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Candy Land Adventure

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Title Screen

Candy Land Adventure

Developer: Realtime Associates
Publisher: Hasbro Interactive
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS Classic
Released in US: 1996

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Candy Land Adventure is a study in why it's a terrible idea to hire Lani Minella to voice half your characters. (Jon St. John, on the other hand...)


Mr. Pop's Shop

It seems that early in development, Mr. Pop's Shop was intended to be a much more full-featured area than it wound up being. In the final game, the shop is only seen in the opening and ending cutscenes, but there are a substantial number of unused graphics and dialogue files indicating the area was supposed to be fully interactive, complete with its own minigame.

Graphics Notes
Candyadv kinghead talk.gifCandyadv kinghead ref.png King Kandy's disembodied head was intended to appear in the gumball machine during the intro and plead for help (see Audio). Judging by the leftover "reference" image, the idea was abandoned before the graphics were finished.
Candyadv saveload shop.png The shop has a save/load preview, but it's impossible to save the game there.
Candyadv shop icon.png This icon is similar to the unused save/load icon, but stored in a different graphics chunk.
Candyadv doortop-1.pngCandyadv doortop-2.pngCandyadv doortop-mockup.gif The Dutch door at the back of the shop was originally meant to work as, well, a Dutch door, allowing Mr. Pop to chat with the Candy Kid(s).
Candyadv mrpop dooropen.pngCandyadv mrpop doortalk.gif These would have been overlayed onto the door graphics above.

Money Changing Minigame

An entire minigame, based around using the cash register to equate various denominations of money, was cut from Mr. Pop's Shop. A handful of graphics are all that remain of it.

Candyadv register bg-1.png Candyadv register bg-2.png
These two backgrounds appear to be dummy placeholders, since the answers shown are baked into the image.

Candyadv penny.gif Candyadv nickel.gif Candyadv dime.gif Candyadv quarter.gif Candyadv dollar.gif Candyadv equal.gif
As seen above, these flashing icons would have been placed on the register.

Candy Coaster

Players were originally supposed to be able to freely travel between Mr. Pop's Shop and Candy Land, with neat little animations playing in between.

Graphics Notes
Candyadv ride 1.gif The basic animation, used when traveling from Mr. Pop's Shop to Candy Land.
Candyadv ride sign-1.pngCandyadv ride sign-2.png

Candyadv ride sign-3.png

Candyadv ride sign.gif

Overlaying these alternate sign graphics onto the above would produce the animation for the return trip.
Candyadv ride 2.gifCandyadv ride 3.gif There are also looping versions of the animation. Perhaps a scrapped loading sequence?

Gingerbread Orchard

There is an unfinished version of the animation of the ants carrying in the pie tin, which for some reason is duplicated many, many times throughout the graphics data.

Graphics Notes
Candyadv ants walk.gif The ants carry in the tin (yes, the one in the back appears from nowhere)...
Candyadv ants-1.png

Candyadv ants-2.png

Candyadv ants-3.pngCandyadv ants-4.png

...stand at attention and turn around...
Candyadv ants return.gif ...and then march off.

There are also several unfinished versions of Plumpy's graphics:

Early Final
Candyadv plumpy d1-1.png Candyadv plumpy d1-2.png
Early Final
Candyadv plumpy d2-1.png Candyadv plumpy d2-2.png
Early Final
Candyadv plumpy d3-1.png Candyadv plumpy d3-2.png
Early Final
Candyadv plumpy d4-1.png Candyadv plumpy d4-2.png
Early Final
Candyadv plumpy d5-1.png Candyadv plumpy d5-2.png

Peppermint Forest

Mr. Mint's minigame was severely cut down from its original design. Not only were several of the hidden animals excised, the entire second half of the game was removed!

Found Hiding
Candyadv bear.gif Candyadv bear hide-1.gifCandyadv bear hide-2.gif
Candyadv frog.gif Candyadv frog hide-1.gifCandyadv frog hide-2.gif
Candyadv snake.gif Candyadv snake hide-1.gifCandyadv snake hide-2.gif

Originally, a bear, a frog, and a snake were slated to appear among the missing animals. Despite having complete graphics for both hiding and being found, they never appear, and there's no corresponding Captain Cookie dialogue for finding them.

Candyadv ccane-1.gif Candyadv ccane-2.gif Candyadv ccane-3.gif Candyadv ccane-4.gif Candyadv ccane-5.gif Candyadv ccane-6.gif

As evidenced by a large amount of unused dialogue, there was originally a second part to this minigame, like all the others: After finding the missing animals, Mr. Mint would realize his special Royal Minted Peppermint Candy Cane had been hidden in some hard-to-reach location, and players would have to select a suitable animal from among those found in the first part in order to retrieve it. The graphics for getting the candy cane still exist, though there are none for the animals that would have picked it up (and given the quality of the game's animation, they were quite possibly never intended to exist).

