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Capcom Bowling

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Title Screen

Capcom Bowling

Developer: Incredible Technologies
Publisher: Capcom
Platform: Arcade (Capcom Bowling hardware)
Released in JP: August 1988[1]
Released in US: August 1988[1]
Released in EU: August 1988[2]

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Capcom Bowling is a cribbage game by Konami.

Developer Message

At the start of the main program ROM (0x08002) is the following message:

CAPCOM Bowling by Incredible Technologies, Inc.
We hope you have enjoyed this game.

Revision Differences

There are four Capcom Bowling revision in MAME. Based on the differences between versions, this is the order in which they were released: Set 4, Set 3, Set 1, Set 2.

Set 4 Set 3 Set 1 Set 2
Bowling Timer No Yes Yes Yes
Text Fixes No No Yes Yes
Animation Fixes No No No Yes

Bowling Timer

Set 4 Other Sets
CapcomBowlingAdjustsSet4.png CapcomBowlingAdjusts.png

An additional option to toggle the bowler time was added to the Operator Adjusts menu.

Text Fixes

Old Sets New Sets
CapcomBowlingCreditsOld.png CapcomBowlingCreditsNew.png

The Credits line of text was moved up a tad, out of the monitor's overscan area.

Old Sets New Sets
CapcomBowlingTextOld.png CapcomBowlingTextNew.png

There's more space between each line of text in the new sets.

Animation Fixes

In the older sets, a few animations would play out of sync with the game's music. This was corrected in set 2:

Animation Delay (Old) Delay (New) Loops (Old) Loops (New)
CapcomBowlingSeal.gif 10 Frames 12 Frames 3 Loops 3 Loops
CapcomBowlingRocket.gif 6 Frames 8 Frames 4 Loops 5 Loops
CapcomBowlingPenguin.gif 10 Frames 10 Frames 3 Loops 4 Loops
CapcomBowlingAttaBoy.gif 10 Frames 11 Frames 3 Loops 4 Loops
CapcomBowlingWoman.gif 13 Frames 16 Frames 3 Loops 3 Loops
CapcomBowlingCheerleader.gif 9 Frames 11 Frames 4 Loops 5 Loops
CapcomBowlingDeadAim.gif 10 Frames 12 Frames 3 Loops 4 Loops
CapcomBowlingBullsEye.gif 10 Frames 10 Frames 3 Loops 4 Loops
CapcomBowlingHipCheck.gif 10 Frames 10 Frames 4 Loops 7 Loops

Coors Light Bowling

Capcom Bowling Coors Light Bowling
CapcomBowlingTitle.png CapcomBowlingTitleC.png

A special Coors Light themed version of Capcom Bowling was released in October 1989[1]. In this version of the game, the Risque Graphics (and Beer Frame, naturally) are always active, regardless of what the Operator Adjust menu says.

Eight animations from Capcom Bowling were altered to feature Coors Light beer:

Capcom Bowling Coors Bowling Text
CapcomBowlingTimer.gif CapcomBowlingTimerC.gif N/A
CapcomBowlingKangaroo.gif CapcomBowlingKangarooC.gif In The Pocket
Down Under
Hop to It
CapcomBowlingRocket.gif CapcomBowlingRocketC.gif Rocket
Blast Off
CapcomBowlingSeal.gif CapcomBowlingSealC.gif Seal of Approval
CapcomBowlingWoman.gif CapcomBowlingWomanC.gif Sexy / Neato
Wink Wink
Hi Big Boy
CapcomBowlingDeadAim.gif CapcomBowlingDeadAimC.gif Dead Aim
On Target
Dead Center
CapcomBowlingBeerFrame.gif CapcomBowlingBeerFrameC.gif Beer Frame
CapcomBowlingBeerFrame2.gif CapcomBowlingBeerFrame2C.gif Beer Frame

Six animations are completely different between versions:

Capcom Bowling Capcom Text Coors Bowling Coors Text
CapcomBowlingSweep.gif Clean Sweep
Broom Ball
Swept Away
CapcomBowlingCoorsAd1.png N/A
CapcomBowlingRolling.gif Snow Plow
Clear the Deck
Push It In
CapcomBowlingCoorsAd2.png N/A
CapcomBowlingHolyCow.gif Holy Cow
CapcomBowlingCoorsAd3.png N/A
CapcomBowlingSmoker.gif Smooth
No Problem
CapcomBowlingCoorsAnim1.gif Celebrate
Jump for Joy
Click Your Heels
CapcomBowlingTip.gif On the Nose
Tip It In
Blow It Out
CapcomBowlingCoorsAnim2.gif Nice Form
CapcomBowlingBoulder.gif Throwing Rocks
Boulder Dash
Strong Arm
CapcomBowlingBeerFrame2C.gif Congrats
A Toast

Capcom Bowling has three additional animations that were taken out of Coors Light Bowling, possibly to make room for the Coors Light ads above.

Animation Text Comments
CapcomBowlingGutterBall.gif In the Gutter
In the Drink
Channel Ball
Apparently Coors Light didn't want an alcoholic bowling ball in their alcohol-themed bowling game.
CapcomBowlingFourBagger.gif Four Bagger An animation for getting four strikes in a row.
CapcomBowlingFowl.gif Fowl An alternate animation for approaching the lane too slowly.

Finally, both instances of the word "Sexy" were inexplicably edited out of Coors Light Bowling. The new, altered text: "Great Shot" and "Neato." Bizarre.

(Source: Original TCRF research)