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Animal Breeder 3

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Title Screen

Animal Breeder 3

Developer: J-Wing[1]
Publisher: J-Wing[1]
Platforms: Game Boy, Super Game Boy
Released in JP: June 24, 1999[1]

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Another generic monster raising game, also yet another lazy Super Game Boy game.

Super Game Boy

Unused Palettes

Game Genie codes EAA-71E-6EE + ??B-B8E-08B + ??B-B9E-91E will load unused palettes. All other unused palette entrees are duplicate PAL_23 versions of the default palette.

Unused Palette 1 Unused Palette 2 Unused Palette 3 Unused Palette 4
Animal Breeder Unused SGB Palette Title B7 70.png Animal Breeder Unused SGB Palette Title D7 70.png Animal Breeder 3 Unused SGB Palette Title F7 70.png Animal Breeder Unused SGB Palette Title 17 71.png
ID: B7 70 ID: D7 70 ID: F7 70 ID: 17 71

Unused Palette 5

Just a beige screen likely used to test the palette system.


ID: B8 70, C8 70

Unused Palette 6

Just a black screen likely used to test the palette system.


ID: D8 70, E8 70

Error Handler

Animal Breeder 3 SGB Undefined Error.png

Game Genie code 201-92F-F76 will start the game in a basic crash screen.

Development-Related Text


sp buf full
undefined cgen group No.(BW)
undefined cgen group No.(CL)
undefined cgen No.
undefined chain group No.(BW)
undefined chain group No.(CL)
undefined chain No.
CHAIN:double termination in chain data
obj buffer over
TAG_TABLE:undefined tag table
palette not empty
palette under free


CD_STAT_INT:undefined lcd status interrupt


trance queue full
QUEUE_AFTER:trance count over
sp font alloc by trance
bg font alloc by trance
last fit malloc
best fit malloc
first fit malloc
FREE:not found alloc ptr
WDIV:division by ZERO
BDIV:division by ZERO
proc_stack over(other)
proc_stack over
proc_stack under
Undefined proc No.
MSG INDEX OVER:bc=max no.
unuse msg global var
unuse msg local var
over local var No.
MSG not fond unuse buffer
MSG_DIV:division by ZERO
MSG no open window
SET_ARRAY:over (de=last_no bc=req_no)
GET_ARRAY:over (de=last_no bc=req_no)


not empty:window buffer
window text area char alloc
window frame char alloc
lost unget char(de=unget char)
map No. over(BW)
map No. over(CL)
map object buffer full
calc sum:bc=0,de=1,hl=2,pc=3