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Bloons Tower Defense 5 (Adobe Flash)

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Title Screen

Bloons Tower Defense 5

Developer: Ninja Kiwi
Publisher: Ninja Kiwi
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released internationally: December 15, 2011

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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The long-awaited (at the time) sequel to Bloons Tower Defense 4, Bloons Tower Defense 5 was a massive expansion to the series' tried-and-true formula of simians attacking horribly misspelled bags of helium.

In 2012, a deluxe version and a mobile version were released (the former of which is now gone forever), and in 2020, this version of the game was re-released alongside the company's other Flash games under the Ninja Kiwi Archive on Steam, ensuring the game's continued existence beyond Flash's discontinuation.

To do:
  • More invisible and offscreen UI elements.
  • The Bloon Circles track has unused objects.
  • Pre-release content. Some aspects of the game from the trailers are slightly different from the final, such as activated ability buttons having background colours other than red.
  • Unused daily challenge parameters, and a hidden "test challenge" that can be enabled with hacks.
̽Add logo asset darkening info from here.


Unused Graphics and Animations

Unused Objects

Bloon Trap

The trap in-game(behavior given to Base 0-0 Dart Monkey).

The Monkey Engineer's Bloon Traps from BTD5 Deluxe exist, and appear to be mostly functional. When spawned on the path, it automatically sucks in up to 250 bloons that pass over it. Once the trap is full, it will explode after a few seconds, giving cash equal in value to all the bloons it sucked in. It can also be manually harvested by clicking, which gives double the amount of cash it would otherwise. The sucking sprites do not correctly show however, even though they do exist, and when the trap is full, it glides off the track. The flashing when full animation from BTD5 Deluxe is not present either.

Unused Weapons

Bloonchipper and Monkey Engineer

Unused weapons("attack behaviors") for the Monkey Engineer and the Bloonchipper, towers exclusive to the deluxe and portable versions, are present in the files. They have been in the files since the 170812(August 17, 2012) update, and seem to be an earlier version of their stats. Bloons TD 5 Deluxe was built from this game, so it is not odd for them to be here.


var _loc116_:Single = new Single("NailGun").Range(600).Power(1050).ReloadTime(0.71).Projectile(_loc12_).Rotate(true);
         var _loc117_:Single = new Single("NailGunSprockets").Range(600).Power(1050).ReloadTime(0.53).Projectile(_loc13_).Rotate(true);
         var _loc118_:Single = new Single().Range(161).Power(805).ReloadTime(0.94).Projectile(_loc11_).Rotate(true);
         var _loc119_:Single = new Single().Range(161).Power(805).ReloadTime(0.705).Projectile(_loc11_).Rotate(true);
         var _loc120_:CreateSentry = new CreateSentry("SentryCreate").ReloadTime(10).Sentry("Sentry");
         var _loc121_:CreateSentry = new CreateSentry().ReloadTime(7).Sentry("SentrySprockets");
         var _loc125_:SpikeSpread = new SpikeSpread().Power(115).ReloadTime(5).Projectile(_loc14_).Rotate(false);
var _loc11_:ProjectileDef = new ProjectileDef().Display(Dart).Pierce(1).DamageEffect(new DamageEffectDef().Damage(1).CantBreak(Vector.<int>([Bloon.LEAD])).CanBreakIce(false));
         var _loc12_:ProjectileDef = new ProjectileDef().Display(Nail).Pierce(3).DamageEffect(new DamageEffectDef().Damage(1).CantBreak(Vector.<int>([Bloon.LEAD])).CanBreakIce(false));
         var _loc13_:ProjectileDef = new ProjectileDef().Display(Nail).Pierce(8).DamageEffect(new DamageEffectDef().Damage(1).CantBreak(Vector.<int>([Bloon.LEAD])).CanBreakIce(false));
         var _loc14_:ProjectileDef = new ProjectileDef().Display(FoamSplat).Pierce(int.MAX_VALUE).Radius(15).RemoveCamo(true).RemoveRegen(true).EffectMask(Vector.<int>([Bloon.IMMUNITY_NONE])).DamageEffect(new DamageEffectDef().Damage(1).CantBreak(Vector.<int>([Bloon.RED,Bloon.BLUE,Bloon.GREEN,Bloon.YELLOW,Bloon.PINK,Bloon.BLACK,Bloon.WHITE,Bloon.ZEBRA,Bloon.RAINBOW,Bloon.CERAMIC,Bloon.MOAB,Bloon.BFB,Bloon.BOSS])).CanBreakIce(false)).Behavior(new projectiles.behavior.BehaviorDef().RoundOver(new RoundOverDestroy()).Process(new Friction()).Destroy(new RemoveSpikeSpread()));

Differences between Flash and Deluxe

Seems that the engineer was buffed all over the place, as with these stats, the Monkey Engineer would be worse in most areas compared to Bloons TD 5 Deluxe, due to all upgrades having much slower attack speed. Only the Cleansing Foam(Foam Splat here) was better than final, having infinite pierce. And even then, it's foam radius was smaller, it's foam time to reload was double, and it used the Spike Factory's process, making the foam even slower. Some stats are simpler, like the weapons used the default class name Single instead of the unique SingleNailGun. Other stats seem to be placeholders, like Cleansing Foam using Spike Factory's Friction process rather than the CleansingFoamProcess process built for it.

This list goes from Deluxe to Flash in terms of changes.

