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Bookworm Adventures (PopCap Loader)

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Title Screen

Bookworm Adventures

Developer: PopCap Games
Publisher: PopCap Games
Platform: PopCap Loader

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

A web demo of Bookworm Adventures, playable in your browser.

Debugging Material


Since basically the entirety of the framework was ported, the said debug commands used in other games work in the browser too!

Developer Leftovers

DRM Properties File

The web demo version of the game does not use any form of DRM to lock out the game, but a file called partner.xml is leftover in properties, relating to such use for the full version. The values and notes in it are also interesting.

	<!-- <String id="PartnerBetaText">some nonsense</String>	-->
	<!-- Use 60Normal for default, 60Trailer for 60 mins with animated trailer,
		use Hydra for cutting off after defeating the hydra, use HydraTrailer for the same but
		to show a trailer. Set to nothing to indicate no marketing mode, i.e. unlocked. -->
	<String id="MarketingMode"></String>
	<!-- Not used anymore. Set MarketingMode to an empty value to indicate no marketing mode, i.e. unlocked. -->
	<!-- <Boolean id="NoReg">false</Boolean> -->
	<!-- true means fullscreen by default at start, false means windowed by default at start -->
	<Boolean id="DefaultWindowed">false</Boolean>

	<!-- true means prevent the game from checking for updates -->
	<Boolean id="DontUpdate">false</Boolean>
	<!-- You can have any number of partner logos. Enter the number of partner logos below -->
	<Integer id="NumPartnerLogos">0</Integer>
	<!-- For each partner logo, specify an image and where on the title screen it should draw.
		Don't specify the file extension. Obviously, change the 1 to whatever particular partner logo
		number you are referencing. -->
	<String id="PartnerLogo1">images/logo1</String>
	<Integer id="PartnerLogo1X">50</Integer>
	<Integer id="PartnerLogo1Y">100</Integer>

	<String id="PartnerLogo2">images/logo2</String>
	<Integer id="PartnerLogo2X">50</Integer>
	<Integer id="PartnerLogo2Y">100</Integer>
	<!-- number of frames (100 frames is 1 second) to delay once the PopCap/partner logo fades in before fading OUT -->
	<Integer id="PopCapLogoTimer">100</Integer>
	<Integer id="PartnerLogoTimer">100</Integer>
	<!-- how fast to fade in/out the PopCap logo and partner logos -->
	<Integer id="PopCapLogoFadeSpeed">2</Integer>
	<Integer id="PartnerLogoFadeSpeed">2</Integer>
	<!-- You can set the partner background color here. Values are 0 to 255 -->
	<Integer id="PartnerBGRed">255</Integer>
	<Integer id="PartnerBGGreen">0</Integer>
	<Integer id="PartnerBGBlue">0</Integer>
	<String id="Offering">0</String>
	<Integer id="Width">640</Integer>
	<Integer id="Height">480</Integer>
	<String id="ProdName">WinBAD</String>
	<String id="DisplayName">Bookworm Adventures. Not Zuma</String>
	<String id="RegistryKey">PopCap\WinBAD</String>