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Burnout Revenge (PlayStation 2, Xbox)

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Title Screen

Burnout Revenge

Developer: Criterion Games
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platforms: PlayStation 2, Xbox
Released in JP: October 20, 2005
Released in US: September 13, 2005
Released in EU: September 23, 2005
Released in AU: September 26, 2005
Released in KR: October 24, 2005
Released in TW: October 28, 2005

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Burnout Revenge is... well, most fans say it's a Burnout 3.5, which sort of makes sense since it's very similar to the previous game. Still, the controls are tighter, the graphics have been cranked up a notch, and it features an entirely new collection of cars. Also, it's one of the few games on the PlayStation 2 to have online multiplayer.

It was later re-released on the Xbox 360, like many EA games of 2005.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info

Burnout 3: Takedown Leftovers

Given that this game is essentially Burnout 3.5, it's no surprise that some content from that game remains leftover in this game.

Early HUD Graphics

B3 early HUD.png


A leftover leftover! These graphics were used in the pre-E3 builds of Burnout 3.

Red Boost Flames

Burnoutrevenge ps2 redboost.png

As in Burnout 3, Data/vdb.bin allows any playable vehicle to have their boost flame color set to either blue (default) or red. This behavior was used in Burnout 3 exclusively by the Dominator vehicles. No vehicle in this game uses red boost flames, leaving the behavior unused, though it would shortly be reworked for the 360 version to give certain vehicles, such as the 360 Revenge Racer, green boost flames instead of the default blue color.


hello world ru paranoid?

These strings appear in the game's executable.

In addition, globalXX.bin, where XX varies by the game's region (US for the USA, EN for the UK etc.), is a carbon copy of the same file from Burnout 3. All strings that apply to both games e.g. save/load dialog, display configuration dialog etc. are used, with all strings that can only apply to Burnout 3, like the song list and list of Signature Takedowns from that game going unused.

Debug Options

To do:
  • The current quickstart method seems to often cause crashes (especially on Xbox), come up with a better way (editing the function where this is loaded from?)

European Xbox name meanings:

  • EUR-M3 – En,Fr,De
  • EUR-M6 – Da,Es,Fi,It,Nl,Sv

Quickstart Menu

BRevengePS2-FIN DebugQuickstart.png

A debug quickstart menu that lets you load an event with various custom settings for you to choose from. All of the areas use their real life location names, as a leftover from much earlier in development. The 2nd line for the PS2 codes avoids a crash of an address pointer failing to be loaded in time. This may cause unforeseen problems if it's active during normal gameplay!

The PS2 codes replace the Progressive Scan menu, and the Xbox codes replace the in-game Pause menu.

PlayStation 2
SLES-53506 SLES-53507 SLUS-21242
1049FE4C 00002248
21C10E98 0069A000
1049FECC 000022A8
21C10E98 0069A000
1049FD4C 00002248
21C10C18 0069A000
SLAJ-25066 SLKA-25304 SLPM-66108
1049FDCC 00002258
21C10C98 0069A000
1049FECC 000022A8
21C0EC98 0069A000
10432E04 00003A10
21B98178 0069A000
003F90D8 0C70 003F9300 0BD0 003F8F04 0D30

World Time

BRevengePS2-FIN WorldTime.png
BRevengeXBOX-FIN WorldTime.png

A debug display that shows how much time has elapsed in the upper right corner starting from when the event began. The text used for this is drawn slightly differently on each platform.

PlayStation 2
SLES-53506 SLES-53507 SLUS-21242,
2010DDE8 00000000
2010DEF0 00000000
2010DE30 00000000
2010DF38 00000000
2010DDD0 00000000
2010DED8 00000000
SLKA-25304 SLPM-66108
2010DE90 00000000
2010DF98 00000000
2010DAF0 00000000
2010DBF8 00000000
0001CAD7 9090
0001CB01 9090
0001CAE7 9090
0001CB11 9090

Visual Options

BRevengePS2-FIN VisualDebugOptions.png
BRevengePS2-FIN CarViewerVisualDebug.png

Several visual debugging options that can be toggled. The effect of each individual option can be seen here. The option names in a smaller font written in the same cell only have effect if the code above it is active. The codes under the thicker horizontal line are specific to the Car Viewer gamemode.

