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Alien Rampage

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Title Screen

Alien Rampage

Also known as: Ravager
Developer: Inner Circle Creations
Publisher: Softdisk
Platform: DOS
Released in US: October 11, 1996 (shareware) December 30, 1996 (full version)

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

Alien Rampage is a side scroller platformer where you're one green alien that shoots the shit out of everything in an alien world.

Cheats Menu

Alien Rampage-CheatMenu.png

Entering RAM during gameplay will display this cheat menu, which allows the player to go to different levels, heal, and get infinite ammo.

Debug Text

While all the debugging text remains within the executable, there appears to be no functioning code left to display any of it, which includes...

ReadDemoFile ()
obj_Deactivate - Out of generator to restore room
motion %d dir %d spec %lx plyr %lx list %d frame %d
l %d r %d t %d ml %d mr %d mt %d mb %d hit %d
jmp %d dev %p plf %p xdelta %d ydelta %d xPush %d yPush %d flags %ld
load_AllStructures - allocate failed for type %d seek table
load_Brain - could not allocate brain buffer
icon %d  x %d y %d  style %d
THINK DEBUG reg %ld reg %ld
Memory Manager - largest mem block %ld < freesize %ld
Memory Manager - mgr size %ld > (largest %ld - freeSize %ld)
map_LoadMap - MAP NOT IN CASE
map_SetupMap - CAN'T FIND PLAYER