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Call of Duty: Black Ops (Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii)

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Title Screen

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Developer: Treyarch
Publisher: Activision
Platforms: Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii
Released internationally: November 9, 2010
Released in JP: November 18, 2010
Released in KR: November 10, 2010

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article

To do:
  • Upload all the remaining loading screens and mini-maps.
  • This line from Pack-a-Punch machines on Ascension is apparently so rare it essentially cannot be encountered. Verify that the line actually exists in the game and add it.
  • Fix page formatting.

Call of Duty: Black Ops is the first game in the Black Ops subseries of Call of Duty games, taking place in the '60s. TELL US WHERE THE UNUSED CONTENT IS, MASON!



To do:
The PS3 Exclusive subpage needs an icon.
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Regional Differences
Content changed in other language versions of the game.
PS3 Exclusive
Content that is only on the PS3 version of the game.
Unused & Early maps
Entire unused maps and early versions of soon-to-be DLC maps. Also a fully-playable map from the modding tools, for some reason.
Unused Weapons
Weapons that stay in abandoned warehouses to rot.

Easter Eggs

Numbers Broadcasts

To do:
  • Add the numbers included in the broadcasts and what they translate to (from here).
  • Find all areas of USDD where the numbers broadcast takes place.
  • Check others areas in the game for numbers broadcasts like this.

Various levels have a numbers broadcast that takes place in the background audio of the level but can only be heard by muting the character voices and game audio from the options menu and cannot be heard otherwise. They occur in the following levels:

  • Operation 40: Interrogation sequence at the start of the level.
  • U.S.D.D.: First in the limousine and again in the hallway leading up to the elevator onwards. Notably played lower than other lines.
  • Numbers: During the torture sequence. This can normally be heard in the French version without muting the voices and audio.

Summit Tower

On the Summit multiplayer map, the path on the side of the mountain has a tower at the foot of the stairs leading into the middle building. This tower can be entered by jumping up on the computer in the middle of the main building and then jumping on to the the walkway near the large map on the wall by jumping towards a bent railing and mantling over it. From here, one can follow the walkway to a large window and then stand on the railing and run and jump on to the top platform of the tower. This tower has a ladder that leads down to a lower platform and another ladder that leads out of the tower. A video guide to this Easter Egg can be seen here (0:26 - 0:45).

Cut Multiplayer Weapons

To do:
Test the Crossbow and Valkyrie Missile in-game.

Non-Explosive Crossbow

A copy of the normal Crossbow that does not fire an explosive bolt. Inflicts 250 Direct Impact damage, compared to the Explosive Bolt Crossbow which inflicts 50 damage, and is a one-hit kill when hitting a player anywhere on their body. The weapon has two curious properties:

  • The neck multiplier (5) is higher than the head multiplier (4). Both are usually the same.
  • explosionInnerDamage, which determines damage at the middle of an explosion for an explosive weapon, is not used by either Crossbows (for the explosive Crossbow, explosive damage is determined by the Crossbow bolt, explosive_bolt_mp). Despite this, the value for this Crossbow is different than the explosive one, being set at 150 versus 50.

Wager Match Valkyrie Missile

A version of the Valkyrie Missile intended for Wager Matches. File name is "m220_tow_wager_mp" and the only difference from the used one is that the parameter "isCarriedKillstreakWeapon" is set to 0 (off).



The MP40 is used in the Campaign and a bit of Zombies, but strangely has coding to be obtained as a killstreak. The coding strings are "mp40_mp", "mp40_drop_mp" and "mp40_blinged_mp". Audio bits for the Tropas, Black Ops, OP 40, Spetznaz, and the NVA faction announcers remains. It can also be used in "Five" using console commands.

Ammo Station

There is a string for a killstreak airdrop marker titled "Ammo Station Airdrop Marker".

Cut Zombie Weapons


The AK47 is present in Zombies, but is normally inaccessible and only half-finished. It does very little damage, has no firing sound and cannot be Pack-a-Punched. However, the Pack-a-Punched version of the weapon, the "Red Mist" is fully present and working, adding an attached Flamethrower. A video of this weapon can be seen here (note: the purple blood is a custom texture).


The Kiparis has unused single wield and Dual Wield versions. Its Pack-A-Punch version equips Dual Wield and has a texture.

