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Title Screen


Developer: FromSoftware
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation 4
Released in JP: March 26, 2015[1]
Released in US: March 24, 2015[2]
Released in EU: March 25, 2015[3]

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

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In Bloodborne, all you see or seem is but a dream within a dream.


Unused Dialogue

Unused Items

Icon Description Notes
Bloodborne Beast Chalice.png Beast Chalice Chalice with a beast head, use unknown. Most likely to reach the lowest depths of a chalice.
Notebook.jpg Signpost The early version of the Notebook, which allowed for creating notes for others online to see.
Beckoning Bell.jpg Lulling Bell Performs the exact same action as the Beckoning Bell, which summons players to assist.
No Icon Present Telescope Performs the exact same purpose as the Monocular.
Book of Caryll Bloodborne.png Book of Caryll The Book of Caryll is the equivalent of the Caryll runes. Pages of this book were spread out and collected.
Bloodborne Petrified.png Petrified Blood Gems The effect of these types of gems are unknown.
No Icon Present Time Management Use is completely unknown.
Silencing Blank.jpg Parting Shot Performs the exact same purpose as the Silencing Blank.
Bloodborne-Foulsmellingpill.PNG Foul-smelling Pill This was a treasure found in Central Yharnam. It would gradually restore HP.
Bloodborne-HunterBullet.jpg Hunter Bullet An older version of the Quicksilver Bullets, used by firearms.
No Icon Present Consumed Sacred Serum Later became "Lead Elixir" which increases weight and prevents easy staggering.
No Icon Present Blood Purifier Use unknown, most likely something to do with lowering resistance to certain afflictions.
No Icon Present Beast Blood Said to lower resistance to Therianthropy, or beasthood. An item like this doesn't exist in the current game.
No Icon Present Beast Lure Most likely what later became the pebble.
No Icon Present Healing Prevention Later became Numbing Mist, performs its namesake.
Queenly Blood Bloodborne.png Queenly Blood Description reads: "Blood received from Annalise, Vileblood Queen of Cainhurst. Vileblood Hunters who offer sufficient blood dregs are allowed the special honour of imbibing this blood. The sensually sweet gelatinous blood restores HP and temporarily speeds stamina recovery."
No Icon Present Great Bridge Key Dropped by Father Gascoigne in the alpha version of the game along with an unnamed weapon, has no icon. Presumably would have opened the door on the bridge behind the Cleric Beast which leads to the Cathedral Ward. Curiously, there is no way to open the door in the final game even though you can reach the area in Cathedral Ward.
No Icon Present Fresh Livers Fresh Livers act as Boss Souls similar to Dark Souls, letting the player accumulate a large amount of Souls when used. Similar to Dark Souls as well, it is unknown if Boss Weapons could be acquired from these.
No Icon Present Rage of Kos Later became "A Call Beyond" and when cast, it sent down a random tiny meteor. Arcane Item.
No Icon Present Augur of Kos Later became "Augur of Ebrietas" and when cast, it sent out a random tentacle out of the ground. Arcane Item.
No Icon Present Reflective Light Wall Later became "Beast Roar" and when cast, it casted a large white circle around the player, deflecting all incoming projectiles and adds knockback.
No Icon Present Compelling Awakening Later became "Choir Bell" a healing item.
No Icon Present Double Accelerator Later became "Old Hunter's Bone" it turns the player invisible when dodging.
No Icon Present Cane of Shock Later became "Tiny Tonitrus" when cast it sends a wave of electricity in the direction it is cast in. Arcane Item.
No Icon Present Stalker Later became "Executioner's Gloves" when cast, it shoots out three messengers to deal damage. Arcane Item.
No Icon Present Blood Coating Most likely a Chikage-like effect, coating the weapon in blood and doing blood damage, most likely scaled with Bloodtinge.
No Icon Present Magic Enchantment Later became "Phantasm Shell" and applies magic/arcane damage to one's weapon.
No Icon Present Thunder Enchantment Later became "Bolt Paper" and applies bolt/electric damage to one's weapon.
No Icon Present Gunpowder Upgrade Later became "Bone-marrow Ash" and amplifies the damage of a singular bullet, one time use.
Bloodborne Bullet Recovery.png Bullet Recovery Use unknown, most likely used to recover Bullets of a special kind.
Bloodborne Doll Repair Kit.png Doll Repair Kit This along with other parts used to repair the Dream's Doll to unlock an unused ending. This item was found in Cainhurst, most likely in an unused location.
Bloodborne Clocktower Hunter Badge.png Clocktower Hunter Badge Possible drop from Maria or Laurence. DLC item, most likely used to get certain church weapons like the Church Cannon.

