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Burnout Revenge (Xbox 360)

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Title Screen

Burnout Revenge

Developer: Criterion Games
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: Xbox 360
Released in JP: March 23, 2006
Released in US: March 7, 2006
Released in EU: March 17, 2006
Released in KR: April 20, 2006
Released in TW: April 20, 2006

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

The seventh-generation remaster of Burnout Revenge, released about 6 months after the PlayStation 2 and Xbox version, brings a whole new look to the Burnout series with high-definition graphics, more detailed car damage, and bloom, lots of bloom lighting. Also, the same three car engine noises are used for every car.

A decent amount of unused stuff found in this release can also be found in the previous generation release.

Debug Options

To do:
  • Quickstart menu codes.
  • CarViewer visual debugging codes.

The codes under All other releases work for all the known regional releases*, with the exception of SKU ID 06 (Traditional Chinese and Korean) that have different addresses and no additional Title Update.

* The tested releases are as follows:
  • Both European SKUs 02 (French, German, Italian) and 07 (Dutch, English, Finnish, Spanish, Swedish)
  • Japanese SKU 03
  • American SKU 04
  • Asian English SKU 05

Quick Start

BRevenge360-FIN QuickstartMenu.png

A debug quick start menu that lets you enter any map in any event. All of the locations use their real life names for easy reference, and is a leftover from early builds of the game.

Visual Options

BRevenge360-FIN DebugOptions.png
BRevenge360-FIN DrawBodyHulls+DrawCircle+DrawBox.png
BRevenge360-FIN CB4PhysicsManagerDebug-DrawVehicleAsHull.png

Many different visual debugging options. Each option's effect can be seen individually here, except for CB4PhysicsManagerDebug::​DrawVehicleAsHull which is exclusive to this version. DrawCircle and DrawBox are normally enabled by default on the previous generation release.

The codes that are in a smaller font written in the same row only have any effect if the code above it is active.

All other releases Traditional
Chinese and
Korean release
Title Update 0 Title Update 1
825E8AF8 01
825E8AF4 01
825E8B16 01
825E8B17 01
825E8B48 01
825E8B44 01
825E8B66 01
825E8B67 01
825F8B48 01
825F8B44 01
825F8B66 01
825F8B67 01
DrawPropCOM 825E8AF9 01 825E8B49 01 825F8B49 01
DrawCollisionWorld (alt)
825E8AF7 01
825E8AFC 01
825E8B47 01
825E8B4C 01
825F8B47 01
825F8B4C 01
DrawShockwave 825E8B08 01 825E8B58 01 825F8B58 01
DrawVehicleAsHull 825E8B0F 01 825E8B5F 01 825F8B5F 01
RenderTrafficLanes 825E9E15 01 825E9E65 01 825F9E65 01
RenderTrafficVehicleDebug 825E9E16 01 825E9E66 01 825F9E66 01
RenderNearMissData 825E9E10 01 825E9E60 01 825F9E60 01
RenderSpatialTriggers 825E9E11 01 825E9E61 01 825F9E61 01
RenderSignatureData 825E9E17 01 825E9E67 01 825F9E67 01
(Source: Edness)

Unused Graphics

An unused cleaner variant of the Burnout Revenge logo. Compared with the used logo.

BRevenge360-FIN FeMain.bin-b4title-title 01 new.tif.png
FeMain.bin\title\logo_title_screen.tif copy
BRevenge360-FIN FeMain.bin-title-logo title screen.tif copy.png

Props and Items

Various (mostly licensed, and therefore edited) props and items in Global.txd that go unused.

BRevenge360-FIN Global.txd-ball of paper.png ball_of_paper
BRevenge360-FIN Global.txd-banana peel.pngBRevenge360-FIN Global.txd-banana peel2.png banana_peel, banana_peel2
BRevenge360-FIN Global.txd-beer bottle.pngBRevenge360-FIN Global.txd-water bottle 1.png beer_bottle, water_bottle_1

The logo on the beer label is removed, but the Spring Water logo is not.