M2 Flamethrower


The M2 Flamethrower is used, but only in Dead Ops Arcade. Interestingly enough, a model as well as cut quotes from "Five" and "Kino der Toten" remain, which suggests it was to be used in those maps as well.

Cut Pack-a-Punch Weapons

Pack-a-Punched versions of the Kiparis, Stoner63, Skorpion, and WA2000 exist in the game's files.

Thunder Gun

There are quotes in-game that suggest at some point the "ThunderGun" was going to appear on the zombies map "Five" before being cut.

Wunderwaffe DG-2

CoDBO-Wunderwaffe DG-3 JZ CallOfTheDead.png

The Wunderwaffe DG-2 is used, but only in some of the original Zombies maps. Cut quotes seem to suggest that it was originally available for "Kino der Toten" and "Five". It would've most likely been obtained through the Mystery Box. The sound bits for "Five" still exist along with the "Kino der Toten" quotes. An unused Pack-A-Punched variant known as the "Wunderwaffe DG-3 JZ" can be used in Call of the Dead with the help of the console command "give tesla_gun_upgraded_zm", though it has no texture.


Weapon files exist for several killstreaks intended to be in zombies. "zombie_rcbomb", "zombie_radar", "zombie_dogs" (not to be confused with the Hellhound), "zombie_helicopter", "zombie_napalm" (not to be confused with the Napalm Zombie from Shangri-La), "zombie_airstrike", and many more. Most of these don't have scripts to accompany them but a few are still able to be brought in via modding. They were intended to be bought via wall buys, and given as a reward for winning a round in the cut versus mode.

Cut Campaign Weapons

Model 1887

The Model 1887 is used, but only in "Vorkuta" during the last level segment. However, unused coding suggests it was to appear in the missions "Payback", "Redemption", and "Rebirth". The coding string "mp_m1887" suggests that the Model 1887 was also planned to be usable in multiplayer. If you use the "give all" command in Vorkuta, you can use the weapon however, it acts like a SPAS 12.


The HS-10 is a four-round shotgun that appears in multiplayer but not in the Campaign, although files for it exist. Like in multiplayer, its only attachment is Dual Wield.


The L96A1 is a bolt-action sniper rifle that appears in multiplayer, but is absent from single player.

Ballistic Knife

The Ballistic Knife is a knife that appears in multiplayer but is absent from the Campaign. This weapon is a knife that fires knife blades and is used for knifing in place of the player character's normal knife. In multiplayer, the fired knife blades are a one-hit kill and this weapon melees faster than the normal knife. The Ballistic Knife's Campaign weapon file is identical to the one in multiplayer.

While this weapon is not usable in the Campaign, on "Numbers" it appears in Clarke's first armory stabbed into the top of a box.

Operation 40 Famas

To do:
Test this in-game.

The Famas has unused weapon files specifically for the Operation 40 mission for being equipped with both Extended Mags and Grenade Launcher and Extended Mags and Masterkey, although these files are unfinished as their coding indicates they do not equip Extended Mags on the guns at all and instead just equip the underbarrel attachments. The Grenade Launcher attachment is slightly different in that it inflicts a negligible amount more damage and holds a maximum of 5 rounds instead of 10. In the final game, the Famas does not appear in the level.

Unused Attachment Combinations

The following weapons that appear in the campaign have weapon files for unused attachment combinations. All these attachment combinations are used in multiplayer. Of specific note is that the Upgraded Iron Sights attachment does not appear in the campaign at all, although attachment combination files exist for it.

