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beatmania 6thMIX: The UK Underground Music

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Title Screen

beatmania 6thMIX: The UK Underground Music

Developer: Konami AMD
Publisher: Konami
Platform: Arcade (Konami Bemani DJ-Main)
Released in JP: July 11, 2001

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

With a new sound director, came a new era for beatmania.
As with 4thMIX, all previous songs were removed in favor of a new, darker approach, with a focus on commissioned artists from the United Kingdom, made explicit by the game's subtitle.

Reach for the promise of glory.
Keep the beat!

Development-Related Text

Game ID

At the beginning of the game's uncompressed HDD data, the following string is found:

 GCA21  beatmania 6th MIX  ver1.00[EOF]


At offset 0x27069 of the game's main CPU is some sort of codename for the game: