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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

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Title Screen

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Developer: Infinity Ward
Publisher: Activision
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows
Released internationally: November 4, 2016

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

To do:
  • Call of Duty Wiki mentions the following weapons were cut. Verify and add: ACR, Ameli, Riot Shield, FMG9.
  • Can you notice this in-game? If it is very hard to notice, it should be added to the page.
  • COD Wiki says on the VPR page in the multiplayer section that the weapon does not have fast reloads despite the description saying it does. This discrepancy should be verified and added under an "Oddities" section.
  • In this video, on a certain level it is possible to get teleported outside it. Anything worth adding?

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is the game where they corrupted space with capitalism. Oh, and some other side-stories about a robot.

Unused Weapon Variants

Cut variants for the Kendall 44 pistol and the Widowmaker sniper rifle exist within the game's list of weapon variants.

Judging from the names of the two Legendary variants, it can be assumed that both of them would have been Nuclear variants if they were fully implemented.

Kendall 44

Name Rarity Codename
Kendall 44 - Skidder Common loot_weapons_g18_common_2
Kendall 44 - Slinger Rare loot_weapons_g18_rare_2
Kendall 44 - Blast Legendary loot_weapons_g18_legendary_2
Kendall 44 - Shredder Epic loot_weapons_g18_epic_2


Name Rarity Codename
Widowmaker - Chase Common loot_weapons_cheytac_common_2
Widowmaker - Strike Rare loot_weapons_cheytac_rare_2
Widowmaker - Warhead Legendary loot_weapons_cheytac_legendary_3
Widowmaker - Overview Epic loot_weapons_cheytac_epic_2

Unused Variant Perks

Along with the perks that are used by weapon and scorestreak variants, there is a large list of variant perks that remain unused for one reason or another. Burst Shotgun, Missile, Charged Missile, and Quick Fire seem to have been intended for scrapped variants of the Venom-X.