  • M1911
    • Upgraded Iron Sights
  • ASP Dual Wield
  • Makarov
    • Upgraded Iron Sights
    • Dual Wield - Unusable by the player, but usable by enemies. Killing an enemy who has one and trying to pick it up will only allow the player to pick up a single wield Makarov.
  • CZ75 Upgraded Iron Sights
  • All Spectre attachments, as the only Spectre is encountered on "Numbers" and has no attachments.
    • Reflex Sight - While unusable by the player, Shabs at the end of "Numbers" has a small chance of spawning with a Spectre with a Reflex Sight. Additionally, Clarke at the start of the level is equipped with a Spectre with Reflex Sight but never uses it.
    • Red Dot Sight
    • Extended Mag
    • Grip
    • Silencer
    • ACOG
  • Most Flamethrower attachments on guns. The flamethrower is only used on S.O.G..
    • Enfield flamethrower
    • AK47 flamethrower - An unused Spetsnaz soldier type with this weapon and attachment exists, and was planned for a Vietnam level.
    • Commando flamethrower
    • Galil flamethrower
    • FAMAS flamethrower
    • AUG flamethrower
    • FN FAL flamethrower
  • G11 Variable Zoom
  • SPAS-12 Suppressor - Adds a Suppressor to the SPAS-12.
  • All PSG1 attachment combinations, as the only PSG1 is encountered on "Numbers" in Clarke's first armory and has no attachments.
    • Extended Mags
    • ACOG Scope
    • Infrared Scope
    • Suppressor
    • Variable Zoom
  • All WA2000 attachment combinations, as the only WA2000 in the game is encountered on "Victor Charlie" during the segment where Whiskey Team storm the village.
    • ACOG
    • Infrared Scope
    • Extended Mags
    • Variable Zoom
    • Silencer
  • As the only non-mounted M60 is encountered on "S.O.G." and has Extended Magazine, the rest of the attachments go unused.
    • Red Dot Sight
    • Reflex Sight
    • ACOG Scope
    • Infrared Scope
    • Grip
  • Stoner63 without Extended Mag - On "Redemption", the Stoner63 always has Extended Mag, rendering its non-Extended Mag variant unused.

Obscure Weapon Content

  • The Karambit Knife used on Executive Order has some obscure and unused qualities:
    • Mason is able to slash with the knife, which normally goes unseen as it is only used during a stealth segment that gives free use of the weapon for 3 seconds. A video of this can be seen here.
    • If used outside of this segment by spawning it from the developer console, the knife is also able to kill enemies and has a sprint animation. A video of this can be seen here.
  • Similarly, Mason can slash with the SOG Knife on Victor Charlie, although this cannot usually be encountered as there is never any reason to do this.
  • The Camera Spike has a unique melee animation where the player character melees with the equipment.

Unseen Weapon Content

To do:
  • During the AUG reload, off screen it looks like the hand actually grabs a magazine as if off the player character's uniform. Verify and add.
  • Does the M14 strap shake off screen in any other instances, e.g. sprinting?
  • Check if the M14 strap can be fully seen in the Steam version at highest FOV that does not distort the screen, which is something like 110.
  • On "U.S.D.D.", when Mason draws the M1911 on John Kennedy, the pistol has a peculiar detail that cannot normally be noticed where the markings and ejection slot are on the wrong side. This effect might have been due to Mason hallucinating.
  • The SOG Knife has a hilt that cannot be seen as Mason is always holding it. It has a grip design.
  • The M14's strap shakes when hip firing the gun, which cannot normally be seen. A small part of the strap does appear on screen at max multiplayer FOV in the Steam version, but due to its placement it cannot be noticed. When switching weapons the strap also shakes, but this cannot be seen as it occurs off screen.
  • Unused Perks

    To do:
    • Upload raw voice lines instead of a YouTube video.
    • Upload separate images of the Upgraded Perks.


    A cut Perk-a-Cola that was planned for the Zombies map "Ascension". There are 4 cut quotes mentioning this perk, and according to the quotes this perk would allow the player to make an explosion. It's highly probable the perk was reworked into "PhD Flopper".


    This perk is most likely another name for the previously mentioned cut Perk-a-Cola "Boom Juice". There are again 4 cut quotes for this perk that sound very similar to the ones for BoomJuice.


    A cut Perk-a-Cola perk that was planned for the Zombies map "Ascension". There are 4 sound files with the name "Pronaide" (example: vox_plr_0_perk_pronaide_0.wav) in the title, but they only exist for Dempsey and Nikolai. Then there are 4 more sound files for Takeo and Richtofen, but these files have the then named "Prone" (example: vox_plr_3_perk_prone_0.wav). All of these sound files seem to mention the same perk. This perk would affect the player's jump and prone in some way according to the quotes.


    A cut Perk-a-Cola perk, planned for the Zombies map "Ascension". There are 4 sound files of the characters talking about it, but Dempsey is the only one who mentions it by name.



    A cut Perk-a-Cola perk, which was probably going to be similar to the "Bandolier" perk from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: World at War. An icon for the perk exists. A minimap Icon also exist.


    A Mini Map Icon exist of a perk called "DamageAde". The Icon Appears similer to Double Tap but differs in minor ways. Judging by its name, it could have been a Zombies version of Stopping Power from multiplayer.


