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Attack Animal Gakuen

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Title Screen

Attack Animal Gakuen

Developers: Newtopia Planning, Scitron & Art
Publisher: Pony Canyon
Platform: NES
Released in JP: December 26, 1987

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Just like Space Harrier... with the alien enemies and bosses disguised as mad animals on brain steroids. Oh wait, they are mad animals on brain steroids.

Hidden Text

RESET routine in this game uses the string "C.YAMAMO" to determine if the game was soft or hard reset.

Memory Viewer

Attack Animal Gakuen-debug.png

The Game Genie code EASGZZAA activates a simple memory viewer/editor. A four-digit address and two-digit data string will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen. Press Start to pause the game, then press Left or Right to switch between digits, A or B to increase/decrease the current address by 1, and Up or Down to change address/data digits. All changes are applied immediately.

Transfer Test

Attack Animal Gakuen (NES)-test.png

One more debug leftover can be found in the game's code. Use Game Genie codes AVKKTXUE+UKKKYZVK to replace Memory View routine with this new routine. Pause the game then press A on controller 2 to see the test messages on the screen. "Transfer" here means the PPU data transfer. The routine sends messages "TRANSFER TEST ROUTINE" and "3D GAME SPACE ANIMAL" to two different screen pages. The first one is visible normally during the game and strings lengths here are truncated. The second one is visible as a second page in "3d" game mode (press Select during the game to toggle it on or off). As you can see, the "3D GAME..." string here is also truncated and never displayed with a full length.