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Bayonetta 3

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Title Screen

Bayonetta 3

Developer: PlatinumGames[1]
Publisher: Nintendo[1]
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: October 28, 2022[1]

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
Cacti speak Japanese.
...But what does it mean?
This game has text or audio that needs to be translated. If you are fluent with this language, please read our translation guidelines and then submit a translation!
Cacti may speak Japanese, but do they speak it well?
...But does it make sense?
The translations on this page need to be proofread. If you are fluent enough in this language, please make any corrections necessary!
To do:
  • There are unused Climax Summoning voice lines for both Bayonetta and Jeanne. All of Jeanne's besides "CIAOFI BALZARG" for Madama Styx go unused. Bayonetta, on the other hand, has clips for summoning Kraken, Labolas, and Rodin.
  • There are a ton of Bayonetta 2 leftovers in the game's files, enough for a subpage maybe?
  • There are leftover maps from the game's opening cutscene (which is pre-rendered) in the files; however, they no longer contain actual geometry, only trees.
  • As demonstrated in this tweet, the PlatinumGames office in Chapter 2 has full collision.
  • The file for Dark Eve (pl3200.dat) contains an early/unused texture of Bayonetta's chest.
  • Rosa β4's mask and most of her other models from Bayonetta 2 still have their bones intact, meaning there are certain bones for things such as Rosa's chains from the Robes of Banishment, despite Rosa β4 having no chains in her outfit.
  • The Madama Butterfly Demon Masquerade form (pl1090.dat) has an animation of her running and actually using her legs instead of fluttering. Find out if the animation gets used anywhere.
  • Translate the executable strings.
  • Perhaps separate sections into subpages as the page is starting to get long.

After almost five years of waiting since its announcement, Bayonetta 3 is finally here! In this game, the eponymous witch has to stop a multiverse-wide threat caused by the Homunculi, man-made bioweapons seeking to eradicate all the universes and unite the Trinity of Realities to remake the world in their vision. Armed with a new arsenal of weapons, Bayonetta has access to the new "Demon Slave" mechanic, allowing her to control her Infernal Demons to make the combat more varied and wilder than ever before. Additionally, she can fuse with said demons to trigger the "Demon Masquerade" ability, which improves her mobility and allows her to unleash devastating attacks like Wicked Weaves from the previous games.

Unfortunately, the story, writing, and graphics have seemed to take a big hit in the quality department, and proved to be very divisive. Having suffered from a troubled development, many aspects of the game feel unpolished and rushed. Despite its flaws, the combat is delivered in an exquisite way.

Unused Images

ui_test.dat in ui_000.pkz contains screenshots of the game in an earlier state of development, as well as some test graphics.

ui_core_gb.dat contains early versions of "core" UI elements that are seen often in-game, such as icons for characters, Demon Slave summons, and items.

ui_hud_gb.dat includes HUD graphics seen while in combat.

ui_menu_gb.dat has unused textures for menu elements.

miscTex_000.pkz contains textures primarily relating to character renders and names.

  • homname_010.dat is an unused or scrapped Homunculus. It has a strange designation entirely different than the ones used in-game-- "h525-Planarianus-θ". Its name and the in-game Homunculi script both translate to "Pannus", an enemy used in the final.
  • homname_022.dat is another unused Homunculus, named "Chronos". Like the Homunculus above, it has a designation unlike the ones seen in the final. The in-game Homunculi font translates to "Opacus", another enemy used in the final. Chronos's filename number, 022, corresponds to Congestus's files, meaning this could be an earlier version of it.
  • Madama Khepri, an Infernal Demon from the previous game, has name and alias textures as well as a placeholder render for the "Infernal Demons" book.
  • The following unused Infernal Demon textures do not have corresponding aliases, solely names. They suggest that Mictlantecuhtli's Formation Y and Formation X forms, Labolas's Cluster Mode form, and the Umbran Armor would have had their own "Infernal Demons" entries.
  • Baal Zebul has an early texture for her alias, with the sole difference being that the letters are in lowercase.
  • There are unused names, aliases, and footprints for Enzo β2, Inspector Enzeau, and the Japanese, Chinese, and French soldiers. The footprint design seen here uses the bottom of Bayonetta's shoe as a placeholder.

effect_000.pkz holds textures for all the effects used throughout the game.

  • 506.wta contains enemy health bar textures that are not seen in-game. These textures are also not referenced in the game's resource.bxm file, which lists each .wta and the appropriate model they should be applied to. Thus, the purpose of these health bars remains unknown.

  • Textures for Rosa's chains from her outfit in Bayonetta 2 are leftover in Rosa β4's model files.
Bayonetta 3 B4 Rosa chains.png
  • et0400.dat is a model of a flat triangle with a vertically-flipped, unused t-shirt texture on it. The kanji, 魂, translates to "soul" or "willpower".
Bayonetta 3 et0400.png
(Source: Rikan)

Early Title Logo Animation

Like the other _gb.dat files found in ui_000.pkz, ui_title_gb.dat contains early title logo textures.

