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California Speed (Arcade)

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Title Screen

California Speed

Developer: Atari Games
Publisher: Atari Games
Platform: Arcade (Midway Seattle)
Released in US: February 16, 1998[1][2]
Released in EU: 1998

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Atari's answer to the Cruis'n series of games. Features an amazing soundtrack.

Unused Text


Internal names for all of the tracks.

(Source: Ferrox)

Debugging Text

Acamera_offset %d= %.0f, %.0f, %.0f, w_angle: %.0f
Error Occurred at %d.%d (%d.%d)
Checkpoint Times Loaded.
Cannot initialize mathbox
Initializing Network
Unable to initialize texture manager
Unable to load shadow
Unable to load skid
Unable to load left sparks
Unable to load right sparks
Unable to load left splash
Unable to load right splash
Load Shadow, Skid, Sparks, Splashes
Unable to load checkpoint
Loaded Checkpoint
Unable to load trash (melon)
Unable to load trash (tomato)
Unable to load trash (orange)
Loaded Trash
%.0f, m_factor: %.3f, speed: %.2f
damp_max: %.3f
forsight: %.0f
ratio: %.2f
start: %.0f
mult: %.2f
add: %.3f (%.0f)
damp_start: %.3f
damp_mult: %.1f (%.3f)
damp_start1: %.3f
damp_mult1: %.1f (%.3f)
slip1: %.1f
slip2: %.1f
fr_min: %.3f
fr_ratio: %.3f
m_limit: %.2f
m_size: %.2f.speed: %.1f%%
accel: %.1f%%
resistance: %.1f%%
mass: %.0f
m_base: %.0f
m_factor: %.3f
x_steer: %.2f
length: %.1f
d_slide_min: %.2f
d_slide_max: %.2f
d_slide_limit: %.2f
d_max_friction: %.2f
d_tract_delta: %.3f
d_body_roll: %.1f
fb_limiter: %d
scale_mult: %.1f
X: %.0f degrees
Offset Y: %.0f
Offset Z: %.0f
w_angle: %.0f
Camera Lag Distance: %.2f
Limit: %.2f
Camera Lag Accel: %.2f
Decel: %.2f.Boost Factor: %.1f
Time: %d
Boost Height: %d
Hang Time: %d.distance: %.1f
limit: %.3f
accel: %.2f
decel: %.2f
Shift Points: %d, %d, %d, %d
start: %.0f
base: %.0f
min: %d
max: %d
range: %.0f
cycle: %d
grab: %.2f
scale: %.3f
geometry: %.2f, %.2f, %.2f
Target Hit
Looping: %d
Found this condition!
SetGameState() Order Error Occurred
SetGameState() Bug Occurred
Unrecognized Game State Setting: %d
Unable to Load First Sector
Unable to Load Second Sector
Unable to load mountain
Load Mountain
Unable to Load Sector
Out of Pointers
Cannot Get IOQ Pointer For %s
Error Reading Queued file
QIO Error %d Reading File...Bummer!
File Read Data not aligned
Queue %d is not open
Error -- File Queue Is Busy
Error %d Reading File...Bummer!
Error %d Reading File (Reset)
Error Reading Binary File
Out of Memory: %d bytes shy
Unable to allocate face groupings
Unable to open file: %s
Invalid P1 File (x= %d)
Invalid Version Number: %d
Invalid .P1 ID
File System Failure on FRead: %s
Filename: %s, %d points, %d faces
Unable to allocate memory for %d points
Unable to allocate memory for %d faces
Unable to allocate %d texture indices
Warning -- Required Texture Not Found: %s
ERROR: %d Points in Face %d
Warning -- Texture %d Not Found: %s
Unable to allocate memory for Anim Data
Illegal Number of road counts (%d) for %s
Illegal Number of nav counts (%d) for %s
Illegal Number of face counts (%d) for %s
Illegal Number of trigger counts (%d) for %s
Illegal Number of point counts (%d) for %s
Illegal Number of texture counts (%d) for %s
Illegal Number of texture groups (%d) for %s
Illegal Number of geometry counts (%d) for %s
Illegal Number of object counts (%d) for %s
Illegal p_first Index (%d vs %d) for %s
Illegal p_last Index (%d vs %d) for %s
Illegal Number of nav point counts (%d) for %s
Illegal Number of texture group counts (%d) for %s
Illegal Number of anim counts (%d) for %s
File is not a .S1 file: %s
Unable to load file: %s
P1 File has been updated
LoadIncP1 Failed: %d
Unable to allocate %d road faces