Unused Weapons

Name Description
Shotgun There is a model for an unused shotgun, which a shotgun of any kind doesn't exist in the current game.
Short Pistol A short pistol exists but is never used.
Blast Pistol A Small Pistol that looks as if it's supposed to shoot powerful shots.
Flintlock Rifle Short Rifle, simple design.
Rifle Regular Wooden Rifle.
Bloody Lugwig's Rifle It is unknown what this and the other bloody versions did, it's possible it is a visual change after Blood coating is applied.
Dagger Adella does use this in-game, however, it was intended for player use.
Bloody Logarius Wheel Same as Ludwig's Rifle, purpose unknown.
Sword A regular sword, location of obtainment unknown.
Second Sword Magical Looking Sword with yellow rust and engraving on the bottom of the blade.
Shield A regular shield equitable to one from Dark Souls or Demon's Souls.
Pistol Regular Pistol, most likely for simple and large damage.
Dummy Use unknown.
A prototype for every weapon A prototype for every current weapon exists, but if they are extremely different is unknown.
Second Shield Just an unused secondary large shield.
Mergo Attendant Shield A shield used by the Mergo Attendants.
Mergo Attendant Sword A sword used by the Mergo Attendants.
Shrine Knight Shield Shield used by the Shrine Knight's has a gap for weapons.
Shrine Knight Spear Spear used by the Shrine Knight's, uses the gap in shield.
Argonaut Shield Shield used by the Argonauts.
Argonaut Sword Sword used by the Argonauts.
Zweihander A Zweihander used by the King of Blue.
Rapier Rapier that only appears in concept art.
Spiked Whip Spiked Whip only shown in concept art.

Unused Armor

Name Description
Yharnam Spy Set Later became the Harrowed Set
Hunter of Gremia Set Later became Henryk's set, Gremia at one point was Loran.
Annalise's Set Annalise's clothing.
Garden of Eyes Head Head of the Garden of Eyes, found in the beginning of the game upon defeat of a singular Garden.
Mensis Hand Bindings The bindings on the Mensis set only found with Micolash, used in the glove slot.
Medieval Armor Unused set of an Archaic armor, location of obtainment unknown. Most likely for Demon's Souls II. The armor is made of cloth and has a helm with patterns. An insignia is at the back of the cape. Most likely a Cainhurst Armor.
Second Medieval Armor Armor with a curved mouthpiece. The armor itself is simple, looks quite Knight-esque.
Rapier Hunter Set Set of the Rapier hunter, most likely obtained after death of NPC.
Covert Set Is not Djura's set, but with a hood.
Gremia Set Is now Madman's set.

Warp Chairs

In the alpha of the game, the iconic "Lanterns" used to travel from the game's various "Nightmare" locations to the safety of "The Hunter's Dream" were actually chairs that the player could use in which to fall asleep and enter a dreaming state. A fully working Warp Chair can be seen in the video below. Warp chairs seemingly symbolize the dream, along with Mensis who also use these chairs to awake in their Nightmare.

A translation of the on-screen prompts used by Warp Chairs is as follows:

幻影を揺り起こす : "Shake the phantom awake"

寝椅子に座る : "Sit in the [relaxing/sleeping] chair"


Altar of Gremia

These altars can be spotted in the earliest Project Beast trailer. They are statues of a holy woman praying. One can still be seen in the Hunter's Dream but serves no purpose what-so-ever. These statues were at one point the Lanterns of the game, they glowed blue and a blue pike would be jammed into them. They resemble the Archstones from Demon's Souls II somewhat and that is exactly what they are supposed to represent.

Bloodborne Gremia 2.png


At one point, most likely the earliest point in time for Bloodborne, the lanterns were corpses of Yharnamites. They have a skull below them and have their eyes covered. It is also interesting to note, in the reflection texture for the Doll's Brooch, the corpses are the reflection, all in the spots of the current gravestones.

