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Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning

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Title Screen

Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning

Also known as: Baldi's Basics Classic
Developer: mystman12
Publisher: mystman12
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android
Released internationally: March 31, 2018 (itch.io), May 27, 2018 (Game Jolt), December 19, 2019 (iOS/Android)

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GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.
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Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning is a state-of-the-art, fully-interactive 3D, educational horror game that parodies some of the more notorious 90s education titles, and teaches a whole wide range of subjects, such as math and how to flee from Baldi and his buddies!

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Prerelease Info
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Revisional Differences
This game is not what it seems!


The game originally had more subjects than just math. Due to time constraints, and mystman12 deciding that other subjects might confuse the players outside the US, math ended up being the only subject in the final game.

All seven notebooks have unused assigned subjects in the game’s data.

(Source: Baldi Wiki)

Unused Graphics

Elephant hit.
A face that was used for testing AI. This was later used in the Field Trip Demo as an Easter egg, and it's used in the TestRoom from v1.4.1 onward, though the way you access it is never hinted at.

(Source: mystman12's Twitter)

BBiEaL-Arts and crafts old description.png
Arts and Crafters' old description in the Principal's Office. It was replaced because it gave no indication of what the character actually did.

Prior to v1.3, this was the chalkboard in the second classroom. It was replaced by a chalkboard that says "Sorry, was too lazy to add more subjects".

An unused chalkboard, referenced as 99.mat. It is technically used in-game, but cannot be seen normally as it's located out-of-bounds. In Classic and Birthday Bash, this chalkboard was found outside of the classroom with the red notebook. The only way to see it clearly is through noclip hacks, but it can still be seen normally (albeit briefly) while the player is searching for the last exit. It's also supported by the unusually fallen fences from the western outdoor area's right side.

BB 99ChalkboardLocation.png


MM12 Logo transparent.png



Unity startup logos. Mystman12's logo and the Meta Game Jam logo were used in earlier versions.

Placeholder Graphics

A very crudely-drawn placeholder graphic for items. Used in the Baldi's Basics Plus demos.

Placeholder loading version of Joe's Bald's bus from Baldi's Basics Plus and the Camping Demo. It can be found in the full game public demo, and could also be seen in some development gameplay.

DoorTexture Closed-sharedassets3.assets-322.png DoorTexture Open-sharedassets3.assets-320.png
Placeholder door graphics. They are just a blue door shape with the word "DOOR" going down in red text. These could be seen in development gameplay. They were later re-used in Baldi's Basics Plus as the graphics for the door to Gotta Sweep's closet until being removed again in a later update.

Icon Placeholder-sharedassets3.assets-211.png
Placeholder camping item reward image. In the final game, after you finish the camping mini-game, you get items. This could be seen in development gameplay. It is just Baldi's face with an effect. This was later used as the app icon for the Full Game Public Demo and the Challenges Demo.

Placeholder Celing-sharedassets3.assets-236.png Placeholder Floor-sharedassets3.assets-110.png Placeholder Wall-sharedassets3.assets-288.png
Placeholder wall, floor, and ceiling textures. These, like other placeholder textures, could be seen in development gameplay. Blue is for the ceiling, red is for the floor, and green is for the walls. They were later re-used in Baldi's Basics Plus as the graphics for the walls and ceiling to Gotta Sweep's closet until getting removed again in a later update.

Mobile Leftovers

A simple graphic of Baldi's legs running. Used as the "Run" button in the mobile version.

A rear-view mirror, used for the "Look Behind" button in the mobile version.

Unused Sounds


Audio Transcript Notes
Divided by... This reveals that division was originally planned, but only addition, substraction, and multiplication are used in-game. It may have been removed due to the possibility of receiving an impossible question, such as 0/0, making the game more difficult unnecessarily. This is occasionally used in Classic Remastered for the impossible questions.
Use the number buttons to enter an answer. Once you think you have it right, press the OK button. It would make sense if this played in the You Can Think Pad on v1.4 and up. However, the keyboard instructions play instead, leaving this sound unused. You can actually hear this in the first-ever gameplay footage of the mobile version.

Principal of the Thing

Audio Transcript Notes
No looking in other people's lockers in the halls! This may have been intended for a scrapped mechanic involving looking through lockers. This eventually ended up used in Baldi's Basics Plus when the Principal sees you hiding inside of a blue locker.
No stabbing people with pencils in the halls! Dialogue for when the Principal catches the unused Pencil Boy character.
No eating food in the halls! This was removed and replaced with "no bullying" in v1.3.


Playtime would have originally forced you to jump 10 times instead of 5. The first two sounds were used until v1.1, but the files are still in the game. Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered would later use the "6!" through "10!" voice clips four years later, for the Hard Mode fun setting (which requires you to jump 10 times with a faster-moving jump rope).