BRevenge360-FIN Global.txd-cd ad.png cd_ad

The word "AMERICA", and the SM service mark is removed, as well as the logo having 3 dots added in each corner of the triangle.

BRevenge360-FIN Global.txd-cokecan.pngBRevenge360-FIN Global.txd-sprite can.png cokecan, sprite_can

The whole Coca Cola logo and the P in Sprite is removed.

BRevenge360-FIN Global.txd-paper cup.pngBRevenge360-FIN Global.txd-plastic cup.png paper_cup, plastic_cup

Various newspaper cutouts.

BRevenge360-FIN Global.txd-news1.pngBRevenge360-FIN Global.txd-news9.png news1, news6
BRevenge360-FIN Global.txd-news8.pngBRevenge360-FIN Global.txd-news6.png news8, news9
BRevenge360-FIN Global.txd-news10.pngBRevenge360-FIN Global.txd-news11.png news10, news11
BRevenge360-FIN Global.txd-news12.pngBRevenge360-FIN Global.txd-news13.png news12, news13

Color Calibration

BRevenge360-FIN Global.txd-ColourCalibration.png


Unused PlayStation 2 & Xbox Leftovers

A few unused textures from the previous generation ended up making its way onto the Xbox 360 release here. Some were even redesigned to be higher quality, despite being unused.

BRevenge360-FIN FeMain-b4choiceiconnav-crashtour.png

Crash Tour


During the development of the PS2 and Xbox version, Crash Tours were meant to have a singleplayer variant as well, before being cut and only left as a multiplayer only gamemode. This texture for some reason was still redesigned to be higher resolution, despite going unused yet again.

BRevenge360-FIN Global-HUD.png

Early Burnout 3: Takedown HUD


It's a leftover of a leftover of a yet another leftover!

BRevenge360-FIN Global-check.png



The same unused checkpoint texture found in the previous release, but with extra dithering this time.

BRevenge360-FIN FEMAIN.BIN-b4maplight-roadLight.tif.png
BRevenge360-FIN FEMAIN.BIN-b4maplight-lensFlare.tif.png

Map Marker



During earlier stages of development, there used to be a world map graphic that'd display what location the selected track is based on, and it'd be pinpointed on the map with this marker with a lens flare.

BRevenge360-FIN FeMain-detroit-Detroit01 L1.png
BRevenge360-FIN FeMain-detroit-Detroit01 L1a.png

Early Motor City


This texture is left over from very early development stages of Burnout Revenge. The final Xbox 360 release uses various shots of the area and the final previous generation release uses a yellow trailed dot over the track overviews. This more closely resembles to how Burnout 3: Takedown would display tracks.

Normally the background would be hidden and only the actual track would be seen, but they have been exported both with and without the alpha channel masking, to get a look at the early city overview.

PlayStation 2 & Xbox Leftovers

Track Overviews

As mentioned above, the previous generation had an overview texture to show the track. Those graphics are still present in the Xbox 360 release. These are stored as two separate textures, 1st one being 128×256 and the other one being 512×256. They're meant to go together, with the 2nd larger texture coming first and create a single 640×256 overview graphic.

BRevenge360-FIN FeMain-losangeles-LA 03 0201.png

Angel Valley



BRevenge360-FIN FeMain-hongkong-Hong Kong03 0201.png

Central Route



BRevenge360-FIN FeMain-tokyo-Tokyo04 0201.png

Eastern Bay



BRevenge360-FIN FeMain-rome-Rome 03 0201.png

Eternal City



BRevenge360-FIN FeMain-montana-NationP03 0201.png

Lone Peak



BRevenge360-FIN FeMain-detroit-Detroit03 0201.png

Motor City



BRevenge360-FIN FeMain-florida-Florida03 0201.png

Sunshine Keys



BRevenge360-FIN FeMain-switzerland-switzerland03 0201.png

White Mountain



BRevenge360-FIN Global-REVENGEbar.png

Revenge Bar


The old revenge ranking bar, redesigned to be higher quality, yet it went unused in favor of a different revenge bar.

