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Title Screen


Developer: Zonarware
Publisher: Zonarware
Platform: DOS
Released internationally: 1996

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Aspetra was a "Final Fantasy style RPG"[1] for the DOS PC. It was released in 1996 under the company name Zonarware. A shareware demo version was widely distributed.

Unused Maps

Many unused maps appear in the game's files.

Aspetra.castle3.map.png CASTLE3.MAP appears in the game as the first of two "twin" castles. It had two additional unused portions, disconnected because the countryside CSIDE6 connects directly to this map instead of CASTLE1.
Aspetra.castle2.map.png CASTLE2.MAP is unused. It connects upward to CASTLE3 and downward to CASTLE1. It also contains the unused rare item Twin Key #3.
Aspetra.castle1.map.png CASTLE1.MAP is unused. It connects upward to CASTLE2 and downward to CSIDE6, but there is no corresponding connection from CSIDE6, which instead connects to CASTLE3. It also contains the unused rare item Twin Key #1.
Aspetra.castle4.map.png Aspetra.castle5.map.png CASTLE4.MAP (left) is an unused portion of the second "twin" castle. It has a downward connection to CSIDE6, and a rightward connection to CASTLE5.MAP (right), though neither map has a corresponding connection in return. Like CASTLE3, CASTLE5 is directly connected to CSIDE6, bypassing CASTLE4. CASTLE4 contains the unused rare item Twin Key #2.
Aspetra.castle9.map.png Aspetra.castle8.map.png CASTLE9.MAP (left) is an unfinished version of CASTLE8.MAP (right).
Aspetra.cave1t.map.png Aspetra.cave1.map.png CAVE1T.MAP (left) is an unused variation of CAVE1.MAP (right) employing a different color scheme.
Aspetra.cisde16.map.png Aspetra.cside16.map.png CISDE16.MAP (left) is an unfinished version of CSIDE16.MAP (right) with a spelling error in its filename.
Aspetra.cside21.map.png Aspetra.dragonil.map.png CSIDE21.MAP (left) is an unfinished version of DRAGONIL.MAP (right) with fewer small islands.
Aspetra.dforest.map.png Aspetra.dforest1.map.png DFOREST.MAP (left) is an unfinished version of DFOREST1.MAP (right) with rougher tree edges.
Aspetra.mine.map.png Aspetra.mine1.map.png MINE.MAP (left) is an unfinished version of MINE1.MAP (right) which appears to have had many simplifying revisions.
Aspetra.mount6.map.png MOUNT6.MAP is an unused mountain area.
Aspetra.stones1.map.png Aspetra.forest5.map.png STONES1.MAP (left) is an unfinished version of FOREST5.MAP (right) featuring a different tileset. The unused version of this tileset (STONES.SPR), and a sketch version of the eventual "stonehenge" tileset (NDIAG.SPR) also appear in the files (see below).
Aspetra.test.map.png Aspetra.town1.map.alt.20.png TEST.MAP (left) is an unused variation of TOWN1.MAP (right) with one of the houses on fire. TOWN1 is shown here with a set of alternate changes applying flames and damage to the entire town.
Aspetra.town.map.png Aspetra.town6.map.png TOWN.MAP (left) is an unfinished version of TOWN6.MAP (right) missing a sign for the inn, as well as connections for most of the doors (not shown).

Unused Tilesets

Aspetra.redtown.spr.png Aspetra.main.spr.png REDTOWN.SPR compared with MAIN.SPR (right) contains an unused red variation of the town tileset.
Aspetra.stones.spr.png STONES.SPR tileset from the unused STONES1.MAP (see above).

Unused Character

Contained in an unused NPC sprite file GIRL.REV and duplicated in an unused tile file SENTRY.SPR is a red headed female character never seen in the game.

Aspetra.girl.rev.unused.png GIRL.REV contains an unused character sprite set.

Unused Enemies

There are several unused .MON files containing enemy images and stat definitions. Those not referenced by the monster list (MONSTER.LST) have no name and will be referred to by filename only.

Most of the unused monsters appear to be unfinished versions of other monsters, usually with all of their stat fields set to zero.