When replacing the final ui_title.dat with this file, a scrapped animation can be seen. It, oddly, seems more polished and detailed than the final's. Some differences are as follows:

  • Multiple copies of the two crescent-shaped Umbran symbols fade inward to the center of the screen. This effect is similar to the one used when Alternative Verse pop-ups appear after entering a new area. They then cross over one another to settle in their proper place in the logo.
    • In the final animation, these two symbols are static and simply fade in at the same time the word "Bayonetta" does.
  • After the three-shaped crack appears, a teal and pink effect with lightning bolts inside emanates from the center of the middle logo.
  • There are small flame effects visible on the crack.
    • These two effects were removed in the final.
  • The burst of light that occurs when the crack is made is brighter.
  • The shake effect is more intense.
  • As the logo fades, it turns pink, whereas in the final it retains its normal colors.
(Source: Rikan)

Unused Models

  • pl008f.dat inside pl_000.pkz contains a rather ugly sphere with a face.
  • pl000f.dat has the version of Bayonetta's first game model used in Bayonetta 2.
  • A heavily edited version of pl000f.dat is in pl0010.dat.
  • A model of Alraune's Whisperer of Dementia form can be found in em303c.dat.
  • em2010.dat contains an early version of Stratus. Its outer armor is yellower and is lacking any black coloration found on the final model. The patterns on its chest, upper back, and upper arms are also more organic-looking. This model has many animations, most of which appear unfinished or glitchy.
  • An early version of the televisions seen in The Gates of Hell is in ba9a02.dat.
  • bg8101.dat has 3 green cubes.
  • Leftover Umbran Climax models and animations from Bayonetta 2 can be found in et0072.dat (Madama Butterfly), et0073.dat (Labolas half-body), et0076.dat (Mictlantecuhtli), and et0077.dat (Hydra tentacle).
  • An Angelic Hymns Gold LP from Bayonetta, "Quasi una Fantasia", is in it0201.dat.
  • Another Gold LP from Bayonetta, "Fantaisie-Impromptu", is in it0203.dat.
  • bab001.dat contains a untextured Umbran Resting Place found in the first two games.
  • bab002.dat is an untextured Resting Place affected by the Remembrance of Time, originating from Bayonetta 2.
  • 002f.dat inside effect_000.pkz contains Bayonetta's butterfly wings leftover from Bayonetta 2.
  • 01b3.dat inside effect_000.pkz is a textured version of the top half of the Umbran Resting Place from Bayonetta 2.
  • 01b4.dat inside effect_000.pkz is another textured top half of the Remembrance of Time-affected Resting Place from Bayonetta 2.

France Models

An unusually large amount of models seem to be leftover from the development of the France stages. Each is prefixed with the number 4, which corresponds to the France portion of the game.

  • bg4200.dat contains early Ginnungagap platforms.
  • bg4201.dat contains another set of Ginnungagap platforms.
  • bg4202.dat is a flat blue and white circle.
  • bg4205.dat is a light blue model with a mesh name of "constant".
  • bg4206.dat has a very early version of a street in France.
  • bg4207.dat and bg4208.dat are two flat, semi-circular models, whose texture is some kind of beige scribble.
  • bg4410.dat is an extremely simplistic Ginnungagap platform.
  • bg4411.dat is another simplistic Ginnungagap platform, but slightly taller and darker.
  • bg4430.dat contains a flat grey circle with a mesh name of "portal".
  • bg4460.dat has a green and brown model similar in shape to the Ginnungagap platforms.
  • bg4ff9.dat is an untextured fountain with a magenta cylinder on top of it.
  • bg4ffa.dat is an inverted cone.
  • bg4ffb.dat is a blue inverted cone.
  • bg4ffc.dat is a grey cylinder.
  • bg4ffd.dat is a blue cylinder.
  • bg4ffe.dat is a beige cube with cracks.
  • bg4fff.dat is a beige cube.
  • bh4004.dat is a cracked Ginnungagap platform.
  • z4210.dat, z4401.dat, and z4620.dat are early versions of the France stages.
(Source: Rikan and Pearl23)

Unused Text

messtest.mcd, a text file inside ui_test.dat, has multiple test strings inside of it. An interesting thing to note is that the Alternate Verse coordinates seen here correspond to a mountain in Kazakhstan, which never mentioned in the game. However, they may have been intended to read "40.71, -74.00 _0.000"-- the coordinates used for Manhattan, New York in the final game.

I've got time to pick up a few things.
Location Name Test
Alternative Verse 4071N - 7400W - 0.000 -
Alternative Verse 40゜71N - 74゜00W - 0.000 -

messcore.mcd from ui_core_gb.dat has text related to the shop and Verse results, as well as some variations of words used in the final, such as "Health" rather than "Vitality", and "Gauge" instead of "Magic".

*Limit 3
Min. Combo Points
Time Limit
Witch Time
Torture Devices
View Mode
Next Category
Special Ability
Archive Entry

Early Chapter names can also be found in this file. Jeanne is referred to as "Agent J" in her Chapter titles. Notably, two Chapters, called "The Infinite" and "Agent J's Last Stand", appear to have been scrapped entirely during development.

Additionally, two label numbers are completely absent from both the early and final files. CORE_CHAPTER_NAME_011 would have been between Side Chapter 2 and Chapter 7. CORE_CHAPTER_NAME_023 would have been between "Agent J's Last Stand" and Chapter 14.

The names for the Prologue and Chapters 5, 8, 9, and 12 are the same as the final's.

