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Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree

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Title Screen

Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree

Also known as: Wii de Yawaraka Atama Juku (JP), Big Brain Academy for Wii (EU)
Developer: Nintendo EAD Group No. 4[1]
Publisher: Nintendo[2]
Platform: Wii
Released in JP: April 26, 2007[2]
Released in US: June 11, 2007[2]
Released in EU: July 20, 2007[2]
Released in AU: November 8, 2007[2]
Released in KR: 2008[2]

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

To do:
  • Regional differences (graphical changes; English, Spanish and French text differences between the US and EU versions).
  • There's a mention for loading timeStampP_xx.txt? The commands in WSR and WFP's docs do not work for it, did they use a new combo/method?
  • XLS documents?
  • Apparently, in the NTSC version some voice sounds like the ones used in the hallways do not appear in French and Spanish. But it seems that they are present in the corresponding BRSAR file. Check if they are not leftovers from the European version of the languages and why it happens.

Train your brain! Get a degree in Wii!

Unused Graphics

The entire user folder is chock-full of tests, early versions of minigames, and of course, unused graphics, most likely from an internal developer wiki.

user\kiuchi\cuttingPuzzle\layout.arc has graphics of various pixelated things leftover from the DS game.

Bbawd cuttingpuzzle1.png

There's also some silhouettes of various objects.

Bbawd hikari.png This is my jam. Who's that Pokémon? Bbawd star.png Bbawd Nasi2.png

In user\kiuchi\shooting, there's what seems to be an early version of Speed Spotting, with many pictures. A few remain in the final, but many are only found here.

Bbawd shooting.png

In user\masuda\NandTest, there seems to be graphics left-over from a NAND memory test. The text corresponds to the filenames of the images.

Bbawd cursor0.tpl.png
Bbawd on.tpl.png
Bbawd off.tpl.png
Bbawd read.tpl.png
Read (読み込み)

Bbawd write.png
Write (書き込み)

Bbawd teststart.tpl.png
Test Start (テスト開始)

WARNING: Load with caution!
Bbawd loading02.tpl.png

In user\masuda\NigaoeTest, there's something involving using books from all angles, possibly a portrait test judging by the filename (Nigaoe (似顔絵)).

Bbawd NigaoeTest.png

In user\masuda\SaveBanner, there's a early version of the save banner, along with a little drawing of Dr. Lobe.

Bbawd earlysavebanner.png Bbawd mascotguy.png

In user\ogawa\layout_test, there's a bunch of numbers and... space.

Bbawd space.png
Bbawd numbers.png
The Japanese text translates to "Total" (合計), suggesting that this is from some sort of calculator.

In user\ogawa\ogawaTest, there are buttons and a very strange picture of an aquarium that looks like it's from the DS "prequel". user\waken\buttonTest also has these exact same files.

Bbawd buttons.png
Bbawd aquarium.png

In user\ogawa\test\designer.arc along with some other places, there's some early graphics.

BBAWD-LoseHakari.png BBAWD-WinHakari.png BBAWD-WinLoseHakari.png

The first graphic is present in losehakari.bti and shows Dr. Lobe with a tear in his eye and a white flag in his hand.

The second graphic is present in winhakari.bti and shows Dr. Lobe with a trophy in his hand.

The third graphic is present in winlosehakari.bti and is similar to the second graphic, but the trophy Dr. Lobe is holding in this graphic is shinier.

Present in user/kando/dbController/layout.arc/layout.brlyt, a debug controller.

BBAcademy Wii DebugController.png

Unused Text

user\ogawa\sample has two TXT files. test.txt


The other one is in director.arc. aaa.txt

sample data

Build Date

To do:
Other versions.
TimeStampD_EU.txt (Debug EU) TimeStampD_JP.txt (Debug JP) TimeStampD_US.txt (Debug US) TimeStampD.txt (Debug, no region)
Mar.22.2007 19:06:18
Mar.31.2007 23:19:02
Mar.22.2007 19:01:11
Feb.22.2007 10:35:34
TimeStampP_EU.txt (Product, EU) TimeStampP_JP.txt (Product, JP) TimeStampP_US.txt (Product, US) TimeStampP.txt (Product, no region)
Apr.27.2007 17:17:20
Apr.04.2007 20:30:21
Apr.27.2007 17:16:05
TimeStampR_EU.txt (Release, EU) TimeStampR_JP.txt (Release, JP) TimeStampR_US.txt (Release, US) TimeStampR.txt (Release, no region)
Apr.27.2007 17:16:44
Apr.27.2007 12:54:45
Apr.27.2007 17:15:28
Feb.19.2007 19:10:45
TimeStampV_EU.txt (Develop, EU) TimeStampV_JP.txt (Develop, JP) TimeStampV_US.txt (Develop, US) TimeStampV.txt (Develop, no region)
Mar.22.2007 19:06:42
Apr.26.2007 21:37:33
Mar.22.2007 19:02:44
Feb.24.2007 13:23:39

All of the build dates that are presented above can be found at the root of the game's files.

It's notable that




on it instead of an actual build date.

Internal Project Name

The internal name of the game is Yawaraka, given by many mentions of Yawa and the full term in the game's files and executable. Yawaraka is present in the Japanese name of the game.

Symbol Maps

The folder map has symbol maps for almost all development builds of the game from all regions excluding Japan. Some symbol maps are different across regions. Over 167MB of the disc is consumed off them!

Download.png Download Big Brain Academy Wii symbol maps (Japan)
File: BBAcademySymbolMaps_JP.zip (? KB) (info)

Download.png Download Big Brain Academy Wii symbol maps (Europe)
File: BBAcademySymbolMaps_EU.zip (? KB) (info)

Download.png Download Big Brain Academy Wii symbol maps (North America)
File: BBAcademySymbolMaps_US.zip (? KB) (info)

Download.png Download Big Brain Academy Wii symbol maps (All regions)
File: BBAcademySymbolMaps_AllRegions.zip (6,826 KB) (info)