    Upgraded Perks

    Hud Icons exist for upgraded versions of Quick Revive, Juggernaut, and Speed Cola

    Upgraded perk icons (Quick Revive, Jug, SpeedCola)

    Unused Multiplayer Obtainables

    Unused Medals

    To do:
    • Determine if the Above and Beyond, Hero, and Anti-Bomber medals are used.
    • The code for Care Package probabilities (listed here) appears to specify that Share Package medals specific to each killstreak would be awarded for letting a teammate take your Care Package, which does not appear in-game.

    The game contains some unused medals.

    Name Text Notes
    Streaker Called in a Killstreak.
    Brought down a Counter-Spy Plane.
    Brought down a Spy Plane.
    Took out a turret.
    Brought down a helicopter.
    Turret Kill
    Scrap Assist Assisted in a taking down an enemy Aircraft. Replaced in the final game with just getting assist points.

    Unused Challenges

    The game contains text for unused challenge types.

    Challenges For Global Kills
    Challenges for your Global Kills are now available.

    Uncertain what this would be.

    Challenges For Medals
    Challenges for your Medals are now available.

    Grouped in with other challenges in the final game.

    Unused Contracts

    Text for the following unused contracts exist.

    Description Notes
    Kill &&1 enemies with this equipment.
    Get &&1 Multi-kills with this weapon class.
    Kill &&1 total enemy players or aircraft with this weapon class.
    Kill &&1 enemy players or aircraft with this weapon.
    Kill &&1 enemy aircraft with this weapon.

    Unused Multiplayer Counters

    The game contains text for unused counters.

    GOING FOR BROKE: &&1% of the GDP of Ireland in USD has been spent.
    GOING FOR BROKE: &&1% of the GDP of Bulgaria in USD has been spent.
    GOING FOR BROKE: &&1% of the GDP of India in USD has been spent.
    GOING FOR BROKE: &&1% of the world GDP in USD has been spent.

    Obscure Multiplayer Mechanics

    Multiplayer contains some game mechanics that, while programmed to occur in-game, cannot be encountered or are so rare they essentially cannot be encountered.

    Camera Rotation

    The game contains two instances where the in-game camera can be rotated when it appears to not being interactable: when switching sides in a round based mode and in an in-game killcam when the enemy player is killed. In a round-based game mode, when switching sides the game camera will switch to a high area of the map, then indicate that the teams will be switching sides, and then start the next round. During this segment where it has switched to this high-up area, the camera can be rotated to the side.

    After dying and viewing the killcam, if the enemy player whose perspective is being viewed is killed, as soon as they are killed the killcam camera can be rotated in any direction.

    Bullet Casing Physics

    The bullet casings ejected from weapons in first person can bounce off solid surfaces, although this cannot normally be encountered. This can be seen by standing very close to the front door of the white house on Nuketown and then going into ADS and firing.

    Bots and Special Grenades

    To do:
    Check the code to see whether this behavior being rare is a glitch.

    In extremely rare instances, bots in Combat Training are able to throw Concussion and Flash Grenades. This behavior is so rare that it is possible to never actually encounter it.

    Sentry Gun Limit

    The game limits the amount of Sentry Guns in the game to 7, although it is not possible to ever reach this number in a public game.

    (Source: Youtube)

    Valkyrie Missile Characteristics

    The Valkyrie Missile has some unusual hidden attributes that never occur in-game due to not appearing possible.

    • Despite being a missile, it can be destroyed with a small amount of bullets (likely only a single bullet).
    • The missile can be locked on to with the Strela-3 and destroyed.

    Chopper Gunner Lock On Invulnerability

    Chopper Gunners have a short period of lock on invulnerability (about 3 seconds) where they cannot be locked on to with any launchers. Trying to lock on to them during this time will not cause any beeping and quickly bring up a message saying they cannot be locked on to. While this functionality does appear in the game, the window for this invulnerability is so short that it is essentially impossible to encounter in-game.

    Grid Barrel Sprint Noise

    Sprinting into a metal barrel near the ladder on Grid will make a noise. While this does occur in-game, it is so low it cannot be heard during normal gameplay.

    Summit Ledge

    On Summit, the path on the side of the mountain that leads into the small garage with a vehicle in it has a ledge around the outside that can actually be walked on and connects the mountain path with the platform leading into the garage from the side. While usable and intended to be used by the developer, due to its appearance it appears too small to stand on. A video of this area can be seen here (0:17 - 0:22).