PlayStation 2 
Option Name SLAJ-25066 SLES-53506/-07 SLKA-25304 SLPM-66108 SLUS-21242
004F0C57 00000001
004F0C54 00000001
004F0E57 00000001
004F0E54 00000001
004F0DD7 00000001
004F0DD4 00000001
0047A2D7 00000001
0047A2D4 00000001
004F0BD7 00000001
004F0BD4 00000001
DrawPropCOM 004F0C58 00000001 004F0E58 00000001 004F0DD8 00000001 0047A2D8 00000001 004F0BD8 00000001
DrawIntervals 004F0C59 00000001 004F0E59 00000001 004F0DD9 00000001 0047A2D9 00000001 004F0BD9 00000001
DrawCollisionWorld (alt)
004F0C56 00000001
004F0C5B 00000001
004F0E56 00000001
004F0E5B 00000001
004F0DD6 00000001
004F0DDB 00000001
0047A2D6 00000001
0047A2DB 00000001
004F0BD6 00000001
004F0BDB 00000001
DrawShockwave 004F0C67 00000001 004F0E67 00000001 004F0DE7 00000001 0047A2E7 00000001 004F0BE7 00000001
RenderTrafficLanes 004F1EE5 00000001 004F20E5 00000001 004F2065 00000001 0047B565 00000001 004F1E65 00000001
RenderTrafficVehicleDebug 004F1EE6 00000001 004F20E6 00000001 004F2066 00000001 0047B566 00000001 004F1E66 00000001
RenderNearMissData 004F1EE0 00000001 004F20E0 00000001 004F2060 00000001 0047B560 00000001 004F1E60 00000001
RenderSpatialTriggers 004F1EE1 00000001 004F20E1 00000001 004F2061 00000001 0047B561 00000001 004F1E61 00000001
RenderSignatureData 004F1EE7 00000001 004F20E7 00000001 004F2067 00000001 0047B567 00000001 004F1E67 00000001
DrawBones 004F1EB3 00000001 004F20B3 00000001 004F2033 00000001 0047B533 00000001 004F1E33 00000001
004F20B4 00000001
004F1EB7 00000001
004F20B4 00000001
004F20B7 00000001
004F2034 00000001
004F2037 00000001
0047B534 00000001
0047B537 00000001
004F1E34 00000001
004F1E37 00000001
DrawAttachPoints 004F1EB2 00000001 004F20B2 00000001 004F2032 00000001 0047B532 00000001 004F1E32 00000001
DrawCollisionPoint 004F1ED9 00000001
004F1E60 00000001
004F20D9 00000001
004F2060 00000001
004F2059 00000001
004F1FE0 00000001
0047B559 00000001
0047B4E0 00000001
004F1E59 00000001
004F1DE0 00000001
DrawRegions 004F1EB5 00000001 004F20B5 00000001 004F2035 00000001 0047B535 00000001 004F1E35 00000001
DrawTagPoints 004F1EB8 00000001
. . .
004F1EC3 00000001
004F20B8 00000001
. . .
004F20C3 00000001
004F2038 00000001
. . .
004F2043 00000001
0047B538 00000001
. . .
0047B543 00000001
004F1E38 00000001
. . .
004F1E43 00000001
DrawCollisionLine 004F1ECE 00000001 004F20CE 00000001 004F204E 00000001 0047B54E 00000001 004F1E4E 00000001
Option Name EUR-M3 EUR-M6 USA, ASIA
0042D187 01
0042D184 01
0042D507 01
0042D504 01
0042D107 01
0042D104 01
DrawPropCOM 0042D188 01 0042D508 01 0042D108 01
DrawIntervals 0042D189 01 0042D509 01 0042D109 01
DrawCollisionWorld (alt)
0042D186 01
0042D18B 01
0042D506 01
0042D50B 01
0042D106 01
0042D10B 01
DrawShockwave 0042D197 01 0042D517 01 0042D117 01
RenderTrafficLanes 0042E415 01 0042E795 01 0042E395 01
RenderTrafficVehicleDebug 0042E416 01 0042E796 01 0042E396 01
RenderNearMissData 0042E410 01 0042E790 01 0042E390 01
RenderSpatialTriggers 0042E411 01 0042E791 01 0042E391 01
RenderSignatureData 0042E417 01 0042E797 01 0042E397 01
DrawBones 0042E3E3 01 0042E763 01 0042E363 01
0042E3E4 01
0042E3E7 01
0042E764 01
0042E767 01
0042E364 01
0042E367 01
DrawAttachPoints 0042E3E2 01 0042E762 01 0042E362 01
DrawCollisionPoint 0042E409 01
0042E390 01
0042E779 01
0042E710 01
0042E379 01
0042E310 01
DrawRegions 0042E3E5 01 0042E765 01 0042E365 01
DrawTagPoints 0042E3E8 01
. . .
0042E3F3 01
0042E768 01
. . .
0042E773 01
0042E368 01
. . .
0042E373 01
DrawCollisionLine 0042E3FE 01 0042E77E 01 0042E37E 01
(Source: Edness)