Lollipop Woods

Candyadv lolly icon.png Candyadv lolly popup.gif

Apparently, Princess Lolly was supposed to give advice during the lollipop reconstruction minigame instead of Captain Cookie. Possibly scrapped because this doesn't make much sense, since at that point she's stuck on top of a lollipop and all. No corresponding dialogue exists. The icon is probably miscolored due to changes in palette assignment during development.

Early Final
Candyadv jokepop d1-1.png Candyadv jokepop d1-2.png

There's a single uncolored frame of the joke-telling lollipop.

Gumdrop Mountains

Candyadv jolly icon.png Candyadv jolly popup.gif

Same deal as with Princess Lolly above: Captain Cookie gives out advice for the letter matching minigame, not Jolly, despite the fact that Jolly's already been rescued by that point.

Licorice Palace

Candyadv gloppy mud.gif

Originally, Gloppy was supposed to throw a glob of molasses at Lord Licorice, knocking him into the Molasses Swamp. For whatever reason, this animation goes unused, and Lord Licorice just stumbles over on his own with no apparent cause.

Licorice Palace Dungeon

Graphics Notes
Candyadv bar-1.pngCandyadv bar-2.pngCandyadv bar-3.png Roughly-colored versions of some of the candy prison bars. There are no finished graphics using these colors.
Candyadv bar block.png A finished bar, but with an odd yellow block in the corner.
Early Final
Candyadv gumbin-1.png Candyadv gumbin-2.png

An early graphic of the gumball machine, quite different from the finished version.


Candyadv saveload treasury.png

The Treasury has its own save/load preview, but the game can't be saved in that area.

World Map

Used Unused
Candyadv map-1.png Candyadv map-2.png

There is a complete background for the "good" version of the palace. Though the restored parts of the palace do show up during gameplay, they are shown using a set of graphics overlaid piece-by-piece on the regular background, and it's impossible to go back to the main map after the palace is fully restored. The rightmost 8 pixels of the unused background are also totally black for some reason.

Early Final
Candyadv licorice d1-1.png Candyadv licorice d1-2.png

A self-identified "dummy" version of one of Lord Licorice's graphics.


Candyadv cred placeholder-1.png Candyadv cred placeholder-2.png Candyadv cred placeholder-3.png Candyadv cred placeholder-4.png Candyadv cred placeholder-5.png Candyadv cred placeholder-6.png

A set of placeholder credits bubbles.

Captain Cookie

Several unfinished versions of Captain Cookie's graphics are scattered throughout the game's data.

Graphics Notes
Candyadv cookie base.png Basic standing pose.
Candyadv cookie coaster.png Idling in the Candy Coaster.
Candyadv cookie jump.gifCandyadv cookie jump-air.pngCandyadv cookie jump-land.png Leaping out of the Candy Coaster after arriving at a destination.
Candyadv cookie talk-1.gifCandyadv cookie talk-2.gif A couple of different talking animations.
Candyadv cookie d.pngCandyadv cookie dhead.pngCandyadv cookie block.pngCandyadv cookie dblock-2.png Some "dummy" graphics.


Candyadv ok.gif

A confirmation button, with both flashing and non-flashing variations. Every prompt in the game uses a yes/no confirmation instead.

Early Final
Candyadv strip-2.png Candyadv strip-1.png

An early version of the main menu background. The most noticeable difference is the wider track, but some pieces of background decoration are also missing in the earlier version.

Early Final
Candyadv overwrite-1.png Candyadv overwrite-2.png

An old version of the save overwrite prompt is leftover in the data files. Presumably changed because no kid would say "yes" to the original question.


File Notes
Judging by their position in the resource files, these were intended for Mr. Pop's Shop.
This track's position in the resources files indicates it might be related to the scrapped second half of Mr. Mint's minigame.
A short loop of the game's main theme.


Captain Cookie

Mr. Pop's Shop

File Transcription Notes
This place is still one big candy mess!
Whenever you're ready, let's go!
Don't worry, Mr. Pop. As soon as we save King Kandy, you'll never run out of candy again!
Let's just say a sweet guy who's here to help. In response to Mr. Pop's "But ... who are you?"
We're still working on it!
And now, it's back to Candy Land! Possibly connected to the unused tunnel cutscene. Note that this voice clip hasn't had the same processing done to it as the rest of the audio, so it sounds much "thinner".
We still need to save King Kandy!
Still no candy! We better get back to Candy Land and find the king!
Thanks to all your hard work, Mr. Pop is in for one sweet surprise!
As soon as you're ready to go to Candy Land, open the door and we'll roll out of here!
Mr. Pop has one empty shop! If we save King Kandy, maybe we can help him fill it up with sweets!
Mr. Pop's shop would be one sweet place - if it was filled with candy!
Candy's good and candy's sweet! It's candy that I love to eat!
We have to get to Candy Land to help King Kandy, or all the candy will disappear forever!