Label Chapter Early Name Final Name
CORE_CHAPTER_NAME_001 RoT The Phenomenon Beheld Phenomenal Affirmation
CORE_CHAPTER_NAME_002 Prologue A Chaotic Encounter
CORE_CHAPTER_NAME_003 Ch. 1 The Sinking City Scrambling for Answers
CORE_CHAPTER_NAME_004 Ch. 2 The Burning City City on Fire
CORE_CHAPTER_NAME_005 Ch. 3 The Grinning Ravager A Sinking Feeling
CORE_CHAPTER_NAME_006 Side Ch. 1 Agent J The Crimson Shadow
CORE_CHAPTER_NAME_007 Ch. 4 Between Fading and Flame Worlds Apart
CORE_CHAPTER_NAME_008 Ch. 5 Hot Pursuit
CORE_CHAPTER_NAME_009 Ch. 6 The Brutal King Off the Rails
CORE_CHAPTER_NAME_010 Side Ch. 2 Agent J Strikes The Lynx Strikes
CORE_CHAPTER_NAME_012 Ch. 7 The Burning Sands Burning Sands
CORE_CHAPTER_NAME_013 Ch. 8 A Croaking Chorus
CORE_CHAPTER_NAME_014 Ch. 9 Learning to Fly
CORE_CHAPTER_NAME_015 Side Ch. 3 Agent J's Peril High Stakes
CORE_CHAPTER_NAME_016 Ch. 10 The Veiled City Cover of Night
CORE_CHAPTER_NAME_017 Ch. 11 Mother and Daughter A Familiar Dance
CORE_CHAPTER_NAME_018 Ch. 12 The Edge of Madness
CORE_CHAPTER_NAME_019 Side Ch. 4 Agent J's Escape The Doctor is Out
CORE_CHAPTER_NAME_020 Ch. 13 Kingdom of Solitude Kingdom of One
CORE_CHAPTER_NAME_021 The Infinite
CORE_CHAPTER_NAME_022 Agent J's Last Stand
CORE_CHAPTER_NAME_024 Ch. 14 The One Truth The Single Truth

There are early location names within messhud.mcd, found inside ui_hud_gb.dat.

Thule, The Isle Between
Ginnungagap, Chaotic Abyss
New York
Tokyo: Asakusa
Beijing: Yanqing
Beijing: Changping
Beijing: Gaochang Mountains
Egypt: The Arid Wastes
Egypt: Venom Toad's Path
Egypt: Dire Wing's Way
France: Prelude
France: Interlude
France: Endgame

messhud.mcd also includes various alternate Photo Mode terms, a few misspellings of Jeanne's weapon names, and various Alternative Verse numbers.

Aperture Settings
Camera Roll
Title Logo
End Photo Mode
Screen Effects
Alternative Verse 00,002,623 015.268.067
Alternative Verse 79,501,028 874.056.079
Alternative Verse 20,919,117 052.548.213
Alternative Verse 72,020,402 613.485.087
Alternative Verse 00,602,596 709.222.638
Alternative Verse 41,210,291 009.456.114
Alternative Verse 05,197,805 251.003.925
Alternative Verse 18,653,434 913.341.662
Alternative Verse 34,865,110 351.028.004
Alternative Verse 59,314,867 291.304.226
Alternative Verse 66,482,059 838.107.395
Alternative Verse 93,740,681 074.906.750

ui_menu_gb.dat contains a variety of menu text. One menu option, called "Bayo Maker", seems as though it would have allowed the player more control over which parts of Bayonetta's outfit to customize.

Bayo Maker
Skin Color

The remainder of this file's text involves terms for gameplay options. There is an option for using Touch Controls, a feature removed from the final. The final's "Echoes of Memory" are referred to as "Redgrave's Journals" here. "Masquerade Switch" is used for swapping weapons, "Photo Settings" is used in place of "Photo Mode", and "Burger Combo" is used in place of "Combo Meal".

"J-Side" may be an early name for the Jeanne-exclusive Chapters. Lastly, a few unique difficulty names are included.

Touch Controls
Redgrave's Journals
Masquerade Switch
Photo Settings
Burger Combo 

The Japanese language version of this file, ui_menu_jp.dat, has two Chapter names that are not seen in-game.

(Source: Rikan)

Chapter_000 Text

To do:
  • Compare CatPointData.bxm files to the final.
  • Research which voiced non-cutscene subtitles are displayed in-game, and add the ones that are not.

Within the subtitle_ta.bxm files in chapter_000.pkz are early Japanese subtitles for each Chapter. ta is a signifier used by the game for lines that are displayed during non-cutscene events-- events that occur while the player still has control of the character. Most lines simply have punctuation changes, but there are some that go completely unused. In addition, many used voice lines have subtitles in this file that are never displayed in the final-- for example, the Japanese train announcements, and MC Enzo's banter.

Undisplayed Subtitles

Chapter 1

Label Character Text Translation
C01_TA0025_00010_NARR Train announcement 次は品川、品川。
Next stop is Shinagawa, Shinagawa.

The exit is on the right.

C01_TA0025_00020_NARR Train announcement 新幹線、東海道線、横須賀線、京急線はお乗り換えです。 Shinkansen, Tokaido Line, Yokosuka Line, and Keikyu Line are transferring.

