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Aviary Attorney

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Title Screen

Aviary Attorney

Developer: Sketchy Logic
Publisher: Sketchy Logic
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X
Released internationally: December 22, 2015

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Does the Switch remaster also have these files?

Aviary Attorney chronicles the trials and tribulations of a bird lawyer (no, not that one) in a version of 1848 Paris where everyone is an anthropomorphic animal illustrated by 19th-Century caricaturist J. J. Grandville.


Unused Scripts
Investigations that never were.

Unused Map Labels

The data for locations on the in-game map (stored in mapdictionary.json and mapdata.json) includes some entries for areas that are never entered through the map screen in the final game, thus leaving their names and description text unseen by the player. All of these unused labels have the placeholder "NA" assigned as their description except for Le Vautour, which uses "? ? ?".

Internal Name Location Name Notes
Court1 Palais de Justice
Gallery2 Gallery2
Gallery3 Gallery3
RobinioIn Robinio's Studio Inner This location is referred to on the map as "Studio de Robinio" rather than as "Robinio's Studio" in the final game.
BanquetHall Corneille Hall Inner This location is referred to as "Château Crinière" rather than as "Corneille Hall" in the final game.
CatacombsOuter CatacombsOuter Lacks an entry in mapdata.json.
OuterHospital Outer Hospital
Wolves Le Vautour Name translates to "The Vulture". The naming scheme and description matches those of the game's "special cinematic scenes", and it shares an internal name with the used cinematic scene Les Loups.

Unused Evidence

The data for evidence items to collect (stored in evidencedictionary.json and evidencelist.json) includes some items that go unused in the final game.

Internal Name Item Name Item Description Notes
NA (None) NA. A simple, nameless placeholder item taking up the first slot in the list.
Gateau Not in use Not in use Originally meant to be one of the meals Dame Caterline had at the banquet in Act 1 along with the red herring and steak, as seen in the unused script jail1.json. Going by the narration in that script, its original item name would've been "Chocolate gateau".
NoteRob Not in use Not in use This piece of evidence isn't referenced anywhere else in the game's files, but given the name and its position among the Act 1 evidence, it might've been meant for the note seen on Robinio's studio door during that case.
LouvreMap Is this used? An annotated map of the Louvre, borrowed from Monsieur Cocorico's pockets. Corresponds to a map acquired during Act 2. Its assigned sprite is shown on-screen during the scene in question, but the actual evidence item is never added to the player's inventory, rendering its name and description unused.

Unused Characters

Street Fox

Character Sprite
(Base sprite)
Aviaryattorney streetfox.png
Character Sprite
Aviaryattorney streetfox mockup.pngAviaryattorney streetfox mockup EyeAnimation.gifAviaryattorney streetfox mockup MouthAnimation.gif
Blinking Sprites Aviaryattorney streetfox eye2.pngAviaryattorney streetfox eye3.png
Speaking Sprites Aviaryattorney streetfox mouth.pngAviaryattorney streetfox mouth2.pngAviaryattorney streetfox mouth3.pngAviaryattorney streetfox mouth4.png
Voice SFX

A fox character who, despite making it far enough into development to receive fully-implemented blinking and talking animations as well as a unique dialogue sound effect, still ended up not making the cut. Judging by a pre-release screenshot featuring them and an unused script featuring a similar "Street Rat" character, he was likely meant to appear in the scene played upon entering Château Crinière for the first time in Act 1, a role that is instead filled by Sautanne and Gambade in the final game.

The art for this character originates from the first volume of Scènes de la vie et publique des animaux, as one illustration J. J. Grandville made for the story "Un renard pris au piège". It was also later sold individually under the name "The cunning fox".

Baron Cocorico

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Does he reuse someone else's voice file, or does he lack one altogether?
Character Sprite
(Base Sprite)
Aviaryattorney oldcoco.png
Character Sprite
Aviaryattorney oldcoco mockup EyeAnimation.gif
Blinking Sprites Aviaryattorney cocorico2 eye2.png Aviaryattorney cocorico2 eye3.png
Speaking Sprites N/A
Voice SFX (Unknown)

Before Baron Rorgueil's character was created, this hoopoe character existed in his place. His name was ultimately reused for a different character, but his sprites were never repurposed, leaving them unused in the game's files. Note that while he does have a fully-implemented blinking animation, he has no talking animation or separate mouth sprites, presumably because he had already been replaced by the time talking animations were implemented.

