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Barbie Fashion Show: An Eye for Style (Windows)

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Title Screen

Barbie Fashion Show: An Eye for Style

Also known as: Barbie Styliste: Défilé de mode (FR), Barbie Fashion Show: Mode mit Stil (DE), Barbie Sfilata di Moda: Professione Stilista (IT), Barbie Fashion Show: Pasarela de moda (SP), Barbie Mode Show: Gevoel voor Stijl (NL)
Developer: CyberPlanet Interactive
Publisher: Activision
Platform: Windows
Released in US: September 23, 2008
Released in EU: November 21, 2008
Released in AU: November 26, 2008

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

A rather lackluster dress-up/designer game featuring the doll herself, and a sequel to 2004's Barbie Fashion Show.

NOTE: Most of the game's data, including all graphics and models, can be found in Data.dat. All .MWT files are merely .png images with a different extension.

Unused Graphics

Early Legal Notice

The game's data contain earlier variations of the legal notice graphics seen upon booting for each of the six available languages. They are all labeled as (OLD)LEGAL.PNG, with the English text being found in the root of the Data file, and the others being found in the EURO folder. These older variations contain an additional line of text reading (and translating to) "The ratings icon is a registered trademark of the Entertainment Software Association.", and, save for the English graphic, use a different font.

Early Final
English BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-ENGlegalOLD.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-ENGlegalNEW.png
French BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-FRAlegalOLD.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-FRAlegalNEW.png
German BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-GERlegalOLD.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-GERlegalNEW.png
Italian BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-ITAlegalOLD.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-ITAlegalNEW.png
Spanish BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-SPAlegalOLD.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-SPAlegalNEW.png
Dutch BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-NEDlegalOLD.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-NEDlegalNEW.png

Ready Graphic

This "Ready" graphic can be found in SCENEGAMEFASHIONSHOW\GANDATA\READY.MWT, and doesn't seem to fit the game's aesthetic at all. While it is called by one of the files, SHOWMOVIE.MWG, it is never displayed.



The folder associated with the main studio environment, SCENEGAMEFASHIONSHOW\DATA\DRESSROOM, contains several early variations of the textures used in them, as well as some placeholders:

Folder 01

This folder contains some visible placeholder textures for each of the objects on the studio:







Folder ROOM\NORMAL (Start of Game)

__POSTERPHOTO02.TGA is a slightly different version of the poster seen on the right side of the room. The only difference seems to be that one of the pictures, which is directly taken from a cutscene from Barbie Fashion Show, was originally a still of this game's opening movie. This texture is also found in the folder STAGE2.

Early Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-normalposterEARLY.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-normalposterFINAL.png

_B34.TGA is an early version of a texture used for the stands of the table below the radio.

Early Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-normalmetaltextureEARLY.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-normalmetaltextureFINAL.png

C2W.PSD contains an early variation of the texture used for the table below the telephone, which is considerably darker and has different reflections than its final counterpart, C2W.TGA.

Early Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-normalphonetabletextureEARLY.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-normalphonetabletextureFINAL.png

_CHAIR02.TGA is an early variation of the texture used for the chair next to the Design Table. Notably, the lighting is much weaker than its final counterpart, CHAIR02.TGA.

Early Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-normalchairtextureEARLY.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-normalchairtextureFINAL.png

_CURTAIN.TGA is an early variation of the texture used for the curtain behind Barbie, which is colored pink instead of white.

Early Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-normalcurtaintextureEARLY.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-normalcurtaintextureFINAL.png

_SOFA01B.TGA is an early version of SOFA01.TGA, the texture used for the sofa to the left of the wardrobe and Model Board, which uses more washed out colors and has weaker lighting.

Early Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-normalsofatextureEARLY.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-normalsofatextureFINAL.png

_WALL02.TGA is an early graphic for the walls near the ceiling and floor of the main studio. Notably, it is much simpler, lacking textures and more detailed lighting.

Early Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-normalwalltextureEARLY.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-normalwalltextureFINAL.png

_WALLPAPER02.TGA is an early variation of WALLPAPER02.TGA, the texture used for the center of the walls of the main studio. Notably, a darker shade of pink, similar to the ceiling/floor walls, is used, and the way the shadows are created for the objects is different. WALLPAPER03.TGA is another early variation, with weaker shading and the same shadow procedure as the final graphic.

BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-normalwallpapertextureEARLIER.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-normalwallpapertextureEARLY.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-normalwallpapertextureFINAL.png

WALL0402.JPG is an early version of WALL0402.TGA, a wall texture. It notably uses a different pattern, which is also seen in other early graphics for this studio.