Chapter 2

Label Character Text Translation
C02_TA0120_00010_ENZO MC Enzo 久しぶり、最近どう? It's been a while, how are things?
C02_TA0121_00010_ENZO MC Enzo その髪型似あってるね? That hairstyle suits you
C02_TA0122_00010_ENZO MC Enzo これ新作のポスター? おい、貼っといて。 Is that a new poster? Hey, put it up.
C02_TA0123_00010_ENZO MC Enzo それじゃあ、そろそろ友達紹介してくれるかな。 Well then, maybe you can introduce me to your friends eventually.
C02_TA0015_00030_NARR Cheshire み゛ゃ゛お゛〜〜ん Myao~~n

Unused Lines

Chapter 1

Label Character Text Translation
C01_TA0010_00010_GIRL Viola お宝が入ってるかも?
Is there treasure inside?

Come on and open it

Chapter 2

Label Character Text Translation
C02_TA0070_00010_BAYO Bayonetta やってくれるわね、あとでお仕置きよ You'll take my punishment later.
C02_TA0075_00010_BAYO Bayonetta あなた、私を背中に乗せてるって忘れてないでしょうね? You haven't forgotten you're carrying me on your back, have you?
C02_TA0075_00020_PHAN Phantasmaraneae やれやれ…
Good grief...

The master would have no complaints about something like this.

C02_TA0091_00010_BAYO Bayonetta 品のない振る舞いで人間をいじめるなんて、
Bad Mr. Wolf,
harassing humankind with such boorish behavior.
C02_TA0092_00010_BAYO Bayonetta やってくれるわね。

Chapter 3

Label Character Text Translation
C03_TA0020_00010_BAYO Bayonetta 素敵なランタンね
C03_TA0030_00010_BAYO Bayonetta ここから中に入れそうね
C03_TA0045_00010_BAYO Bayonetta そうやって飛んでいられるのも今のうちよ。
C03_TA0050_00010_BAYO Bayonetta 中々手強そうね
C03_TA0060_00010_BET1 Bayonetta β1 なかなかやるじゃない、
C03_TA0075_00010_BET1 Bayonetta β1 こんな物で私を止められないわよ。
C03_TA0080_00010_BET1 Bayonetta β1 あらあら、必死ね
C03_TA0086_00010_BET1 Bayonetta β1 こんな狭いところ、うんざりだわ。
C03_TA0120_00010_BET1 Bayonetta β1 わざわざ足場を用意してくれて、

Chapter 4

Label Character Text Translation
C04_TA0006_00010_BAYO Bayonetta いい子にしてるといいんだけど…。 Being a good girl, I hope...
C04_TA0008_00010_BAYO Bayonetta いやに静かね。 It's awfully quiet.
C04_TA0009_00010_BAYO Bayonetta あの声は? What's that voice?
C04_TA0010_00010_BAYO Bayonetta 作るのが大変そうな長い砦ね…
C04_TA0030_00010_BAYO Bayonetta あらあら、頑張ってるわね
C04_TA0060_00010_GIRL Viola へへ、ここでうまくやればベヨネッタだって
Hehe, if I do well here, even Bayonetta should acknowledge me!
C04_TA0070_00010_CSL1 Chinese soldier 我らは将と共に!! We are united with the general!
C04_TA0080_00010_CSL2 Chinese soldier 将に続け! Follow the general!
C04_TA0090_00010_CSL3 Chinese soldier ご武運を! Good luck!
C04_TA0100_00010_CSL4 Chinese soldier 勝機は我らに! Victory is within our grasp!
C04_TA0110_00010_CSL5 Chinese soldier (カチドキ。「ウォー」「ヤー」といった声を上げる) (Victory shout. Making noises like "Woah" "Yah")
C04_TA0120_00010_BAYO Bayonetta 壊すしか能がないの、まったく!
For heaven's sake, you're incapable of anything but destruction!
Ruin a fine building, why don't you!
C04_TA0130_00010_BAYO Bayonetta まるで溶岩のプールね…泳ぐのはごめんだけど。 It's like a swimming pool of lava...
Sorry, but swimming...
C04_TA0160_00010_BAYO Bayonetta この世界の私に代わって、仇を討たせてもらうわよ!! On behalf of my counterpart in this world, I will avenge you!!
C04_TA0170_00010_BAYO Bayonetta 私を見て元気になってくれるなんて、
Energized by the sight of me of all things.
It wouldn't be so bad to live here as a general.

Chapter 5

Label Character Text Translation
C05_TA0100_00010_GIRL Viola この国ってこんなに溶岩だらけだったっけ?
Was this country always engulfed by lava like this?
Somehow seems different from what I've read in manga...
C05_TA0180_00010_GIRL Viola どうせまた… As usual...
C05_TA0180_00020_GIRL Viola ほらな、やっぱりだ。
See, I knew it.
When it gets to this point, I can't help but think you're possessed by something, man.
C05_TA0202_00010_GIRL Viola ひ、火が!
Someone put it out!

Chapter 6

Label Character Text Translation
C06_TA0010_00010_BAYO Bayonetta さて、そろそろこっちの仕事も片付けなくちゃいけないわね。
C06_TA0054_00010_BAYO Bayonetta イヤだわ、ツメが割れちゃう。
C06_TA0056_00020_BAYO Bayonetta こういう荒っぽいことは、あの子たちの仕事よ。
C06_TA0058_00010_BAYO Bayonetta そうだ、歯車を探しにきたんだったわ。
C06_TA0101_00010_BAYO Bayonetta これだけ喰らってもまだ足りないの?
C06_TA0102_00010_BAYO Bayonetta しつこいのは嫌いよ。
C06_TA0103_00010_BAYO Bayonetta ほら、息が上がってきたわよ。そろそろかしら?
C06_TA0104_00010_BAYO Bayonetta これでトドメよ!! Here's the finishing blow!!

