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Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

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Title Screen

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

Also known as: Akumajou Dracula: Sougetsu no Juujika (JP)
Developer: Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo
Publisher: Konami
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: August 25, 2005
Released in US: October 4, 2005
Released in EU: September 30, 2005

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Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow is the direct sequel to Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow and it doesn’t even try to conceal the fact you are essentially playing as (a potential) Dracula. It improves upon its predecessor, even making the support cast playable in an alternate bad ending.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Julius Mode Unused Coding

Since the menu is disabled in Julius Mode, a lot of content that would show in menus would not show in normal gameplay. Using Action Replay codes to equip Julius Mode-exclusive items and abilities on Soma, or using the infamous Succubus Glitch to get as Soma to areas normally exclusive to Julius Mode characters, you can uncover some otherwise unused descriptions.

Abilities Coded as Souls


All of Julius, Yoko, and Alucard's special moves from Julius Mode are actually coded as bullet type souls. They can be equipped on Soma via messing with Action Replay codes or using the Succubus glitch. Aside from playing Julius and Yoko voice clips, they work exactly as intended. Pictured above is Yoko's Holy Flame spell.

What the NULL?!

Since the menu is normally inaccessible in Julius Mode, it's impossible to see their names and descriptions. However, their names are blanked out, and their description reads “NULL”, in the English version. The descriptions are also blanked out in other non-Japan languages.

These souls cannot be used in Enemy Set mode as they don't show up in the menu.

To do:
Can they be forced? For that matter, what happens if you force other enemy-less souls (i.e. Doppelganger) in Enemy Set?

The following Action Replay DS codes can be used to add these Souls into Soma's inventory in the US version of the game:

Bat Form (Alucard) + Holy Flame (Yoko)
220F70E7 00000011

Blue Splash (Yoko) + Holy Lightning (Yoko)
220F70E8 00000011

Holy Cross + Holy Water (Julius)       Grand Cross (Julius)*
220F70E9 00000011                      220F70EA 00000001

* Removes Guardian Soul "Flying Armor", if present.  Change to "00000011" to prevent this.

Unused Item Coding

Fist, sword, or whip, which will YOU choose?

It's possible for Soma to equip the Alucard Sword via hacking or a glitch, and it works exactly as intended complete with an A button special attack, but cannot be swung at an angle by Soma. It has an otherwise unused description saying: "Alucard's favourite sword." It is equipped by default to Alucard during Julius mode.

There is also an unused "Bare knuckles" weapon with a description simply reading "Bare fists." This weapon is...well, Soma without any weapons, punching things. Pretty redundant as you can unequip him of his stuff with the -- option. It has no icon, defaulting to the one used for Knife. Curiously, if this item is in the player's inventory at the start of a brand new game, it gets equipped instead of the Knife.

One can also glitch Julius' Vampire Killer whip into Soma's game. It works correctly but its menu icon is also the Knife, it has no description in non-Japanese regions, and it cannot be dangled by Soma.

These weapons can be added to Soma's inventory with the following Action Replay DS codes (US version only):

Bare Knuckles*		Alucard Sword**		Whip
220F71E0 00000001	220F71EE 00000001	220F7207 00000001

 * Removes knife… uh… "Knife", if present.  Change to "00000011" to prevent this.
** Removes Great Sword "Claymore", if present.  Change to "00000011" to prevent this.

Unused Items

What the– it's completely BLANK!

There is an unused item called "Cᴀsᴛʟᴇ Mᴀᴘ 0". It is probably a leftover debug item since:

  • The 1st unexplored map appears when a player starts a new game.
  • Cᴀsᴛʟᴇ Mᴀᴘ 1 and Cᴀsᴛʟᴇ Mᴀᴘ 2 are used for the 2nd and 3rd explorable areas, respectively.

To add this item to Soma's inventory, use the following Action Replay DS code (US version only):

220F71D1 00000010

* Removes item "Rusty Food Tin", if present.  Change to "00000011" to prevent this.

Japanese Version

In the Japanese version of the game, the Julius mode weapons have actual descriptions, of sorts:

Thanks Mr.J's goodies, for some more useful/less MP consuming holy attacks.

Julius' subweapons simply have "J" in their text box.

