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CTR Aging Test Program

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Title Screen

CTR Aging Test Program

Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 3DS

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The CTR Aging Test Program is a 3DS app used by Nintendo to test if the hardware is working properly. All 3DS devices have had this app installed at some point during manufacturing, though after the app finishes the tests it uninstalls itself. While it isn't fully deleted from NAND afterward, any write to NAND has a chance of overwriting this app.

Three versions were produced:

  • v1, which may be unrecoverable due to being overwritten by account.dat and mset. This is purely unintentional, and it's caused by being uninstalled too early for it to not get partly overwritten.
  • v2, which is possible to get working, though it has a bunch of useless tests included.
  • v3, the only New 3DS iteration, which has been recovered from NAND dumps. It's almost like v2, except that several of the useless tests are absent and the camera test doesn't work here (whereas it does in v2).
(Source: GBATemp)


CTR-Aging Banner.png

The app's banner is in a format which the HOME Menu normally can't read, but this can be fixed to display it properly.