Unable to allocate %d triggers
Unexpected Object Information Found
Invalid Road Sector %d on Face %d
Unable to allocate %d objects
Unable to load .G1 File: %s
Unable to Allocate NavHeaders
Unable to Allocate NavPoints
Object File %s exceeds %d Bytes
File System Failure on Read: %s
Unable To Load Car File: %s
Invalid .O1 file: %s
O1 File is Not A Car
Unsupported or Invalid File Version: %d
Too Many LOD Levels In Car: %s
Unable to load Car Body file: %s
LoadO1 Body.NULL
Unable to load level %d Car Tire 0 file: %s
LoadO1 Tire 0
Unable to load level %d Car Tire 1 file: %s
LoadO1 Tire 1
File Seems To Be Corrupted: %s
Texture %d In Use By %s
Attempting To Re-load Object %s without Unloading
Too Many Objects To Track: %d
Unable to Clear Fifo <2>
corrupted road #%d, sector %s
get_road_surface() Warning! hole in between triangles!
road1 = obj %s  road index %d
road2 = obj %s  road index %d
projected point is inside triangle! weird
get_bounce_vec error: should not be here
get_bounce_vec error <2>  : should not be here
cvr_bounce_: could'nt find valid road surface to bounce
Allegedly no movement
Unable to get information on file: %s
Texture File Not Found: %s
3df v%s %s
lod range: %i %i
aspect ratio: %i %i
chromakey: %x
Texture sscanf Returns 0
Texture Ratio Not Found
Texture Format Not Found: '%s'
Texture %s Requires Too Much Memory <2>
Texture %s Not Found <1>
Texture %s Requires Too Much Memory <1>
Unable To Load Texture %s <1>
Warning:  Unable to find Chromakey for %s
Reset WARNING: Texture %d (%s) Still Used By %d Objects
An error occured:  %d Permanent Textures
Permanent Texture: %d> %s
Not Enough Palette Space: %s
Unable To Cross 2 Meg Boundary From Top!!! (%s)
Out of Texture Slots: %s
MEMORY PADDING.No More Unused Textures: %s%s
No more high texture slots: %s%s
No more texture slots: %s
Cannot Load Texture: %s
Cannot load .fxb: %s
An Error Occurred Reading Binary Texture <1>: %s
Texture %s Requires Too Much Memory <2b>
Allocated Texture Memory Differs: %s
Unmatched Number of Replacement Texture Colors
Unmatched Number of Replacement Texture Palettes
WARNING: High Texture %d (%s) Still Used By %d Objects
<<<WARNING>>> tex_top: %p, ttop: %p
Illegal Texture Index Selected: %d (%d max)
Palette %s Cannot Be Cycled -- NO Palette
Cannot read movie file: ending1.mov
Cannot open movie file: %s
Cannot read movie file: %s
Cannot read movie file: sprite.mov.
Sprite is not yet ready
Invalid Sprite Mode: %d
Cannot open sprite file: %s
Stats: Time: %.0f, Pixels: %d, Tris: %d.FPS: %.1f, DC: %.1f, Fill: %.1f Meg
Unable to open file: %s
File is not a .W1 file: %s
File Version is Incorrect: %d
Too Many Sectors (%d), Truncated to %d
<1> Error Loading Incremental Sector
<2> Error Loading Incremental Sector %d (%d)
LoadIncSector Failed to Load Desired Sector
<4> Texture 92 (%d): %s
Loading Next Sector
Copied Tunnel Object
World Setup Complete
Error -- Sector Not Loading
Illegal Texture Slot Condition <1>
Illegal Texture Slot Condition <2>
Bad Texture Match
Unable to load car %d
Unable to load car select mountain
Load Car Select Mountain
Unable to Load Tunnel Sector
Tunnel Sector Loaded
Unable to Load Sector 1
Sector %d Loaded
Unable to Load Sector 2
Unable to Load Sector 3
Loading is Still Active?!? <1>
Loading is Still Active?!? <2>
Loading is Still Active?!? <3>
Loading is Still Active?!? <4>
Loading is Still Active?!? <5>
Loading is Still Active?!? <6>
Loading is Still Active?!? <7>
Unable to load mountain
Load Mountain
Unable to Load First World Sector
First World Sector Loaded
Loading is Still Active?!? <9>
Unable to Load Sector
Driver type: %d (%d)
Bad Sector Index <3>
Bad Sector Index <4>
Bad Sector Index <5>
Bad Sector Index <6>
Bad Sector Index <7>