Unused Tracks

There are two early, incomplete track variants.

Angel Valley

High resolution track render

Internally named US_K3_V2 (West Coast – Crash Reverse).

  • If entering it as a race, it spawns your car facing the red wall.
  • Has a tendency to seemingly randomly reset your car.

Central Route

High resolution track render

Internally named AS_K1_V2 (Hong Kong – Crash Reverse).

  • The sun flare used in this track is the one that ended up being used in Burnout Dominator.

Unused Graphics


Burnoutrevenge check.png

File Name: GLOBAL.TXD\check

Graphic for a checkpoint. While checkpoints are present in the game, they are invisible. This would have been used if Time Attack had returned from the previous game. They can be brought back, as seen here.


Burnoutrevenge crown.png

File Name: GLOBAL.TXD\crown

It's a crown. Probably intended for multiplayer.

Crash Tour

BRevengePS2-FIN FEMAIN-b4choiceiconnav-crashTour.png

File Name: FEMAIN.BIN\b4choiceiconnav\crashTour.tif

A Crash Tour event button. While Crash Tour was also a singleplayer event earlier in development, it was made multiplayer-only at some point, thus making this icon go unused.


BRevengePS2-FIN FEMAIN-b4choiceiconnav-garage.png

File Name: FEMAIN.BIN\b4choiceiconnav\garage.tif

A button that would've taken you to the garage. Quite useless, since selecting an event would automatically take you to the garage anyway.

Dirt Overlays

BRevengePS2-FIN FEMAIN-b4choiceiconnav-Rank dirt01.pngBRevengePS2-FIN FEMAIN.BIN-challengesheet-tabDirt.tif.png

File Name: FEMAIN.BIN\b4choiceiconnav\Rank_dirt01.tif; tabDirt.tif

These textures were used as an overlay for the rank icons and challenge sheet tabs to give them more of a dirty look, and is used in earlier Development builds.

Rank Icon Background

BRevengePS2-FIN FEMAIN.BIN-b4mapnav-iconBevel.tif.png

File Name: FEMAIN.BIN\b4mapnav\iconBevel.tif

This icon was used as a background slot where the rank icons would be positioned over, and can also be seen in use in development builds.

Map Marker

BRevengePS2-FIN FEMAIN.BIN-b4maplight-roadLight.tif.pngBRevengePS2-FIN FEMAIN.BIN-b4mapnav-lensFlare.tif.png

File Name: FEMAIN.BIN\b4maplight\roadLight.tif; lensFlare.tif

These textures were used on the world map to pinpoint where the player would be driving in. The world map got cut from the game, leaving this unused. As above, this can be seen used in earlier builds.