Bloodborne Corpse.png

Blood of a Sage

At one point in the game, instead of Paleblood, Blood of a Sage was the plot's McGuffin which needed to be found by the end of the game. In the most known iteration, Laurence, the Hunter's friend, was seeking the blood to presumably cure the disease of the Hunter. It is unknown if this was like Paleblood; Not really blood at all, though, given its name and how certain characters react to it, it was a real item. The Blood of a Sage could be related to the Sages in the Chalice Dungeons, but it is unknown.

Gameplay/Event/Location Changes


Byrgenwerth was drastically changed, there used to be multiple buildings and a large Plaza. This can only be seen in early maps, however. It suggests that the long hall is the Lecture Hall and the small part at the end is actually the Altar of Despair. The large building is also unknown, it is seemingly completely scrapped. The caverns under Iosefka's clinic most likely were also in Byrgenwerth.


In the Hunters' Nightmare, the Astral Clocktower in the background has an obviously different design than what is shown now. There's a long bridge connecting both Clocktowers and the bridge doesn't connect to the Clock face. Well, the bridge does lead somewhere and most likely lead to a roof. This is actually one of if not the first design for the Astral Clocktower, which was supposed to be in the Waking World and it was all apart of Upper Cathedral Ward.

In the Witch's Abode, it is obvious that there is another floor that is unused. Also in Hemwick, it was the original starting area. The hunter possibly awoke in that third floor, then dropped down to that dead hunter. Once touched, the "Torch of the Hunt" is transferred and is given to the main character. This seemingly was one of the earliest starting areas, Hemwick was one of, if not the first developed location for the game. There is also seemingly an unused path to Yharnam via Hemwick separated by an iron fence.

An unused building near the Grand Cathedral was discovered, it looked quite castle like and is entirely unknown what purpose it serves. It is possible that it was an early draft of the School of Mensis.

Along with the Grand Cathedral is an unused secondary floor that looks identical to the previous floor, just older. The lamp for this locale is called "Secret Place of the Moon" in which is can be presumed it was a holy place in which Moon Worship took place. In this place was also the Skull of Laurence, but a Human Skull, which implies the Healing Church hid the fact their founder died a beast. The beast skull of Laurence is seemingly in an underground space, which can still be seen realized in the game's CGI trailer.


In Upper Cathedral Ward, it is quite apparent there is an unused third floor. What this floor would have contained or had is not known, it possibly connects to the pipes and the singing that can be heard. Upper Cathedral Ward also is a point of interest, as it can be surmised that it connected to other places. In early maps it is obvious there is an elevator and paths that possibly connect to the old location of the Hunter's Workshop. The path to the elevator can also still be seen in-game if at the beginning bridge in Upper Cathedral Ward.

Cathedral Elevator.png
Bloodborne Upper Cathedral ward.png

In the Concept Art books there is an obvious lack of the Lunarium, Mergo's Wet Nurse at this time was a Mid game boss which, it is unknown what boss was here. It is possible Micolash was the only boss here and then it lead to the endgame.

00128 00129.jpg

In Yahar'gul there are obvious unused second floors to the buildings, furniture is placed there as if they were supposed to be used. However, no seeming pathways are alluded to being able to access them. It is also not known what kind of effect they would have on gameplay.

In Cainhurst, the map has been completely chopped up. Even in the beginning, it is quite obvious the bridge does not line up exactly to Hemwick as it suggests. There are multiple broken connections or newly added connections. There is also an unused elevator to the Logarius boss room. There is also an unused location for the Queen's chamber under the current building it is now. The path to the boss room is also not connected to its current path. It is also obvious from the Early Map there are some unused wings and builds on the castle never explored.

Cain's Hurst.png

Oedon Chapel and the Tomb of Oedon was once named Gremia Chapel and Tomb of Gremia respectively.

At one point, the Hunter's Dream was called the Dream Refuge. The Dream at one point was also a Mansion or Manor of some sort. A dream for the diseased as cut dialogue suggests.

An unused map in the Chalice Dungeons has an extremely deep meaning to people knowledgeable of cut content and or Demon's Souls. This map is quite literally the shore the Old One was hosted at below the Nexus. It is an uncanny resemblance. This implies that Yharnam is quite a few ways up in terms of the world. With this, it cannot be said if the Nexus in a way became the Chalice Dungeons. Additionally, it can always be surmised that Great Ones are just Demons who have started to be worshipped like Gods. It is possible the boss of this Arena, the Moon Presence or at this time, Ebrietas, is the Maiden in Black. This map has Loran and Isz variants, lore wise this means nothing as there was only one beach in Demon's Souls. As well, this is in fact the Lake of Mud referred to by Micolash in the final game, replaced by the shore in the Fishing Hamlet. Lastly, in concept art, this shore is apparent. In this art, a quite noticeable baby carriage can be seen, implying Mergo was there at some point, which makes a bit of sense.