Bad Sector Index <8>
Bad Sector Index <9>
Drive Drone 1
Drive Drone 2
Drive Drone 3
nav problem
Drive Drone 4
Drive Drone 5
Remote drone road face index is %d out of %d
Remote drone controlled by system %d
loaded cheerperson
Too Many Alpha Faces
NPCheck 1
NPCheck 2
NPCheck 3
car box hit road box
collision detected!
Unable to load tire_a
Loaded big wheel
Unable to load tire_b
Loaded big wheel 2
Unable to load tire_c
Loaded big wheel 3
Exit from Doit()
Free'd more roots than allocated!
Free'd more groups than allocated!
Free'd more objects than allocated!
Tree stack overflow
Invalid cycle in root %s
Out of root slots
Out of group slots
Out of object slots
Resetting facep_idx
Invalid node
Brother stack overflow
Invalid script opcode
HP: %s
Index: %d
%s Square Wave Frequency: %.1f
==>   %s
Scale: %.0f%%
%s Sine Wave Frequency: %.1f
%s Triangle Wave Frequency: %.1f
%s Random Range: %d
%s Scale: %0f
%s Texture Scale: %.0f
%s Select Scale: %.0f
%s Spring Scale: %.2f
%s Damper Scale: %.1f
%s Damper Count: %d
%s Bump Count: %d
%s Bump Scale : %d
Wheel: %.0f
FeedBack: %d
Select %d
Val: %.2f
Sound Call %x Index %d is Bad!!!
ASIC Rev: %x
EPROM Rev: %x
Reset: %d
VPlus Reset: %d
Version: %x, %x
Unable to Load File: %s
Game Volume: %d, Attract Volume: %d
Squeal: %.0f / %.0f / %.0f
Master Volume Level: %d
Index %d, %s: Level %d (soundtrack %d)
Index %d, %s: Level %d (track %d)
Unable to open stream file: %s
San Francisco
Sears Point
Mount Shasta
Mojave Desert
San Diego
Willow Springs
Los Angeles
Central Valley
Highway 1
Laguna Seca
Santa Cruz
Silicon Valley
Loading Sound Track %d <%s> for %s
adiPlaySound %d returned %xH
Loading Sound System
Unable to Load Sound System
%d Sounds Ready To Play
Starting Game
!!! WARNING -- Sound System Is Not Initialized !!!
Press Player 1 Start To Re-Initialize Sound System
Ready to Play ID: %d
Now in Debug Mode
Counts: %d %d
Re-Initializing Sound System
Sound Stopped on All Tracks
Ready to Play ID (GOOD): %d
Ready to Play ID (BAD): %d
Ready to Play ID (%s): %d
No Good
Continuing With Game
%d Sound Loaded from %s
Bank Checksum: %x, ck: %x
ERROR: Cmd Checksum: %x, ck: %x
ERROR: BankLoad failed
BankX Checksum: %x, ck: %x
<1> Sound System Not Loaded.Unable to get information on file: %s
Cmd Checksum: %x, ck: %x
Cannot Load Sound File: %s
<2> Sound System Not Loaded
adiInit Returns %x
<3> Sound System Not Loaded
ERROR -- Partition Is NULL
ERROR -- Bad Host
Open Failed: %s
ERROR -- Partition Is full (%d vs %d)
ERROR -- Partition Has no ram (%d/%d vs %d)
ERROR -- InitBankLoad failed
ERROR -- BankLoad failed
ERROR -- InitBankLoad Returns 0
<4> Sound System Not Loaded
Partition %d: Calls: %u/%u, RAM: %u/%u
Error Detected -- Stopping All Net Games
Drone-to-Net Car Assignments Failed!
stage, debug, pole_position
%s %s %s %s %s %s %s %s
%3d %6d %6d %6d %6d %6d %6d %6d
ID: %d, Players: %d, Leader: %d
netState: %s
mc_channel: %d, base_time: %u
Miscalculated Net->Drone Index
Error sending buffered network packet
%d Buffers Free, %d errors
Error sending packet: %x <4>
Error getting network buffer
Unable to Send Verified LEADER command
Unrecognized network packet type
Insured Message Received Before Prior Messages Cleared
!!!!  >>>>  Network Link Has Been Disconnected  <<<<  !!!!
Please Correct This Problem And Reset All Linked Machines
To Establish the Network Link
Unrecognized ethernet type: %x
Received SYNC_TIME from non-leader (%d/%d)
Error Occurred On Machine %d
Could not get net buffer
Please Update All Linked Games to Same Version
Please Verify that All Linked Games Have Unique Car IDs
INFO Error -- Invalid Track (%x / %x)
INFO Error -- Invalid Obj2 Name (%s / %s)
INFO Error -- Invalid Car Type: (%d / %d)
INFO Error -- Invalid Car Color: (%d / %d)
