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Advance Wars: Dual Strike

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Title Screen

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Also known as: Famicom Wars DS (JP)
Developer: Intelligent Systems
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: June 23, 2005
Released in US: August 22, 2005
Released in EU: September 30, 2005

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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Advance Wars: Dual Strike concluded the storyline from the Game Boy Advance games...by focusing largely on its new characters. The Japanese version's dissimilar name doesn't make even that connection readily apparent.

Unused Content

Survival Maps

AWDS Survival Maps.png

There are three Survival Modes (Money, Turn, and Time) that each consist of 11 maps. There is actually map header data that indicates there would have been 12 maps for each mode.

This is what the map header data contains:

  • Placeholder names are used.
  • They all use the Bean Island map.
  • The opponents would have been:
    • Survival 34 = Sensei
    • Survival 35 = Nell
    • Survival 36 = Hachi
  • The mode they would have appeared in:
    • Survival 34 = Time
    • Survival 35 = Turn
    • Survival 36 = Money


Test Islands

Text for "Test Island 4" through "Test Island 8" remains, starting at 1CC7D4 (US version).

Sturm's Profile

Unidentified COs with
the Black Hole Army.

Hit: ?

Text that may have been used for Sturm's profile (who isn't playable in this game) starting at 4E44C (US version) in the overlay_0000.bin file.

War Room Win Quotes

"All right! And I'll win
 next time, too!"

"Mission accomplished!
 Awaiting orders!"

"Wahoo! Piece o' cake!"

"Nicely fought!
 We will meet again."

"Done already?
 Better luck next time!"

"Olaf's troops have
 no equal!

"Ain't that a shame? But
 you weren't half bad!"

"Whew... I won! 
 I really won!"

"Kanbei is victorious!
 I would fight you again..."

"That settles that!
 It takes brains to win!"

"Hm hm hmmm... I've
 still got what it takes!"

"Another victory! Was
 there ever any doubt?"

"I won! I'm invincible"
 at sea!"

"Never give up...
 That's my motto!"


"Tee hee hee...
 Broken already?"

"Heh heh heh...
 What did you expect?"

"You're not weak...
 I'm simply too powerful."

Von Bolt:
"I am...hhh...Von Bolt! Hear my
 name and...hhh...tremble!"

In Advance Wars 2, each CO had a unique win quote (two lines) when you won a War Room map. A different set of Win Quotes (one line) are used in all modes. The text has still been left in the overlay_0000.bin file. Jugger's, Koal's, and Von Bolt's quotes however are new, since they were planned to replace Flak, Adder, and Sturm (Flak and Adder were later added during development).

Unit Highlight Code

Eagle's CO Power from Advance Wars 2 increased the firepower and defense for all his Air Units. During the power animation, only his Air Units will be highlighted.

While there is code to only highlight Air Units when a Power/Super Power is activated, this code goes unused as Eagle's COP was changed to allow all his Non-Infantry Units to move again, but have reduced firepower. So the code to only highlight Non-Infantry was used instead.

.org 0xE24F0 ; Highlight - Air Units


	LDRB 	R1, [R0, 1]
	ANDS 	R1, R1, 8
	MOVNE 	R0, 0
	LDRB 	R2, [R0, 0]
	MOV 	R0, 0x6C
	LDR 	R1, [Air_Units_Sub]
	MUL 	R0, R2, R0
	LDRB 	R0, [R1, R0]
	ADD	R0, R0, 0xFD
	AND	R0, R0, 0xFF
	CMP 	R0, 1			; Is unit an Air Unit?

	MOVLS 	R0, #1			; If yes, highlight unit
	MOVHI 	R0, #0		        ; If no, don't highlight unit


	.dw 0x022F4FD4	

Rank Skills


Advance Wars DS Unused Skills.png

In addition to the standard 43 Rank Skills that can be equipped to the COs, the game has data assigned to support an additional 35 Rank Skills. These Rank Skills can be equipped (through the use of memory editing) and function normally in the menus. Each one is allocated a flag in RAM, two text table string pointers, a name string, and a description string. Each Rank Skill also has an entry in the SKILLS RANK equip table that assigns the Text IDs and Rank Unlocked of every skill. Each one also has a generic numbered icon. None of the unused skills have any in-game effect since there are no subroutines that check if these Rank Skills are equipped.

The icons are contained as part of the uncompressed graphical data in the "res/res_skill" file

The text is located in "Overlay9_0000.bin".

Every unused Skill has a name string and a description string of "Blank" in the US English version.

Custom Skills

AWDS Custom Rank 1.png AWDS Custom Rank 2.png

By modifying the game, it's possible to add your own Rank Skills. The images above show a new Rank Skill called "Bill Gates", which reduces the unit production cost by -50%.



Record AWDS Icon.gif

An unused RECORD button is stored in the "res_tpicon_lang_E" file. While the icon is loaded into memory, it is never used in the game (and was not changed in the USA version to match the DS Buttons). Based on the fact there is a pen in the icon, this was most likely used to record (verb) something by pressing the R button, and could have been displayed on the Main Menu.


AWDS Y Button.gifAWDS X Button.gif

These unused Y and X buttons are stored in the "res_tpicon3_lang_E" file. While these icons are loaded into memory, they are never used in the game (and was not changed in the USA version to match the DS Buttons). These were not used as there are a different set of Y and X buttons that are used to change the PAGE when selecting a map to play.

