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Candy Land (Windows)

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Title Screen

Candy Land

Developer: ImageBuilder
Publisher: Hasbro Interactive
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: 1998

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

The Windows Candy Land allows you to not only play a recreation of the classic board game with stunning late-90s CGI, but meet and interact with its iconic characters.

To do:
The game may have unused sounds. File format notes.

Unused Graphics

Developer Photos


(presented as a sheet)

Small photos of some of the game's developers, hidden in Licorice Castle's CandyLCP.MMA archive. Their filenames are LCpicture_01.PICT through LCpicture_12.PICT.

Alternate Credits

CandyHKP.MMA contains both the final ImageBuilder credits and alternate credits containing the developers' inside jokes.

Alt Final
CandyLand-CRcreditIBS 01Alt.PNG
CandyLand-CRcreditIBS 01.PNG
CandyLand-CRcreditIBS 02Alt.PNG
CandyLand-CRcreditIBS 02.PNG
CandyLand-CRcreditIBS 03Alt.PNG
CandyLand-CRcreditIBS 03.PNG
CandyLand-CRcreditIBS 04Alt.PICT.png
CandyLand-CRcreditIBS 04.PICT.png
CandyLand-CRcreditIBS 05Alt.PICT.png
CandyLand-CRcreditIBS 05.PICT.png
CandyLand-CRcreditIBS 06Alt.PICT.png
CandyLand-CRcreditIBS 06.PICT.png