The art for this character originates from the first volume of Scènes de la vie et publique des animaux, as one illustration J. J. Grandville made for the story "Encore une révolution". It was also later sold individually under the name "Going to the banquet".

Unused Graphics

Unused Font Characters

Aviaryattorney crossexaminetextfont e.png Aviaryattorney crossexaminetextfont n.png Aviaryattorney crossexaminetextfont q.png Aviaryattorney crossexaminetextfont v.png Aviaryattorney crossexaminetextfont x.png Aviaryattorney crossexaminetextfont y.png Aviaryattorney crossexaminetextfont z.png Aviaryattorney crossexaminetextfont ?.png Aviaryattorney crossexaminetextfont 2.png Aviaryattorney crossexaminetextfont 4.png Aviaryattorney crossexaminetextfont 6.png Aviaryattorney crossexaminetextfont 8.png Aviaryattorney crossexaminetextfont é.png Aviaryattorney crossexaminetextfont è.png Aviaryattorney crossexaminetextfont â.png Aviaryattorney crossexaminetextfont (.png Aviaryattorney crossexaminetextfont ).png

Aviaryattorney nametextfont a.png Aviaryattorney nametextfont h.png Aviaryattorney nametextfont i.png Aviaryattorney nametextfont o.png Aviaryattorney nametextfont u.png Aviaryattorney nametextfont w.png Aviaryattorney nametextfont x.png Aviaryattorney nametextfont y.png Aviaryattorney nametextfont z.png Aviaryattorney nametextfont j.png Aviaryattorney nametextfont q.png

The fonts used for testimony cross-examinations and for character nametags (stored in crossexaminetextfont.png and nametextfont.png, respectively) contain a good handful of characters which never end up used in the final game.

Unseen Background Elements

Assembled Scene Background Image
Aviaryattorney jury composite.png Aviaryattorney jury base.png

The jury scene is composed of multiple images superimposed onto each other, so as to allow Judge Corneille to use a proper character sprite with blinking and talking animations while still appearing behind the desk. Viewing the background image (jury-sheet0.png) without these additional elements reveals some awkward unseen leftovers from the composition process, including a green smudge that goes against the greyscale standard otherwise used for all of the game's images.

Unused Item Sprites

Aviaryattorney unknown1 evidence.png Aviaryattorney unknown2 evidence.png

Found in evidencesprites-sheet0.png, one of the composite images used for sprites of evidence items and other small images shown in cutscenes, are two sprites of unknown purpose. The latter sprite might've been meant for the unused Gateau evidence item, but is no longer tied to it in any way in the final game's code.

Unused Backgrounds

Aviaryattorney gallery3back.png
This unused background, labeled as gallery3back-sheet0.png, might have been meant for the original version of the Salle du Tibre. The illustration itself, known as "The Sheepshanks Gallery", originates from the book The South Kensington Museum.

Aviaryattorney shopback.png
Another unused background, labeled as shopback-sheet0.png. It was likely meant for the outside of Quanelle's tavern, given its use in a pre-release screenshot featuring her. The illustration itself, known as "Cabaret du Petit Jardinet", originates from the book L'illustration: journal universel.


Aviaryattorney hare.png

Many things are unknown about this image, labeled hare-sheet0.png: whether it was meant to be a character sprite or an event image, whether it had anything to do with the "Hare" character mentioned in one of the unused scripts, and why it's labeled as a "hare" in the first place when it's clearly a bird, specifically a woodcock.

The art for this character originates from the second volume of Scènes de la vie et publique des animaux, as one illustration J. J. Grandville made for the story "Lettres d'une Hirondelle".

GameBoy Mode

Aviaryattorney gbmode.png

No feature called "GameBoy Mode" exists in the final game, leaving the original purpose of this image (gbmode-sheet0.png) unknown.

(Source: Original TCRF research)