Track Outline

BRevengePS2-A7 FEMAIN-detroit-Detroit01 L1.pngBRevengePS2-A7 FEMAIN-detroit-Detroit01 L1a.png

File Name: FEMAIN.BIN\detroit\Detroit01_L1.tif

Normally the game uses a yellow trailed dot to show the outline of a track, but there's one texture left in that shows the whole outline, along with an early design of Motor City's view from above.

This more closely resembles to how Burnout 3: Takedown would display tracks.


Input Text

BRevengePS2-DEMO CAFE-stdctrl-inputText.png

File Name: CAFE.BIN\stdctrl\inputText.tif

Placeholder box that says "Input Text" what more is there to say. There are more placeholders of this style found in the Demo builds.

Unused Sounds

"Crashbreaker Unlock Video"

File Name: Movies.xwb & MOVIES.RWS\33

This is a placeholder audio file for a "Crashbreaker unlock video", which is just a text-to-speech voice saying exactly that. This video would likely have played when Crashbreaker events became available. However, such a video does not exist.

Unused Videos

One of the game's trailers can be found on the disc in two identical files named MULTI and PREVEVNT.

Burnoutrevenge multi pickups.png

Something particularly noteworthy is the appearance of a few elements from Burnout 3, including Crash pickups of which all the Cash pickups and the Heartbreaker can be seen. Burnout 3's red and white ramps can also be seen. Some parts of these pickups still exist in the game, as seen here.

Placeholder Movies

There are placeholder movies for completing all challenges for a track. However, in the movies the names of the tracks are of their real life locations and there are no "final build" movies of this kind.

Filename Track name Unused video Filename Track name Unused video
ALL_DT_N Motor City
ALL_FL_N Sunshine Keys
ALL_HK_N Central Route
ALL_LA_N Angel Valley
ALL_NP_N Lone Peak
ALL_RM_N Eternal City
ALL_SW_N White Mountain
ALL_TK_N Eastern Bay

Early/Unused Text

Buying Cars

According to these strings, it would appear that you were originally meant to unlock cars by purchasing them instead of completing events and challenges. This can be seen from early mock-up videos when the game was called “Rush Hour”. This was also advertised in a flyer for the game in Burnout 3, mentioning that having a Burnout 3 save when starting Revenge would give you a bonus on in-game cash. This method of unlock was instead used for getting the Dominator Assassin in the PS2/Xbox versions of the game.

String ID String
4C318102 %1 PURCHASED!

T-Bone Takedown

These strings refer to the T-Bone Takedown, which is performed by slamming head-on into the side of an opponent to take them down. While it it's possible to do a T-Bone takedown ingame, it's only referred simply as "Takedown!".

String ID String Label String
08AE428B BigMessageTBoneTakedownPart1 T-BONE
91A71331 BigMessageTBoneTakedownPart2 TAKEDOWN!


There's an unused blank string in the press start screen with the label "Production" (DE8A05EF). It's a leftover from earlier builds, and can be seen being used in the Demo build.

Demo Unused Restored
BRevengePS2-DEMO startscr.png BRevengePS2-FIN $Production2.png BRevengePS2-FIN $ProductionRestored.png

Rank Names

The original string labels for rank titles show their original names prefixed with FE (Frontend).

String ID String Label String

"Why Smart People Defend Bad Ideas"

FEMAIN.BIN\news contains the first three paragraphs of Why Smart People Defend Bad Ideas, an essay written by Scott Berkun.