Bloodborne Far Shore of Reminiscence.jpg
Bloodborne - Unused Shore.png

Old Yharnam suggests multiple paths that have been cut, and suggesting that at the end of the level, it would branch off into multiple paths.

Unused Lamp Names:

- Secret Place of the Moon

- The Idiot of the Moon

- Boss Room of the Imprisoning Church

- Shrine of the Diseased


Enemies were intended to move according to the ringing of the Clock Tower bell. This was indicated in early interviews. The reason for this is most likely that the Yharnamites were sick of the Healing Church and their constant lying.

There is an unused cutscene that revealed the Cleric Beast in the Grand Cathedral, he jumped down from the second floor.

The Rom Corpse in the Altar of Despair is associated with a deleted cutscene, this cutscene is unknown. This corpse would appear after Rom's defeat.

There is an unused cutscene featuring Gehrman and Laurence, where the two discussed some ethics and that Laurence would soon save Gehrman. This cutscene and plotline is unknown; It is most likely associated with an also unused concept where the Moon Presence ate a victor of a duel.

At one point, the Lumenwood flowers were supposed to open up, suggesting at one point, the Gardens were available in an early point in time via the elevator then later they would open.

Gameplay/Lore Concepts

Multiple redrafts of Maps, most can be seen from different angles of faraway maps. Best example is looking at Yharnam from Witch's Abode.

Ebrietas was in the Grand Cathedral guarding Laurence's skull, the reason for this is unknown. By this time, Ebrietas was "Kos" and was going to be summoned to Mensis as well. This is why Kos is referred to in Mensis by Micolash rather than Ebrietas.

The Hunter's Workshop in the waking world was located near the Entrance to Yahar'gul, if one leaves Shining Coins all around the Workshop, and then returns to the path near Yahar'gul, the shining coins can be seen. The Lumenwood Gardens used to connect to the Workshop and Yahar'gul.

Messengers seem to be extremely important, even in earlier drafts they were very important. They were on the Fog Walls and in concept art, they are in some bodies of enemies. Most noteably, they attached themselves to an unused version of the Moon presence.

During early drafts, an outright vampiric tone was present throughout. Pthumerians are most obviously some sort of vampire given their looks and affinity for Blood. Archibald in his early draft essentially calls the Hunter a vampire; Cainhurst as well is Dracula's Castle.

The Great Bridge shortcut used to work.

Madman Set being called "Gremia Set" most likely in reference to Gremia the Great One.

The Oedon Chapel path was completely different, being a staircase instead of the tiny study then ladder.

In earlier builds, Loran Clerics littered Central Yharnam, mostly near the Grand Cathedral. Mad ones also were available throughout all of Yharnam and were able to be called in every Yharnam area. And lastly Pthumerians were in Old Yharnam, many of them. This makes sense given Old Yharnam is located near Pthumeru. PThumerians were also in Forbidden Forest, near what used to be Isz.

The path to Upper Cathedral Ward used to be different, via an elevator.

Boss Changes and Unused Bosses

Father Gascoigne

The bossfight in the alpha remains mostly unchanged but with slight details. In the alpha Father Gascoigne's boss display name changes from when he transforms into a beast:

ガスコイン神父 - Father Gascoigne


ガスコイン神父(獣)- Father Gascoigne (Beast)

Gascoigne's pistol shots could also destroy the tombstones. Gascoigne's model has some lighter texturing indicating that it may have been unfinished at the time.

Alternate Moon Prescence

The secret final boss of the game had a larger body and used tentacles to attack. Via a Chalice Dungeon glyph (be sure to back up your save before trying the glyph: sikgc3sm) this fight is accessible but is very unfinished. Falling into the void behind the boss hallway returns you to the Hunter's Dream.

Bloodborne Unused Presence.png

Ghost Moon Presence

In the files there is a Moon Presence that looks completely ethereal, it was possibly used for a cutscene that no longer exists. It is also unknown what cutscene that this Moon Presence takes place in, it is most likely in the Hunter's Dream.

