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Call of Duty: Black Ops (Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii)

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Title Screen

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Developer: Treyarch
Publisher: Activision
Platforms: Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii
Released internationally: November 9, 2010
Released in JP: November 18, 2010
Released in KR: November 10, 2010

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article
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To do:
  • Upload all the remaining loading screens and mini-maps.
  • This line from Pack-a-Punch machines on Ascension is apparently so rare it essentially cannot be encountered. Verify that the line actually exists in the game and add it.
  • Fix page formatting.

Call of Duty: Black Ops is the first game in the Black Ops subseries of Call of Duty games, taking place in the '60s. TELL US WHERE THE UNUSED CONTENT IS, MASON!


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.
Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.
Regional Differences
Content changed in other language versions of the game.
PlayStation 3-icon.png
PS3 Exclusive
Content that is only on the PS3 version of the game.
Unused & Early maps
Entire unused maps and early versions of soon-to-be DLC maps. Also a fully-playable map from the modding tools, for some reason.
Unused Weapons
Weapons that stay in abandoned warehouses to rot.
Cut Weapons
Variants of used weapons that were ultimately cut.
CODBO1 MPL Dual Wield.png
Unused Weapon Content
Features of weapons that go unused.
Unused Multiplayer Content
Content cut from multiplayer.
CoDBO-Hind Player model.png
Unused Campaign Content
Content cut from the campaign.

Easter Eggs

To do:
COD Wiki mentions here an Easter Egg regarding the third person model for the default sniper scopes. Verify and add.

Numbers Broadcasts

To do:
  • Add the numbers included in the broadcasts and what they translate to (from here).
  • Find all areas of USDD where the numbers broadcast takes place.
  • Check others areas in the game for numbers broadcasts like this.

Various levels have a numbers broadcast that takes place in the background audio of the level but can only be heard by muting the character voices and game audio from the options menu and cannot be heard otherwise. They occur in the following levels:

  • Operation 40: Interrogation sequence at the start of the level.
  • U.S.D.D.: First in the limousine and again in the hallway leading up to the elevator onwards. Notably played lower than other lines.
  • Numbers: During the torture sequence. This can normally be heard in the French version without muting the voices and audio.

Summit Tower

On the Summit multiplayer map, the path on the side of the mountain has a tower at the foot of the stairs leading into the middle building. This tower can be entered by jumping up on the computer in the middle of the main building and then jumping on to the the walkway near the large map on the wall by jumping towards a bent railing and mantling over it. From here, one can follow the walkway to a large window and then stand on the railing and run and jump on to the top platform of the tower. This tower has a ladder that leads down to a lower platform and another ladder that leads out of the tower. A video guide to this Easter Egg can be seen here (0:26 - 0:45).

Unused Perks

To do:
  • Upload raw voice lines instead of a YouTube video.
  • Upload separate images of the Upgraded Perks.


A cut Perk-a-Cola that was planned for the Zombies map "Ascension". There are 4 cut quotes mentioning this perk, and according to the quotes this perk would allow the player to make an explosion. It's highly probable the perk was reworked into "PhD Flopper".


This perk is most likely another name for the previously mentioned cut Perk-a-Cola "Boom Juice". There are again 4 cut quotes for this perk that sound very similar to the ones for BoomJuice.


A cut Perk-a-Cola perk that was planned for the Zombies map "Ascension". There are 4 sound files with the name "Pronaide" (example: vox_plr_0_perk_pronaide_0.wav) in the title, but they only exist for Dempsey and Nikolai. Then there are 4 more sound files for Takeo and Richtofen, but these files have the then named "Prone" (example: vox_plr_3_perk_prone_0.wav). All of these sound files seem to mention the same perk. This perk would affect the player's jump and prone in some way according to the quotes.


A cut Perk-a-Cola perk, planned for the Zombies map "Ascension". There are 4 sound files of the characters talking about it, but Dempsey is the only one who mentions it by name.



