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Air Buster (Genesis)

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Title Screen

Air Buster

Also known as: Aero Blasters (JP)
Developer: Inter State Software
Publisher: Kaneko
Platform: Genesis
Released in JP: January 31, 1991[1]
Released in US: February 1991[2]

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

A port of Kaneko's arcade shoot-em-up.

Unused Checksum

Located at $000318-000343 is code to run a checksum and compare the result to the value stored at $00018E, which is seen in many Genesis titles. In this game, it's branched over instead. Even if the block of code were to execute, the branch that determines the checksum status was replaced with two 4E 71 NOP commands.

Unused Configuration Mode Branch

The Configuration Mode has seven available selections, but the jump table that executes the code for each includes an 8th branch command that goes unused. It's located at $001434 in Aero Blasters and $001414 in Air Buster. It branches to the same address as the previous entry, which is the programming to exit Configuration Mode.

Regional Differences

Japan US
AeroBlastersMD-JPtitle.png Air Buster Genesis-title.png

The US title screen's logo is different from the Japanese version's, being pretty much the same as the one in the arcade game: it's smaller, it merges the title into one row, the planes in the top-right being in opposite directions, missing the smaller Aero Blasters entirely, and having a different Trouble Specialty font among several other small differences.