Unexpected data received
Unexpected CB_TXResult Received
Unexpected net func (%x) received
!!!!!!  Network Link Disabled  !!!!!
>>>  No Network ID Has Been Set!  <<<
Unable to Open Network Device
Logon Collision -- Delay %.2f Seconds
Logging on again
>>>  Link ID is not Set  <<<
>>>  Link ID is assumed to be %d  <<<
---  Link ID is %d  ---
>>>  Make Sure All Link Unit Numbers are Set and Unique  <<<
My ID: %d (%02x%02x%02x%02x%02x%02x)
ID %d Found: %d (%02x%02x%02x%02x%02x%02x)
Net Parse Game
Net Parse net
Player %d Dropped Out!
Too Many Retries (%x)
System Appears to be locked
[%x] Pending: %d, (Max: %d), Info: %d/%d/%d/%d, Pool: %d
Game State: %d, Track: %d, Flags: %08.8x
%s % *s
%-64 64s
%s(%g): SING error
%s(%g): DOMAIN error
AllocMem: failed (%d) bytes
%s: %5f %5f %5f/ %5f %5f %5f/ %5f %5f %5f
WaitOnTimer: Timed Out!
TimerCalc: SPF unchanged
TIME=%.2f SPF=%.4f FPS=%.2f
EPROM Boot code. Version: Apr 17 1998 12:30:18
Copyright 1996-1998 Atari Games, Corp. All rights reserved
Act_q_rtn clobbered
PCI Retry counter expired
PCI Slave abort
PCI Master abort
Memory parity error
Galileo address error
PCI Slave read parity error
PCI Master write parity error
PCI Slave write parity error
PCI Master read parity error
Galileo reported bus error
Undefined exception
Floating point exception
Reserved exception
Trap exception
Arithmetic Overflow
CoProcessor unusable
Reserved Instruction
Bus error on D fetch
Bus error on I fetch
Address alignment error on write
Address alignment error on read
Write to non-existant memory
Read from non-existant memory
Write to read-only memory
Undefined exception
FP Unimplemented operation
FP Invalid operation
FP Divide by zero
FP Overflow
FP Underflow
FP Inexact
Id: selftest.c,v 1.58 1998/03/20 04:10:07 shepperd Exp $
No game at 0x
Not available
st_getenv() failed
To run test,
To select test,
Null Menu
Id: pm.c,v 1.33 1998/04/17 18:37:31 shepperd Exp $
$Id: eedrive.c,v 1.20 1998/02/13 23:42:33 albaugh Exp $
Write extends past end of EEPROM
Record number out of bounds
Bad High-score-table
Write-verify error, no retries
$Id: cdec_hex.c,v 1.4 1997/07/01 22:23:15 albaugh Exp $
$Id: random.c,v 1.3 1997/07/01 22:40:48 albaugh Exp $
$Id: stats.c,v 1.51 1998/02/12 05:43:55 albaugh Exp $
Called validate_malloc with null param
Called validate_malloc with invalid which
Loop detected in malloc list
Header Magic corrupt
Trailer Magic corrupt
Tried to free area not BUSY
malloc'd smaller area than user asked for
Area to realloc is not on BUSY list
More than one POOL_SIZE of -1
No room for POOL
*** Testing Audio Hardware  ***
Hardware Reset, FAILED
Hardware Reset, passed
Latch test, FAILED
Latch test, passed
Get epprom revision, TIMED OUT
Eprom Revision: V%x.%02x
Get SDRC revision, TIMED OUT
SDRC Revision: %d
Get Checksum, TIMED OUT
PM Checksum: %04x
S/RAM chip #%d failed
RAM return code mismatch
Communication error in RAM test #%d
unknown error durring RAM test
SRAM test, passed
D/RAM bank 0 failed
DRAM bank 0 test, passed
Boink, failed
Boink, passed
Software Reset, FAILED
Software Reset, passed
Get DCS2 OS revision, TIMED OUT
DCS2 OS Revision: V%x.%02x
Communication error in FIFO test #%d
FIFO test, passed
All tests passed
*** Testing Audio Fifo Hardware  ***
Good FIFO blocks : %d
Bad FIFO blocks  : %d
%d audio commands have been processed
%d errors occured
$Id: phx_coin.c,v 1.32 1998/03/18 18:23:34 albaugh Exp $
Syntax error
Dumping %08lX-%08lX
$Id: pots.c,v 1.27 1998/04/09 02:35:14 shepperd Exp $
Debug Switches
Audio Panic
PM dump WDOG resets
AHold PM dump
IDisk I/O method
Report disk errors during game
IDE cycle time (Change this at your peril)
No game
Frames per second:
Timer ints per second:
Frame rate
No Delay
60 Hz
30 Hz
20 Hz
15 Hz