Audio Transcript
Jump rope 10 times in a row! Once you do I'll let you go! E-he-he-he-he!
5! (Note: This one would later be used once again in Baldi's Basics Plus.)


In the very first version of Baldi's Basics, when the player inserts Baldi's tape into the tape recorder, one of these five recordings plays rather than the buzzing sound present in the final version. The tapes feature a nervous, unnamed character explaining how the characters work and how to deal with them.

Audio Transcript
Is this — OK. If you're hearing this, then there's still a chance. Um, I should probably give you some pointers. Uh, well this is tape recording one. Um, if you can hear this- I already said that. You're gonna need, you're gonna need some tips. Um, most important thing: the, the teacher, the "Baldi" guy. You gotta... don't let him touch you; if he reaches you that's the end, of... everything. So don't let him touch you, just stay away from him. He can follow you based off sound, if you make noises he'll figure out when here- where that noise came from, so try to be quiet. However, there is one thing- one way you can use advantage of that. Loud noises such as this one will distract him from quieter noises, so as long as this is playing you can make quieter noises and he won't bother to look for them, he won't hear them until he figures out that this noise isn't you. So just be quiet and use noise to your advantage. Don't let Baldi touch you. Ok uh... oh my gosh.
Um, this is tape recording number 2. Um... one more thing you gotta watch out for, uh, "principal of the thing", the- the creepy guy. He's- He's, like, sliding around, um... He- he will ignore you, just fine, unless you're breaking one of the rules. If you're breaking any of the school rules, like running or he catches you in a faculty-only room or if he sees you eating something, he will come after you and at that point there's no escape, he knows where you are, even if you go out of sight, you can't hide, so. Basically, he touches you and then he takes you to detention, which is bad, because when you're in detention, Baldi can come in and, y'know, reach you, which you know, you can't- you can't let that happen, this is really... really bad. So um... Just, when you see him don't panic, just- just don't break any of the rules, unless you- unless you absolutely have to. Just, like... just be careful around him. Just, you know... Walk past, stay cool... And, um... Stay cool... Uh, uhh, uhh—
Tape recording number 3. Um... Playtime, the little girl with the jumprope, um, she's um... She, she will see you and she will run after you, but um... sometimes if you're lucky she'll trip, which is, that's good run away while you can. Um, if she reaches you she will force you to play jumprope, and you won't be able to leave until you get like something like 10 jumps or something, uh in a row, so you have to just, y'know, again just... Stay calm, uh, g-get the jumps, get them good, get them real great, and um... just, even if you see Baldi coming towards you, just stay calm and just finish jump-roping, and uh... you can, make a, make a um, get away, whatever you say, um... um... that's good... Right there...
Tape recording number 4. Um... The sockpuppet... um... I'm not really sure about that thing. It just seems to wander... It just seems to stay away from you, um... Kinda shy, he seems kinda shy, like, he just kinda goes away if you look at him, um, and he never comes th... I've never seen him come close to anybody, so you probably don't need to worry about him, um... But, like, then again you never really know with... with these... these things, um, but... that's... that's all I know about sockpuppet, I think his name is like, "Arts and Crafters" or something, but, don't quote me on that one... um... Yeah... that's... Can't really... Can't really— Oh my gosh hold on I gotta go.
Uh... Tape recording number 5... Um... I forgot, um... "Gotta Sweep", he's the janitor... Um, he just... All he does really is he comes out of his janitor's closet every so often and... runs around real fast sweeping, if he touches you... or anything for that matter, then he'll just sweep you up... along. You can use this to your advantage if you need to get somewhere, you'll get away fast, but also keep in mind that if he sweeps up one of the characters, or you know... he's gonna take them quite a distance... So, y'know, if he picks up like Baldi or something you'd better... you'd better run or get out of the way, um... You can get out of his sweep, but it can be quite difficult, at times, um... But yeah he only pops out a few times, he doesn't target anything in particular, he just goes around randomly, and just sometimes gets in your way, so, um... Yeah... he keeps the place clean too which is nice, but, that's about all that's really that nice, about everything, here, going on... Uhh... yeah, okay um... I gotta go, again...

Secret You Can Think Pad Codes

On v1.4.1 and up, entering certain numbers on the You Can Think Pad will give unique results.

With the number 31718, the You Can Think Pad will briefly show a message reading "THIS IS WHERE IT ALL BEGAN" and teleport the player to a placeholder room. The room has green and red walls with the words "place the holder" crudely drawn on them. There are two PlaceFaces; one stays still, and the other chases you, though it does not harm the player. The number is a reference to the date that mystman12 started working on Baldi's Basics, March 17, 2018. Additionally, the HUD disappears, the pause menu is disabled, the mouse sensitivity is lowered, and the Space key cannot be used to look behind you.

The number 53045009 triggers the message "USE THESE TO STICK TO THE CEILING!" and flips the entire game upside-down, except the HUD. When flipped upside-down, the numbers appear to read "GOOSHOES".