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Armored Core 2

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Title Screen

Armored Core 2

Developer: FromSoftware
Publishers: FromSoftware (JP), Agetec (US), Crave Entertainment (EU), Ubi Soft (EU)
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: August 3, 2000
Released in US: October 26, 2000
Released in EU: March 23, 2001

MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.

Armored Core 2 is the fourth installment in the Armored Core franchise. New defining features compared to the first generation includes the new Overboost mechanic, Extension/Radiator/Inside parts, and general quality of life changes due to its first entry within the PS2 era.

Unused Music

The game contains three sequence tracks that were scrapped from final release. The unencrypted code 201E52E4 240400?? represents the sequence BGM region, where "??" can be replaced with the following bolded values described below.

Sequence track 00 is a placeholder from a previous FromSoftware game titled Eternal Ring, containing the song Soulus (Part 2).

Unused Song

Sequence track 01 is present in early playtest builds of Armored Core 2, which is played in the Main Menu portions of the game.

Unused Song 2

Sequence track 02 is an unused variation of Shape Memory Alloys (Remix) with no known origin of use. Notable differences can be observed, including altered instrument composition and a shorter time length contrary to the final version. It's also worth noting that the final version of the track is in ADPCM format, whereas this version is sequenced.