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Bloody Roar 2 (PlayStation)

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Title Screen

Bloody Roar 2

Also known as: Bloody Roar 2: Bringer of the New Age (JP/EU)
Developers: Eighting, Raizing
Publishers: Hudson Soft (JP), SCEA (US), Virgin Interactive (EU)
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: January 28, 1999
Released in US: April 30, 1999
Released in EU: July 1999

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

To do:
  • Add images for debug mode.
  • Explain the functions in debug mode.

Bloody Roar 2! The new breed!

Debug Mode

Use this GameShark code in the US version and hold X + Circle while selecting "OPTIONS" or "CUSTOM" to enter the debug mode:

8015BA00 BD60
8015BA00 B130
8015C7B0 CA48
8015C7B0 B130
  • GAUGE:
  • FIELD:
  • BG:
  • SHADOW: changes shadows from below the characters (OFF) to behind them (ON).
  • CPU:
  • 1PMESS:
  • 2PMESS:
  • 1PTOUCH:
  • 2PTOUCH:
  • 1PDISP:
  • 2PDISP:
  • 320x240: changes the resolution of the game, most resolutions don't match the game's actual resolution. the actual resolution is 512x480.

Note that after the debug mode is entered, the game resolution is changed and can only be changed through the 320x240 option.

Also, note that entering the debug mode through the "CUSTOM" option will give you less options than entering through "OPTIONS".

Regional Differences

The opening movie for the Japanese version was replaced in the International versions of the game. Strangely, the European version's intro features the US version's logo, despite retaining the logo and name from the Japanese version.

Japan US/Europe