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Brezzasoft Crystal System

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Brezzasoft Crystal System

Developer: Brezzasoft
Publisher: Brezzasoft
Released internationally: 2001

DevTextIcon.png This console has hidden development-related text.

An arcade system built around the VRender0 system-on-a-chip, made by a company formed from the ashes of SNK's bankruptcy. Only five games were released during its three-year lifespan, and Brezzasoft was quickly acquired by SNK Playmore and brought back into the fold.

Build Info

Present at 0x180 in the BIOS.

2001/08/06 17:14
(Source: Ferrox)

Development-Related Text

Present at 0xBBF0 in the BIOS.

rb._start: %08X
file count[%d]
MESG dump file v2.5
It supports only READ in file functions
file name too long (%s)
File(%s) Not Found
File(%s) Not Found!!!
too many file opened : maximum(%d)
|  dgADK Filesystem
|     - %s
|     - FAT ID        : %d
|     - FAT Address   : %08x
|     - File count    : %d
|                                 |
|  Cannot found dgADK Filesystem  |
(Source: Ferrox)