Chapter 7

Label Character Text Translation
C07_TA0020_00010_GIRL Viola …ん?
C07_TA0060_00010_GIRL Viola こんなところ、歩くだけでも大変だ。
C07_TA0070_00010_GIRL Viola ダメだ、こっちからはチェシャの気配がしない…。
C07_TA0080_00010_GIRL Viola これは……爪痕か?
C07_TA0110_00010_GIRL Viola 近くから聞こえたような?
C07_TA0120_00010_GIRL Viola ルカ、どこなの?近くに居ると思うんだけど…
C07_TA0120_00020_GIRL Viola いけない、弱気は禁物だ。
C07_TA0130_00010_GIRL Viola 私、ボロボロなものを見ると、壊れるのか壊れないのか、
C07_TA0140_00010_GIRL Viola あぁスッキリした!
C07_TA0140_00020_GIRL Viola …じゃない、やっぱりこいつが扉を開くカギだったようだな
C07_TA0200_00010_GIRL Viola これが私
C07_TA0320_00010_GIRL Viola この向こうが怪しいんだけどな…。
C07_TA0510_00010_GIRL Viola 目を覚ませ、ルカ!!

Chapter 8

Label Character Text Translation
C08_TA0010_00010_BAYO Bayonetta さて、じっとしていても日焼けするだけだし
Well, I'll only get sunburned if I stay still.
I'll just have to go for now.
C08_TA0020_00010_BAYO Bayonetta 砂嵐……やだ、髪がいたんじゃう Sandstorm...... Goodness, my hair is damaged.
C08_TA0030_00010_BAYO Bayonetta ジャンヌ、どうしたの道に迷っちゃった?
Jeanne, what's the matter, are you lost?
I think I'm lost in the storm myself.
C08_TA0040_00010_BAYO Bayonetta 嵐も止んで、涼やかな景色が心地いいわ The storm has stopped, and the cool air feels nice and refreshing.
C08_TA0060_00010_BAYO Bayonetta 砂浴びなんて御免だわ
I don't want to go sand-bathing.
I have to be careful not to fall in.
C08_TA0070_00010_BAYO Bayonetta 私のことを見て「姫様」だなんて…
How could you look at me and call me a "princess"...
What on earth is wrong with Jeanne?
C08_TA0100_00010_BAYO Bayonetta ……一体何年物の毒なのかしら?
C08_TA0110_00010_BAYO Bayonetta これってスイッチなの?
Is this a switch?
...It doesn't budge under my weight, should I be happy about that?
C08_TA0120_00010_BAYO Bayonetta あら?戻っちゃったわね
C08_TA0140_00010_BAYO Bayonetta もしもし?
C08_TA0150_00010_BAYO Bayonetta 埒があかないわね
C08_TA0160_00010_BAYO Bayonetta ここでお別れみたいね
  • The following appears to be a scrapped "flashback" event between Bayonetta β3 and Jeanne β3. Its ID of "TA20x0" places it directly after the first encounter with Jeanne β3 in the oasis. The final subtitles' labels also refer to Jeanne β3 as "BETJ", but here she is called "BEPJ".
Label Character Text Translation
C08_TA2020_00010_BEPJ Jeanne β3 アールゲットコー!
I'll take care of them, you must turn back!
C08_TA2030_00010_BEPJ Jeanne β3 まったく聞き分けの無い人ですね。
Good grief, you're an unreasonable one.
I'm telling you you're dead weight!
C08_TA2040_00010_BEPJ Jeanne β3 まだ、居たのですか。
Still here?
C08_TA2040_00020_BEPJ Jeanne β3 こいつらは私が何とかしますから
I'll take care of these guys.
Please, go hide somewhere!
C08_TA2050_00010_BEPJ Jeanne β3 うまくまけたようだな。
Seems like that did the trick.
... Let's hurry.

Chapter 9

Label Character Text Translation
C09_TA0020_00010_BAYO Bayonetta ……急がば回れってこと?
"Haste makes waste," is it?
Detours aren't my style, but I suppose there's no choice.
[Matches the lines used in-game (TA0012), minus the "わね" at the end.]
C09_TA0030_00010_BAYO Bayonetta もうっ、よっぽど私を砂まみれにしたいのね
C09_TA0040_00010_BAYO Bayonetta 信じてるわよ、もう一人の私 I believe in you, the other me.
C09_TA0080_00010_BAYO Bayonetta 風に身を任せるのも悪くないかしら
C09_TA0090_00010_BAYO Bayonetta 風が強すぎるのも好きじゃないわ。髪が乱れるもの。
C09_TA0110_00010_BAYO Bayonetta ”壊れる瞬間こそ美しい” って…私の好きな言葉よ。
C09_TA0120_00010_BAYO Bayonetta 天秤が傾いてるって嫌いだわ
C09_TA0140_00010_BAYO Bayonetta 私の柔肌をその矢で傷つけようって言うの?
C09_TA0150_00010_BAYO Bayonetta 今度は花火?
Fireworks this time?
Aim carefully!
C09_TA0160_00010_BAYO Bayonetta 風のない部屋に風車……

Chapter 10

Label Character Text Translation
C10_TA0005_00010_GIRL Viola くそっ、マジかよ!? Damn, seriously!?
C10_TA0020_00010_GIRL Viola ここってギンヌンガガプなの? Is this place Ginnungagap?
C10_TA0020_00020_GIRL Viola 足場が!? The scaffolding!?
C10_TA0040_00010_GIRL Viola なんかヤバそうな感じがしてきたんだけど。 I'm starting to get a bad feeling about this.
C10_TA0050_00010_WOLF Strider 嬢ちゃん…?
Get back... now!
[Matches the final, which instead was labeled as a cutscene subtitle.]
C10_TA0065_00010_GIRL Viola しっかりしろ、ルカ!
Pull yourself together, Luka!
There's no way that form is the truth!