    Unused Attack Helicopter Functionality

    The Attack Helicopter assesses who to attack by determining a threat score for each player, which is determined by awarding points to each player based on certain attributes or behaviour and attacking the player with the highest score. The Attack Helicopter has commented out code for adding points based on the player's current weapon class, adding 100 points (a small amount) for anyone with a launcher, assault rifle, or SMG. General information for how the threat system functions can be found here.

    (Source: Denkirson)

    Enemies Removed from Levels

    Hellhounds are seen in-game normally, but not in the map "Five". Unused sound files are the only remains of them.

    Obscure Failsafes

    In some levels of the campaign, if the player fails to complete a designated task sometimes an event will happen that will complete the task for them. While most of these "failsafes" can normally be encountered, some normally cannot be encountered at all, often times because they are tied to a task that is virtually impossible to fail.

    • On "The Defector", in the room in the first building where NVA soldiers kill a large amount of fleeing civilians, if the player does not kill all the soldiers and runs past them, the game will fail the player with a message saying they shot a civilian. Given how there appears to be no reason for this, and the incorrect message, it might be a glitch. A video of this can be seen here.
    • On "Victor Charlie", after meeting up with Whiskey Team a second time and being briefed to plant the charges, firing a bullet from any weapon will trigger a game over, as Mason has been told to only use a knife. While this is present in the game, it is virtually impossible to trigger due to it being extremely unlikely to ever happen.

    Victor Charlie Helicopter Crash

    During the sequence in the crashed helicopter where the player has to shoot the Viet Cong soldiers, the game is programmed to kill the player if they survive in the helicopter for a certain amount of time; however, this can never be encountered as the Viet Cong soldiers will kill the player before they reach the time limit. This unused event can be observed by using noclip and waiting for it to trigger.

    Obscured Content

    Player Model

    Since you are not meant to see the full player model in normal gameplay, with the use of a free look camera and the use of texture dumping in Dolphin on the Wii Version. The player model is modeled without the head and there is a face texture inside the body textures suggesting there was going to be a head for the player model at one point.

    In-Game Model Texture
    CODBlackOpsPlayerModel.png CODBlackOpsPlayerModelTexture.png

    Payback Hind

    CoDBO-Hind Player model.png

    Since you are in the cockpit of the Hind on Payback, you normally never get to see the exterior. However, if you manage to noclip out of the helicopter, the back of the model is extremely low poly since it is never normally seen.

    Unseen Campaign Content

    To do:
    In the Launch Trailer at 0:39, in the scene where Shabs shoot out the window, at the edge of the screen Maestas appears to have an idle animation that normally cannot be seen.
    • Operation 40:
      • Some Cuban soldiers have smoke grenades on them that read "M18 SMOKE RED" and some numbers below, which cannot normally be read in-game.
    • Executive Order:
      • The helicopters that fly outside the first segment of the level whip up dust devils, but this cannot be seen as this is outside Mason's view.
      • While Mason's secondary weapon, the Python with Speed Reloader, can first be used at the communication building segment, he actually starts the level with this weapon.
    • The Defector:
      • The SPAS-12 Dragon Breath Woods tosses Mason at the start of the level has two less shells when the player gets control of Mason. This detail is for added consistency with Woods firing two shells upon crashing into the building. While deliberately done, for multiple reasons it is very hard to actually notice this.
      • The first civilian encountered in the first building has unique scripted behavior. Upon running past Mason, he will run all the way to where the player entered the building then be killed by a grenade that comes through the window. A video of this can be seen here.
    • Project Nova:
      • During the opening panning shot in the Arctic Circle, Reznov's body is present, crouched on the ground, but cannot be seen. When Nevski and Dimitri get up, the model also gets up, then disappears.
      • When Kravchenko and Dragovich talk to Reznov at the sled during the first segment of the level, his model is present but cannot be seen. It is configured to have Reznov's arms pressed to his side and not move at all, although his body still moves for the purpose of looking around.
    • On WMD during the sequence where Kilo 1 have to hide in the first safe house, when the player's view switches to Hudson in the safe house, through the safe house window it can be seen that the Russians soldiers drive up to the house and get out of a truck, which cannot usually be seen.

