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Title Screen


Also known as: Card Master: Rimusaria no Fuuin (JP)
Developer: HAL Laboratory
Publishers: HAL Laboratory (JP), HAL America (US)
Platform: SNES
Released in JP: March 27, 1992
Released in US: May 1992

ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

Arcana is an RPG by HAL Laboratory. Though you battle through dungeons in a first-person view, the game has the feel of more traditional console RPGs due to the preset characters and storyline.

Unused Items


Arcana has a large number of unused equipment in the ROM.

  • Giant Sword: Very powerful but heavy and hard to control by the inexperienced. (Rooks only)

Not unused, but Giant Sword's description is not normally viewable as it is only available in the final battle and cannot be taken to a shop.

Cursed Items

  • Cursed Sword: This sword is possessed by powers of darkness that will inhabit your body if you are touched by it. (RDAST)
  • Cursed Shield: A shield that carries the curse of a deceased magician. (Axs/Salah/Rooks)
  • Cursed Gauntlet: A Gauntlet made from the spells of the departed. (Darwin/Teefa)


  • Sword 1-4: Placeholders for undefined weapons.
  • Armor 1-15: Placeholders for undefined armor.
  • Amulet 1-2: Placeholders for undefined amulets.
  • Ring 1-3: Placeholders for undefined rings (see below).

All of these numbered items appear to be placeholders to allow for more weapons and armor had the developers wanted to add more. They can be hacked into the Equipment menu, but they cannot be equipped by anyone and they have no descriptions.


Example screenshot showing the Secret Ring and Life Ring in the Equipment menu.
  • Secret Ring: A ring that will give travelers peace of mind and security when traveling.
  • Life Ring: This will refresh your body when you are weary of traveling.
  • Euhancer Ring: Will enhance the wearer's mental powers.
  • Ring Inspiration: Each time you fight, this ring will give you inspiration.
  • Peace Ring: When wearing this ring no calamity will be able to upset your concentration.
  • Ancient Ring: A ring that will prevent the bearer from becoming paralyzed with fear.
  • Ring of Life: A ring with special powers that will protect the bearer from calamities.
  • Ring of Valor: A ring of courage, it will help fight off threats both large and small.
  • Ring of Hope: A ring that will protect your confidence in your abilities and physical strength.
  • Sparkling Ring: This ring will sharpen your reasoning powers and thinking skills.
  • Shining Ring: This ring will improve your concentration and strength of will.
  • Ring Amazement: You will amaze yourself with your abilities when you are wearing this ring.
  • RingAstonishment: When wearing this ring the appearance of an enemy will make you move quickly.
  • Crooked Ring: Will increase your physical abilities and stamina.
  • Twisted Ring: Will bring to you powers you've never experienced before.
  • Grand Ring: This ring will bring to mind memories of great pleasure.
  • Charm Ring: This ring will tempt you with promises of evil pleasures.

These rings were probably supposed to boost stats, prevent status effects, or grant other special abilities. They can be hacked into the Equipment menu, and anyone can equip them, but unfortunately they have no effect on anything. It's evident the developers did not finish programming the attributes for these rings and thus they were left out of the released version of the game. Perhaps they weren't necessary when removing the ability of enemies to paralyze or petrify.


There are several Magic Spells in the ROM that are unused in the final version of the game.

  • Revitalize: Reverses the effects of a Paralysis spell.
  • Stop: Silences the selected enemy. (6 MP)
  • Stop All: Silences all of your enemies. (6 MP)
  • Drain Spell: Takes Hit Points from enemy. (1 MP)
  • Psych Spell: Takes Magic Points from enemy. (0 MP)
  • Repel: Gives you the power to repel attacks. (4 MP)
  • Mirror: Gives you the power to repel magic. (6 MP)
  • Requiem: Liberates the selected Undead from this plane. (4 MP)
  • Emancipation: Liberates all Undead from the Earthly plane. (8 MP)
  • Final Liberation: All Undead cease to exist in their present form. (1 MP)
  • Way Point: Mentally mark a spot on the map where you want to go. (0 MP)
  • Way Point Warp: Instantly warp to the Way Point selected. (8 MP)
  • Diminish Encounters: Fewer enemies are encountered. (4 MP)
  • Diminish Encounters 2: Fewer enemies are encountered. (8 MP)