Chapter 11

Label Character Text Translation
C11_TA0005_00010_BAYO Bayonetta さて…
C11_TA0040_00010_BAYO Bayonetta 言うことを聞かなかった罰よ!
C11_TA0050_00010_BAYO Bayonetta おかしいわね…
How strange...
Even though something is there I can't see it.
C11_TA0050_00020_BAYO Bayonetta …そうだ、ミクトランテク―トリ。
...That's right, Mictlantecuhtli.
They very well may tell me the truth.
C11_TA0200_00040_BAYO Bayonetta ずいぶん頑丈そうだけど、お口の中はどうかしら?
  • When Inspector Enzeau calls Rosa β4 by her codename, he uses the Arabic numeral 1 rather than the kanji character 一.
Original Translated
Early 今日こそ逮捕だー、怪盗アンブラン1世!! Today's the day I arrest you, Umbran Thief N.1!
Final 今日こそ逮捕だー 怪盗アンブラン一世!! Today's the day I arrest you, Umbran Thief N.1!

Chapter 12

Label Character Text Translation
C12_TA0140_00030_FSL5 French soldier うぅ……ぐおおおーー Ooh...... guooo--

Chapter 15
Though the game's final Chapter is Chapter 14, a file named chapter15.dat exists in this .pkz. All the files inside of it are either blanked out or use placeholder text.

Cutscene Subtitles

There are also subtitle_ev.bxm files for every Chapter, which are the inverse of ta files-- these appear during the game's cutscenes. Each contains a single placeholder line.

Label Character Text
C01_TA0030_00010_BAYO Bayonetta ※※※NOT FOUND※※※
(Source: Rikan)


SoundMacro.bxm in sound001.pkz holds sound parameter data for BGM tracks. One section defines "PlayerType"s for each character, which allows the game to change the battle BGM depending on which character is being played. Bayonetta, Jeanne, and Viola are listed as PlayerTypes, as expected, but "Rosa" and "Other" are listed as well. This may indicate Rosa was planned as a playable character, but it could also simply be some sort of leftover from Bayonetta 2 (in which Rosa and Loki were also playable in Story Mode).

		<Group Comment="ログ出力PlayerType">
			<Filter EventName="!PlayerType_is_Bayonetta" Delay="0" Control="Continue" Comment="">
				<Condition Type="PlayerType" Comparison="EQ" Value="Bayonetta" Comment=""></Condition>
			<Filter EventName="!PlayerType_is_Janne" Delay="0" Control="Continue" Comment="">
				<Condition Type="PlayerType" Comparison="EQ" Value="Jeanne" Comment=""></Condition>
			<Filter EventName="!PlayerType_is_Viola" Delay="0" Control="Continue" Comment="">
				<Condition Type="PlayerType" Comparison="EQ" Value="Viora" Comment=""></Condition>
			<Filter EventName="!PlayerType_is_Rosa" Delay="0" Control="Continue" Comment="">
				<Condition Type="PlayerType" Comparison="EQ" Value="Rosa" Comment=""></Condition>
			<Filter EventName="!PlayerType_is_Other" Delay="0" Control="Continue" Comment="">
				<Condition Type="PlayerType" Comparison="EQ" Value="Other" Comment=""></Condition>
(Source: Rikan)


JumpPointlist.bxm in core.dat holds information relating to the game's various scenes, known as phases. It is separated into two sections, <PointData> and <PhaseData>. This file refers to these points and phases with internal names that don't appear anywhere in-game.

<PointData> name Notes
Dread Gomorrah Vs. Shark Boss Kaiju Battle "Dread" appears to be an early prefix for Deadly Sin-summoned Infernal Demons. Arch-Iridescent is referred to as "Shark Boss Kaiju".
Dread Madama vs. Monkey Boss Battle Queen Butterfly's battle against Arch-Pyrocumulus, who is inspired by Sun Wukong.
Dread Phantasmaraneae and Malphas vs. Anubis Battle The Phantom and Malphas' battle against Stratocumulus. Stratocumulus' design has some obvious inspiration taken from the Egyptian god Anubis.
Dread Baal-Rhythm Game Section Baal Zebul versus Bayonetta β4's Mictlantecuhtli.
Anubis Singularity Battle The name "Anubis" is used again here, but Stratocumulus doesn't actually appear in the final battle against Singularity Balance. However, its two component forms, Cirrocumulus and Cirrostratus, do.
Mandala Zone Singularity Battle "Mandala Zone" refers to the warped reality Singularity creates in the fight against Bayonetta β0 at the game's beginning, and against Bayonetta 3 at the game's end.
Dread Gomorrah vs. Singularity Sin Gomorrah's battle against Singularity Chaos.
Merged Bayonetta vs. Singularity Battle The battle against Singularity after Bayonetta 3 merges with Bayonetta 1 and 2. Notably, this form of Bayonetta's has never been given an official name. The only other time this form is labeled is within the subtitle files-- their designator is "BAFU", possibly standing for "Bayonetta Fusion".
WereLuka and Bayonetta Tag Battle Strider is referred to as "WereLuka".