File Transcription Notes
Between you and me, I've got a hint. Hint dialogue for the deleted second half of Mr. Mint's minigame.
Find the candy cane for Mr. Mint!
Some critters swim or hop or fly.
Which critter here should give it a try?
Watch out, Princess Lolly! It's a crack attack! An alternate version of "Watch out, Princess Lolly! The lollypop's cracking!"
We need to get King Kandy out of there, and fast! Start shooting! Alternate hint dialogue for the Licorice Palace dungeon.
... by giving it straight to Mr. Pop. Seems to be a leftover fragment from an earlier version of Captain Cookie explaining his plans for the reward candy. There's no dialogue present that would logically precede this.
Time to get started! Alternate takes of various pieces of system dialogue. Some of these seem to have been intended to play for the two-player menus, but the one-player dialogue is used instead.
Do you want the game to be easy?
Or do you want it to be a little bit harder?
Okay, we'll play a little bit harder.

King Kandy

File Transcription Notes
Save me! Please save me! I need your help! Would have played in the intro when King Kandy's head appeared in the gumball machine.

Mr. Pop

File Transcription Notes
Hello again!
Welcome back to my candy store. I still have no candy!
You still here? Take your time.
Someday my candy will come.
But who're you?
I feel better already! Probably in response to Captain Cookie's "Let's just say a sweet guy who's here to help."
Welcome back. How goes your search for King Kandy?
That's good! Probably in response to Captain Cookie's "We're still working on it!"
I'm so glad you want to help old Mr. Pops. Notice that the characters can't seem to decide between "Mr. Pop" and "Mr. Pops".

Mr. Mint

File Transcription Notes
I hope you find my official Royal Minted Peppermint Candy Cane, I can't seem to find it anywhere!
Hurrah! You've returned to help me get my special candy cane!
I just know one of my animals can bring back my Royal Minted Peppermint Candy Cane!
Ooh, that Lord Licorice! He must have put my candy cane there! Unfortunately, I can't reach it!
We need an animal that can climb a tree or fly! Could be the bird, bat, owl, duck, squirrel, or bear.
We need an animal that can climb a tree and reach inside! The squirrel.
We need an animal that can swim! The beaver, duck, or frog.
We need an animal that can fly! The bird, bat, owl, or duck.
We need a little animal that can reach in the hole! The mouse.
We need a little animal that can crawl in the log! Also the mouse?

Princess Lolly

File Transcription Notes
Now, if you could get those lollipops in order, short to tall, we can put the chill on Mr. Red Hot Sun! Variation on a used line.
Bye-bye Candy Kids! Goodbye Captain Cookie. See you soon! Both of these takes seem to use the plural "Candy Kids", even though all similar dialogue has separate singular and plural versions for one- and two-player modes.

Queen Frostine

File Transcription Notes
Ice cream toppings. With these, my home in the Ice Cream Sea will be a sweet treat indeed! Captain Cookie describes the toppings instead.
Careful, I've already got plenty of color. Try another place. These error messages should play when Queen Frostine is clicked while using the decorating tools, but they don't.
No candy for me, thank you. I've already eaten.
Uh-uh-uh, no thank you.
Remember, when you are done coloring and decorating, click on my Ice Cream Scepter down below and I have a surprise for you. Nearly identical to the message that plays once enough of the picture is decorated to get the Ice Cream Scepter.


File Transcription Notes
Nothing broken - the good thing about being made out of sugar! A line nearly identical to the first one plays when Jolly is rescued for the first time, but the second half isn't used in any form.
The bad thing? SUGAR RUSH!

Gumdrop Mountains Miners

File Transcription Notes
Whoopee! Three different versions of the line played when the letter-matching minigame is won. A different take is used instead, leaving these unused.


File Transcription Notes
(snoring) Seem to be alternate takes of Mr. Pop's bird's snoring.
Probably Mr. Pop. Possibly meant for the ending sequence, but only a short clip plays there instead.
(yawning) Probably Mr. Pop.

Programmer Easter Egg

To do:
Any way to trigger this?

Candyadv easteregg.png

This... odd Easter egg is stored with the graphics for the credits. The labels correspond to programmers Julie Ton, Mona Elzankaly, Brian Schwab, Tim Winnegar, Julie Hoshizaki, and Zac Parsons.