十字架 = Cross

聖水 = Holy water

グランドクルス = Grand Cruz (Grand Cross)

It's really a shame since how effective/broken the Blue Splash was in the actual Julius mode.

Yoko's spells are labelled "ヨーコの魔法", meaning "Yoko's magic".

ホーリーフレイム = Holy Flame

ブルースプラッシュ = Blue Splash

ホーリーライトニング = Holy Lightning

These names were made official as of Castlevania: Harmony of Despair,

Fused Koumori, Cutall AND magic seal. Fun for the whole family.

and Alucard's bat transformation gets "アルカードの技", translating as: "Alucard's ability".

コウモリ = Bat


"Bare Knuckles" gets "素手", meaning..."Bare fists". How succinct.

This was the only description kept in the English version so it was probably obtainable at some point.

"アルカード愛用の剣", meaning "Alucard's favourite sword".

The whip actually gives player (a rather weak) strike attribute instead of holy like it claims. It's still one of the better weapons to use against Menace because of its range, at least.

Julius's famous Vampire Killer gets "聖なる鞭", or "Holy Whip".

It seems that the development team had all of the Julius mode weapons and powers complete with "official" names primed and ready for the Japanese version, only to get scrapped for the final release. (The names for Julius mode weapons and abilities, with their original descriptions, are actually listed in the official Japanese guide for the game.)

Canon-wise, could Alucard even use the Vampire Killer? Makes ya think.

And yes, there's more to the Vampire Killer than just the above.

When the Vampire Killer is equipped onto the glitched Alucard in the main game or if it's hacked into his possession in Julius mode, the player can perform an odd diagonal swing similar to the Alucard Sword's diagonal slash (It's not known exactly why, but it's likely it was an unused whip move. In most cases, as it is separate from the regular whip sprites it was probably either part of a whip retract move after Julius' normal attack animation or an undeveloped Super Castlevania IV-style diagonal attack.)

  • In Aria of Sorrow Julius has the whip retract animation after a whip swing.
  • In Harmony of Despair Julius gains the ability to swing the whip to 8 directions.

Unused Soul Levels

To do:
Screenshots, movies, anything! Also, test more souls/levels! Please and thank you!

By using Action Replay or the Succubus Glitch, one can gain more than the maximum of 9 souls for each Monster Soul. As it turns out, doing so reveals that some souls also have unused level-ups. Numbers of souls collected are stored in 4 bits of RAM, which limits their value to 15, even in a glitched state.

Note: Only Souls that do something apparently different are listed here.

This is the maximum. If you were hoping to glitch your game to get a bat armada, this is the closest you'll get.

Formation of four bats out of three. All four bats can attack.

Max Level Beyond Max
Skeleton 3/3: Throw a giant bone 4/3: Throw a small skull (not the same as Yorick!)
Ripper 3/3: Throw a giant, enemy-piercing knife
4/3: Same, but knife does not pierce
5/3: Game crash
Disc Armor 2/2: Throw a big, bladed disc-on-a-string 3/2: Same, but disc becomes invisible
Bat 3/3: Summon 3 bats to strike enemies 4/3: Summon a fourth bat
Spin Devil 5/5: Create a wide tornado 6/5+: Create a slightly wider tornado per-level
Buer 5/5: Be circled by 6 flames 6/5+: Be circled by an additional flame per-level

Alucard's Fist Animation

You can punch as fast as you like up until your MP runs out. Then the fun ends.

Alucard has his punching animation from Symphony of the Night available should the player hack a fist-based weapon onto him, then perform the special attack of such weapon. (The game loads Alucard's sword animation for regular attacks of most fist-based weapon.)

Unused Text

A text dump has unused text for a part where Hammer would be playable during Julius Mode. The poor guy doesn't join the fun in the final version.

English Japanese
Julius Belmont: You. Why are you here?

Hammer: Why? I'm here for Soma! My man's in trouble, I tell ya!

Julius Belmont: But it's of no concern to you.

Hammer: Heck yeah, it is! Soma's my pal, after all. Laying his life on the line for a pal... That's what a man does.

Julius Belmont: Wrong. An ordinary human is no match for a foe like this. Being a man has nothing to do with it.

Hammer: Hey, bud, I served in the military! I know weapons a whole lot better than you! And I'd like to think I've got enough sense to retreat if it gets too crazy.

