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Body Harvest

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Title Screen

Body Harvest

Developer: DMA Design
Publishers: Gremlin Interactive (EU), Midway Games (US)
Platform: Nintendo 64
Released in US: September 30, 1998
Released in EU: September 30, 1998

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Grand Theft Auto Body Harvest is a 3D sandbox linear 3rd person shooter game where you do missions for gangs and kill random pedestrians shoot giant bugs.


Building Interiors
There are a large number of building interiors that are inaccessible in the final game.

Build Info

If you name the third save slot "GRIMLN", build information will be displayed on the Start screen.

Body Harvest Title Version NTSC.png Body Harvest Title Version PAL.png

Unused Graphics

HUD icons from earlier versions of the game can be found loaded in RAM.

Body harvest siberia placeholder portrait.png
One of the character portraits for the Siberia level is a simple placeholder image.

Disabled Cheats

The game features a number of cheat codes which can be entered during gameplay. There are six cheats which have been disabled in the final game by putting an unmapped letter (z) in front of them, but they can be re-enabled with a hacking device. To make them work, your save file must be named ICHEAT, the specific cheat's GameShark code has to be enabled, and the button code must be entered during gameplay. Interestingly, one of these cheats can be seen being used in a pre-release screenshot.

Cheat Name GameShark Code Button Code Description
Award 8113B9A0 6177
8113B9A2 6172
8113B9A4 6400
Press A, C-Left, A, Right, D. Unknown effect.
Defender 8113B9F0 6465
8113B9F2 6665
8113B9F4 6E64
8113B9F6 6572
8113B9F8 0000
Press Down, C-Right, Z, C-Right, C-Up, Down, C-Right, Right. Adam is surrounded by a small blue shield which
makes him invincible to most attacks.
Farewell 8113B950 6661
8113B952 7265
8113B954 7765
8113B956 6C6C
8113B958 0000
Press Z, A, Right, C-Right, C-Left, C-Right, Left, Left. Ends the current level and takes you to the next one.
Freed 8113B9C0 6672
8113B9C2 6565
8113B9C4 6400
Press Z, Right, C-Right, C-Right, Down. If Snared cheat is active, this will deactivate it, releasing all aliens.
Snared 8113B9B0 736E
8113B9B2 6172
8113B9B4 6564
8113B9B6 0000
Press C-Down, C-Up, A, Right, C-Right, Down. All aliens in the level are frozen in place.
Wander 8113B980 7761
8113B982 6E64
8113B984 6572
8113B986 0000
Press C-Left, A, C-Up, Down, C-Right, Right. Adam floats in the air and moves around the map very quickly
by using the control stick. Press Z to fall to the ground.
(Source: Jaytheham (GameShark Codes))

Unused Vehicles & Buildings

The Java landing craft model, it has no textures. BodyHarvest-LandingCraft2.png

  • The Java level data includes data and an untextured model for a WWII-esque landing craft, as well as a variation of the Japanese Zero fighter plane which is incomplete and crashes the game.

The Alien Tank from America.

  • The America level has an Alien vehicle called the Alien Tank. It has twin lasers and handles like a helicopter-hovercraft hybrid (it gets stuck in the ground quite often when driven though). In the official DMA guide, it is mentioned that you can receive an "Alien Tank" from the Man in Black, but in the final game the Man in Black gives you a UFO, not the tank.

The unused jet model from America.

  • America also has a model of a green fighter jet that is not assigned to any vehicle data.

Early house model in Greece. Early destroyed house model.

  • There are a couple of building models which are not used in the final game, and some damage models for buildings which are used but can never be damaged - therefore it is not normally ever possible to see them.
  • The Siberia level has an incomplete variation of the APC vehicle in its data.

Debug Features

The game had a debug menu during development, but the main function, which is still called from the gameplay loop, has been nulled in the release builds (800959dc (US)). These are the major menu headings:

Global variables
Timing bars
Body Harvest Timing bars.png

You can activate what appears to be the Timing Bars feature by changing it to something greater than 0000. The two bars seem to measure how long it takes to draw a frame, or something similar, as they grow in length as the game gets busy and slows down.