A cut Perk-a-Cola perk, which was probably going to be similar to the "Bandolier" perk from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: World at War. A perk icon and minimap icon exist, along with the following string for buying it:

Hold ^3[{+activate}]^7 to buy Can-dolier [Cost: &&1]


A Mini Map Icon exist of a perk called "DamageAde". The Icon Appears similar to Double Tap but differs in minor ways. Judging by its name, it could have been a Zombies version of Stopping Power from multiplayer. The following string for buying the perk exists:

Hold ^3[{+activate}]^7 to buy Damage-ade [Cost: &&1]

Upgraded Perks

Hud Icons exist for upgraded versions of Quick Revive, Juggernaut, and Speed Cola

Upgraded perk icons (Quick Revive, Jug, SpeedCola)

Unused Zombie Map Geometry

  • On "Five", the room behind the wall with the slides in the starting room has some unseen content. This content can be seen in this video from 0:27 - 1:00.
    • In the part of the room that can be seen through the right barrier, behind the wall column is a room that presumably exists to spawn zombies. Inside this room is a stack of boxes, which cannot normally be seen.
    • The part of the room visible through the left barrier has tables and a shelf placed on the right side of the barrier that cannot be seen. Behind a nearby wall is one of the chalkboards from Der Riese.

Enemies Removed from Levels

Hellhounds are seen in-game normally, but not in the map "Five". Unused sound files are the only remains of them.

Unused Text

To do:
Is the following text unused (found in /zone/English/en_frontend.ff on PC, which covers main menu text):
  • This map contains CLASSIFIED materials. A higher clearance level is required.
M1911 Multiple Attachments
Python Multiple Attachments
Makarov Multiple Attachments
G11 Multiple Attachments
Stakeout Multiple Attachments
SPAS-12 Multiple Attachments

The following weapons have unused "multiple attachments" text that does not appear in single player and is absent from multiplayer due to being incompatible with the Warlord perk. Python Multiple Attachments was used in an early version of Gun Game where the Python had a Snub Nose and Speed Reloader.


To do:
Is the following unused:
  • ^3&&1^7 Handbrake (/zone/English/en_code_post_gfx_mp.ff, placed among RC-XD controls text)
You must have at least one Ops and one Communist class

Placed among text for Private Match customization.

Menu Text

Mission Objectives

Presumably for a cut multiplayer game mode and meant to be displayed in the pause menu.

Add a camouflage finish to your weapon.

The camo option in the menu has no text.

Second Attachment
Add a second attachment to your gun.

Warlord in the final does this by just allowing the player to select a second attachment.

Most Kills with Cooked Grenades

This was intended for the After Action Report. In the final game, cooked grenade kills are tracked as part of normal grenade kills.

Loading Screen Lines

To do:
Is this used: "You can steal enemy Care Packages and crates."

The game contains unused loading screen lines that would be displayed on the loading screen before a match.

The Killstreaks menu lets you select up to three Killstreaks.
Use the coordinates on the mini-map to pinpoint your location.
The Strela-3 launcher can lock on to Spy Planes and helicopters.
Use the SAM Turret to take out enemy helicopters and Spy Planes.
The Tactical Mask Perk protects you from most Tactical Grenades.

This Tactical Mask line is not true in the final game, as it only protects from Nova Gas while Pro protects from Nova Gas, Concussion, and Flashbangs. Perhaps an early idea for the perk?

Game Modes

To do:
The names of these strings might shed some light on what they were intended to be used for.
Beware: Your enemy is fast and can see you on their radar at all times
Beware: Your enemy is slow, but has powerful weaponry.

Placed among text for Headquarters.


To do:
Check the text on the notes page for whether it is unused.

The game contains the following unused strings for buying weapons off walls.

Hold ^3[{+activate}]^7 to buy OLD P90 [Cost: &&1]
Hold ^3[{+activate}]^7 to buy M1911 [Cost: &&1]
Hold ^3[{+activate}]^7 to buy Python [Cost: &&1]
Hold ^3[{+activate}]^7 to buy Aug [Cost: &&1]
Hold ^3[{+activate}]^7 to buy RPK [Cost: &&1]
Hold ^3[{+activate}]^7 to buy Dragunov [Cost: &&1]
Hold ^3[{+activate}]^7 to buy Thunder Gun [Cost: &&1]


Operation 40

To do:
Are the following unused:
  • Carlos Died! - It does not appear that Carlos can ever die in the level.
  • You killed your squad.
  • Press ^3[{+stance}]^7 to duck
  • Press ^3[{+breath_sprint}]^7 to sprint
Castro Assasination
Pick Up

Labels for level segments and major objectives that were presumably used during development. These labels might have been displayed in-level floating in the air at the level segments or objects they pertain to or in a table that would have allowed the developers to go to a specific part of the level. While the level segment labels are listed here according to the level layout in the final game, internally they are not placed in order and are also scattered among in-level menu objectives and messages for the level.

Watch your head.

Presumably this was a message would have been displayed on screen at a segment where the player would have had to crouch to navigate through an area.