Aspetra.5.mon.png 5.MON is a duplicate of Boggy with slightly different stats. 700 HP, 47 XP, 40 GP.
Aspetra.bloodspi.mon.png BloodSpider is an unused stronger variation of Spider (right). 950 HP, 76 XP, 55 GP.
Aspetra.frosthea.mon.png FROSTHEA.MON is an unfinished version of IceHead (right) with slightly different image and stats. 550 HP, 22 XP, 22 GP.
Aspetra.knight.mon.png Knight is a never used enemy with late-game strength. 1500 HP, 100 XP, 100 GP.
Aspetra.ptemp.mon.png PTEMP.MON is an unfinished version of Snakey (right) with slightly different image and zero stats.
Aspetra.seasnake.mon.png SEASNAKE.MON has zero stats.
Aspetra.soldier.mon.png SOLDIER.MON is an unfinished version of DragonWarrior (right) with a missing tail and zero stats.
Aspetra.tree.mon.png TREE.MON is an unfinished version of NiceTree (right) with a non-matching mask (center) and zero stats.
Aspetra.tsen.mon.png TSEN.MON is a duplicate of MadSentry with zero stats.

Reth-Aden Boss Unused Sketch

One boss in the game named Reth-Aden has associated art in the files which is never seen. The boss itself has a blank image in RETH-ADE.BSS, and instead a special sprite is overlaid during the battle, loaded from RETH1.REV. This sprite file contains additional tiles, revealing a black and white sketch version of the same character, probably indicating that the author worked from scanned drawings. Additionally, there are unused files RETH1.BSS and RETH1.SPR which contain other versions of the same sketch. The special sprite overlay from RETH1.REV is a different size (80x140) than other boss images in the game (100x100).

Special boss sprite
Unused sketch tiles
Unused sketch boss image
Aspetra.reth1.rev.png Aspetra.reth1.spr.png Aspetra.reth1.bss.png

Unused Fullscreen Images

The game contains several .BLD files, each of which contains an uncompressed 320x200 fullscreen image after a 7 byte header. Two of these are seen in-game as the developer splash screen, and title screen, but several others are included in the game's files.

Yellow variation of title
Nearly finished title without textured text
Alternate title as sequel to
author's previous game
Aspetra.aspetra.bld.png Aspetra.newop.bld.png Aspetra.oldop.bld.png
Screenshot of field
Screenshot of battle
TallCrawl have extra HP
Screenshot of a game editor
Aspetra.menu.bld.png Aspetra.message.bld.png Aspetra.temp.bld.png
Automatic screenshot
Automatic screenshot
Screenshot of menu
Aspetra.fullscr.bld.png Aspetra.fullscr2.bld.png Aspetra.fullscr3.bld.png

The developer splash screen is contained in ZONAR.BLD (and the identical ZONARR.BLD). The title screen is contained in FOPSCR.BLD. The two files FULLSCR.BLD and FULLSCR2.BLD may be automatically overwritten by screenshots taken during play of the game (trigger unknown); the versions of these two files shown here have a file stamp contemporary with the game's release, and the chosen character name "Indiram" indicates the player knew the protagonist's true name (normally revealed late in the game).

Miscellaneous Unused Graphics

Aspetra.fort5.vegetables.png FORT5.MAP excerpt showing pile of colorful fruit and vegetable tiles from FORT.SPR, never seen in the game because they are always offscreen. Upon entering this room a cutscene shows the villagers recovering their stolen items, but the camera is not low enough to see the food items. The enemies in this dungeon consist of animated versions of these stolen items (swords, shields, gold bars, fruits and vegetables), which might have been easier to understand if the food had been visible.
Aspetra.ndiag.spr.png NDIAG.SPR contains a sketch of the "stonehenge" seen in FOREST5.MAP (see above).
Aspetra.temp.rev.png TEMP.REV contains this single gold slime sprite tile.

Unused Spell Descriptions

Contained in MAGIC.LST are mildly encrypted names and descriptions of the magic spell abilities in the game, as well as their stats. After earning a spell, you can read its description in the game menus, but included in this table are several other abilities that only enemies can use. These enemy abilities also have descriptions.

Spell Description
Bite Bites enemy.
Claw Slashes at enemy.
FireStorm Flaming Hale.
MindTrip God only knows.
Poison Poisons.

External Links


  1. Developer's Blog 2011/11/06