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Amiga CD32

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Title Screen

Amiga CD32

Developer: Commodore
Publisher: Commodore
Released in CA: 1993
Released in EU: September 17, 1993
Released in AU: 1993
Released in BR: 1993

DevMessageIcon.png This console has a hidden developer message.
CopyrightIcon.png This console has hidden developer credits.

The Amiga CD32 was one of the many casualties of the CD console wars of the early/mid-90s. While it did have some success initially, it was soon overshadowed by other consoles and never gained a large foothold before Commodore shut their doors. It also never had many units sold outside of Europe, hurting the already-dying Commodore.

Developer Message

A ROT-13 encrypted message can be seen at 0x8B6C4 in the CD32's ROM (version 40.60):

BRAIN:  Jeff Porter
Software            Hardware

 James Barkley Jr    Chris Coley

 Dave Brumbaugh      Hedley Davis
 Peter Cherna        Dante Fabrizio
 Chris Green         Ed Gunther
 Darren Greenwald    Bill Richard
 Allan Havemose      George Robbins
 Jerry Horanoff
 Randell Jesup      Chips
 David N. Junod      Bob Raible
 Spencer Shanson     Bill Thomas

 Michael Sinz
 Martin Taillefer   Mechanical Design
                     Jim Hooper
Artwork:             Herb Mosteller
 Jerry Hartzler      Chuck Wooters

 Jim Sachs

      ... And Many More ...
 !... Hi Lori ...!

!... Hi Justin ...!
Hi Mum. Did the bells fall off?
Theresa, remember March 5th, 1993, the

day we got Engaged?  I promise to love

you forever! - Your Michael (Michi)
Dearest Cathy,

The day we met was the begining of

the happiest time of my life. It is
with love and humility that I thank
you for being you.

Good Luck, Dave and Kathy 05/08/93

Adam, Adam, Adam... You're the Best!!!

     You call yourself a KING ???
To Lise:

  Always remember our lucky 13th!
    Love, Peter

      Hugs & Kisses
        from your Dad!

Thus spoke the Master Ninjei: "If your

application does not run correctly, do

not blame the operating system!"

This space for sale
(Source: Darkstar)