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Bully: Scholarship Edition (Xbox 360)

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Title Screen

Bully: Scholarship Edition

Also known as: Bully: Die Ehrenrunde (DE), Bully (JP)
Developer: Mad Doc Software
Publishers: Rockstar Games, Bethesda Softworks (JP)
Platform: Xbox 360
Released in JP: July 24, 2008
Released in US: March 4, 2008
Released in EU: March 7, 2008
Released in TW: August 28, 2009

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The Xbox 360 release of Bully: Scholarship Edition features better graphics, worse framerates, and is overall inferior compared to the Wii version.

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  • Wii-exclusive Multiplayer Biology class leftovers.
  • Revisional differences.


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Prerelease Info
BullySE Windows gm geo.png
Changes from the PlayStation 2
Bullworth is now in HD, whether you like it or not.

Debug Options

General Information

BullySE360-FIN Debug.png

Displays the FPS, coordinates, uptime, and how many pedestrians and vehicles are loaded.

Original v1.03
INTL 82DFD7CB 01 82DFD6CB 01
JPN 82E018AB 01

No Passing Out

This option is meant to make Jimmy invulnerable like in the PS2 version, however it seems to be broken, so its only function is to make sure Jimmy won't pass out when it is 2AM.

Original v1.03
INTL 82DFD7C8 01 82DFD6C8 01
JPN 82E018A8 01

One Hit Kill

Original v1.03
INTL 82DFD7F6 01 82DFD6F6 01
JPN 82E018D6 01
(Source: Edness)

HUD Icons

BullySE UISkinFull.png

Some generic HUD elements likely included with Bully's engine.


Cricket Bat Textures

The cricket bat has two different textures depending on whether it's on a wall (PHallCricket) or being held by a ped (cricket). The former seems to be using an older but remastered texture, while the latter is using its PS2 texture.

PHallCricket cricket
BullySE360 PHallCricket.png BullySE360 cricket.png

Beatrice's Winter Outfit


Beatrice's winter outfit's UV mapping for her palms is stretched and too far off to the right, causing her gloves to not be visible.

UV Map
BullyAE-ndgirl beatrice w.msh-NDGirl Beatrice MD W d.tex-UV.png

Ivan's Pajama Outfit


Ivan's pajama outfit's Bullworth crest has a bit of skin visible in the upper left corner.

UV Map
BullySE360-GN Boy01 PJ.nif-GN Boy01 PJ.nft-GN Boy01 PJ MD d.tga-UV.png


BullySE NS00 gamedude d.png

This texture was remastered, showing the early screenshot in slightly better quality.

Regional Differences

Title Screen

International Germany Japan
BullySE360-FIN TitleScr.png BullySE-TitleScreen Germany.png BullySE Titlescreen Japan.png
  • The German version changes the Scholarship Edition subtitle and replaces it with what translates to "The Lap of Honor" (an act which describes an extra, celebratory round a racer does if they finish first, and often used euphemistically when a student has to repeat a school year because of poor performance).
  • The Japanese version removes Scholarship Edition from the bottom of the logo, so it just says Bully.