Early Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-normalwall0402EARLY.jpg BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-normalwall0402FINAL.png

Likewise, WALL05.JPG is an early version of WALL05.TGA, another wall texture. This early graphic has the pattern being larger and repeating less times.

Early Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-normalwall05EARLY.jpg BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-normalwall05FINAL.png

FFC91B37F3C34E78.JPG, however, has seemingly no final equivalent, and consists of a brown texture likely meant for a wall or a pillow.


Folder ROOM\STAGE2 (from Task 5)


CABINET02.PNG is an early texture for the cabinets to the right and left of Barbie. Notably, it uses much more vibrant colors and has smaller drawers, which are painted blue and red, rather than all of the cabinet being a light beige tone.

Early Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2cabinetEARLY.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2cabinetFINAL.png

This folder contains another folder labeled _BK(BF_CHANGELINK), which contains earlier versions of some of the textures of this studio:

CABINET01.TGA is another early texture for the cabinets. Notably, they lack a shaded area on the left side. Due to this earlier texture having an alpha channel that only highlights the borders for modeling purposes, an alternate version with the alpha channel was also uploaded. There is also an associated light map, CABINET01_L.TGA, which is also different from its final counterpart.

Early Early (No Alpha) Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2cabinetEARLIER.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2cabinetEARLIERa.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2cabinetFINAL.png
Early Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2cabinetlmapEARLIER.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2cabinetlmapFINAL.png

CH022.TGA is an early variation of CH0233.TGA, which is the texture for the coat rack seen to the left of Barbie, being much vibrant than its final counterpart. There is also an associated light map, CH02_L.TGA, which is also slightly different:

Early Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2coatrackEARLIER.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2coatrackFINAL.png
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2coatracklmapEARLIER.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2coatracklmapFINAL.png

CHAIR02.TGA is an early variation of CHAIR022.TGA, which is the texture for the upper part of the chair seen to the right of Barbie. It is colored blue, much like the chair seen in the initial studio, and resembles an early texture from there, though it's not an exact match.

Early Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2chairEARLIER.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2chairFINAL.png

CHAIR22W_L.TGA is a light map texture for the lower part of this chair, and has much darker shading compared to CHAIRW_L.TGA, its final counterpart:

Early Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2chairlmapEARLIER.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2chairlmapFINAL.png

CLAMP2_L.TGA is an earlier and slightly darker light map for the chandelier above Barbie. The final texture is labeled CLAMP01_L.TGA.

Early Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2chandelierlmEARLIER.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2chandelierlmFINAL.png

FLOOR LAMP.TGA is an alternative texture for the lamp to the left of Barbie. The final texture is labeled FLOOR LAMP02.TGA, and has a different pattern. Due to this earlier texture having an alpha channel that only highlights the borders for modeling purposes, an alternate version with the alpha channel was also uploaded. There is also an associated light map, LAMP02_L.TGA, which has darker shading than its final counterpart, FLOOR LAMP02_L.TGA.

Early Early (No Alpha) Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2lampEARLIER.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2lampEARLIERa.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2lampFINAL.png
Early Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2lamplmapEARLIER.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2lamplmapFINAL.png

FLOOR02.TGA is an early texture for the floor, which noticeably has a pink pattern rather than the wooden texture of the final graphic, FLOOR022.TGA. There is also a light map, FLOOR02_L.TGA, which is much harsher than the final graphic, FLOOR022_L.TGA.

Early Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2floorEARLIER.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2floorFINAL.png
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2floorlmapEARLIER.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2floorlmapFINAL.png

PIC01_L.TGA and PIC02_L.TGA are early light maps for the portraits seen on the far sides of the room. Their overall lighting values have been exchanged from their final counterparts, PHOTO01_L.TGA and PHOTO02_L.TGA, with the former unused texture greatly resembling the latter used one.

Early Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2portrait1lmapEARLY.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2portrait1lmapFINAL.png
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2portrait2lmapEARLY.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2portrait2lmapFINAL.png

PILLOW001.TGA and PILLOW002.TGA are two unused pillow textures, though the first one is used in the initial studio. Both also have unique light maps, PILLOW001_L.TGA and PILL022_L.TGA. For reference, the used pillow in this studio is PILLOW003.TGA, and its light map PILLOW003_L.TGA.