    Inaudible Content

    To do:
    • Add audio of the Russians.
    • Upload a better video of the Zombie footstep audio.
  • On Numbers, during the segment when Weaver is asking Clarke questions while the team run across rooftops, both their dialogue has an echo effect that cannot normally be heard.
  • WMD:
    • Neitsch has an echo in his voice that cannot normally be heard.
    • In the safe house Neitsch leads Hudson's team in to, the Russians that enter speak but their dialogue is so low it cannot be heard.
  • When Zombies walk, their footsteps make an audible noise that it too low to normally hear. This can be heard in this video (0:23 - 0:46).
  • Obscure Campaign Mechanics

    To do:
    • In this video at 0:05, the box against the windows has Chinese characters on them. This box was apparently intended for Numbers, but does it appear there? If not, mention below its apparent original use.
    • According to this video at 1:20, if the motorbike on Vorkuta is modded into the game outside of its usual segment, it has an unused "Press F to use." behavior. Verify and add.

    The campaign contains some gameplay mechanics that are so rare they essentially cannot be encountered.

    Operation 40 Breach Scene

    The first breach scene on Operation 40 where Mason and Woods shoot Cuban soldiers in Castro's villa has obscure functionality where killing all the soldiers prior to the end of the breach scene, which cannot normally be done, will end the slow motion movement of the breach scene. While this can be done in-game by using the M16's Grenade Launcher and firing at the wall, this setup is not intuitive for this sequence and thus is rarely ever used.

    (Source: Speedrun.com)

    Executive Order Woods Prerequisite

    Normally when Mason approaches the top of the communications building on Executive Order, Woods will appear behind him and hand him a Crossbow. While this appears to trigger whenever Mason approaches this spot, this trigger has an unusual prerequisite where it will only trigger if Woods passes the top of the last staircase, which normally happens. Give that there appears to be no functional reason for this prerequisite, it isn't apparent why it exists.

    (Source: Youtube video description)

    Numbers Weaver Dialogue

    On "Numbers" when Hudson puts an enemy into Last Stand, under rare circumstances Weaver will direct Hudson to finish the enemy off by yelling "Do it!". While present in the game, it appears that it is so rare most players will never encounter it. This has been known to occur in the courtyard section of the level. A video of this occurring can be seen here (2:16:21). (note: the audio in the video is off by a couple seconds.)

    Unused Interrogation Sequences

    To do:
    Upload audio files for the Numbers interrogation sequence.

    The game contains remnants of several cut interrogation cutscenes. The following sequences are known to exist based off file name discrepancies in /main/video/ in the PC version.

    • Operation 40: There would have been a second mid-level interrogation sequence.
    • Vorkuta: There would have been a mid-level interrogation sequence before the tear gas segment.
    • The Defector: There would have been a mid-level interrogation sequence before the one where Mason mentions Reznov being back.
    • Rebirth: The game would have had an interrogation cutscene prior to the one that occurs during the level.

    The following interrogation sequence would have occurred on "Numbers" in an uncertain area after Clarke was freed and has unused subtitles.

    Audio Transcript
    Interrogator: One minute Clarke was being tortured by Hudson, the next Clarke was helping him. Why?
    Mason: Why? The CIA just wanted Clarke's intel. Dragovich wanted his head.

    Early Subtitles

    Some of the subtitles in the campaign differ from the lines spoken in-game, which seem to indicate these subtitles are early versions of these lines.

    Level Context Audio Subtitle Notes
    Project Nova Finding Steiner. Reznov: As I looked into the German's eyes, I saw ... the Fascist Reich still burning strong. As I looked into the German's eyes, I saw all the evil of the Fascist Reich still burning strong. Where the missing dialogue is, Reznov is silent for dramatic effect.
    WMD Opening briefing. Mason: That's where Hudson was contacted by Friedrich Steiner—the Nazi scientist that developed the initial strain of Nova-6 for Dragovich. Same, but the period replaced with an em dash (—). The em dash is used to indicate someone being cut off, which does not happen
    WMD Before opening the door to breach the comstat. Neitsch: Your team is in position at the window. Your team is in position at the window?

    Unseen Animations

    • Cuban soldiers on Operation 40 have an unused idle animation that can be triggered in-game via a glitch, as shown in this video.
    • On WMD during the rappelling sequence, Weaver has an animation for rappelling down to the ground after the last time Hudson descends that cannot be seen but can be seen via a glitch. A video of this can be seen here (0:15 - 0:18).