Julius Belmont: Fine, then. But if you ever fear for your life, get out immediately, understood?

Hammer: Loud and clear. You have my word.
ユリウス・ベルモンド: お前、何故ここにいる?

ハマー: 何故って…。 蒼真が大変な事に なってんだろ?

ユリウス・ベルモンド: だが、お前には関係の ない事だ。

ハマー: 関係大ありだ。

ハマー: 蒼真は俺のダチだ。 ダチのために命を張るってのが 男ってもんだろ?

ハマー: 違うか?

ユリウス・ベルモンド: 違うな。

ユリウス・ベルモンド: 相手は普通の人間が 立ち向かえる相手ではない。 それを男気とは言わん。

ハマー: 俺は元軍人だ。 銃火器の扱いはあんたより上だ。

ハマー: それに、自分の引き際も わきまえているつもりだ。

ユリウス・ベルモンド: そうか…。 いいだろう。

ユリウス・ベルモンド: だが、命の危険を感じたら、 必ず逃げてくれ。

ハマー: わかった。


A conversation between Hammer and Soma. It would be possible that at one point of development, Hammer also had his own dialogue with Evil Soma, but was eventually scrapped.

Notably, Soma's portrait pointer in this short dialogue points to portrait #0x00, which is Soma's normal portrait, while Evil Soma uses portrait pointer #0x05.

English Japanese
Hammer: Soma!!

What's the matter, huh? Snap out of it!

Soma: ...

Hammer: Damn it!
ハマー: 蒼真!!

どうしちまったんだ? ほら、帰って来いよ。

ソウマ: …。

ハマー: ちくしょーっ!

A conversation where Yoko talks to Soma about Julius's hinting at an unused piano puzzle. The piano is only mere scenery in the final game, though the idea for a piano-based puzzle was later revisited in Harmony of Despair.

English Japanese
Yoko: He says that keyboards let

you find hidden objects by playing notes in sequence. He didn't say what the

patterns were, though.
ヨーコ: 決められた順番に音を

鳴らす事で、隠された物を 見つけられるそうよ。 何を鳴らすのかまでは


Unused Sound

To do:
Rip them. Also these are only spotted from Japanese version but not checked in others.

Evil Soma will speak a line before fighting with Julius team, where the word after "come on" (voice clip #097 in sound mode) varies according to the player character. He calls Julius "Julius Belmont" (voice clip #098), Yoko "Fernandes" (voice clip #099), and Alucard "Alucard" (voice clip #100) accordingly. However, voice clip #101 would result in "Come on, human!" instead. This may have been used in the otherwise scrapped playable Hammer, being a common human.

This combination of voice clips can also be heard if normal Soma is glitched into the Evil Soma fight.

To do:
There may be other voice clips which ended unused in the gameplay.

Unseen Enemy List Entry

The enemy list entries for the Julius-exclusive Evil Soma (No.117: Soma "The Dark Lord") and his second form ("Dracula") were blanked out in the final version's enemy list, but can be triggered by hacking or glitching Soma into the Julius mode final fight.

They have descriptions in the Japanese version:

English Name Japanese Name English Description Japanese Description
(Evil) Soma Soma まおうそうま NULL 魔王に堕ちた蒼真
Dracula Dracula ドラキュラ NULL かつて蒼真であったもの

Needs more "I'll Face Myself."Kinda reminds you of Chaos' unused entry in AOS, doesn't it?

Unused Castle Maps

The final version of the game only uses unexplored (castle) maps for three areas of the game: The Lost Village, Wizardry Lab and Garden of Madness. You automatically start with the first one, and you can purchase the other two.

There is data in the game for all areas having unexplored maps. Most of them tend to be far more complete than the three you have access to; mostly the hidden rooms are not shown.


  • Mine of Judgment and Condemned Tower share the same unexplored map block, despite being two separate areas.
  • There is a hex value gap between The Pinnacle and The Abyss, going from 02 to 08. It's possible 04 was intended for Mine of Judgment.

Unused Graphics

The Konami Screen never calls Konami's KCET department in the DS Castlevania games.

Imagine how cool the Julius mode would be... with stopwatch ability available in it!
An icon for a stopwatch sub-weapon is stored along with the rest of the Julius mode sub-weapon icons, but was not used in the final version. The reason why it got scrapped is unknown; probably because:

- Soma's time stop ability (Zephyr's soul) has a more "devil-ish" theme which is not suitable for re-using it as sub-weapons.