Get off the streets

This line presumably refers to the first segment of the level, although where it would have been used is not known. It is also possible this may have been dev text used during development.

Press ^3[{+activate}]^7 to open the gun chest

Text for an unused gun chest item. Presumably this item would have weapons in it.

^1MASON: ^7Lev Kravchenko. Sadistic, evil...
^1MASON: ^7But he was nothing compared to Dragovich.

Unused subtitles that occur just before Mason's final line in the interrogation room after recounting how he was captured by Dragovich and Kravchenko.

The Defector

To do:
The weapon file, spas_db_sp, appears to have remnants of this in the form of unique changes to altDropTime, altRaiseTime, altRaiseAnim, and altDropAnim parameters over the base SPAS-12.
Press ^3[{+actionslot 3}]^7  to use to Dragon's Breath shells

This string indicates that Dragon Breath rounds at one point were intended to be an alternate type of ammunition that could be switched to, like the Explosive Bolts on the Crossbow in Executive Order and WMD. In the final game, the Dragon Breath is an attachment for the SPAS-12 that replaces the normal shotgun shells.


The level briefing contains an unused line that would presumably appear in the following spot based on where it occurs in the level's file. It has been bolded.

Transmission # 23-1-19. Designate: VICTOR

Target: Dr. Daniel Clarke located in Kowloon City, Hong Kong.

Extraction team: Hudson, Weaver and Station 3 operatives on the ground.

C.I.A. station #4568. Designation "k"

1700 hours February 9, 1968

Victor Charlie

To do:
Document where the unused mid-level cutscene would have appeared.
Repeatedly press ^3[{+activate}]^7 to open the door.

Early version of the text to open the helicopter door at the start of the level. The text in the final version is "Press ^3[{+activate}]^7 to open door.", where "^3[{+activate}]^7" will flash on screen.

Approach the boat and press ^3[{+melee}]^7 to take out the VC

This text was presumably intended to appear when Woods and Mason initially see the sampan with the Viet Cong soldiers who they later kill by pulling off the boat. In the final game, no such text appears.

^1INTERROGATOR: ^7Where had Reznov been? Why did you split up?
^1MASON: ^7Viktor Reznov was a loner. He didn't trust anyone.

Subtitles that presumably were for an unused mid-level cutscene.

^1US PILOT: ^7We're hit!!! We're hit!!

An unused subtitle possibly intended for the start of the mission.

The game contains an early version of the subtitle for the pilot in the helicopter at the start of the level.

Early Final
^1US PILOT: ^7MAY DAY! MAY DAY! This is Hotel-niner one. We are going down! WE ARE GOING DOWN! ^1US PILOT: ^7This is Hotel-91. We are going down in sector Bravo Tango Seven Niner. May day may day...
^1BOWMAN: ^7Lima niner X-ray - do you monitor?
^1BOWMAN: ^7Lima niner X-ray - do you read me?

Unused subtitles for Bowman.


WMD has the following unused subtitles which would have occurred during the Blackbird boarding segment at the start of the level right before firing the Blackbird engines.

Speaker Lines
MAJ. NEITSCH Systems check complete. Takeoff power... Mark. Your aircraft sir.

The following subtitle occurs among subtitles pertaining to the segment of the level where Neitsch has to guide Kilo 1 to various buildings. This line appears to suggest that the first safehouse skirmish, which takes place completely inside the safehouse, was different at one point.

Speaker Lines
MAJ. NEITSCH Enemy coming inside. Exit through the rear and take cover on the bluff behind the structure. Position marked on tac. Go now.

The following unused subtitles pertain to an event during the Blackbird segment where Kilo 1 would attack and destroy vehicles, which does not occur in the final game. Multiple pairs consisting of Neitsch alerting Hudson and Hudson responding exist.

Speaker Lines
MAJ. NEITSCH Moving vehicle on Tac, it's a truck. Take it out.
HUDSON Roger. Taking out the truck.
MAJ. NEITSCH Vehicle inbound. Looks like a jeep.
HUDSON We see it. Initiating contact.
MAJ. NEITSCH Enemy vehicles in range. Stop them.
HUDSON Understood Bigeye. Stand by.

Unused Sounds

The announcer for the NVA faction has four unused sound files for scrapped hardcore game modes: Hardcore Demolition, Hardcore Domination, Hardcore Sabotage, and Hardcore Wager Match.

An alternate (and rather creepy) Firesale announcement. It is used in the Wii version.


