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Capcom Fighting Collection

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Title Screen

Capcom Fighting Collection

Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows
Released internationally: June 24, 2022

RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Released in celebration of the 35th Anniversary of the Street Fighter series, Capcom Fighting Collection takes the original arcade versions of classic Capcom games like Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix and Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, Hyper Street Fighter II, Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness, and all five Darkstalkers games and places them all into one compilation. It's also notable for having Red Earth being ported to consoles for the first time, and for also having a very original hip-hop soundtrack for it's menus.

Similar to Darkstalkers Resurrection, this collection won't have the extra/boss playable characters featured from the home console versions of the games, unlike the Japan-only Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection. Also, a secret ending was entirely removed.

Regional Differences

The compilation has some differences between regions, and the regional differences for all of the playable games themselves are the same as they were in their original arcade ports.

To do:
  • Add the game's icons between regions from each version.

PlayStation 4 Startup Banner

International JP
CFCPS4StartupBannerInternational.png CFCPS4StartupBannerJP.png

The game's Japanese name was added to the logo on the Japanese version's PlayStation 4 startup banner.

Title Screen

To do:
  • Add the Japanese version's title screen to compare.
International Japan
CFCTitleScreenInternational.png 300px

The game's Japanese name was added to the logo on the title screen in the Japanese version. This change also applies to the Museum, and in the Staff Credits.


International Japan
CFCMuseumInternational.png CFCMuseumJP.png

Staff Credits

International Japan
CFCLogoinCreditsInternational.png CFCLogoinCreditsJP.png

Game Select

Japan US
CFCGameSelectJP.png CFCGameSelectInternational.png

As in Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle, each game's logo on the game select screen was different between regions (except Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness, Hyper Street Fighter II, Vampire Hunter 2 and Vampire Savior 2).

Japan US
Game Select Select Game

Also, "Game Select" was changed to "Select Game" in the US version.

Revisional Differences

On September 27, 2022, a free update was released for all versions, updating the game to Ver. 1.02. This update includes adding quality of life features, making existing features more robust, bug fixes both for the collection as a whole and the original games, and some console exclusive changes like ID tags on PlayStation 4 and a bug involving the online leaderboard on Nintendo Switch. In addition, other minor bug fixes have also been made.

Game and System Changes


  • "Type H" has been added to the display filter options. You can also now preview the game screen when adjusting the options for the display filter and display size.
  • A "Shuffled Slideshow" feature has been added to the Gallery.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

  • A new "Gem Colors" option was added to the game's EX Settings. You can choose between the original default palette of gem colors and up to 6 different newly-created alternate palettes that were never-before used in the original game.

Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition

  • A new "Difficulty Table" option was added to the game's EX Settings. You can choose between a CPU opponent difficulty table based on the English version or the Japanese version.
  • Also, the background design in E. Honda's stage has been updated.

Bug Fixes


  • In the Nintendo Switch version, an issue was fixed which had prevented players from viewing the leaderboards.


  • A "Hit Boxes" display setting has been added to the training options. When the setting is turned on, it will display character and effect hit boxes.
  • Restarting the match while moving left or right will now restart you at the edge of the screen.
  • When playing Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix, Hyper Street Fighter II, and Red Earth, the attack data display on the game screen now also shows stun data.
  • In Vampire Savior, Vampire Hunter 2 and Vampire Savior 2, a "Dark Force" option is available. You can select from normal behavior or infinite Dark Force gauge.
  • In Vampire Savior and Vampire Savior 2, an option for Lillith's "Gloomy Puppet Show" move is available. You can choose from normal (random) behavior for the move, or lock it to any of the 6 different patterns.
  • In Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix, a "Gem Level" option is now available, meaning that you can choose from normal behavior or lock any gem to a level from 1 to 3.
  • In Red Earth, both bonus stages have been added to the stage select in boss training mode, and the "Character Level" and "Mystic Orb" options are both available, allowing you to choose the level of your character, and select infinite orbs of any single element.


  • Casual and Ranked Match searches have been fixed, meaning that it is now easier to match with opponents when entering a standby search with only one game selected.
  • Custom Match Lobby searches were fixed, as lobbies where a match is in progress will now show up in the search results. Joining one of these lobbies will prompt a waiting message, and you'll be able to join the lobby as soon as the current game ends and the players return to the lobby.
  • You can now play up to 10 rematches in casual and ranked matches (up from 3).
  • In the PlayStation 4 version, each player's online ID now displays on screen during matches.
  • An issue was fixed that caused unintentional audio bugs during rollbacks.
  • For Casual and Ranked Matches, it is now possible to cancel a match even after selecting "Yes" after matching with an opponent. Additionally, if you leave a match, you will be prompted afterwards on whether to re-enter standby.
  • You can now gauge an opponent's latency by color. When matching with opponents for casual and ranked matches, this is indicated by the color of the line below the game's title. In custom match lobbies, this is indicated by the color of the player's order number. You can also change your input delay settings on either of these two screens.
Line Color Latency Order Number Code
Blue 30 ms or lower
Green 31 - 60 ms
Yellow 61 - 90 ms
Orange 91 - 160 ms
Red 161 ms or higher

Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors

  • Fixed an issue where defeating an opponent with Huitzil's Circuit Scrapper special move would sometimes not transition into a victory pose. (This is a bug from the original game)

Vampire Savior, Vampire Hunter 2 & Vampire Savior 2

  • Fixed an issue where selecting "Turbo" would set the speed to "Normal" even when the speed select option was set to "Free Select" options 1 through 3.

Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix

  • Fixed an issue where the game's speed would be set to 1 when the speed select option was set to "Free Select", no matter which selection was made.