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Alundra 2

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Title Screen

Alundra 2: A New Legend Begins

Also known as: Alundra 2: Ma Shinka no Nazo (JP)
Developers: Matrix Software, Contrail
Publishers: Sony Computer Entertainment (JP), Activision (US, EU)
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: November 18, 1999
Released in US: February 29, 2000
Released in EU: June 30, 2000

MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Alundra 2 is a 3D adventure game for the PlayStation by the creators of LandStalker. It is a sequel to Alundra, but in name only as the two games' stories and characters are completely unrelated.

To do:

Debug Menu

Use the following code to enable the debug mode, after that press Start on controller #2 to display the debug menu.

JP US Europe
8005D0A4 0000
(Source: Original TCRF research)
VCast Camera Control
Alundra 2 Debug (1).png Alundra 2 Debug (2).png
NPC test.
  • Left, Right: Select digit.
  • △, ×: Increase/Decrease number.
  • : Test start.
Move camera.
  • : Display the coordinate.
  • L1 + D-pad: Move camera.
  • L2 + D-pad: Rotate camera.


Set camera position.

Back Map

Doesn't work.


Doesn't work.

Snap Shot

Doesn't work.

Touch & Atk OT Save MEM
Alundra 2 Debug (3).png Alundra 2 Debug (4).png Alundra 2 Debug (5).png
Display the collide box.
  • : Toggle the displaying.
Select OT parameter. Display the memory card save screen.
Load MEM CombLvl Audio
Alundra 2 Debug (6).png Alundra 2 Debug (7).png Alundra 2 Debug (8).png
Display the memory card load screen. Unknown. Display the SFX driver values.
DebugJmp Map Change Flg
Alundra 2 Debug (9).png Alundra 2 Debug (11).png Alundra 2 Debug (10).png
Press to toggle to enable the moon jump. Changes the map. Edit game flags.

Unused Music

Left in the sound files in the localized versions of the game is the theme song that was used for the opening movie from the Japanese version (see Regional Differences below). It should also be noted that a version of "Carry On Everyday" that was twice as long as the game version was released as a single in Japan.

Regional Differences

When Activision localized the game for North America and Europe, some changes were made.

General Differences

An easy mode difficulty was added to the localized versions.

Opening Movie

The opening movie in the Japanese version was a real-time rendered intro featuring the game's characters set to a J-Pop song by Saeko Chiba called "Carry On Everyday". The localized versions change the opening movie to an FMV with a narrator that sets up the storyline using some scenes from the game as well as a couple of scenes from the original Japanese opening movie.

Japan US/Europe

The logo was redesigned and the change resulted in the title screen being modified as well.

Alundra 2 JP Title.png Alundra 2-title.png