Background UI Elements

A good amount of the previous generation releases UI is still present in the files. Some textures have more to show when exported without the alpha channel masking, those are shown on the opposite side of the texture.

InGame##.bin\* refers to InGameCR.bin, InGameCT.bin, InGameGP.bin, InGameM2.bin, InGameMP.bin, InGameOn.bin and InGameSP.bin.

BRevenge360-FIN FeMain-b4bghardedge-bg03 010203.png




This graphic is normally split in three 256×256 chunks, creating a single 768×256 texture when combined.

BRevenge360-FIN FeMain-b4bggradient-bg02 010203040506a.png
BRevenge360-FIN FeMain-b4bggradient-bg02 010203040506.png







This graphic is normally split in six 256×256 chunks, creating a single 768×512 texture when combined.

BRevenge360-FIN FeMain-b4chevron-Chevron.png



BRevenge360-FIN FeMain-boxtextures-cornerChevron.png



BRevenge360-FIN FeMain-boxtextures-metalSmalla.png
BRevenge360-FIN FeMain-boxtextures-metalSmall.png



BRevenge360-FIN FeMain-boxtextures-borderLine.png



BRevenge360-FIN FeMain-boxtextures-lineGrad.png



BRevenge360-FIN FeMain-boxtextures-roundCorner.png



HUD Elements

Various in-game HUD elements are also present.

BRevenge360-FIN Global.txd-anchor.png BRevenge360-FIN Global.txd-box end.png BRevenge360-FIN Global.txd-box tile.png BRevenge360-FIN Global.txd-grid corn.png BRevenge360-FIN Global.txd-grid tile.png BRevenge360-FIN Global.txd-ta bg end.png BRevenge360-FIN Global.txd-ta bg tile.png

Global.txd\anchor; box_end; box_tile; grid_corn; grid_tile; ta_bg_end; ta_bg_tile.

BRevenge360-FIN Global.txd-Star empty.pngBRevenge360-FIN Global.txd-Star full.png

Global.txd\Star_empty; Star_full.

BRevenge360-FIN Cafe.bin-x-x.tif.png Cafe.bin\x\x.tif BRevenge360-FIN Cafe.bin-lan-lan.tif.png Cafe.bin\lan\lan.tif


BRevenge360-FIN Cafe.bin-t-t.tif.png Cafe.bin\t\t.tif BRevenge360-FIN Cafe.bin-l1-l1.tif.png Cafe.bin\l1\l1.tif


BRevenge360-FIN Cafe.bin-c-c.tif.png Cafe.bin\c\c.tif BRevenge360-FIN Cafe.bin-l2-l2.tif.png Cafe.bin\l2\l2.tif
BRevenge360-FIN Cafe.bin-s-s.tif.png Cafe.bin\s\s.tif BRevenge360-FIN Cafe.bin-r2-r2.tif.png Cafe.bin\r2\r2.tif
BRevenge360-FIN Cafe.bin-lft-lft.tif.png Cafe.bin\lft\lft.tif BRevenge360-FIN Cafe.bin-l3-l3.tif.png Cafe.bin\l3\l3.tif
BRevenge360-FIN Cafe.bin-rht-rht.tif.png Cafe.bin\rht\rht.tif BRevenge360-FIN Cafe.bin-r3-r3.tif.png Cafe.bin\r3\r3.tif
BRevenge360-FIN Cafe.bin-str-str.tif.png Cafe.bin\str\str.tif

Unused Sounds

PlayStation 2 & Xbox Leftovers

There's a decent amount of sounds found in this release that are remnants of the original PlayStation 2 and Xbox release. A few of the filenames seem to indicate they were meant to be reused for online, but are likely just placeholders.

Filename Unused sound Additional information
Menu & Event select sound.
Rank select sound.
Location select sound.
Car color select sound.
Rating decrease sound.
Single tick timer sound.
Double tick timer sound.
Unused/Early double tick timer sound.
Fast timer sound.

