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Arcus (PC-88, PC-98)

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Title Screen


Developer: Wolf Team
Publisher: Wolf Team
Platforms: PC-88, PC-98
Released in JP: May 1988[1] (PC-88), July 10, 1988[1] (PC-98)

SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.

Arcus is the first game of the same-titled series of RPGs by Wolf Team.

In a world in which humans mastered the art of magic and started using it on each other, a man named Jedah Chaf leaves his home to fulfill his dream of becoming a knight, and to hopefully save his kingdom from imminent destruction.

Sound Test

PC-88 PC-98
ArcusPC88-soundtest.png ArcusPC98-soundtest.png

In the first town, press F5 to start a sound test mode. Use Up and Down to switch through the tracks, and Space to select an option.

  • 音楽スタート - Start music
  • 音楽終了 - Stop music
  • 次の曲へ - Next track
  • 前の曲へ - Previous track
  • 終わり - Exit