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Bully (PlayStation 2)/Debug Content

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This is a sub-page of Bully (PlayStation 2).


Some of these options have been manually bound to Controller 1 to be toggleable. They can be changed to be bound to Controller 2 by changing the address that starts with D0 to:

Player 1 Player 2
EUR D06D6A42 D06D6B42

General Information

BullyPS2-FIN DebugDisp-1.png

This option shows the current framerate, position, how long the game has been running, and how many peds and vehicles are loaded on the bottom left side of the screen.

EUR 005E6710 00000001
JPN 005EB710 00000001
USA 005E5A88 00000001

Button Inputs

Graphical Mode Textual Mode
BullyPS2-FIN DebugDisp-2.png BullyPS2-FIN DebugDisp-2TextMode.png

Shows the last 16 buttons that were pressed for both Controller 1 and 2.
This option has both a textual as well as a graphical mode that can be toggled between each other using R3 + LEFT and R3 + RIGHT.

005E671C 00000001
D06D6A42 0000FFDB
005E6720 00000001
D06D6A42 0000FF7B
005E6720 00000000
005EB71C 00000001
005EB720 00000001
D06DEDC2 0000FF7B
005EB720 00000000
005E5A94 00000001
D06D5DC2 0000FFDB
005E5A98 00000001
D06D5DC2 0000FF7B
005E5A98 00000000

One Hit Kills

With this, Jimmy can knock out anyone with ease.
This option may cause several missions to softlock, therefore it has been made toggleable here with R3 + UP and R3 + DOWN.

D06D6A42 0000FFEB
005E6724 00000001
D06D6A42 0000FFBB
005E6724 00000000
005EB724 00000001
005EB724 00000000
D06D5DC2 0000FFEB
005E5A9C 00000001
D06D5DC2 0000FFBB
005E5A9C 00000000


Makes Jimmy invulnerable to damage, as well as prevents him from automatically passing out at 2 AM. An alternate code to just prevent him from falling asleep without making him unable to take damage can be found here.

EUR 005E66E8 00000001
JPN 005EB6E8 00000001
USA 005E5A60 00000001
(Source: Edness)




A barebones script that starts the unused CS_COUNTER cutscene and seems to fail at spawning an additional prop outside of the Boys' Dorm.

After about 90 seconds, the script will end itself.



This was likely made to test Photography Class.
Its script contains up to 5 classes, only 2 of which are scripted.

The first class can't be played as the script will always play the second one. You were supposed to take pictures of Dr. Crabblesnitch as he roamed inside the school.
In the second class, the game spawns a lot of banners on school grounds and gives the objective of taking 15 pictures of them.

Some of the banners are placed in weird positions, implying the campus might have been different at one point.

  • There's a floating banner in the parking lot, where an arch was going to be.
  • There's a floating banner on the school's roof.
  • There's a floating banner on top of the school's mascot statue. (Interestingly, PhotoFilters.DAT refers to it as "AngelStatue".)
  • The banner on the Pool building is floating in mid-air and is positioned in front of the window.

These are valid IDs that also happen to have enough leftovers to be properly launched.


Minigames.act calls this ARCADE - DEMO.

This was made to test the Nut Shots minigame.

It teleports the player to English Class and starts the minigame.

It creates a few sprites and shapes constantly changing colors between red and blue.

Using the left analog stick allows manipulating the position of the rendering area while using the right analog stick allows stretching it.


Minigames.act calls this MINI - Lockpick.

This was made to test the Lockpicking minigame.

It teleports the player to English Class and starts the minigame.

It tries to print text for whether you win or lose, but the text type is not specified in the code, and even then, you can't lose this minigame, so you would only be able to see the victory text.

Although valid IDs, these don't have enough leftovers to be properly launched, unlike the ones above.

Minigame ID Notes
BMXRumble Minigames.cat calls it Test - BMX Rumble.

More of its leftovers were later brought back in Scholarship Edition.

GraffitiTest Debug.cat calls it Graffiti System Test.

More of its leftovers were later brought back in Scholarship Edition.


Time of Day

BullyPS2-FIN ~tod~.png

An unused text command that can be brought up by putting ~tod~ in a string.
It will display the current in-game time and update it live.

Speech Information

A seemingly unused debug function that's meant to display speech information during interaction.
It "prints" all the necessary strings for this in memory, but doesn't display it anywhere. This function is located at the address 00453D40 (EUR), 00454BA0 (JPN), 004532B0 (USA).

A few examples of what it stores in memory - Jimmy greeting a non-clique student, students chatting, and a bully taunting a nerd.


The TargetFaction: string requires another value to not be 0, which it normally is. That can be enabled with the following code:

EUR 00712FC4 00000001
JPN 0071B344 00000001
USA 00712344 00000001
(Source: Edness)

Button History

Bully ButtonHistoryHUD.png

ID 21 is an unused HUD element called Button_History that displays the button history.
Holding a button will display the text "Hold" on top of the icon, and pressing two buttons at once will display the unused Bar_iconhealth in between their icons.
Icons will disappear after about 3 seconds.