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Barbie: Explorer (PlayStation)

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Title Screen

Barbie Explorer

Developer: Runecraft
Publishers: Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing (USA), Mattel Interactive (Europe)
Platform: PlayStation
Released in US: September 4, 2001
Released in EU: 2001

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

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Barbie Explorer is a game where you explore the world with Barbie. Travel to Tibet, Egypt, and the African jungle on a mission to find four ancient, jeweled treasures.

Debugging Text

Scattered inside the game's executable is some error text.

Shutting down FE sounds
            ÿÿÿÿclosing down game sounds
   pausing all sounds.....
floor removed
  %s %d %s %d player name added in 2 player mode..
  card is not formatted
  card is ok
 failed to read card info.. %d
  card info read successfully..
  no card found in port 1
    c:/temp/load.bin    error loading file..
   c:/temp/save.bin    un coded case %d

 Error : Obsolete Geometry Data %d
  Error : Not enough vertex space allocated for object %s
    Error :- Geometry install buffer full
  Error :- Not enough geometryset space allocated
    Geometry already installed
 Material load buffer (%i) too small or doesnt exist: geoset %i size %i
 Error :- Load geometryset spool error
  Uninstalling geoset %i
 ERROR-Initialising existing geoset

    MDEC_in_sync    MDEC_out_sync   %s timeout:
        %s: path level (%d) error
  %s: dir was not found
  CdSearchFile: disc error
   CdSearchFile: searching %s...
  %s:  found
 %s: not found
  CD_newmedia: Read error in cd_read(PVD)
    CD001   CD_newmedia: Disc format error in cd_read(PVD)
 CD_newmedia: Read error (PT:%08x)
  CD_newmedia: sarching dir..
 CD_newmedia: %d dir entries found
  CD_cachefile: dir not found
    CD_cachefile: searching...
 .   ..  	(%02x:%02x:%02x) %8d %s
   CD_cachefile: %d files found
       bugger, out of actors
actors left %d
    ”5w ”5w ”5wError : Run Out Of Visible Actors
  Error -> Geometry %d Not Installed
 Error -> Geometry %d Not Created
   Error : Run Out Of Visible Sprites
 Error : Run Out Of Visible Flares
  Error : Run Out Of Lights
  ERROR: Too many vertex groups in %s
    Error :- Run Out Of Primitive Space %d %d %d
   Error :- Run Out Of Primitive Space
    Error : Geoset %d Not Installed
    Uninstall %i
   Grid load %i
   Attach error 1
(Source: Original TCRF research)