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Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia

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Title Screen

Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia

Also known as: Ar Tonelico: Sekai no Owari de Utai Tsuzukeru Shoujo (JP)
Developer: Gust
Publishers: Banpresto (JP), NIS America (US), 505 Games (EU)
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: January 26, 2006
Released in US: February 6, 2007
Released in EU: May 22, 2007

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Ar Tonelico: Melody of Elemia is a JRPG where the protagonist is sent on an epic quest to look for antivirus software.


Ar Tonelico Elemia PS2-US Title.png
Unused Images
Atelier Iris Invasion!


This FMV, EV000_1.SFD, depicts Aurica and Misha looking up at the sky. Aurica is at Karulu Village, while Misha is at Firefly Alley.

Aurica says 「空が」 and Misha says 「騒いでる」. Together, these fragments make 「空が騒いでる」, which roughly translates to "the sky is making noise." Considering the girls' locations, and the name of the FMV, this may have been shown right before Lyner crashes into the Viola Forest. Aurica and Misha would then be commenting on how loud the crashing airship is.



Stored with the game's other music is this stream, named title.adx. In the game's ELF, it was titled as "世界" (literally World). While a version of this track is present on the Red Hymmnos Concert CD under the name "LORE", this version is never used by the game. Its name suggests that it was intended to be the background music for the title screen. In the final game, the title screen is silent.


This stream is also stored with the others, and is called ji_hatsumei.adx. "Hatsumei" translates to "invention," suggesting that this might have been used when either creating new items via Grathmelding or helping a Reyvateil craft a new Song. Considering the silly nature of the jingle, the latter is more likely.

The Forest of Meeting (From Atelier Iris Eternal Mana)

The song is stored separately from the streamed music in the game. It is the only sequenced song in the game, a left over from Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana. It also utilizes the unused sequenced engine.

Unused Maps

A few test maps remain in this game. To enter these maps, enter the code below and replace the "????" with a value from a section below, then save your game with the code active. After that, load that save you just made.

Save Location Modifier
10D31640 0000????

Floating Wharf (Test Map)

Value: 02FD

The internal name for this map is Floating Wharf, however it is clearly not that. This map has a couple glowing spots in it that unlock Shurelia topics. It also contains a treasure chest.

Ar Tonelico Elemia Unused Map 02FD-1.png Ar Tonelico Elemia Unused Map 02FD-2.png Ar Tonelico Elemia Unused Map 02FD-3.png

Test 01

Value: 02FE

This test map has a few platforms, a treasure chest, and a NPC with Radolf's sprite to talk to in it. However, he doesn't appear to say anything interesting.

Ar Tonelico Elemia Unused Map 02FE-1.png Ar Tonelico Elemia Unused Map 02FE-2.png Ar Tonelico Elemia Unused Map 02FE-3.png

Test 02

Value: 02FF

This map appears to have nothing in it.

Test 03

Value: 0300

This map has an NPC in it. When talking to him he'll say this picture isn't for sale. There is also a platform thing in the lower half of this map.

Ar Tonelico Elemia Unused Map 0300-1.png Ar Tonelico Elemia Unused Map 0300-2.png

Extra Object

Value: 0301

This is another map that appears to have nothing in it.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Debug Options

A few debug options remain in this game. Much of the debug functions here have been put back together in a hackish way as some of them do not function properly, or they are missing core functions altogether.

Animation Viewer

Ar Tonelico Elemia Animation Debug1.png Ar Tonelico Elemia Animation Debug2.png Ar Tonelico Elemia Animation Debug3.png

To do:
Codes for other regions.

Much like Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny, and Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana there is mostly the same animation debug tool in this game as well. The code below will activate it for the US version of the game.

Enable Animation Debug (press Triangle in-game to enter)
201C223C 0C04A50D

And the code below can enable Animation Debug in the Japanese version of the game.

Enable Animation Debug for the Japanese version (by opening the help menu under the main menu to enter)
202BF3FC 0C04A498

Additionally, you may want to activate the below code as well to change the sprite and animation the sprite is doing.

