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Cars Mater-National Championship (Wii)

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Title Screen

Cars: Mater-National Championship

Developer: Incinerator Studios
Publisher: THQ
Platform: Wii
Released in US: November 12, 2007
Released in EU: February 8, 2008
Released in AU: January 24, 2008

MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
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Cars Mater-National Championship is a video game starring everyone's favorite Pixar character, Mater. This article will focus solely on the Wii version as it contains a lot of unused content unique just to it, as well as most of the unused content from other versions.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Unused Events

Earlier Ghosting Mater

Earlier versions of all seven Ghosting Mater levels are present. Six of them have been ported into the PC version and showcased. They don't differ much from the final with the exception of the arrow graphic from Cars: The Video Game still being used and the (pretty broken) presence of the structures from that game's single level of this minigame.

Earlier Radiator Springs Circuit

An earlier revision of Radiator Springs Circuit exists in the files and has been restored. It features slightly different object placement from the final and, on top of that, most objects are obviously still in the placeholder stage and also lack collision. Bessie is also present, as seen in early footage. There are also banners present on the wall of one part of the track as seen in the same footage, albeit in very early stages.

Early Wheel Well Circuit

There also exists an early version of Wheel Well Circuit, however it is much more tame than the early version of Radiator Springs Circuit. It is almost completely lacking in objects, with the exception of some usually unused arrow signs around the start of the track. Being reset after staying off-track for too long also causes a very major graphical glitch where different parts of terrain will become invisible depending on the camera angle (strangely, only during this will the aforementioned arrow signs appear). Finally, the start positioning is pretty different, being off-centre to the left and having four racers in front and only one in back, as opposed to the final's three in front and two in back. All of this can be seen in the screenshots below, where the event has been restored into the PC version.

Unused Graphics

Demo Leftovers

There are two textures present in the files seemingly from an earlier demo of the game. An IGN article on a demo of the game presented at E3 2007 was recently discovered at the time of writing this, so they're thought to be perhaps from that. This makes some sense as the article states that it was a Wii demo, and Licensed by Nintendo and only Incinerator Studios' logo are present on these textures.

Unused Concept Art

Seen here are early versions of the concept art\renders of Ornament Valley Airport, Bessie, Luigi's Casa Della Tires (both the Radiator Springs and Ornament Valley and Tailfin Pass versions), Lightning's racing stadium and Red, as well as a concept render of Fred which never made it into the final game.

Blue Menus Remnants

There are several remnants of a point in the game's development where, as opposed to red, the menus were primarily blue. The game also used a slightly different logo at this point.

Early\Unused Character Icons

Several early versions of character icons remain in the files, as well as some that never went used at all.

Unused Load Screens

There exist some early takes of the different load screens in the files. Considering the similarity to one another and simplicity of the early area load screens, there's a chance that they simply could've been placeholders.

Multiple variations of what is likely the image used as a base for these load screens also exist.

Controller Renders

There exist multiple, strange renders of a PlayStation 2 controller and an Xbox 360 controller. Purpose is ultimately unknown, however it's theorised that the developers were toying around with different artstyles for the control overviews and had these ones in mind for a while.

Early Wheelset Icons

Early Emma Textures

In Emma's texture folder, there are 2 body textures leftover from her beta model, including a "temp" paintjob.

Early Gudmund Tire Texture

Yuri's texture folder also has a texture of Gudmund's tire leftover from his beta model.

Unused Text

Many unused text strings are present in the game's localization files.

Unused Story Mode strings?

A place where you will find something new to do
Where you'll find a race you have already run
Here is a mini-game you have already played
Go here to see a new part of the story

The game might've notified you about what you have or haven't completed in story mode.

Unused Menu Function Overviews

Visit Radiator Springs for the Mater-National!
Play any unlocked race or mini-game!
Challenge a friend in a race or mini-game!
Select game options, see records, and more!
Track and save your gameplay progress.
Spend Bonus Points to unlock cars and more!
If you are just starting out.
For the experienced player.
Are you an expert racer?
Practice racing on the roads or in Rustbucket Stadium!
Play any unlocked Mater-National mini-game!
Head-to-head racing action! 
Face off in Mater-National mini-games!
Adjust various game settings.
Adjust volume and sound settings.
Adjust in-game camera settings.
View and choose your control configuration.
View and choose the second player's control configuration.
See your own and the all-time high scores for every event.
For sneaky drivers.
Our behind-the-scenes Mater-National crew.
See your own personal records for each event.
See the all-time best records for every event.
Spend Bonus Points to unlock cars and paint jobs!
Spend Bonus Points to unlock concept art and more!
Spend Bonus Points to unlock video clips, scenes, and more!
Check out the Rainbow Studios concept art for Cars unique to this game!
Look at Rainbow Studios concept art for the environments in this game!
Promo clips!