We all know someone that’s intelligent, but who occasionally defends obviously bad ideas. Why does this happen? How can smart people take up positions that defy any reasonable logic? Having spent many years working with smart people I’ve catalogued many of the ways this happens, and I have advice on what to do about it. I feel qualified to write this essay as I’m a recovering smart person myself and I’ve defended several very bad ideas. So if nothing else this essay serves as a kind of personal therapy session. However, I fully suspect you’ll get more than just entertainment value (“Look, Scott is stupider than we thought!”) out of what I have to say on this topic.Success at defending bad ideasThe monty python argument sketchI’m not proud to admit that I have a degree in Logic and Computation from Carnegie Mellon University. Majoring in logic is not the kind of thing that makes people want to talk to you at parties, or read your essays. But one thing I did learn after years of studying advanced logic theory is that proficiency in argument can easily be used to overpower others, even when you are dead wrong. If you learn a few tricks of logic and debate, you can refute the obvious, and defend the ridiculous. If the people you’re arguing with aren’t as comfortable in the tactics of argument, or aren’t as arrogant as you are, they may even give in and agree with you. The problem with smart people is that they like to be right and sometimes will defend ideas to the death rather than admit they’re wrong. This is bad. Worse, if they got away with it when they were young (say, because they were smarter than their parents, their friends, and their parent’s friends) they’ve probably built an ego around being right, and will therefore defend their perfect record of invented righteousness to the death. Smart people often fall into the trap of preferring to be right even if it’s based in delusion, or results in them, or their loved ones, becoming miserable. (Somewhere in your town there is a row of graves at the cemetery, called smartypants lane, filled with people who were buried at poorly attended funerals, whose headstones say “Well, at least I was right.”)

Unused Features

To do:
Add codes for these.


BRevengePS2-FIN Checkpoint.png

The function to draw these checkpoints still exist, albeit somewhat broken. And they're normally drawn without any texture, making them appear as white squares by default, however this is an easy fix. They only appear right before starting the first lap.

Crash Pickups

BRevengePS2-FIN CrashPickup.png

These also have a function to be drawn, and as with the checkpoints above, these normally have no texture assigned to them. They can be given any texture stored in GLOBAL.TXD, however it doesn't have any actual crash pickup textures leftover. There's also another function to draw yellow sparks that would normally be shown when picked up, however these seem to only be visible when the game is paused.

Unused Burning Laps

Using debug options, set the Game Mode to Burning Lap. Setting to specify a Burning Lap where no location exists, a target time is set for each.

Motor City - Short Forwards Gold: 1:05.00 / Silver: 1:15.00 / Bronze: 1:30.00
Motor City - Long Forwards Gold: 1:35.00 / Silver: 1:50.00 / Bronze: 2:05.00
Eternal City - Short Reverse Gold: 1:20.00 / Silver: 1:35.00 / Bronze: 1:50.00
Central Route - Short Reverse Gold: 0:58.00 / Silver: 1:08.00 / Bronze: 1:18.00
Eastern Bay - Long Reverse Gold: 2:15.00 / Silver: 2:30.00 / Bronze: 2:45.00
Eastern Bay - Lower Link Reverse Gold: 1:22.00 / Silver: 1:35.00 / Bronze: 1:50.00


Sunshine Keys Internal ID

Normally for all tracks the V1 variant is the forward version of the track, and V2 is the reverse version. This is true for all tracks of all the Takedown-era games, except for Sunshine Keys, where V1 is the reverse track, and V2 is the forwards track.

String ID String Label String

Missing Multiplayer Crash Junctions

The Multiplayer Crash gamemodes index all but two Crash events you get to play in the World Tour.

String ID String Label String

Blank EA Trax Album

Normally blank strings would have a single space in them to avoid them displaying "NO STRING" or "NO CHARS" in-game. The string with the label "EATraxAlbum1" (A23F2339) which is used for the 1st EA Trax album was accidentally left fully blank in the PlayStation 2's German localisation. This is not present in any other localisation, nor on the Xbox version.

PlayStation 2 Xbox
BRevengePS2-FIN DE-Song1.png BRevengeXBOX-FIN DE-Song1.png

Regional Differences

Online Mode

The Online option was removed from the Japanese release of Burnout Revenge. This also means 8 of the loading screen strings that start with Burnout Revenge Online, which don't show up in-game anymore, as well as one other loading screen text mentioning the use of Madden NFL 06 for a bonus car which does appear, have their text replaced to simply say バーンアウト リベンジ, which is "Burnout Revenge" written in Katakana.