Name Description Codename
Decoy Creates fake radar signatures while firing. passives_minimap_decoys
Cheap Lower scorestreak cost. passives_reduced_cost
Shielded This killstreak has extra health. passives_extra_health
Streaker 5 player kill streak earns extra ammo. passives_streak_ammo
Adrenaline Rush Gain a brief burst of movement speed after each kill. passives_move_speed_on_kill
Amped Reduces cooldowns on kill. passives_cooldown_on_kill
Reaper Instantly begin regenerating health on kill. passives_health_regen_on_kill
Grease Fire Adds a short burst of smoke when upon explosion. passives_smoke
Critical Mass Every 5th hit is a guaranteed critical hit. passives_critical_sequential_damage
Empowered Increases critical hit chance by 10% passives_critical_chance_damage
Reduced Cooldown Reduced cooldown. passives_reduced_cooldown
Increased Range Increased range. passives_increased_range
Increased Damage Increased damage. passives_increased_damage
Increased Charges Increased charges. passives_increased_charges
Steadfast Stays active for a longer period of time. passives_increased_duration
Sturdy Increased health. passives_increased_health_desc
Increased Entities Increased entities. passives_increased_entities
Swift Faster movement speed. passives_increased_speed
Reduced Speed Reduced speed. passives_reduced_speed
Indestructible Cannot be destroyed. passives_indestructible_desc
Increased Radius Increased radius. passives_increased_radius
Increased Spread Increased spread. passives_increased_spread
Evasive Maneuvers When hit with gunfire, the scorestreak moves erratically to avoid damage. passives_avoid_damage
Extra Points After calling in this scorestreak, the next kill earned before dying will award extra score. passives_extra_points
Reduced Recoil Reduces recoil by 25% while overcharge is active. passives_overcharge
Trapcard This grenade now acts as a mine. passives_grenade_to_mine
Reversal Pressing Teleport again within 1 second returns you to your original location. passives_teleport_reverse
Hp/Ammo Replenish Rewinds the player's Health and Ammo passives_rewind_hp_ammo
Double Tap Deals increased damage in quick, 2 bullet bursts. passives_burst_fire_3
Triple Tap Deals increased damage in quick, 3 bullet bursts. passives_burst_fire_3
Quad Shot Fires 4 bullet bursts in submachine gun mode. passives_burst_fire_4
Regenerative Ammo Slowly regenerates ammo while not firing. passives_regenerate_ammo
Auto-Refill Automatically refills mag from your stock over time. passives_refill_ammo
Spot Enemies Sends out an optic wave to spot enemies on landing after using Ripper. passives_spot_enemies
Ripper Gives approx. 5 seconds of faster melee to the player. passives_ripper
Burninator Enemies killed by this weapon will burn for a short period of time. passives_fire_kill
Can't Touch This This weapon will explode in the hands of an enemy player when fired. passives_backfire
Fatal Rounds Extremely high damage. 1 bullet in each magazine. passives_high_damage
Explosive Rounds Bullets cause a small explosion, damaging nearby enemies. passives_explosive_damage
Heavy Rounds Bullets from this weapon become high damage projectiles. passives_projectile
Placeholder This currently does nothing. passives_placeholder
Hivemind While equipped, all teammates will be outlined. passives_hivemind
Sonar While sprinting, release pings that detect nearby enemies. passives_scoutping
Softcore Shooting teammates in hardcore mode no longer damages you. passives_softcore
Smart Shot Bullets from this weapon now track enemies in a small radius. passives_smart_shot
Fragile [No description.] passives_decreased_health
Plated Higher resistance against explosive weapons. passives_increased_armor
Depleted Active for a shorter period of time. passives_decreased
Enhanced Increased duration of non lethal effects. passives_increased_debuff
Blunt Smaller lethal damage radius. passives_less_damage
Energy Has a high output energy based weapon. passives_high_beam
Pricey Higher scorestreak cost. passives_increased_cost
Lone Scorcher Planes no longer fly in formation, and come in one at a time. passives_one_plane
Cannon Offline Rear turret no longer functions. passives_no_cannon
Rusted Turret Turrets have a slower rate of fire. passives_slow_turret
Dense Higher chassis weight, hindering vertical boost. passives_heavy
Assassinate Killing the top enemy scorer grants bonus score. passives_leader_kill_score
Low Roller Lower chance to get high tier scorestreaks. passives_low_roller
Go Dark Radar mode is offline. passives_no_radar
Warning Shot Fewer explosions in the targeted area. passives_decreased_explosions
One Shot Only fires off a single explosive per location. passives_single_explosion
Muted Lower sound output. passives_quiet_vehicle
Sluggish Moves at a slower speed. passives_decreased_speed
Cumbersome Slower reload speed. passives_long_reload
Support Drop Delivers three care packages with a reduced chance of high tier streaks. Cost is vastly increased. passives_support_drop
Boosters Able to perform a short vertical boost by holding [{+gostand}]. passives_boosters
Drained Will no longer shock nearby targets on impact. passives_no_shock
Unchained Cluster missiles no longer track and move with the reticle. passives_no_cursor
Charged Increased movement speed, but requires a higher scorestreak cost. passives_speed_cost
Built In - Reflex Provides a built in Reflex sight. passives_sight_reflex
Built In - Trojan Provides a built in Trojan sight passives_sight_phase
Built In - VMC Provides a built in VMC sight. passives_sight_hybrid
Built In - Thermal Provides a built in Thermal sight. passives_sight_thermal
Armored Higher resistance against explosive weapons, but has lower movement speed. passives_armor_speed
Swarm Awards a Scarab on collateral. passives_collat_streak
Burst Shotgun [No description.] passives_venomx_shotgun_burst
Missile [No description.] passives_venomx_missile
Charged Missile [No description.] passives_venomx_missile_charge
Quick Fire [No description.] passives_venomx_burst

Unused Upgrades

The wonder weapons for the Zombies map, "Zombies in Spaceland", might have originally been able to be upgraded a second time, as names for these upgrades are left in the game's code.

Upgrade Name Original Weapon Codename
Hell's Kitchen Shredder zom_weapon_shredder_pap2
Bloody Mary Head Cutter zom_weapon_hc_pap2
Tasmanian Turnstyle Dischord zom_weapon_dischord_pap2
5th of November Face Melter zom_weapon_fm_pap2

Unused Graphics

Unused Weapon Camouflage

There is only one unused weapon camo in Infinite Warfare. The camo is called "Shooting Stars" and it was intended to be obtained from the Quartermaster. Although it is unused, it can still be accessed in-game by changing data values.