To do:
COD Wiki mentions here that pointing the equipped Flamethrower at a friendly Dog will turn the cursor blue. Verify this.
  • The internal name of the Upgraded Iron Sights appears to originally have been "tritium_sight", judging by the name of this attachment's tag on the left hand Dual Wield M1911.
  • In the KS-23's weapon files (single player, multiplayer, and zombies), the file names for its unused multiplayer killfeed icons identify the name of the gun as "KS-10". No real-world gun by this name exists.
  • The filenames of the Model 1887, Tokarev with flashlight, and Python with flashlight do not mention the name of the weapon, unlike the filenames for other weapons based off normal weapons. This suggests that at one point Treyarch was undecided on what weapon to use for these segments during development.
  • The mortars used in the segment of Project Nova after Reznov disembarks from the sled have the filename "t5_weapon_mortar_viewmodel", which suggests Reznov was intended to use them as "viewmodel" is only used in content used by the player in first person.
  • The file name for the Decoy grenade is "Nightingale", which is used for the actual name of the grenade in Black Ops II and the unused version in Black Ops IIII.
  • On "Operation 40" during the segment where Mason garrotes a Cuban soldier after using the zipline, Mason's red shirt suddenly changes to a white one, even though the player is never able to see his shirt during this scene or any other scenes after it.
  • The filename for Project Nova, "fullahead", does not appear to correspond to any event of the final level. This may suggest that the level's plot was changed at some point in development.
  • Victor Charlie:
    • The codename of the level is "creek_1" despite there being no other levels in the game called "creek". This might suggest the level had a cut second segment.
    • Mason does not have any grenades at the start of the level until the NVA village segment, where they are silently added to his lethal grenade inventory upon exiting the hut right before detonating the C4. It isn't apparent why this decision was made.
(Source: Call of Duty Wiki)

Platform Differences

To do:
Wager Match modes and buy-ins are different on PC. Document.
  • The MP40 has a different firing sound on PC.
  • Bowman's dead body is not present in the Xbox 360 version.
(Source: Call of Duty Wiki)


Careful, you'll lose an eye.
This page or section needs more images.
There's a whole lotta words here, but not enough pictures. Please fix this.
Specifically: Gather screenshots of all of the differences.

Main Menu

The main menu in the Wii Version has brighter lighting, many of the objects in the area look very different, the options menu and the campaign was moved into the Single Player mode menu.

Wii Xbox 360/PlayStation 3/PC
CallOfDutyBlackOpsWiiMenu.png CallOfDutyBlackOpsXbox360Menu.png

Beginning Mission Cutscene

In the Wii version, Mason's character model is rendered on the TV screens and being fully modeled, and also being able to see the rest of the environment around him, due to this some of the screens will be in different angles. While other versions will have Mason's model stay looking in one position, in a black void.

Wii Xbox 360/PlayStation 3/PC
CallOfDutyBlackOpsWiiCutscene.png CallOfDutyBlackOpsXbox360Cutscene.png

Other Differences

  • Some in-engine cutscenes were replaced with video cutscenes taken from the Xbox 360 and PC versions.
    • Many of them look like they were taken from a earlier build of these said versions, for example in the mission "Revelations" the static on the TV looks different, and many of the sounds are completely missing or timed differently.
  • Loading screens are present.
  • All pistols are wielded one-handed.
  • The Vorkuta loading screen/FMV is different.

Zombies Differences

  • There is an AUG wallbuy under Kino der Toten's stage.
  • DLCs, Dead Ops Arcade and "Five" are not present. (Despite this, the intro video for "Five", "zombie_pentagon_load.bik", can still be found on the disc in the folder "videos".)
  • The mystery box in the spawn is in a different location
  • In the ally way of Kino Der Toten you can see the boxes used for teleporting in the sky
  • There are 3 sets of 4 teleporting boxes
  • The mystery box features a unique texture compared to any other version
  • The center of the stage is closed off with a brick wall
  • Nova crawlers can drop powerups when climbing down the wall in the spawn and speed cola room
  • The zombies menu features a still image of zombies shadows in the interrogation room
  • In the ally way there is a chalk message reading "Wish too often, and your wishing well will run."
  • There is a barrier on the balcony of the PM63 room
  • After the player dies their character model is changed to an untextured cube
  • The nade wall buy in pack a punch is a smaller texture
  • In the fire trap room there are some models missing, there is a cube of light in the barrier closest to spawn, and the chain fence that looks out into the ally way is covered