    Unused Sounds

    The announcer for the NVA faction has four unused sound files for scrapped hardcore game modes: Hardcore Demolition, Hardcore Domination, Hardcore Sabotage, and Hardcore Wager Match.

    An alternate (and rather creepy) Firesale announcement. It is used in the Wii version.


    • The internal name of the Upgraded Iron Sights appears to originally have been "tritium_sight", judging by the name of this attachment's tag on the left hand Dual Wield M1911.
    • In the KS-23's weapon files (single player, multiplayer, and zombies), the file names for its unused multiplayer killfeed icons identify the name of the gun as "KS-10". No real-world gun by this name exists.
    • The filenames of the Model 1887, Tokarev with flashlight, and Python with flashlight do not mention the name of the weapon, unlike the filenames for other weapons based off normal weapons. This suggests that at one point Treyarch was undecided on what weapon to use for these segments during development.
    • The mortars used in the segment of Project Nova after Reznov disembarks from the sled have the filename "t5_weapon_mortar_viewmodel", which suggests Reznov was intended to use them as "viewmodel" is only used in content used by the player in first person.
    • The file name for the Decoy grenade is "Nightingale", which is used for the actual name of the grenade in Black Ops II and the unused version in Black Ops IIII.
    • Victor Charlie:
      • The codename of the level is "creek_1" despite there being no other levels in the game called "creek". This might suggest the level had a cut second segment.
      • Mason does not have any grenades at the start of the level until the NVA village segment, where they are silently added to his lethal grenade inventory upon exiting the hut right before detonating the C4. It isn't apparent why this decision was made.

    S.O.G Radio Differences

    An early radio sound can be found in the files of S.O.G and the Interrogation room. The early version has a different person voicing and instead of ‘Fortunate Son’ by Clearwater Creedence Revival playing, it’s ‘Undone’ by Kevin Sherwood which later gets used in the Rezurrection Map Pack for Nacht Der Untoten.

    Redemption Early Ending Theme

    The early ending theme for this map is found in the map’s files. This would still be used because of the computer easter egg in the main menu.

    Platform Differences

    • The MP40 has a different firing sound on PC.
    • Bowman's dead body is not present in the Xbox 360 version.
    (Source: Call of Duty Wiki)


    To do:
    Gather screenshots of all of the differences.

    Main Menu

    The main menu in the Wii Version has brighter lighting, many of the objects in the area look very different, the options menu and the campaign was moved into the Single Player mode menu.

    Wii Xbox 360/PlayStation 3/PC
    CallOfDutyBlackOpsWiiMenu.png CallOfDutyBlackOpsXbox360Menu.png

    Beginning Mission Cutscene

    In the Wii version, Mason's character model is rendered on the TV screens and being fully modeled, and also being able to see the rest of the environment around him, due to this some of the screens will be in different angles. While other versions will instead have a video of Mason on the screens instead, as well his character model being headless.

    Wii Xbox 360/PlayStation 3/PC
    CallOfDutyBlackOpsWiiCutscene.png CallOfDutyBlackOpsXbox360Cutscene.png

    Other Differences

    • Some in-engine cutscenes were replaced with video cutscenes taken from the Xbox 360 and PC versions.
      • Many of them look like they were taken from a earlier build of these said versions, for example in the mission "Revelations" the static on the TV looks different, and many of the sounds are completely missing or timed differently.
    • Loading screens are present.
    • All pistols are wielded one-handed.
    • The Vorkuta loading screen/FMV is different.

    Zombies Differences

    • There is an AUG wallbuy under Kino der Toten's stage.
    • DLCs, Dead Ops Arcade and "Five" are not present.
    • The mystery box in the spawn is in a different location
    • In the ally way of Kino Der Toten you can see the boxes used for teleporting in the sky
    • There are 3 sets of 4 teleporting boxes
    • The mysterbox features a unique texture compared to any other version
    • The center of the stage is closed off with a brick wall
    • Nova crawlers can drop powerups when climbing down the wall in the spawn and speed cola room
    • The zombies menu features a still image of zombies shadows in the interrogation room
    • In the ally way there is a chalk message reading "Wish too often, and your wishing well will run."
    • There is a barrier on the balcony of the PM63 room
    • After the player dies their character model is changed to an untextured cube
    • The nade wall buy in pack a punch is a smaller texture
    • In the fire trap room there are some models missing, there is a cube of light in the barrier closest to spawn, and the chain fence that looks out into the ally way is covered