Early 1 (PILLOW001) Early 2 (PILLOW002) Final (PILLOW003)
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2pillowEARLY1.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2pillowEARLY2.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2pillowFINAL.png
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2pillowlmapEARLY1.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2pillowlmapEARLY2.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2pillowlmapFINAL.png

PUPPET.TGA is an early texture for the mannequin seen behind Barbie. Compared to the final texture, PUPPET02.TGA, it is noticeably colored pink with a gray base, rather than yellow with a pink base. Due to this earlier texture having an alpha channel that only highlights the borders for modeling purposes, an alternate version with the alpha channel was also uploaded. It also has an associated light map, PUPPET01_L.TGA, which has weaker lighting compared to its final counterpart, PUPPET02_L.TGA.

Early Early (No Alpha) Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2mannequinEARLY.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2mannequinEARLYa.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2mannequinFINAL.png
Early Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2mannequinlmapEARLY.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2mannequinlmapFINAL.png

ROOM02COMPLETEMAP.TGA is an early texture for the walls near the ceiling, which has weaker shading compared to its final counterpart, ROOM02F.TGA. Its associated light map, ROOM02_L.TGA, also has more shaded areas than the used graphic, ROOM02F_L.TGA.

Early Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2ceilingEARLY.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2ceilingFINAL.png
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2ceilinglmapEARLY.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2ceilinglmapFINAL.png

RUG01.TGA is an early texture for the rug seen below the sofa to the left of Barbie. Compared to the final texture, RUG032.TGA, it is smaller in size, slightly darker, and has transparent parts rather than white ones. Its light map, RUG01_L.TGA, also has stronger shading compared to its used counterpart, RUG032_L.TGA.

Early Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2rugEARLY.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2rugFINAL.png
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2ruglmapEARLY.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2ruglmapFINAL.png

SOFA02.TGA is an early texture for the aforementioned sofa. Compared to the final texture, SOFA023.TGA, it has slightly darker colors. It also has an associated light map, SOFA02_L.TGA, which, when compared to its used counterpart, SOFA023_L.TGA, is noted to have rougher shading.

Early Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2sofaEARLY.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2sofaFINAL.png
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2sofalmapEARLY.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2sofalmapFINAL.png

STAGECOMPLETEMAP.TGA is an early texture for the stage seen behind Barbie. Compared to the final texture, STAGE023.TGA, it is revealed to have slightly brighter colors, as well as anti-aliasing. It also has an associated light map, STAGE_L.TGA, which, when compared to its used counterpart, STAGE023_L.TGA, is noted to have rougher shading.

Early Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2stageEARLY.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2stageFINAL.png
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2stagelmapEARLY.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2stagelmapFINAL.png

TABLE_LEGCOMPLETEMAP.TGA is an early texture for the legs that support the Design Table. It also has an associated light map file, TABLE_LEG_L.TGA, which is much darker than its final counterpart, TABLE_LEG02_L.TGA. Curiously, the used texture file, TABLE_LEG02.TGA, is exactly the same as the light map file.

Early Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2tablelegEARLY.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2tablelegFINAL.png

TELEPHONE_L.TGA is an early light map texture for the telephone. It has a few more shaded areas around the handset handle compared to its final counterpart, TELEPHONE01_L.TGA.

Early Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2telephonelmapEARLY.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2telephonelmapFINAL.png

WALLPAPER023.TGA is an early graphic for the walls around the room, revealing that they were going to be beige and with a texture, rather than a solid purple wall like its used counterpart, WALLP0235.TGA. Its light map texture, WALLPAPER023_L.TGA, also has rougher shading, as well as dark areas where the portraits would be, unlike the final WALLP0235_L.TGA.

Early Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2wallsEARLY.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2wallsFINAL.png
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2wallslmapEARLY.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2wallslmapFINAL.png

WINDOW02COMPLETEMAP.TGA is an early texture for the windows. Like the floor, they were originally going to be pink and have four panes, but they were changed to a wooden brown and have three panes, as seen in the final texture, WINDOW023.TGA. There's also a light map texture, labeled WINDOW02_L.TGA, which has weaker lighting and missing light areas between the upper panes, as seen in the final texture, WINDOW023_L.TGA.

Early Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2windowEARLY.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2windowFINAL.png
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2windowlmapEARLY.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2windowlmapFINAL.png

WORKTABLE.TGA is an early texture for the Design Table's screen. Compared to the used texture, WORKTABLE2.TGA, the earlier one is less shiny, has more vibrant borders, and has the dress and pants icons swapped. Due to this earlier texture having an alpha channel that only highlights the borders for modeling purposes, an alternate version with the alpha channel was also uploaded. There is also a light map texture, labeled WORKTABLE_L.TGA, though it's only slightly darker than its final counterpart, WORKTABLE2_L.TGA.