Version GameShark code
USA 80047720 0001
Europe 80047750 0001
Debug menu helper function displaying some of the current vehicles stats (Adam is technically a vehicle).

Although the main debug menu function has been nulled, two helper functions (80095530 & 8009594c (US)) have survived. 8009594c is for displaying the sub-menu items and can still be successfully called with some parameters. 80095530 may have to do with navigation of the menus.


Setting the halfword at 80047710 (US) to FF9D allows a function, referred to as "DisplayForces" by some debugger text, to run in its entirety. It draws bounding boxes around some objects.

Body Harvest-Indoor debug pad.png
Body Harvest-Indoor debug collision.png
Body Harvest-Indoor debug door walkto position.png

There is an indoor object debugger still in the game and active with no hacks or button codes. While inside a building, the controller in port 2 controls the debugger. If you have a hack in place to view the debugger console output mentioned below, you will see useful messages about the current mode, selected object, and changes you make to its state. The L & R buttons are used to choose the active object from those in the current room. The A button cycles through the available debug modes, when you first enter a building it will always start off.


  • Only L, R, and A do anything while no mode is active.


  • This mode shows the "pad" of the current object (if it has one) as a solid red rectangle. Pads appear to be the region you can stand in and press A to interact with the object.
  • Start button will reset the pad to its original size and position.
  • D-Pad Up and Down change the pad's X position.
  • D-Pad Left and Right change the pad's width.


  • Shows the current object's collision as a green rectangle.
  • D-Pad Up and Down change the collision depth.
  • D-Pad Left and Right change the collision width.


  • Shows the current object's sub collision as a blue rectangle. E.g.: Filing cabinets have a sub-collision for the drawer that extends when you open them.
  • D-Pad changes the collision's width and depth.
  • C-buttons change the collisions X and Z offset.

GFX Off change

  • If the selected object has an associated graphics effect, you can move it. Graphics effects are, for example, a fire-place's flames or a candle's flame.
  • C-Up and C-Down buttons change the effect's Y offset.
  • D-Pad changes the effect's X and Z offset.


  • The selected door's walkto position will be indicated with a yellow square.
  • D-Pad changes the X and Z position of the walkto. Moving this doesn't appear to have any effect on the door, however.


  • The selected object's walkto position will be indicated with a yellow square.
  • D-Pad changes the X and Z position of the walkto. Not sure what effect, if any, this has.

There appears to be a debug camera mode also, although how it is activated properly is uncertain. Set the byte at 800E73DF (US) to 2 or 5 while indoors and you can move the camera around with the buttons on controller 2.

If you hold Z on controller 2 while changing weapons to the pistol, the game will select gun model 0 instead of gun model 1. However gun model 0 appears to be part of Adam's armor and not a valid weapon model, so as long you hold Z Adam will just attempt over and over again to draw the pistol without success.

Pressing R on controller 2 will open the shield wall portal to the next part of the stage, allowing access to it without killing the current processor.

There are also a lot of debugging messages still in the game which are sent to a nerfed debugger print function, they look something like this when working correctly:

Regional Differences

Both the US and European releases feature two levels of difficulty, Hero and Zero (EU)/Easy (US). On the US version's Easy difficulty, you can complete the entire game. However, the European version's Zero only lets you play the first three levels. After completing America, you receive the following message:

Well done, trooper!...%C..
You saved Earth's past from the...
alien threat. Now return to...
the past to free the future and...
become a HERO! Good luck!

The first message you receive from Daisy is different in each version:

Europe US

Let's see if we can
find out what's been
happening here...

Try the village ahead.
Check your MAP
to fix your position.

And remember, I'm
always here for you in

Good luck !

Let's see if we can
find out what's been
happening here...

Try the village ahead.
Check your MAP
to fix your position.

You should re-enter
Alpha Command
for important

instructions on
how to operate
your equipment.

Good luck !