Of these spells, Revitalize works as intended and heals Paralysis from one target. An enemy must be edited to cast the Paralyze spell, and a party member to use Revitalize. Stop and Stop All cast properly but have no visible effect; there is no Silenced condition although the game confirms that the target "has been sllenced." (spelled with 2 L's)

The rest are dummied and have no effect when cast. Interestingly although there were 3 anti-undead spells, the 3rd lists lower accuracy than the 2nd.



What makes a mirror invisible?

  • Mirror Card: This card's name was removed from the game, but its description is still intact. When used by Rooks, it randomly acts like one of the 4 elemental cards. Using more than 1 will softlock the game, however. It may have been removed after not being able to fix that issue.


  • Water of Life: Encounters with enemies decrease. Inflicts damage on the Undead.

This item can be used, but has no effect nor any dialogue confirming it was used. It's unfortunate because the encounter rate is a common complaint.

There are a couple of unused healing items in Arcana's ROM file. They were mistakenly left in the manual, but you can never actually get them anywhere in the game.

Which maiden are we talking about here?

  • Maiden's Tears: Reverse petrifying spells. One of your party will return to their original condition.

Who knew there was oil on the moon?

  • Moon Oil: Reverse paralyzing spells. One of your party will return to their original condition.

At this time it is not known why these items were removed, but it was possibly to avoid getting softlocked in battle as the Spirits cannot use items nor flee. These do work, but they require editing the game to give an enemy the Petrify or Paralyze spells (no enemy has them).

Stage Select

Enter this code at the game's title screen to activate a level select: Down, Select, Select, X, Y, Select, Select, L, R, Select, Select, Left, Right, Up, then...

  • A: Chapter 2
  • B: Chapter 3
  • X: Chapter 4
  • Y: Chapter 5

Using this code will start you off at an advanced experience level with various spells, items, cards, equipment, and money.

Sound Room

The Sound Room

Hold L+R+B and press Start on the title screen to access the Arcana Sound Room. This allows you to listen to all of the music and sound effects in the game.

Healing Items

Tracks #57 and #83 are unused.

Unused Enemies

Arcana (SNES) Mimic Enemy, Unused Sprite.png

While existing in the ROM with full battle animations, for some reason the Mimic enemy was never implemented into the game. This is the case at least for the NTSC-U_C version.

Unused Music

Track #57: "Two Beautiful Princesses"

According to the OST, this 14-second song should have been used in the ending, right before the end credits song, but it isn't there in any version of the game.

Track #83: "Grass Flute"

Judging by its name, this two-second fanfare was likely intended for a dropped "Grass Flute" item.

(Source: Flying Omelette)

Unused Class Descriptions

In the English version, the class descriptions for the 9 party members are unused. They are:

  • Card Master = Rooks
  • Spirit of Wind = Sylph
  • Spirit of Land = Dao
  • Spirit of Water = Marid
  • Spirit of Fire = Efrite
  • Betrayer = Teefa
  • Princess = Salah
  • Vagabond = Darwin
  • Woodcutter = Axs

The descriptions are used in the Japanese version, where some of them are also different:

  • 魔法使い = Magician = Teefa
  • 僧侶 = Priestess = Salah
  • 魔法剣士 = Magic Swordsman = Darwin
  • 騎士 = Knight = Axs

Unused Graphics

Symbols to help the player explore

The maps in Arcana are rather simple, drawing out the walls and stairs. Using a memory editor, other tiles can be seen such as "exit", arrows, doors, a skull and crossbones, and tentative symbols. It may be that these light markings "?!X" are pencil marks, and that it was originally planned for the player to draw notes on their maps.