12 Hz
10 Hz
No VSYNC interrupts detected
main: grSstOpen failed!
$Id: ram_test.c,v 1.23 1997/12/11 02:54:59 shepperd Exp $
$Id: mem_test.c,v 1.14 1997/12/10 19:17:59 shepperd Exp $
$Id: scope.c,v 1.9 1997/07/01 22:48:44 albaugh Exp $
$Id: entry.c,v 1.10 1998/04/01 23:56:09 albaugh Exp $
$Id: menus.c,v 1.15 1998/02/12 05:37:23 albaugh Exp $
No bits modified by menu
Menu not terminated
Two options modify same bits
Option over-runs U32
Zero-bit option
Unknown problem with menu
Error getting peer
Error doing accept
No BIND done on this socket
Not a TCP socket
Unable to bind to addr/port
UDP datagram too big
socket not connected
write error on socket
read error on socket
IGMP group member table full
cannot contact nameserver
connection is proceeding
address already in use
network not reachable
connection refused
connection timed out
socket already connected
address family not supported
address is not available
fd is not a socket
ran out of network sockets
function not supported in sockets
cannot run at interrupt, action or AST level
fatal internal error in socket handler
invalid argument to socket call
too small
tx error
too big
no IOQ's
inconsistent state
invalid argument
Address mark not found
Track 0 not found
device error
Sector ID not found
Uncorrectable read error
file opened "read only"
file opened "write only"
IDE driver ran out of memory
device timeout on hard disk
seek error on hard disk
write error on hard disk
read error on hard disk
ran out of HdIO's
function not supported
no room for more devices
device already installed
cannot rename to different device
file not open for write.file not open for read
EOF on file
no such file to stat
no more file descriptors
no such device
QioIOQ already on a queue
function not supported on device
executing at wrong AST level
fatal internal error in QIO handler
invalid argument to QIO call
function completed successfully
no mutex to free
mutex 'free'd by other than 'task' that claimed it
already on queue
mutex pool is empty
mutex is already claimed by 'task'
fatal internal error in mutex handler
invalid argument to mutex call
mutex function completed successfully
freelist function ran out of memory
fatal internal error in freelist function
invalid argument to freelist function
freelist bit update completed successfully
file system not mounted
sync function ran out of memory
fatal internal error in sync function
invalid argument to sync
sync completed successfully
filesystem full
extend function ran out of memory
too many retrieval pointers
fatal internal error in extend function
invalid argument to extend function
extend completed successfully
Fatal internal error
fsys_open_q found file closed
No such file (volume not mounted)
No such file (generation number mismatch)
No such file (FID out of range)
open ran out of memory
fatal internal error in open handler
invalid argument to file open call
file open completed successfully
not a directory
no such file system to stat
too many directories
no such directory
fatal internal error in lookup
invalid argument to lookup
lookup worked
directory not empty
use rmdir to delete a directory
no such file
delete ran out of memory
invalid argument to file deletion call
file deletion completed successfully
private field has been zeroed
filesystem full, no room for file
filesystem full, no more file headers
name already in use by a directory
no such path
cannot create on read only filesystem
create ran out of memory
fatal internal error in creation handler
invalid argument to file creation call
file creation completed successfully
Allocated file sizes greater than drive capacity
Cluster size not equal to 1
No FsysInitVol parameter supplied
ran out of free blocks