Early Early (No Alpha) Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2worktableEARLY.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2worktableEARLYa.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2worktableFINAL.png
Early Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2worktablelmEARLY.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-stage2worktablelmapFINAL.png

Design Table Patterns

SCENEGAMEFASHIONSHOW\GANDATA\PATTERN\PATTERN_F2.MWT is an early version of the icons for the third task designs, which would normally be found in the folder PATTEN_F2 in that directory. While none of the colors are different, the patterns and stamps are completely different.

Early Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-pattern3EARLY.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-pattern3FINAL.png

Decoration Setup

The following two graphics are found in the folder SCENEGAMEFASHIONSHOW\DATA\HAIR&SHOUE, and consist of mockups used to assist the game's development:



Fashion Setup

__WPPOSE.TGA, found in the folder SCENEGAMEFASHIONSHOW\DATA\FSTAGE\RES, is an earlier version of WPPOSE.PNG, the graphic used to mark positions where the characters pose, which shows a smaller X in red rather than a larger X in orange.

Early Final
BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-wpposeEARLY.png BarbiefsefsWINDOWS-wpposeFINAL.png

Thumbs.db File

Throughout the Data file are many Thumbs.db files, which were used to store image thumbnails in older versions of Windows. The one in the folder SCENEGAMEFASHIONSHOW\DATA contains a reference to a now non-existent texture labeled AAA.png, with a last modification date of March 27, 2008, 08:57:16. It consists of a placeholder texture labeled with "A.".


Unused Sound

The folder SceneGameFashionShow\Data\Sound\Effect in the game's directory contains the sound effects heard throughout gameplay. Among them is Crowd 5 sec 8000Hz.wav, an unused, lower-quality variation of Crowd 5 sec.wav, which is a crowd clapping sound that plays during fashion shows.

Unused Final

Unused Text

Build Date

Starting from offset 0x390DC of the game's executable, BarbieFashionShow.exe, is a build date, though given how far it is from when the game released (September 2008), it's most likely a leftover from a different game.

Tue Mar 13 10:42:28 2007

Indian Turquoise Leftover

Starting from offset 0x398EC of the game's executable, BarbieFashionShow.exe, is a set of credits associated with Indian Turquoise, an earlier game developed by CyberPlanet Interactive:

Developer Team

Executive Producers

ชนินทร์เดช     วานิชวงศ์
Chanindej     Vanijwongse

สุโรจน์     นิ่มวชิระสุนทร
Suroj     Nimvachirasoonthorn


อนุสรณ์     กระสานติสุข
Anusorn     Krasantisuk

เมธี     ทรัพย์รื่นรวย
Maetee     Supreanruey

Project Manager

ชยานนท์     รูปประดิษฐ์
Chayanon     Rooppradit

สมศักดิ์     วงศ์สินสกุล
Somsak     Wongsinsakul

Game Design

ชนินทร์     ชัชรินทร์กุล
Chanin     Chatcharinkun


นิรันดร์     วนาวงรัศมี
Niran     Wanawongrasamee

สาโรจน์     จงวิวัฒน์ถาวร
Sarote     Chongwiwatthaworn

ปรัชญ์     ศรีเมฆ
Prach     Srimake

Art Director

ก่อเกียรติ      แก้วสำเร็จ
Korkiat     Kaewsamlej

Graphic Designers

ชรัตน์     ทองเกล็ด
Charat     Thonggled

กฤตยากรณ์     ชัยจิต
Krittayakorn     Chaijit

ปกรณ์     รัตนสุธีรานนท์
Pakorn     Rattanasuteeranon

เกวลิน    มากบำรุงจิต
Gewalin    Makbumrungjit

3D Map

ก่อเกียรติ     แก้วสำเร็จ

ธัชชัย     สดทองคำ
Tudchai     Sodtongkum

Sounds and Music

ฉัตรชัย    โปรดเมธี
Chatchai    Protmetee

ราชันย์    แก้วศิริ
Rachan    Kaewsiri


ชนินทร์     วานิชวงศ์
Chanin     Vanijwongse

ไกรภพ     แพ่งสภา
Kraipob     Pangsapa


นิรัช     วัชรสถาพรพงศ์
Nirach     Watcharasatharpornpong

ณัฐพล     ทอเจริญ
Nattapon     Thorcharoen

ปฐมโชค     จรูญพรพงศ์
Pathomchoke     Jaroonponpong

เบญจพร     บรรเจิดกิจ
Benjaphorn     Banjerdgit

ณัฐธิดา     แสงทอง
Nuttida     Sangthong

กชพร     พิทักษ์วงศ์
Kodchaporn     Phitakwong

วารุณี     ประกาศ
Varunee     Prakas

พชร     อินทรวิมล
Pachara     Intaravimol