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Cartoon Cartoon Summer Resort (Episode 2: Tennis Menace)

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Title Screen

Cartoon Cartoon Summer Resort (Episode 2: Tennis Menace)

Publisher: Cartoon Network
Platform: Adobe Shockwave
Released internationally: 2000[1]

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Tennis Menace is the second episode of the Cartoon Cartoon Summer Resort series. You play as Longhair from Longhair and Doubledome, one of the failed pilots aired during Cartoon Network’s The Big Pick event in the summer of 2000.

This time, Longhair has been tasked with stopping Dexter's tennis robot from wreaking havoc on a small, isolated section of the resort.

Unused Maps

There are two unused maps in the game's data. The same map data is also present in the other episodes.

Since there is no known way to manually load maps in the game, the screenshots of the unused maps below are from an external map viewer program.

Download.png Download Unused Map Data (.txt format)
File: CCSR Ep1 Unused Maps.zip (1.16kb compressed) (info)

Unused (0106b) Used (0106)
CCSR Ep1 Map 0106b.png CCSR Ep2 Map 0106.png

This unused map is called 0106b. It is the same as the final parking lot, except the cars are missing.

Unused (0506b) Used (0506)
CCSR Ep1 Map 0506b.png CCSR Ep2 Map 0506.png

This unused map is called 0506b. It is the east side of the duck pond, except the sign, some bushes, and the ugly flower are missing.

Unused Dialogue

Thanks for taking that octopus off our hands! We just won't stand for pets who aren't house-broken!

This dialogue is from a cut version of the octopus quest. It is associated with the tiki house on the island in map 0402. Apparently, the people in the house would give you the octopus, and say this to you if you went back and talked to them a second time.

Unused data in the other episodes reveal that the first line was supposed to be "AAUGH! Take this octopus out of our house!!!", but that line was replaced with what the tiki house actually says in this episode, which is "I saw some old guy drop his wallet somewhere to the east of here. I hope he finds it!"


This message is a second dialogue line associated with the turnip. Since the turnip gets picked up once you interact with it, you can't interact with it a second time. It is presumably a reminder to the devs to check the scripting associated with the turnip, since if they are seeing it that meant the turnip is still on the ground after being interacted with.

Unused Used
This luggage is blocking the exit!
This luggage is blocking the exit.

One of the devs must have decided the luggage situation wasn’t exciting enough to warrant an exclamation point.

Leftover Dialogue

There are a lot of dialogue trees leftover from the first episode.

Duckies! Duckies! I wanna see the duckies! Have YOU seen the duckies!?!?! Take me to the DUCKIES!!!
YAY! DUCKIES!! Thanks! Hey! What's that shiny, wrenchy-looking thing over there? Oooo, shiny!

This leftover dialogue is from Dee-Dee's quest in Episode 1.

This bus is blocking the entrance to the resort!

The bus is present in Episode 1, but not this episode.

You found the tennis-racket!

Dexter's quest in Episode 1 was for the tennis racket (which turned out to be foreshadowing for this episode).

Unused Used
Please do not move the fountains.

The unused, less aggressive version is leftover from Episode 1.

Boy, if only I had a hammer, then I could open up this darn coconut. If you get one for me, I'll tell you how to get the bananas.
Great! Thanks for the hammer... now will tell you how to get the bananas. One of the trees on Volcano Island can be moved. Push it over top of the grassy patch!
Were you able to get the bananas?
You found the bananas!

These dialogue trees are related to the banana quest in Episode 1.

Here is the First Aid Kit!
The Nurses Office is now closed. Sorry.

In this episode, the Nurse's Office can't be interacted with.

Thank you for helping me find that bad Cow! Here, you should have this chocolate bar that I found in my pocket.
I do not have any more candy for you OK?
Hey, if you want this cool scotch-tape, I'll trade it to ya for a chocolate bar! By the way, I heard that you can rent boats at the marina!
Cool! You got a chocolate bar for me! A deal's a deal... here's the scotch-tape! Hey, I heard that Suzy is hogging all of the bubble-gum, she needs to learn to share! 

These dialogues from Chicken and Edd are related to the scotch tape quest in Episode 1.

Alright! You found the wrench! Now let's go inside and try to get the pool filled up!

Leftover from the scene in Episode 1 where you fix the leak in the pool house.

Where is that stupid Cow?!? Will you help me find her? Mom and Dad told us not to wander too far from the cabin! She will be in big trouble!
Where is that stupid Cow?!? Will you help me find her?! Mom and Dad told me not to let her go too far away! Ooooo, She is in big trouble!

These are both leftover from Episode 1, but one of them is unused in that episode as well.

I sure do wish I had an umbrella because I want to lay on the beach but I am afraid that my udder will get burned. Can you find one for me?
Thank you! Here, you can have this sock!
Do you like the sock?
You found a beach umbrella!
Sorry! No more umbrellas today!

These lines are all leftover from Episode 1, but they are all unused in that episode.