Simple menu overview descriptions.

Unused Language Selector Strings


An unused language select.

Car Finder?

Car Finder

Unknown. This name was used for the Car Finder feature on the Blu-Ray version of the Cars DVD, however, its unknown if it was relating to this. There is actually an unused graphic relating to a demo of the Car Finder feature.

Unused Character Name Strings


Unused character strings for both Red and Mack. Whether they were going to be playable is unknown, however Red has an unused icon that is in the game files.

Unused Event Name Strings

Team Relay #5
Team Relay #6
Team Relay #8
Team Relay #9
Team Relay #11
Team Relay #12
Team Relay #13

Rhythmic Rumble #1b
Rhythmic Rumble #1c
Rhythmic Rumble #1d
Rhythmic Rumble #8
Rhythmic Rumble #9
Rhythmic Rumble #10

Time Trial Race Road Race
Time Trial Stadium Race
Time Trial Rustbucket Race
Road Races

Unused Team Relay courses, Rhythmic Rumble levels, and what seems to be a scrapped time trial mode.

Unused Cutscene Names

Private Racing Lessons
Let’s Relay Race!
Where’s the Auto Barn?
Something for Jenny
Checkin’ out the New Stadium
Mater Broadcasting Live
This is a Military Operation
I'm not crazy, I'm Gudmund
The Haunted Hook!!!
The Tears of a Champion
Acting Natural
The Story of a New Dent
Would you give me a Tour?
There’s a New Guy in Town
Mater Speaks Japanese
The World of Drift Racing
This is Gonna be Fun
Great race, Giovanni!
Everybody say Hoo-boy!!
Making Monster McQueen
A Monster Mater!
Tractor Stampede
I'm allergic to ghosts!
Tipping... Frank
Rust Bust
Golden Gas Can
Frank Slash
High Draulics
Ghost Light
James P. Sullivan Cup
In a Safe Place

Seems like you could've originally rewatch cutscenes. In the final game however, you can only view them once through Story Mode.

Unused Cutscene Subtitles

Uh, it feels good, Mater, thanks. Edvard was a, uh, memorable competitor.
Uh, it feels good, Mater, thanks. Klaus was a, uh, memorable competitor.

(Whooping noises)

Thank you, Lightning.
(bellowing, whooping, yelling - being a Monster)
(more monster noises, Raahhh! etc)
(snoring, laughing in his sleep)
(mutters in sleep, followed by a giggle)
(soft snoring, then big laughter followed by a 
snort - the snort wakes him up with a start)
Whoa, you know, I was just dreamin' about 
doin' that very same thing.  Let's go!

Subtitles for a scrapped cutscene with Monster McQueen (?) and Monster Mater.

Unused Rustbucket Races Description?

tusslin' with Mater and cousins

A possible overview description of the Rustbucket Races.

Unused Reward Overview Strings


Only first to third has rewards, but strangely, none of the events in this game have up to seven racers.



Interestingly, the "Supercharged" name was used in the 2007 diecast series of Cars merchandise and was released around the time Mater-National was in development. However it's unknown what this text's purpose was if the game was originally gonna advertise said toys.

Unused Time Trial Minigame Instructions

This is a head to head race, you against yourself.
Race one lap, alone on the track.
All laps after that are against your best lap.
Pefect your race strategy on every course!

Unused text for the scrapped time trial mode.

Unused Story Mode Hints

When you are done here, there are more newly unlocked events in Radiator Springs
When you are done here, there are more newly unlocked events in Ornament Valley
When you are done here, there are more newly unlocked events in Tailfin Pass

The game might've originally notified you about new events you've unlocked in story mode.

Early Powerslide Load Screen Tip

If a powerslide turns too sharply, release until the turn straightens out, then powerslide again.

An early powerslide tip.