<PhaseData> JP name <PhaseData> EN name Notes
2st[シンFラネア戦専用(p2a0)] 2st[SHIN・Phantasmaraneae(p2a0)] Phase p2a0 in the final is the second phase of Pyrocumulus' fight, where Bayonetta must keep it at bay with Wartrain Gouon's turrets. Here, however, it appears to be labeled as the Chapter's final boss fight, surprisingly indicating The Phantom was at some point the Deadly Sin summon rather than Queen Butterfly.
3st[ワニボス戦前半(p3c0)] 3st[Stage(p3c0)] The Cirrocumulus and Cirrostratus fight on the scales refers to them as "crocodile boss", likely referencing the animalistic head upon their arms. This label is omitted in the English name.
3st[ワニボス戦後半(p3e0)] 3st[Stage(p3e0)] Stratocumulus, too, is referred to as "crocodile boss", in direct opposition to the previous section calling it "Anubis". This is also omitted in the English name.
  • This file also refers to the Phenomenal Remnant Chapters as Ura_Chapter. "Ura" in Japanese means "other".
  • Niflheim are referred to as "Niflheimr" and "Nibelheim".
(Source: Pearl23 and Rikan)

Executable Text

Strings prefixed with a star can be found in exefs/main. Like JumpPointlist.bxm, these appear to be internal labels of some sort relating to the game's events.

Original Translation
★タスク管理 Task Management
★ボス戦のセリフ:前半 Boss battle lines: first half
★狭間空間ジャンプ Ginnungagap jump
★「冒頭」 "The Beginning"
★雑魚戦 Miscellaneous small fry
★βベヨ交代イベント再生 Beta Bayo alternation event playback
★ヴィオラスタート Viola start
★ルカがヴィオラを殺害 Luka kills Viola
★シンゴモラ戦 Sin Gomorrah battle
★エンディング戦闘3 Ending battle 3
★ニューヨークイベント用 For New York event
★ステージ2D Stage 2D
★Verse05カメラ Verse05 Camera
★バアル入手イベント1 Baal acquisition event 1
★ファンタズマ借り受け Borrowing Phantasmaraneae
★ロケーション表示 Location display
★クラーケンフィニッシュ Kraken finish
★ローサ戦 Rosa battle
★ライド: Ride:
★「βローサにトドメ」 β Rosa finishing blow
★アヌビス戦 Anubis battle
★ロケーション Location
★マルファスゲット!!! Malphas get!!!
★ローサカメラ02 Rosa camera 02
★マルファスヘルプ Malphas help
★アヌビス Anubis
★フェード Fade
★エジプトへ To Egypt
★Verse07 βベヨ戦 Verse07 β Bayo battle
★バアルカメラ Baal camera
★アヌビス戦後 Anubis post-battle
★フリー探索 Free exploration
★ゴモライド中 During Gomorrah ride
★ゴモラジャンプ Gomorrah jump
★ベヨ1+ベヨ2 Bayo 1 + Bayo 2
★エンドロール End roll
★スカイビルイベント Sky Building event
★ローサズームカメラ02 Rosa zoom camera 02
★エリア1 Area 1
(Source: Rikan)

Unused Niflheim Parameters

To do:
  • There are many other values with unknown purposes. Particularly, <playerType> 363 and <controlPlayer> 6, both found in an unused Niflheim called "test_SideWind". They seem to either crash or softlock the game when edited into an existing Niflheim.
  • Additional test Niflheims exist as well, called "Test_big" and "test_big_wall". See if they can be loaded in-game.
Bayonetta 3 rodinpartner.png

The parameters for the game's Niflheim stages are set by the file AlfheimData.bxm in core.dat. One parameter called <Npc> assigns the player a partner when set to a specific value. 1 is no partner, 2 is Bayonetta (used when playing as Viola), and 4 is Jeanne (used while playing as Bayonetta). 3 is not set to any Niflheim whatsoever, but when forced to load through file editing, it is revealed to be Rodin.

Unfortunately, he doesn't appear to be functional. The Niflheim informational pop-up displays an icon of him, but after entering, the game simply acts as if you have no partner.

(Source: Rikan)

Unused Audio

Within the sound_000.pkz\bgm\BGM_us folder is an unused version of "Night Shadows Dancing". The first audio file is the song's introduction, and the second is the song itself. The only differences seem to be in the mixing-- the drums are significantly louder, for instance.

This folder contains incredibly short clips of songs from the first and second game, as well. Multiple files throughout the folder also appear to use a snippet of a completely unused song as a placeholder.