error getting drive info
no drive
initfs is already busy
error writing the root file
error writing the root header
error writing the freemap file
error writing the freemap header
error writing the index file
error writing the index header
error writing the home blocks
feature not supported
ran out of memory
fatal internal error in initfs code
invalid argument to initfs
completed successfully
ran out of IOQ's
couldn't stat the physical device
no such volume name
volume is already mounted
directory corrupt
(probably a) directory read error
file header read error
volume is busy mounting
could not read any root files
could not read any root file headers
could not read any freemap files
could not read any freemap file headers
could not read any index files
could not read any index file headers
could not find any valid home blocks
feature not supported yet
not enough memory for mount
executing at wrong level
fatal internal error in mount code
successful mount
Undefined IOCTL function
Operation not valid on read only filesystem
Seek pos must be sector aligned and
file size
ran of of DIR structs
ran out of FsysQio's
length not a multiple of sector size (512)
file not open
function not supported by fsys
file read/write fatal internal error
file write error
file read error
successful fsys I/O
STDIO error, %s
Unknown status of 0x%08X
3df v%s %s lod range: %i %i aspect ratio: %i %i
sst1InitGammaRGB(): Enabling Video Clock
fifo spins: %7d
triangles processed: %7d
tris drawn: %7d
buffer swaps: %7d
tris/frame: %7d , %d
points: %7d
pnts/frame: %7d
lines: %7d
lines/frame: %7d
texture downloads: %7d
texture bytes: %7d
palette downloads: %7d
palette bytes: %7d
grSstDetectResources: failed to query board %d
grGlideInit - (GLIDE_STATE_PAD == %d) < (sizeof(GrState == %d)
grSstOpen:  not enough memory to run this configuration
grSstOpen:  unknown resolution specified
grSstOpen:  Video Timing initialization failed!
grSstOpen:  Gamma initialization failed!
grSstOpen:  SLI Slave Video Timing initialization failed!
grSstOpen:  SLI Slave Gamma initialization failed!
grSstOpen:  SLI Initialization failed!
grSstSelect:  non-existent SST
grTexMipMapMode:  invalid mode passed
grTexDownloadMipMap: mipmap  cannot span 2 Mbyte boundary
grTexDownloadMipMapLevelPartial: mipmap level cannot span 2 Mbyte boundary
guTexCombineFunction:  Unsupported function
ERROR: unDither: invalid color sum
sst1InitGetTmuMemory() ERROR: Could not detect memory size
sst1InitGetDeviceInfo: ERROR, multiple different TMU revision IDs detected
sst1DeviceInfo: Filling info Struct with default values
sst1DeviceInfo: Dac Type: Unknown
sst1DeviceInfo: Dac Type:
AT&T ATT20C409
TI TVP3409
Cannot read a WRITE_ONLY register
Cannot write to a READ_ONLY register
sst1InitSli(): SLI Slave board installed as SLI Master
Please power-down, swap SLI boards and re-boot
sst1InitSli(): WARNING: Bypassing check for proper SLI installation
sst1InitSli(): Enabling Scanline Interleaving
sst1InitSli(): Disabling memory fifo
sst1InitSli(): Could not unReset Slave Video
sst1InitSli(): Could not setup SLI Slave
sst1InitShutdownSli(): Disabling Scanline Interleaving
sst1InitShutdown(): Could not disable Slave SLI
sst1Init Routines
InitCode $Revision: 5 $
System reboot required
WARNING: Ignoring sst1InitRegisters()
sst1InitRegisters(): Could not detect DAC
sst1InitRegisters(): Using SST_TREX0INIT0 environment variable
sst1InitRegisters(): Using SST_TREX0INIT1 environment variable
sst1InitRegisters(): Using SST_TREX1INIT0 environment variable
sst1InitRegisters(): Using SST_TREX1INIT1 environment variable
sst1InitRegisters(): Using SST_TREX2INIT0 environment variable
sst1InitRegisters(): Using SST_TREX2INIT1 environment variable