Medal Awards

The game normally uses an identical award sound for all three, Bronze, Silver and Gold medals that are located in Gen_HUD.xwb\MDL0#____L11, where # is replaced with either 1, 2 or 3. The individual event containers have completely different medal sounds that aren't used in-game.

Interestingly, while they do work as intended in-game if they are edited back into Gen_HUD.xwb, during the ranking screen it only plays MDL01____L11 for some odd reason.

Filename Unused sound Additional information
These are all found in crash.xwb, Elim.xwb, Revenge.xwb, RoadRage.xwb and Single.xwb

Unused Text


There is an unused string with the ID DE8A05EF that's meant to display on the main menu. It can be seen being used in the early PS2 & Xbox demo builds, but in all subsequent builds and releases, the string remained blank.

Unused Restored
BRevenge360-FIN $Production.png BRevenge360-FIN $Production-restored.png

"Why Smart People Defend Bad Ideas"

FeMain.bin\news contains the first three paragraphs of Why Smart People Defend Bad Ideas, an essay written by Scott Berkun.

We all know someone that’s intelligent, but who occasionally defends obviously bad ideas. Why does this happen? How can smart people take up positions that defy any reasonable logic? Having spent many years working with smart people I’ve catalogued many of the ways this happens, and I have advice on what to do about it. I feel qualified to write this essay as I’m a recovering smart person myself and I’ve defended several very bad ideas. So if nothing else this essay serves as a kind of personal therapy session. However, I fully suspect you’ll get more than just entertainment value (“Look, Scott is stupider than we thought!”) out of what I have to say on this topic.Success at defending bad ideasThe monty python argument sketchI’m not proud to admit that I have a degree in Logic and Computation from Carnegie Mellon University. Majoring in logic is not the kind of thing that makes people want to talk to you at parties, or read your essays. But one thing I did learn after years of studying advanced logic theory is that proficiency in argument can easily be used to overpower others, even when you are dead wrong. If you learn a few tricks of logic and debate, you can refute the obvious, and defend the ridiculous. If the people you’re arguing with aren’t as comfortable in the tactics of argument, or aren’t as arrogant as you are, they may even give in and agree with you. The problem with smart people is that they like to be right and sometimes will defend ideas to the death rather than admit they’re wrong. This is bad. Worse, if they got away with it when they were young (say, because they were smarter than their parents, their friends, and their parent’s friends) they’ve probably built an ego around being right, and will therefore defend their perfect record of invented righteousness to the death. Smart people often fall into the trap of preferring to be right even if it’s based in delusion, or results in them, or their loved ones, becoming miserable. (Somewhere in your town there is a row of graves at the cemetery, called smartypants lane, filled with people who were buried at poorly attended funerals, whose headstones say “Well, at least I was right.”)

Xbox Live Tutorial

A tutorial video for the Xbox Live mode can found in the Information menu when connected to Xbox Live. However since the servers were shut down (twice, most recently on October 24, 2017), this tutorial video becomes unused.


To do:
A lot of vehicle textures have oddities, especially in regards to their alpha channel data.


Some of the loading screen texture filenames name a different color than what's actually used.

BRevenge360-FIN LoadSc12.bin-loading12-Foreground white.tif.png

Modified M-Type DX



BRevenge360-FIN LoadSc14.bin-loading14-Foreground red12.tif.png

Tuned M-Type DX



There are a few other loading screen cars that are named Yellow but appear orange, however while these particular vehicles may seem yellow in the garage, they also appear more orange-ish in-game.

  • Limited M-Type ST
    LoadSc1.bin\loading1\Yellow_F_03.tif; Yellow_F_04.tif
  • Limited R175 ST
    LoadSc5.bin\loading5\Yell_front03.tif; Yell_front04.tif
  • Limited R175 ST
    LoadSc6.bin\loading6\Yell_Back01.tif; Yell_Back02.tif
  • Custom R202 GT
    LoadSc14.bin\loading14\Yellow_Back03.tif; Yellow_Back04.tif
  • Limited R205 GT
    LoadSc20.bin\loading20\Foreground_yell.tif; Foreground_yell2.tif