models is only ever partially visible, and is seen from too far away to be legible. However, extracting the textures used reveals that this text does in fact correspond to the full contents of the letters as read in dialogue, including language variants.

AINI md ii007 01 en.png AINI md ii007 01.png AINI md ii007 01 cn.png AINI md ii007 01 tw.png
AINI md iib008 letter en.png AINI md iib008 letter.png AINI md iib008 letter cn.png AINI md iib008 letter tw.png

Unused Video

When the true timeline order is revealed during Mizuki Chapter 5 M1 (c505_M1), an AI Sight video is used to show off the update to the flowchart, but an unused variant of this where the flowchart reverts back to its original configuration also exists in the game files. Like the used one, several versions of it exist to account for each language setting.


Unused Music

In addition to any music from AI: The Somnium Files that wasn't re-used in this game, there are several new music tracks that go unused, mostly because they're copies of other tracks.

Audio Filename Used version Notes
BGM_IRIS_SONG_VSHORT_AIBA BGM_IRIS_SONG_VSHORT_AIBA_JP A copy of Aiba singing "Invincible Rainbow Arrow" from the start of New Investigation. The purpose of this version without a language tag is unknown.
BGM_IRIS_SONG_VSHORT_INST BGM_IRIS_SONG_VSHORT_AIBA_JP/US The abridged instrumental for "Invincible Rainbow Arrow" from the start of New Investigation. The final game only uses the vocal versions, but the instrumental may be present for archival reasons.
BGM_STAFFROLL BGM_2_STAFFROLL By the filename, this should be a copy of "Adventurous Inventors" from the original game, like all the other leftovers. Instead, it's an unfinished version of the new credits theme, "Morph to Soul".
BGM_2_AIOEN_NIGHT BGM_2_YOYAGI_PARK This track is a copy of "Limpid Blue", the theme for Yoyagi Park. In the final game, Aioen Orphanage has no particular theme at night-time, with more event-specific themes playing for scenes there.
BGM_2_AMUSE_PARK BGM_2_AMUSE_PARK_SPEAKER In the final game, "High Rooftop Sweets" is diegetic carnival music and has a filter for playing over the speakers. However, the unfiltered version is present in the files, presumably for archival reasons.
BGM_2_AMUSE_PARK_NIGHT_SPEAKER BGM_2_AMUSE_PARK_NIGHT The filename implies this should be a filtered version of "Night Rooftop Sleep". Instead, however, it's a copy of "PSYNCIN' IN THE PaiN" from the first game. Unlike the above, "Night Rooftop Sleep" is not diegetic and plays in the relevant scene without a filter.

Unused Sounds

Audio Filename Notes
ENV_2_NAIX_CEO In the final game, all scenes at the Naix office use ENV_2_NAIX_CEO_WATER (featuring the sound of the large waterfall in the room) for their environment noise instead.
ENV_2_SOM_R14_HORROR_03 ENV_2_SOM_R14_HORROR_01 and _02 are both used in Amame's first Somnium (Nearly Interesting/R14), but these two "horror" themes aren't.
ENV_2_YOYAGI_PARK In the final game, scenes at Yoyagi Park use either ENV_2_YOYAGI_PARK_DAY or ENV_2_YOYAGI_PARK_NIGHT, both of which are distinct from this unused version.
SE_2_DOOR_NAIX_CEO_OPEN This particular door is heard closing once (shortly after Tokiko's body is discovered, when Mamoru leaves the room) in the final game, but never opening.
SE_2_PSYNC_DEVICE_SET_OUT The (used) sound effect for the Psync machine's chairs lifting before a Psync is named SE_2_PSYNC_DEVICE_SET_IN, so this sound might have been meant for the chairs returning to their resting position.
SE_2_SOM_M0_EVOLVER_SHOT_UP_LAST An alternate version of the used sound effect SE_2_SOM_M0_EVOLVER_SHOT_UP_1 with the slight pause at the beginning of it removed.
SE_2_SOM_M13_GATE_STOP A shorter alternate version of the used sound effect SE_2_SOM_M13_GATE_OPEN_LP.
SE_2_SOM_M13_MANRIKI_ROLL A longer alternate version of the used sound effect SE_2_SOM_M13_MANRIKI_ROLL_LP (despite their names implying the opposite).
SE_999_A01B_COUNT_DELAY Some sound effects ported from 999, presumably meant for the bonus Somnium based on it (3rd Class Cabin/Bonus999).

There are also some unused sounds that are exact duplicates of used ones:

Unused Used

Additionally, the files for Shoma's Somnium have quite a few empty placeholder sounds: SE_2_SOM_R24_ROBO_ARM_MOVE, SE_2_SOM_R24_ROBO_MOVE, SE_2_SOM_R24_ROBO_SMILE_SOUND, SE_2_SOM_R24_SHOMA_HAND_SWING, SE_2_SOM_R24_SHOMA_HOUSE_FALL, and SE_2_SOM_R24_SHOMA_HOUSE_SLAP.