Game Song Name Audio
Bayonetta Let's Hit The Climax!
GM02 Chapter Clear
Bayonetta 2 EV03-2 Shopping (A)
Gomorrah - Devourer Of The Divine - Battle Begins
Gomorrah - Battle Halfway Up
Gomorrah - Battle On The Roof
Gomorrah - Climax
Summoning the Infernal Demon - 2nd Climax Ver.
ST01 The Water Capital Of Noatun
Glamor - In Charm And Allure - Battle Begins
Glamor - Just One Left
Glamor - Climax
The Lumen Sage
A Butterfly Against The Storm
Valor - In Courage And Gallantry - Underwater Battle
ST12 Underground Passage - Battle Begins
ST15 The Great War, Land Battle - Battle Begins
ST15 The Great War, Land Battle - Sapientia Appears
Bayonetta 3? Unused
(Source: Rikan)

Unused Videos

To do:
  • Convert _dummyEvent.avi and eveeee.avi to .mp4s and upload.

An unused tutorial video of Bayonetta activating Witch Time and performing a PPPPP combo on a Stratus. It is used as a placeholder for a variety of skill demonstration videos.

There are twelve files in the movie folder labeled from "evff01" to "evff12". They show an in-progress version of the Chapter 1 cutscene where the JDF soldiers attempt to fight off the Homunculi. There is debug text in the top right corner, fewer fog effects, and an extra soldier in the background at 0:07.

The movie folder also has five early clips of the pole dance sequence. The camera angles and zoom levels are different, and there are no transitions to the battle snapshots after each clip. The ending shot with the moon in the background also remains in sepia rather than fading into full color.

(Source: Rikan)

Pre-rendered Leftovers

  • es0a15.dat is a model of the crystallized corpse of Bayonetta β0. Since the cutscene where she dies at the beginning of the game is pre-rendered, this model goes unused.
  • es0115.dat is a model of the crystallized corpse of Bayonetta 3 (the Bayonetta we play as). It is used in the "We Are As One" ending cutscene.
  • z4220.dat is a model of the exhibit seen in a Chapter 11 cutscene, in which Bayonetta β4 and Rosa β4 are confronted by Inspector Enzeau while stealing the Chaos Gear.
  • es0711.dat has individual cutouts of Inspector Enzeau used in this scene.
  • es1401.dat is the giant cuff used by Inspector Enzeau.
  • The files ev7031.evn through ev7035.evn, found in the event_001 folder, contain motion data for the Let's Dance, Baby ending video.

1.1.0 and 1.2.0 Additions

For unknown reasons, many files utilized in pre-rendered cutscenes were actually added in later updates to the game.

  • The images used on the shards surrounding Bayonetta in the "We Are As One" dance routine were added to effect_000.pkz in 1.1.0. In the top left corner of one of these textures is a partially-visible debug menu.
  • esfffb.dat has Bayonetta's casual outfit from the opening Prologue cutscene. It was added in 1.2.0. Its textures are very high quality, higher than any of the playable Bayonetta models.
  • ev7002.evn, added in 1.2.0, contains animations for ev7000, the ending cutscene showing Viola, Enzo, and Rodin after the events of the game.
(Source: Rikan and Pearl23)

Version Differences

To do:
  • Add more typo corrections and wording changes.
  • Look for other non-text changes.

Version 1.1.0

This patch was released on October 27, 2022.[2]

  • Additional scenes for Naive Angel Mode were added.
    • One scene is found in the Prologue, where Bayonetta first encounters the Strati and dons her battle clothes. No skin is exposed while her dress is being sliced off, and the purple aura around her is made brighter as to obscure her body.
  • Online Rankings were enabled.
  • A checkpoint for starting at Ginnungagap was added to Chapter 13, between "Chapter 13 Start" and "Living Warship".
  • The three keys necessary to unseal the Old Picture Book were added.
  • Cereza and Cheshire from Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon were added to the Congratulations screen.
  • ev6104.evn (the scene in the final Chapter where Luka holds Bayonetta's body) was removed from the files and instead added as a pre-rendered video in the movie folder.

Text Changes

  • "Continue", "New Game", and "Options" on the title menu were capitalized.
  • Naive Angel Mode's description was changed from "Change some of the more "mature" depictions in the game into something a bit lighter. See if you can spot the differences!" to "Turn this function on to change some of the in-game depictions. Violence, gore, and exposure will be reduced."
  • A Chapter 5 Bewitchment was changed from "Accidentally overtake Luka." to "Pass the ladder-holding soldier before Luka."
  • The faerie king's name was changed from "Lucaon" to "Lukaon".

Version 1.2.0

This patch was released on January 10, 2023.[2]

  • Viola's "Block" activation window and Witch Time activation conditions were adjusted and made easier.
    • "Block" can now be used with Dodge Offset to continue combos.
  • Niflheim stage conditions were changed to lower the difficulty.
  • Golem Treasure Chests have been made less difficult to complete, and their animation can be fast-forwarded with the B button.
  • The three Tricolored Keys needed to unseal the Old Picture Book are now automatically given to the player once the Gates of Hell can be accessed.
    • Even if the player has already obtained one or two keys, the remaining keys will be automatically obtained at the Chapter Select screen.
  • Various game balance, weapon, combat, and camera changes.
  • Various bug fixes.

Text Changes

  • The names of Viola's Torture Cats t-shirts were altered.
    • "Stake Cat" is now "Lucky Stakes".
    • "Spike Cat" is now "Miké the Spike".
      • All instances of Mike's name were changed to "Miké".
    • "Shock Cat" is now "Shockin' Shorty".
    • "Bleed Cat" is now "Bleedin' Rex".
  • Viola's height and weight were changed.
    • Her height, "1.8 m (estimated)", is now "1.7 m (estimated)".
    • Her weight, "64 kg (estimated)", is now "?? kg".