Animation Debug Adjustments.
D1FFFC18 00007BE0
01FFFBF0 0000xxxx Current Player / Monster. Higher values are objects and map stuff. Monsters start at value 00B4.
D1FFFC18 00007BE0
01FFFBF4 000000xx Current Animation.

Animation Debug Buttons

X = Play Current Animation.
O = Exit / Back.
L1 = Flip Sprite Upside Down.
R1 = Flip Sprite Left / Right.
L2 (Hold) = Loop Animation.
Start = Enter Frame-by-frame Debug Option.
Select = Change BG to Black or White.

And for the Japanese version...

Animation Debug Adjustments (when these codes are activated, you may be unable to play the game normally.)
01FD9D60 0000XXXX Subjects' Index
01FD9D64 000000XX Animations' Index

X - Exit/Back
O - Reset animation sequence
The others are the same as the US version.

Level Select

To do:
These QvNo IDs are of unused, blank maps. Document them? They might contain stuff.
44, 78, 447, 448 to 454 are Dummies. 586, 647, 648 are all unused to name a few.

Ar Tonelico Elemia LevelSelect1.png Ar Tonelico Elemia LevelSelect2.png Ar Tonelico Elemia LevelSelect3.png

A debug level select option, presumably present within all of Gust's PS2 games can also be found here. You can enable it with the code below for the US version of the game.

Enable Level Select (press Triangle in-game to enter)
201C223C 0C0686D9
201A1C08 00000000
201A1C08 144F0005
201AFB00 24020001

Once inside this menu, press R2+X to enter a map of your choice. Using this menu will also enable some extra debug options such as being able to view the coordinates of the player, and SFX locations. Press START to bring this info up. Additionally, pressing R2+Circle will also bring up more debug info. Markers in blue represent a map SFX location.

Level Select (Old Version)

This is mostly the same as above, except a core function to it was removed. This has been properly put back together to make it work again. There isn't anything too different about it except that it doesn't display the map name in the menu.

Enable Old Level Select (press Triangle in-game to enter)
201C223C 0C06BC5E
201AF218 0C068893
201AF210 00000000
201AF210 144F0005
201AFB00 24020001

R2+X to enter a map with the code on.

BGM Test

Ar Tonelico Elemia BGMTEST.png

In this menu, you can select all of the music in the game. The first four options will not work and crash the game as it's trying to read data from Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana, which ultimately, is not present anymore.

Enable BGM Test (press Triangle in-game to enter)
201C223C 0C0513AD
2011F9CC 00000000
201451A0 0C047E6E


Left / Right = Move through options of current selection.
R1 / R2 = Move through options by a lot.
X = Confirm.
To do:
Find the code to recover button ○ and ✕'s function.

For the Japanese version, to show this menu:

Enable Audio Tester for the Japanese version (by opening the help menu to enter)
202BF3FC 0C050FF0

However, since a part of input handling function is missing, I can't find any way to confirm or back by pressing ○ or ✕.

Additionally, you may want to activate this code to move through the options in this menu.

D1FFF9F4 00000010
01FFF9FC 000000xx
xx = 
00 Bgm (This will crash the game if selected)
01 BgmReplay (This will crash the game if selected)
02 BgmFadeOut (This will crash the game if selected)
03 BgmStop (This will crash the game if selected)
04 Se
05 SeStop
06 Voice
07 VoiceStop
08 BgmVolume
09 SeVolume
0A BgmChVolume (doesn't appear to work)
0B StreamPlay
0C StreamStop
0D StreamFadeOut
0E StreamReplay
0F StreamPause

For the Japanese version, you may need these codes:

D1FD3814 00000010
01FD381C 0000000X the index of the selection


An effect display debug. This plays a lot of battle-related effects.

Enable Illusion Debug (press Triangle in-game)
201C223C 0C059C16

Press Left or Right to change a single digit, Up / Down to move
through the digits a lot, and X to play the effect.

Map Effect Editor

Ar Tonelico Elemia MapEffectEdit.png Atelier Iris 1 MapEffectEdit2.png Atelier Iris 1 MapEffectEdit3.png

The exact same debug editor from Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana can be also found in this game. The only difference here is that there is detailed information on what the buttons do in this mode.