Unused Emblems

Emblems for developer studios and other companies associated with Infinite Warfare's development and Activision as a whole can be found with the game's other emblems. These emblems appear to have been intended for employees of those companies, although it is not known if any of them were ever used.

Cut Multiplayer Perks

Early versions of Create-a-Class preview images for two cut perks named Awareness and Suppression exist in the game's image files.

Icon perk showcase awareness.png Icon perk showcase suppression.png

Launcher Hack Icon

A Quartermaster hack icon for Launcher weapons can be found along with the game's other hack icons. Hacks for weapons guarantee variants for a specified weapon class, but since Launchers do not have variants this icon remains unused.


Centurion as a Combat Rig Trait

This unused icon of Stryker's Centurion Payload suggests that it was going to be a Combat Rig Trait instead of a Payload.

Icon trait showcase personal trophy.png

Kendall 44 and EMC Test Graphics

These two images were presumably used to test menu graphics for the Kendall 44 and EMC pistols.

Weapon g18 360.png Weapon emc 360.png

Leftover Akimbo Attachment Icon

A render from Call of Duty: Ghosts of the akimbo attachment remains in the files of Infinite Warfare.



Most likely used to test visual effects.

Vfx test01.png

Map File Name Discrepancies

The codenames for some maps differ from what the maps actually look like, which suggest these maps were different at one point in development.

  • Genesis Holiday's codename is mp_dome_dusk (dome is the codename for Genesis), which seems to suggest the map originally was only intended to be a sunset version of the base map and the Christmas content was only considered later.

Early Equipment Names

To do:
Add the rest. Weapon names are listed here.

Many weapons and other game content are internally referred to by names completely different from their final names, which appear to be early names.

Final Early Codename Notes
Volk AKE ake Early name might have been rendered as AK-E. The "AK" in the weapon's name refers to the AK line of assault rifle, while the E appears to have stood for "energy", as it is an energy weapon.
KBAR-32 AR57 ar57 Early name might have been AR-57.
Atlas UNSA LMG unsalmg
Hailstorm Thunderstorm thunderstorm
Tracking Chip Trackle Chip tracklechip


  • The Erad is referred to as "ERAD" in Zombies.
  • The Deatomizer Strike icon that appears when it is obtained is different between Free-for-All and Team Deathmatch, appearing normal in the former and with a stylized logo in the latter. It isn't apparent why there is a difference.

Unused Audio

Unobtainable Perk Quotes in Zombies

In Shaolin Shuffle, the perk Slappy Taffy can not be obtained by any normal means. In Attack of the Radioactive Thing, the perk Trailblazers can not be purchased in the map, but can still be obtained via the Skull Hop side quest.

Despite this, voice lines for characters purchasing these perks are present within their respective map's audio files.

Slappy Taffy Quotes for Shaolin Shuffle





Trailblazers Quotes for Attack of the Radioactive Thing





Regional Differences

To do:
  • At 1:09 in this video, Sharpshooter in Italian doesn't appear to mention all the other perks it stacks with. Does it not really? (same with Focus)
  • In the Italian version, were none of the announcer lines translated?
  • In the Russian version, does the VPR's name, which was not rendered in Cyrillic, sound like it is a reference to вепрь?
  • The Quartermaster Cipher code "Paul-Of-Duty" was essentially restricted to English-speaking countries as it was only hinted at by a tweet shared on one of the Infinity Ward developer Twitter accounts, which was English-only.
  • The Calling Card "COD XP", Emblem "COD XP 2016", and camouflage "Jackal Urban" were only obtainable through obtaining a code given out at Call of Duty XP 2016, which was an event held in Inglewood, California that presumably was English only. These restrictions essentially restricted the Calling Card to English-speaking countries.
  • The Call of Duty Endowment "Courage" pack was only released in the US.
  • In the Italian version, Sabre Team 7's name is translated in-game but their emblem is not.
  • The Italian version does not translate the names of weapon variants.
  • In the Russian version, the name of the Volk Assault Rifle was not changed, which changed the name of the weapon as "volk" (Волк) means "wolf".
  • In the Russian version, the NV4 "Church Mouse" variant is just called "Church" and is rendered in the Latin alphabet and not Cyrillic.
  • (Source: CharlieINTEL (Courage pack))