- The skill activation voice of Zephyr's soul defaults to Soma's voice in the Japanese version.

CVDoS-UnusedOBJ-Frame 6.png
A golden version of the clock hands that appear in Zephyr's boss room. Possibly meant for the stopwatch sub-weapon above. No hitbox properties exist.

Soma never gives the player a view of his back when standing still in the final game.

A (presumably) Werewolf soul variant that was abandoned fairly early in development progress.

Malphas never meets the player upside-down in the game, nor in Symphony of the Night.

CVDoS-Malphas-Frame 60.png
Malphas never transforms into raven form, nor in Symphony of the Night.

CVDoS-Blockade-Frame 3.png
Road Blocker variant inside a room. Used in demo versions as road blockers that prevent player's action toward buggy/unimplemented area.

Unused "frozen" sprites for Soma. Stored with his Petrification sprites. Uses an unused palette, and has no valid animations or data beyond the sprites.

Symphony of the Night Leftovers

Alucard's old air kick motion Alucard's new air kick motion
The best of the best. The "new" air dive kick motion has a bigger hitbox for Alucard to take damage from enemies. Not very suitable for the new DoS engine because some may confuse about its enemy-to-player hit detection. Not worth it, Konami!

Alucard got a "new" air dive kick motion that was, originally, his air diagonal attack with bare hand from Symphony of the Night, which left the old air dive kick motion unused.

Alucard's stone animation #1 from Symphony of the Night. In Julius Mode Alucard can't be turned into stone nor affected by bad status. The original graphics are intact but the palette can't be loaded properly.

Alucard's stone animation #2.

Among the Fleaman graphics is an animation of the Flea Rider enemy from Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night. This holds true in both Portrait of Ruin and Order of Ecclesia.

The Black Panther graphics contain the melting graphics used in Symphony of the Night. In Dawn of Sorrow, the Black Panther stays as a regular panther rather than dissolving into liquid.

CVDoS-F imp.png
Imp's graphic assets contains the balloon enemy from Symphony of the Night. Balloon itself didn't make an appearance until Order of Ecclesia.

Slogra's vertical stab from the air, leftover from Super Castlevania IV and Symphony of the Night. He did team up with Gaibon in the DS games but they never perform combination attacks, nor had an appearance as a boss.

  • Hitbox intact.

Gaibon's old shooting pose on the ground, only used as a boss-mode-only attack.

  • Hitbox intact.

Gaibon's old pose when he's defeated on the ground.

Evil Soma's second form has graphic data of Dracula's fatal rain attack (during his second form, from Symphony of the Night prologue battle), with hitbox intact.

Dracula's old fireball attack.

  • Hitbox intact.

Unused/Symphony of the Night Palette

Used Palette Symphony of the Night Palette Unused Palette
CVDoS-Dracula-Frame 0.png
CVDoS urasox07 palette 022BB7DC-06.png
CVDoS wdride palette 022BD5E0-01.png
CVDoS-Palette2-F wdride.png
CVDoS fenra1 palette 022BBD6C-00.png
CVDoS fenra1 palette 022BAE0C-06.png
CVDoS-F fenra1 palette 022BAE0C-07.png
  • Old Symphony of the Night prologue palette of Dracula remains in the graphic file.
  • Old palette for defeated familiar-like Orobourous in Symphony of the Night is still accessible in Quetzalcoatl's graphic data.
  • The Warg retains its original palette from Symphony of the Night. Dawn of Sorrow uses the palette associated with the Fire Wargs, which is supported by its file name "fenra". "fenra" is short hand for Fenrir, which is the Japanese name for the Fire Wargs, compared to the standard Wargs called "Anfauglir" in Japanese.

Regional Differences

  • The Japanese version has more numerous voice samples. For example: When you enter Hammer's shop, he says "welcome" ("Irasshai") along with a few other comments after you buy and sell items ("Is that all?", e.g.). The same goes for bosses. In the international versions, the voice samples that have no suitable English substitutions were taken out.
  • In the Japanese version you can't skip past cut-scenes during the first playthrough. In the international versions you can by hitting "Start." This became the tradition of all three DS titles.