  • - Base Engineer attacks slower (reload time 0.645 --> 0.71)
  • = Different class name for first line (SingleNailGun to Single)
  • - Sprockets upgrade attacks slower (0.516 --> 0.53)
  • - Fast Engineering sentry creation speed reduced (reload time 6 --> 7)
  • = "Index ()" method in first line is not included.
  • = loc121 is used by the Sprockets upgrade instead of the the Fast Engineering upgrade.
  • - Sentries attack slower (reload time 0.8 --> 0.94)
  • - Sprockets upgrade sentries attack slower (reload time 0.53 --> 0.705)
  • - Sentries have less pierce (2 --> 1)
  • + Cleansing Foam's foam pierce increased to infinite (30 --> int.MAX_Value)
  • - Cleansing Foam's foam radius reduced (25 --> 15)
  • = Sentries fire darts instead of nail pins.
  • = Cleansing Foam upgrade uses different projectile (Bubbles1 --> FoamSplat)
  • - 9-inch nails evidently doesn't pop frozen bloons, as Sprocket's weapon at loc13 can't. Further proof that these stats are early, as in earlier Deluxe update versions, 9-inch nails could not pop frozen bloons.
  • = Cleansing Foam uses a different process (CleansingFoamProcess --> Friction)
  • - Cleansing Foam's foam creation time increased (reload time 2.5 --> 5)


         var _loc122_:SuckBloon = new SuckBloon().Range(600).Power(1050).ReloadTime(0.29).Rotate(true);
         var _loc123_:SuckBloon = new SuckBloon().Range(600).Power(1050).ReloadTime(0.29 * 0.75).Rotate(true);
         var _loc124_:SuckBloon = new SuckBloon().Range(600).Power(1050).ReloadTime(0.29 / 3).Rotate(true);

Differences between Flash and Deluxe

Like the Engineer, the Bloonchipper would be worse compared to Bloons TD 5 Deluxe, but to a much lesser extent.

Again, this difference goes from Deluxe to Flash in terms of changes.

  • - Triple Barrel attacks slower from 4x as fast to 3x as fast (0.29 / 4 --> 0.29 / 3)

Invisible/Offscreen UI elements



Tactics are a completely unused mechanic; they have been hidden off-screen since launch. The graphic was removed in later versions, but still exists in Bloons TD 5 Deluxe. Since the Special Ability button in the final game is named useTactics_btn internally, it is likely that Tactics were precursors to Special Abilities.

Unused Text

Wizard Lord Description

No longer an apprentice, this monkey wizard has mastered the dark side and needs to absorb the tower with the most cash put in to it to survive.

The Wizard Lord has a unique description for its tooltip, separate from the Monkey Apprentice. This is impossible to view, as the tower only comes pre-placed in a special mission and cannot be selected from the tower menu.

Mode Description Placeholders

In early versions of BTD5, the script that handled the menu for choosing game modes contained placeholder descriptions for each mode. All these strings were removed in an update.


Click this one if you're a total NOOB!


Click this one if you're bored of easy!


Click this one if you're totally 1337 or something...


Ever taken a girl to the beach? Something about experimenting.




Make no mistake.  The end IS coming.

Early Track Names

In early versions of BTD5, there were no tooltips for the tracks, meaning there was no way to see the names of the tracks in-game at the time. The strings containing the names for the tracks did exist, but were unused until tooltips were added in an update, which also changed the names of several tracks.

Early Final
Park Path
Bloon Circles
On The Clock
The Rink

Placeholder Text

As is standard for Adobe Flash games by this developer, there is a lot of placeholder text.


A placeholder game mode name.


Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah Blah blah blah blah blahlah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah Blah blah blah blah

A placeholder upgrade name and description.


super irate glaive moab mauling bom

Description of something you've just

Placeholder text for unlocking new upgrades.

Name of something
Name of something


Placeholder text for reaching a new rank.

moar text
moar text

Placeholder text for encountering a special bloon type for the first time.


You and BottleOpener completed this coop track on:

Placeholder text and dummy names for co-op mode. "BottleOpener" is the username of a developer at Ninja Kiwi.


A placeholder special agent name.

Some description
about this piece
of land goes

5% discount on dart monkeys

All tack towers do 5% less damage :(

Placeholder text for specialty buildings.

Quest description goes here Quest description goes here Quest description goes here Quest description goes here Quest

Dart Monkeys

Placeholder quest text.

some text
some text
some text
some text

A placeholder premium item description.


  • The track used in the Protect Monkey Town mission is considered Beginner difficulty. Since the track cannot be selected on the track menu, this parameter is never seen.
  • The image used for the Full House mission thumbnail is named two_of_a_kind. This suggests the mission originally had a different objective, challenging the player to use only two towers per type at a time (like a less extreme version of the mission There Can Be Only One), rather than 5 towers of any type.
    • Funnily enough, there is a daily challenge in the final game that is also named "Two of a Kind", where using only two towers per type at a time is the exact objective.
  • The Wizard Lord, like the Monkey Apprentice, is configured to contribute to the Temple of the Monkey God's tornado-type attack when sacrificed. However, the Wizard Lord cannot be sacrificed, and it has no cash value, so this parameter is never utilised.
  • Triple Lives in the files is called DoubleHealth instead of TripleHealth, meaning it originally gave 2x the lives in modes instead of 3x the lives.
    • This would have made it the lives equivalent of Double Cash.
  • The Wizard Lord strangely isn't actually called the Wizard Lord in the files. Instead, it is called "Druid", meaning that it originally had a very different concept, and likely would have resembled the class from ancient Celtic folklore. It would have at least had the sacrificing mechanic of the Wizard Lord, as seen by the Wizard Lord's sacrificing animation being named DruidScream. In this game's sequel, a new tower, named the Druid, was added to the game, which also inherited the Monkey Apprentice's lightning spells, likely a homage to this fact.