String ID String Label English String Japanese String
F1975D46 genBeatGameTip8 Advancing your Revenge Rank

If you have a Madden NFL 06 save when you start
Burnout Revenge you'll get a head start!

バーンアウト リベンジ
C73514B1 onlineTip1 Burnout Revenge Online

Go online and take down Burnout Revenge players
from around the world.

バーンアウト リベンジ
5E3C450B onlineTip2 Burnout Revenge Online

Play online and team up with your
buddies around the world!

バーンアウト リベンジ
293B759D onlineTip3 Burnout Revenge Online

The all-new party system allows buddies
to stick together online.

バーンアウト リベンジ
B75FE03E onlineTip4 Burnout Revenge Online

Play online! Unlock new progression levels and take on the world!

バーンアウト リベンジ
C058D0A8 onlineTip5 Burnout Revenge Online

Play online and set world records.
Can you top the leaderboards?

バーンアウト リベンジ
59518112 onlineTip6 Burnout Revenge Online

Play Road Rage Online.
Run from the reds - they'll rip you to shreds!

バーンアウト リベンジ
2E56B184 onlineTip7 Burnout Revenge Online

Play Road Rage Online!
Take down the blues - if they escape, you lose!

バーンアウト リベンジ
BEE9AC15 onlineTip8 Burnout Revenge Online

Play online! Take on the best and
trash-talk the rest!

バーンアウト リベンジ

English Japanese
BRevengePS2-FIN EUMainMenu.png BRevengePS2-FIN JPMainMenu.png
BRevengePS2-FIN INTLLoadScr-F1975D46.png BRevengePS2-FIN JPLoadScr-F1975D46.png

Different Text

Car Select Menu

The line that shows the strength of a car's Crashbreaker is different between the North American and European releases. The word "Colour" has also been re-spelled as "Color" for the American release as games released in Europe usually use British English for said word.

European American
BRevenge-FIN CBTextPAL.png BRevenge-FIN CBTextNTSC.png

Crash Courses

Crash Junctions are named Crash Intersections in the North American release.

European American
BRevenge-FIN CrashCTextPAL.png BRevenge-FIN CrashCTextNTSC.png

Platform Differences

Despite being pretty much the same game all around, there are a few very minor differences still spotted between the PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions.

Loading Screen

The initial loading bar is white in the PlayStation 2 release and pink in the Xbox release. The people at Criterion must've had a field day with the loading bar color, because in the pre-release Demo builds they had at least three other colors used for the loading bar.

PlayStation 2 Xbox
BRevengePS2-FIN initialload.png BRevengeXBOX-FIN ntscinitialload.png

Danish Language

The European Non-English SKU contains Dutch, Finnish, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish for both platforms. But the Xbox version has one additional language - Danish, which is for some reason gone from the PlayStation 2 release. Even stranger, a pre-release PlayStation 2 build just two and a half weeks before the final build still has Danish present and playable.

PlayStation 2 Xbox

Car Select Menu

The Xbox version only lists one car at a time in the Car Select menu, unlike PlayStation 2, where you can see the name of one car in each direction of the list. Another thing to note is that the Xbox version doesn't have button text in all capital letters.

PlayStation 2 Xbox
BRevenge-FIN CBTextPAL.png BRevengeXBOX-FIN CarSelect.png

White Mountain Clouds

The clouds that are located in White Mountain have a way higher level of intensity on Xbox. This was likely an oversight, since in the later Xbox 360 release, the cloud intensity was reduced back to the amount that's used on PlayStation 2.

PlayStation 2 Xbox
BRevengePS2-FIN WhiteMountCloud1.png BRevengeXBOX-FIN WhiteMountCloud1.png
BRevengePS2-FIN WhiteMountCloud2.png BRevengeXBOX-FIN WhiteMountCloud2.png