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Asterix and the Great Rescue (Sega Master System, Game Gear)

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Title Screen

Asterix and the Great Rescue

Developer: Core Design
Publishers: Sega
Platforms: Sega Master System, Game Gear
Released in US: 1994 (GG)
Released in EU: 1994 (GG, SMS)
Released in UK: 1994 (GG, SMS)

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.

Another game based on the popular French comic book series. This time Asterix and Obelix are off to save Getafix and Dogmatix from the Romans.

Hidden Level

AsterixGR-Level0-0.png AsterixGR-Level.png

If the address at C197 is changed to 01, the game will load up a secret level, known only as Level 0-0.

The level is wildly different to the rest of the game, and does not fit in with the Asterix theme at all. It includes flashing lights and carnival rides in the background, with Asterix running across a rollercoaster track. The entire level is filled with various items such as hearts and coins, and can be completed simply by moving straight ahead and turning around when the coaster track dumps Asterix on the track below. The song that plays throughout the level is the Amphitheatre song.

Note that the password shown will not work, since it's shared with Level 1.

(Source: RadSpyro)

Secret Message


Also in the above level is a secret message, "Core", which can only be seen if the player leaps right across the second highest point of the level.

(Source: RadSpyro)