Terrain: Lake

AWDS Lake.gif

Located in the list of Unit and Terrain names is an untranslated Terrain name (a copy and paste from Advance Wars and Advance Wars 2). The name of the terrain is , which translates to Lake.

The Lake terrain was originally used in Super Famicom Wars, where only air units could fly over.

Regional Differences

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The Japanese and international versions have several differences.

Japan USA
Famicom Wars DS title.png Advance Wars Dual Strike title.png

Aside from the logo and copyright symbol, "TOUCH START!" became "Touch to Start".

Japan USA
Famicom Wars DS intro.png Advance Wars Dual Strike intro.png

Various English was rewritten to flow better, notably during the intro sequence. "Farthest bounds of the ocean" became "A world under siege".

Japan USA
Famicom Wars DS menu.png Advance Wars Dual Strike menu.png

More wording changes. The menu button icons also now resemble the DS' controller buttons.

Japan USA
Famicom Wars DS bonus map.png Advance Wars Dual Strike bonus map.png

The bonus map, accessible by holding L + R while entering the map editor, is very different.



Olaf, Grit, and Sonja retain the same international design changes from Advance Wars 2.

Japan USA/Europe
AWDS Olaf JP.png AWDS Olaf US.png

The color of Olaf's beard was changed from white to brown (colors 1 & 3 were swapped around).

Japan USA/Europe
AWDS Grit JP.png AWDS Grit US.png

Grit's hat was changed from a trimmed cowboy hat to a Russian-styled military cap.

Japan USA/Europe
AWDS Sonja JP.png AWDS Sonja US.png

Sonja's glasses were removed (although she still wears them in her alternative uniform). Her uniform was also changed from red to green (colors 1 & 4 were swapped around).


USA Europe
AWDS Kindle US.png AWDS Candy EU.png

Kindle's name was changed to Candy in the European version.

USA Europe
AWDS Koal US.png AWDS Zak EU.png

Koal's name was changed to Zak in the European version.


USA Europe
AWDS Adder US Fix.png AWDS Adder EU.png

In Advance Wars 2, the European version changed the name of Adder's Super Power from "Sidewinder" to "Snakebite". It seems the translators were not aware of this change, and "Sidewinder" was not changed in the European version.

Battle Exclamations

Japanese Version English Version
Yes! Great!
Goody! Perfect!
OK!! All right!
Ha ha... Ha ha!
Shoot! Blast!
NO!! Oh, no!
Oh, no! Nooooo!
... ...

During the battle animations, the COs use one of the exclamations as shown above. These were changed to sound more natural in the English translation.

Translation Errors

Congratulations Message

USA Europe
AWDS History US.png AWDS History EU.png

So what do you get when you've collected all 300 Medals? You unlock the ability to use the Girl Power wallpaper in the Display Editor, along with a Congratulations Message with a spelling error and a missing word. The e is missing at the end of You're (which was fixed in the European version), and the letter a is missing between the word choose and new.

Rank Skill: Mistwalker

Japan USA
AWDS Mistwalker Jpn.png AWDS Mistwalker Eng.png
Japanese Script Official English Direct Translation
アスカノオシエ Mistwalker Asuka’s Teachings
Sブレイク中待ち伏せ状態になる Hide units during Super CO During S-Break, enter an ambush state

The English description is incorrect, and the Japanese description is imprecise. The skill Mistwalker actually allows every single counter-attack from their units to act as if their units got the first strike during their Super CO Power.

This skill is also used by Sonja during her Super CO Power. Her Japanese name is Asuka, hence why the Japanese rank title references her name.

For more information on the Mistwalker translation, check out this article: https://lostinlocalization.com/advance-wars-mistwalker/

Rank Skill: Tower Power

Japan USA
AWDS Japan Tower Rank.png AWDS USA Tower Rank.png.png

The English and Japanese descriptions don't make it clear that the skill Tower Power will ONLY give an additional +5% firepower from each Com Tower the CO owns. So if Javier is equipped with this skill, he would NOT gain any additional defense from Com Towers (they would provide +15% firepower and +10% defense).

Rank Skills: APC Guard | APC Boost

Japan USA
AWDS APC Rank JP.png AWDS APC Rank US.png

The English description makes it seem the skills APC Guard and APC Boost only affect APC Units. The skills actual affect all Transport Units (APC, T Copter, Lander, and Black Boat).

Battle Maps

USA Europe
AWDS Koal USA Shop.png AWDS Koal EUR Shop.png

In the English translation from the European version, when you buy Zak from Battle Maps, Hachi will call him Koal. This doesn't occur in the French, German, Spanish, or Italian translations.


Silo Sweep (Survival Map)

AWDS - Silo Sweep - 1.png

The first Money map on Survival has a small issue where Jess' HQ doesn't belong to her. This is because the map data uses the HQ ID for Player 3 instead of Player 2. The reason the HQ is still green is because the map header data is set for Player 2 and Player 3 to be green.

AWDS - Silo Sweep - 2.png

This means that Jess can't heal any of her Neotanks, and if the player was to capture the HQ, they would not win the game since they have captured an Neutral HQ.