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Cars Mater-National Championship (Windows)

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Title Screen

Cars Mater-National Championship

Developer: Rainbow Studios
Publisher: THQ
Platform: Windows
Released in US: October 29, 2007
Released in EU: November 30, 2007
Released in AU: November 29, 2007

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.

Yet another racing game based on the Pixar film.

Unused Graphics

Character Icons

Located in DataPC/C/UI/Tex:

Placeholder icons respectively for Luigi, Phillip (that uses Lightning), an early design for Giovanni and Ramone.

Icons for Guido, Frank and Lizzie, despite the fact that they don't participate in races.

Carsmaternational icon MODT a.png

icon_MODT_a.dds through icon_MODT_d.dds are four identical copies of what appears to be a generic Model-T character. This is actually left over from the previous game, but wasn't used there either.

Carsmaternational icon STAN a.png

Bizarrely, despite only appearing as a statue (and not being seen alive until the Cars Toons short Time Travel Mater five years later), Stanley has a character icon at icon_STAN_a.dds. Like above, this is also leftover from said game, but also unused.


Carsmaternational credits.png

credits.dds is a temporary credits screen, found in DataPC/C/UI/Tex.

control_presets_one_X360.dds and control_presets_two_X360.dds are controller button diagrams leftover from the Xbox 360 version of the game found in DataPC/E/UI/Tex.

While these loading screens for each hub world are used in the console versions, the Windows version simply uses the default loading screen (load_logo.dds) instead.

DataPC/C/UI contains leftover loading screens for every single minigame from the previous game, including these three obvious placeholders for the two cheat-activated minigames as well as one that references an unfinished minigame.

Temporary menu screen icons, also found in DataPC/C/UI/Tex.


Carsmaternational Luigi Posters.png

Luigi_Posters.dds in DataPC/C/Scenes/LUI_Int/Tex is a placeholder texture for the posters seen in Luigi's Casa Della Tires with the word "Standin" plastered over them. The used texture is named Luigi_Posters_correct.dds.

Character Textures

Carsmaternational Fil Body A.png

Fil_Body_A.dds is an unused texture for Filmore, tinted orange and with the text "Fil Temp Tex1" written on his back and roof.

(Source: World of Cars Wiki)

Time Trial Mode

Some leftovers from the unused Time Trial mode were left in the game's files. There was a partly successful attempt at restoring this mode, as seen this video

Unused Music


Present among the other music files is UI_MUSIC.ogg, which is an unused electronic remix of "Radiator Springs Theme" by Bruno Coon. Judging by the filename, it could have been used on the main menu, which the game substitutes for the regular version instead.

Leftovers from Cars: The Video Game

Several music tracks from the first game have been repurposed for use in races and minigames. Yet some, such as "Tractor Tipping" and "Radiator Springs at Night", are also present, but go unused.