sst1InitRegisters(): Setting up SLOW PCI Writes
sst1InitRegisters(): Setting up FAST PCI Reads
sst1InitRegisters(): Setting up FAST DRAM Configuration
sst1InitRegisters(): ERROR filling DeviceInfo
sst1InitRegisters(): LFB Writes go through memory FIFO
sst1InitRegisters(): TEXTURE Writes go through memory FIFO
sst1InitRegisters() WARNING: Disabling texture mapping
sst1InitClearSwapPending() WARNING: Clearing pending swapbufferCMDs
sst1InitResetTmus(): Could not reset TMUs
WARNING: Ignoring sst1InitVideo()
sst1InitVideo(): Unsupported Resolution
sst1InitVideo(): Unsupported Refresh Rate
sst1InitVideo(): Enabling Video Clock
sst1InitVideo(): Enabling Triple Buffering
sst1InitVideo(): Setting 16BPP video mode
sst1InitVideo(): Setting 24BPP video mode
sst1InitVideo(): Disabling Video Filtering
sst1InitVideo(): Not Clearing Frame Buffer(s)
sst1InitVideo(): Disabling video timing
sst1InitSetVidMode(): Entered
sst1InitSetVidClk(): Entered
sst1InitSetGrxClk(): Entered
sst1InitSetGrxClk(): Resetting TMUs after clock change
sst1InitDacDetect(): Entered
sst1InitDacDetectATT(): Entered
sst1InitDacDetectATT(): Exiting
sst1InitDacDetectTI(): Entered
sst1InitDacDetectTI(): Exiting
sst1InitDacDetectICS(): Entered
sst1InitDacDetectICS(): Exiting
sst1InitSetVidClkINI(): Entered
sst1InitDacIndexedEnable() ERROR: Could not Initialize DAC
gdbg_init(): debug level = %s
%s error (%s):
Not owner
No such file or directory
No such process
Interrupted system call
I/O error
No such device or address
Arg list too long
Exec format error
Bad file number
No children
No more processes
Not enough space
Permission denied
Bad address
Block device required
Device or resource busy
File exists
Cross-device link
No such device
Not a directory
Is a directory
Invalid argument
File table overflow
Too many open files
Not a character device
Text file busy
File too large
No space left on device
Illegal seek
Read-only file system
Too many links
Broken pipe
Math argument
Result too large
No message of desired type
Identifier removed
No lock
Not a stream
Stream ioctl timeout
No stream resources
Machine is not on the network
No package
Resource is remote
Virtual circuit is gone
Advertise error
Srmount error
Communication error
Protocol error
Multihop attempted
Bad message
Cannot access a needed shared library
Accessing a corrupted shared library
lib section in a out corrupted
Attempting to link in more shared libraries than system limit
Cannot exec a shared library directly
(Source: Ferrox)

Crash Handler

If the game crashes, it will display a very basic crash handler.

The next time the game is powered on, it'll display a more complex debugger.

(Source: Ferrrox)

Unused Music

A slightly different version of the Silicon Valley theme.

An unused song that was later used in the Nintendo 64 port.

(Source: kirishima)

Unused Ending

An alternate unused ending.

(Source: Abystus)

Unused Graphics

Present among the graphics for the best times screen are graphics for an engine. No suitable palette could be found.

Present among the graphics for the Silicon Valley track are remnants of a couple of unused billboards that are partially overwritten with other data. No suitable palette could be found for either of them.

An early title screen.

Present among the track selection graphics is a coming soon graphic likely left over from a demo version. No suitable palette could be found.

Present among the track selection graphics is a done graphic. This was likely used to keep track of which tracks you've completed in the do the state mode. In the final game it just uses a map of California to keep track of your progress. No suitable palette could be found.

A bunch of development-related graphics.

(Source: Original TCRF research)