Bloodborne Ghost God.png

Saint Laura

Shots in trailers indicate that both the Cleric Beast and Ebrietas were in Amelia's position at the Grand Cathedral during development. Amelia herself was in Hemwick Charnel lane in a place called the "Witches Abode", Amelia's early name was Saint Laura.

Snake Ball

The Snake ball is a giant intertwined group of snakes that replaced the Shadows of Yharnam. It has large cyst covered heads that bite the Hunter and then tosses them around. This is more appropriate given the name of the forest is the Forest of Snakes. This boss has been restored in some capacity here.

King in Blue

King in Blue was the King of Cainhurst and was cut for unknown reasons. This boss had multiple forms, and carries seemingly a Zweihander, it is also possible this was a common enemy.

Bloodborne King in Blue.png
Bloodborne King.png

Provost Willem

Willem at one point was one of or the only boss at Byrgenwerth. He seemingly wanted the Hunter to search for eyes and at the end of this seemed questline he would want the Hunter to become his sacrifice. He would then become hostile and then attack. He would cast magic and also have eyeballs surrounding him to attack. During this he would speak in tongues, seemingly elevated in thought somewhat, following is a showcase here.

Great One Beast

The Great One beast is a very large quadruped beast with electric power. It is extremely agile and is able to get around whilst attacking with no issue. This boss has been completely restored and showcased here.

Lady Maria

Concept art indicates that Maria's 2nd phase had a more ghastly transformation. The transformed state resembles the Pthumerian Chalice Dungeon bosses.

Knight and Stead

A Knight like boss with an untextured model (with the exception of his helmet) along with a halberd weapon (with banner attached) and with a model for a horse that he would ride. The helmet has a mild resemblance to the Penetrator boss of Demon's Souls, a beard of sorts flows out from under the helmet indicating that the Knight is extremely old, the armor has some arrows sticking out of it, and most distinctively the Knight has a peg leg which connects to the Cainhurst Knight motiff of losing their right legs.

Bloodborne Knight.png


One of the stranger unused bosses, a feather-winged fire demon with a second head embedded in its side and wielding a large gnarly axe. It is completely unknown what location this boss was used in. It seems to look this way due to the changing interpretation of Demon's in the collective unconscious. The fog most likely summoned it.

Bloodborne Creeper.png

Lesser Demon of Death and Darkness

This is actually just the Wet Nurse, her name and purpose entirely changed. She was a dream demon, she also is Iosefka, the early version, but when the transformation takes place is unknown. The spiders in Mensis are actually "Devotee of Death and Darkness" suggesting a cult around the Demon was constructed.


At one point, Amygdala was the final boss. If one has a good eye, it will be more than obvious Amygdalae already have an important place in Yharnam. In the Grand Cathedral, there are many Amygdala statues lining the way to the sanctum. There is also many Amygdalae imagery in Yhahar'gul. The internal name for Amygdala is "False God" which implies much.

Boss Name Switches

Name Name Change
Kos Ebrietas
Ebrietas Moon Presence
Ebrietas Kos
Amygdala God's False Angel
Rom, The Vacuous Spider Rom, The Idiot of the Moon

Unused NPCs


Archibald is a character that is referenced in the current game as the creator of the Spark Hunter workshop. However, in an early version of the game he was an NPC that could seemingly do something with Blood Gems. He asks for powerful Blood Gems, though what he does is not known, possibly amplifying their power. It seems after some time he becomes blood-drunk and becomes hostile, possibly becoming a Lycanthrope.


Izzy is a character referenced in the current game as the creator of beast items. He looks up to Beast Hunters and wishes to be one of them. He's curious as to why the Hunter talks to the Doll as she doesn't talk to him. His location is unclear but it's almost certain that he was in one of the Workshops.

The Craftsman

A Character that is an Old Man who is essentially implied to have created the Doll. It can be surmised that the Craftsman took Gehrman's place.

Slug Princess

Seemingly an NPC that is used for dialogue testing. However, she speaks in nonsense, seemingly a made up language. Her appearance is closely related to the snail women in the Fishing Hamlet.

Picture of the Slug Princess:

Bloodborne 2290433b.jpg

Cainhurst Library NPC

This NPC is unknown in his purpose, however, his model is still left behind using an older version of the Healing Church's attire. He would most likely be found at the table before going atop the Cainhurst Rooftop, in the library. It is most likely why there are books all of the place. He is not the Byrgenwerth betrayer, however.

