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Bionic Commando: Elite Forces

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Title Screen

Bionic Commando: Elite Forces

Developer: Nintendo Software Technology
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Game Boy Color
Released in US: January 24, 2000
Released in EU: November 13, 2014 (3DS Virtual Console)
Released in AU: January 2000

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Bionic Commando: Elite Forces is the fourth game in the Bionic Commando line, and the first to offer play as more than one character.

Unused Graphics

Early Logo?


What may have been an early version of the game's title logo. The graphics are actually divided up between two different areas of the ROM.



While the final was only one-player, some graphics remain for multi-player options, which makes sense because there are two characters in this game to choose from.


The two-player modes were to include co-op, competitive, and capture-the-flag.

Crystalis Graphics

Gbcbcomme-crystalis1.png Gbcbcomme-crystalis2.png Gbcbcomme-crystalis3.png

Believe it or not, this game even has graphics from the forthcoming Crystalis GBC port (released approximately five months later) stored away in it!

According to the left image, that game was going to have a title logo based on that of the NES version, but got scrapped in favor of a completely different-looking title screen. The most logical reason why they are here anyway is because both this game and Crystalis GBC were handled by Nintendo Software Technology Corporation.