Enable Map Effect Editor (press Triangle in-game to enter)
201C223C 0C0598F8


Triangle = Lock current effect. This makes it so you can move around without selecting a different effect. Press two more times to disable.
Circle = Reset position.
R2 (Hold) = Remove cursor.
X = Display current effect.
Right Analog Stick Up / Down = Move Z axis inward / outward.
Left Analog Stick Up / Down = Move up / down.

Additionally, activate the following code to select what effect you would like to display.

Current effect
1059D7F0 0000xxxx

Replace xxxx with a value, starting from 0001.


Ar Tonelico Elemia OtherDebug.png

A few other debug option fragments remain that were probably from the Atelier Iris series. They do not function anymore.

Item Debug Menu

You can change the count, knowledge, or naming of items, cards, and RT's clothes / skills via this menu. And you can also switch Misha's body forms in this menu. But due to the reducing of font in the US version, some characters in the US version can't be displayed.

To enable this menu, activate the codes below:

202BF3FC 0C0629A8
202C0448 0C062E0A

After activating the code, you can enter this menu by opening the help menu.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Regional Differences

Hymmnos Font

Japan US
Ar Tonelico Elemia Hymmnos JP.png Ar Tonelico Elemia Hymmnos EN.png

Hymmnos is a constructed language used for casting spells in the Ar Tonelico series. The routines for rendering the font used to represent this language were apparently changed between the Japanese and American releases, making it much harder to read in the American version, as the font graphics between both versions remain identical.

Aurica's Thunder Guard Incantation

Japan US
Was yant gagis exec swant Lyner Vasiyat gegis exeks suant, Lyner

During the party's first trip to the Singing Hill, Aurica crafts the Thunder Guard Song Magic to save Lyner from falling to his death. The Hymmnos incantation that she says while doing so was changed between the Japanese and American releases. In the original Japanese, it is proper Hymmnos (meaning "Very scared and not caring about what happens to me, I will help Lyner"), but in the American release, it is essentially gibberish. The reason behind the change is unclear, but it may have been to help Aurica's English voice actress pronounce the line. Sadly, the "pronunciation-friendly" version of the Hymmnos incantation only superficially resembles the original.

EXEC_PAJA/. Download Spell

Japan US
Was yea ra chs hymnos yor...
en chsee fwal fwal yor...
exec drone hymnos PAJA
Was yea ra chs hymnos yor...
n chsee fwal yor...
exec drone hymnos PURGER

The download spell for EXEC_PAJA/. was modified. The second line is missing the initial 'e' in "en" and contains only one instance of the word "fwal" (wing), whereas the Japanese version contains two. The name of the Song was changed to its actual English spelling (purger). Aurica's Hymn Code was also changed, reflecting the change of Mir's name in the American version (Mule to Mir) and incorrectly putting a space between the AR and TONELICO in ARTONELICO. Curiously enough, this is also the only instance in which Mir's name was localized when it comes to Hymn Codes: the rest of the localizaton's text has it written as "MULE_TEIWAZ_ARTONELICO".

Japan US
Was yea ra chs hymnos yor...
En chsee fwal fwal yor...
exec drone hymnos PAJA
Was yea ra chs hymnos yor...
n chsee fwal fwal yor...
exec drone hymnos PURGER

In the event that the player decides to download the Purger into Misha, in the US Version, Misha's Hymn Code is erroneously replaced by Aurica's Hymn Code.

EXEC_HARMONIOUS/. Download Spell

Japan US
Fou paks ra exec hymnos HARMONIUS!
Was yea ra chs hymnos yor...
En chsee fwal fwal yor...
exec drone hymnos HARMONIUS.
Fou paks ra exec hymns HARMONIOUS!
Was yea ra chs hymnos yor...
En chsee fwal fwal yor...
exec drone hymns HARMONIOUS.

The Hymmnos spell for downloading EXEC_HARMONIOUS/. into Misha was also changed. Note the change of "hymnos" to "hymns" in the first and fourth lines of the American version, the American spelling of Misha's name in the last line, and the change of the song's name from "Harmonius" to "Harmonious".