Picture of the Cainhurst NPC:

Bloodborne Cainhurst NPC.png


Unknown, possibly Eileen before she became who she is. In early builds, the crow set is called "Brandon's Set".


Seemingly the name of the role of current Laurence, his name is used in the Byrgenwerth cutscene instead of Laurence.

Beta Iosefka

A woman representing a similar proportion to the Eye Collectors in the current game. She is in the Clinic when the Hunter wakes up. She informs the Hunter about many basic early game information. A keen eye can notice that her clothing is extremely similar to Mergo's Wet Nurse, which this NPC does turn into sometime in the mid-game.

Picture of Beta Iosefka:

Bloodborne Iosefka.png

Best Friend Laurence

This Laurence is extremely vague. Laurence at this stage was the best friend of the Main Character and brings them to Yharnam to seek a cure for their affliction. However, it has been a few weeks since then and Laurence is most likely stuck in the Beast Scourge. It is quite unknown what happens to this Laurence, it is possible it did not make it far at all.

Blood-letting Beast Laurence

This Laurence is simple, Laurence is the Blood-letting Beast in the Chalice dungeons. Given by the head in the church matches with the Blood-letting Beasts' skull and it'd make sense as to why Laurence would be in the dungeons, to seek another Cord to reach Gehrman. There is unused dialogue for the Beast's head when dead, a similar mechanic to Ludwig. However, dialogue relating exactly to Laurence is unknown. It is most likely the case that this plotline was still considered until last minute, given that the Japanese name "獣血の主" can directly be translated as "Host/Lord of the Beast Blood".

Vicar Micolash

This Micolash a completely new NPC, first seen in possibly the Grand Cathedral, after slaying the Cleric Beast; The hunter is congratulated for liberating a Cleric called Norbert/Herbert (depends on the official subs) and realizes the Hunter is afflicted with a Nightmare. Then, sends them to Byrgenwerth through the forest of snakes. Soon it seems this Micolash goes insane slowly with Eldritch Knowledge, it is possible that he pushes the Hunter into the lake at Hemwick and then commences his Boss Fight which does not at all change.


At some point Gremia was a human NPC, their use is unknown.

Unused Yahar'gul NPC

Purpose unknown, possibly linked to the three also used sacrifice NPCs.

Vileblood Drifter Leo

Unknown use, however, his face data still exists in the game. Most likely found at Cainhurst.

Picture of Leo:


Unused Enemies

King of Skeleton

Most likely basic mob, skeleton in regal clothing and a sword. Location unknown, definite use for Demon's Souls II.

Shrine Knight

Golden Knight with multiple weapons and a shield. Location unknown, however, keep in mind the structures beyond the Hunter's Dream are called "Shrines".

Burnt Warrior

A burned most likely pthumerian who is continuously burning, location unknown, however, it is most likely an Old Yharnam enemy.


A Wolf with armor, and can wield multiple weapons, however, its location and use is unknown.


A tiny squid-like creature. Most likely the previous Wandering Nightmare equivalent. It opened and screamed and most likely was meant to disorientate or alert nearby enemies.

Rat Hog

Official name is unknown, however, it seems to be somewhat of an important entity. For Project Beast, its concept art was used for the game's loading screen. It is unknown what location it was designed for. It seems to just be a beast transformation.

Picture of the loading screen:

Bloodborne Project Beast Loading Screen.png


A large human in arm bindings and an extremely enlarged head. It's possible that they were apart of the Astral Clocktower that was going to be in the base game. It can slam its' head and it crawls using its hands.

Evil Spirit

An older man with no arms, long white hair and a white robe. It is unknown where it was going to be, the code to load it in is still in the game meaning it almost got into the game.

Small Orphan of Kos

Purpose entirely unknown, just a smaller Orphan of Kos model like an infant.

Demon's Fanatic

This actually still exists as the Oedon Chapel Dweller, it was most likely a Chalice Dungeon enemy.


These also still exist in the game. The large viscera statues in Yahar'gul are these enemies with a stone texture applied to them. They are referred to as Prisoners, and the cages in Mensis held them. Guarding them were Eye collectors, who were the Jailers.

Lesser Demon

The non-boss variant of the Lesser Demon/Creeper. Usually comes with two heads, wields a scythe. Noticeably more thin than the Boss variant.

Gun Shadow of Yharnam

A Shadow of Yharnam with a shotgun.

Cannon Church Giant

A Church Giant with a Cannon, most likely used in Cathedral Ward.