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Asterix Mega Madness (Windows)

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Title Screen

Asterix: Mega Madness

Developer: Unique Development Studios
Publisher: Infogrames
Platform: Windows
Released in EU: May 2001

SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

A party game with various minigames created by Vitalstatistix to discover who is the bravest gaul.

Unused Voice Clips

These unused voice clips were found in the subfolder Menu, in the file menu3.snd


"Welcome to a new fantastic day of exciting events!" (File name: menu3.snd)

"Now select what type of competition you want to play." (File name: menu3.snd)

"Now select the number of players." (File name: menu3.snd)

"Now select what hero you want to play." (File name: menu3.snd)

"Now select one or more events to add to the competition." (File name: menu3.snd)

"Now select the event to play as a team." (File name: menu3.snd)

"Choose one of the options below." (File name: menu3.snd)

"Please adjust the sound volume." (File name: menu3.snd)

"Select an event to view his high scores." (File name: menu3.snd)

"May the best gaul win!" (File name: menu3.snd)