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Bolt (Wii)

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Title Screen


Developer: Avalanche Software
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Platform: Wii
Released in US: November 18, 2008
Released in EU: February 13, 2009
Released in AU: December 4, 2008

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

To do:
Get info about its recently released Debug prototype.

One of the many multi-platform Wii games based off an animated movie from the 2000s.



Developer Comments
Developer notices everywhere.
Unused Text Files
Explicit rap songs? Thugs?

E3 Demo

There is a file named e3lobby.var in the var folder that contains info on an unused demo version shown off at E3. It also contains details about a WAN network.

context e3Lobby

E3EnableLobby false
E3SessionReadyUpName E3_DEMO_READYUP
E3SessionGameName E3_DEMO
#WANHostIP prudp:/address=;port=9103
#WANHostIP prudp:/address=;port=9103
WANHostIP prudp:/address=;port=9103

GameTime 300

player1_profileName Player1
player1_characterName Det. O'Reilly
player1_teamID 0
player1_isMaster 1

player2_profileName Player2
player2_characterName Officer Garza
player2_teamID 0
player2_isMaster 0

player3_profileName Player3
player3_characterName Sgt. Li
player3_teamID 0
player3_isMaster 0

player4_profileName Player4
player4_characterName Cannon
player4_teamID 0
player4_isMaster 0

player5_profileName Player5
player5_characterName Shin
player5_teamID 1
player5_isMaster 0

player6_profileName Player6
player6_characterName Two Tecs
player6_teamID 1
player6_isMaster 0

player7_profileName Player7
player7_characterName T-1
player7_teamID 1
player7_isMaster 0

player8_profileName Player8
player8_characterName Murder Matt
player8_teamID 1
player8_isMaster 0


Language Files

Every file in the data/Lang directory has a version labelled for the Xbox 360, PS3, PS2 and Windows versions of the game, as well as ones labelled "RVL" for Revolution, the codename for the Wii.