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Burnin' Rubber 5 HD

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Title Screen

Burnin' Rubber 5 HD

Developer: Xform Games
Publisher: Xform Games
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: February 14, 2018

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

To do:
Could someone upload the "TyrantSkin5_Texture" and "GTBlazeSkin5_Texture" image?

Burnin' Rubber 5 HD is a Standalone HD version of the original Burnin' Rubber 5 Shockwave game. And yes, it is packed with weapons and explosions!

Unused Paint

The Rhino has three paint jobs in the game that go unused, due to the car being a boss car. These are leftover skins from Xform's other game Downtown Drift.

Rhino skin 2.
Rhino skin 3.
Rhino skin 4.

Name Changes

A few vehicles had their name changed in Burnin' Rubber 5. These names are from the previous Burnin' Rubber games like 3, 4, Crash 'n' Burn, and Shift.

Original Names Final Names
Viral Snake
Phaser GTI Vulcan
Rally 7 Evader
Monster Truck Mammoth
Vice V80 Vice
Big Truck BT One
Panther V8 Tyrant
Abraham N1 Tank
Jumper Spryster
Snake GT Viper
A7 Predator A7

To add more confusion into the name changes, when you complete Destruction Derby and unlock the Snake, it's called Stingray.

Unused Vehicle Slots

In VehicleData.txt, there's a list of extra vehicles in-game that have nothing other than their names.

        // Burnin' Rubber 3
	// Burnin' Rubber 4

Unused Console GUI

In the "English (US)" text file, there's some text listing an unused console that would show you who eliminated who in-game. It's only appearance was in the Sneak Peak build for the Shockwave version of the game in 2012. For some reason, the text remains in the HD version.

// Console
// Primary
MachineGun1 = shot
MachineGun2 = using a machinegun
HeavyMachineGun1 = shot
HeavyMachineGun2 = using a heavy machinegun
Minigun1 = riddled
Minigun2 = with holes using a minigun
Shotgun1 = fragged
Shotgun2 = with a blast of a shotgun 
Laser1 = sliced
Laser2 = with a laser beam
FlameThrower1 = burned
FlameThrower2 = using a flamethrower
EnergyGun1 = blew
EnergyGun2 = away with an energygun 
RailGun1 = perforated
RailGun2 = with a railgun
// Secondary
Rocket1 = destroyed
Rocket2 = with a rocket
Missile1 = made
Missile2 = explode with a missile
Striker1 = delivered
Striker2 = a bunch of strikers
Grenade1 = gave
Grenade2 = a pinless grenade
Caltrop1 = used caltrops on
Caltrop2 = with great effect
Mine1 = dropped a mine for
Mine2 = to drive over
CargoRocket1 = launched
CargoRocket2 = into oblivion
HomingMissile1 = sent
HomingMissile2 = a homing missile
FuelAirRPG1 = ignited
FuelAirRPG2 = with some fuel
MiniGunTurret1 = left
MiniGunTurret2 = a minigun turret to look at
RocketTurret1 = left
RocketTurret2 = a rocket turret to enjoy
LaserTurret1 = left
LaserTurret2 = a nice slicing laser turret
// Special
RoofTurretMachineGun1 = used a special machinegun turret on
RoofTurretMachineGun2 =  
RoofTurretFlak1 = used a special flak turret to end
RoofTurretFlak2 = 's race
RoofTurretRocket1 = successfully fired some special rockets at
RoofTurretRocket2 =  
RoofTurretStickyMine1 = glued some explosives on
RoofTurretStickyMine2 =   
DFAMissile1 = steered a predator missile on top of
DFAMissile2 =  =  
RedeemerMissile1 = guided a redeemer to finish off
RedeemerMissile2 = 
FireTrail1 = burned
FireTrail2 = to a crisp
Flamer1 = torched
Flamer2 = to the end
Barrel1 = and some explosive barrels sent
Barrel2 = to kingdom come
RearStriker1 = unloaded some strikers onto
RearStriker2 =  
Shell1 = and a tank weren't a good combination for
Shell2 =  
AutoGuns1 = was lazy and the autoguns finished off
AutoGuns2 =  
MobileRedeemer1 = guided a redeemer to finish off
MobileRedeemer2 =  
// Misc
TeamKiller1 = destroyed team member:
TeamKiller2 =  Teamkiller! 
Suicide1 = destroyed
Suicide2 = Nice going!
Collision = tried to park his vehicle into a wall
AreaDamage = wanted to see an explosion up close

Downloading Vehicles

Like the Unused Console, they also left some lines for downloading vehicles. In the original game, you had to download a vehicle in order to use it. Since the HD version already has the vehicle files, there was no need to download vehicles.

// Loading/locked
MenuLoadingSubText = PLEASE WAIT
MenuLoadingHeaderText2 = DOWNLOADING VEHICLE
MenuLoadingSubText2 = PLEASE WAIT

Unused Songs

To do:
Rip the other song up here please.

In the files, there's 2 songs named "AllThatMatters" and "Adrenaline". The only way to hear these songs in-game is via modding.

Song Name BGM Notes
Adrenaline is a song that's used for the intro to Burnin' Rubber 3.

Unused Vehicles

A few cars in the game for some reason have modded bodykits and not their original. The only car to have their original counterpart in-game is the Inferno 66 and Spryster Turbo.

Inferno without the bodykit.
Evader without the bodykit.
Spryster without the bodykit.

Unused Weapons

A few weapons go unused as well. It's unknown if the weapons function or not but their mesh data is still in the files.

Drone mesh.
Ion Attach.
Remote Control Attach.
Swarm Pod.

Unused Sounds

The only engine sound used in-game is DefaultStationair_SFX.wav, while the rest were left unused. In fact, these are the same engine sounds that are used in Burnin' Rubber: Crash 'n Burn.